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  1. I’ll try to answer your questions since they don’t seem to be directly addressed here. Some GPs are at the saunas on pre-determined dates with clients. Most often, you will spot these GPs in one of the bar areas, sharing a drink or two or sometimes a bite to eat with a client — and most often, either or both are fully dressed. The kicker is if the GP is not available to speak to other clients before / during / soon after that pre-arranged date (understandably, most clients aren’t going to like it very much if their pay date is using his paid time to book another date). So, if that GP that you hooked up with turned out to be available, most likely either his client date had already left (or cum and gone) or it was just a non-sexual date and he got paid for his time (yes, this is more common than you might think). There could be several reasons why a GP’s dick doesn’t get hard. It doesn’t necessarily mean he already ejaculated with a previous client. Most GPs will stop working for the night once they do cum, so I doubt that was this guy’s reason. Maybe at that moment, he just couldn’t get aroused. It’s hard to believe sometimes, but garotos are human, not machines.
  2. Asking anyone to take photos in exchange for a “free shoot” is one of the shittiest tricks used by the lower rungs and dirtbag predators masquerading as legitimate photographers.
  3. We share something in common and we discovered it around the same age. Except my introduction was street trade / hustlers, not the bus station. By comparison, the stereotypical gay scene / clubs / bars (and their usual patrons) never really had much appeal for me. The hustler bars I discovered a few years later were the best combination for me in the States, but in the USA they have all disappeared. Discovering the joys of Brazilian saunas culture over a decade ago was a godsend for me.
  4. This is the correct and decent policy. Just as board members wish not to be publicly identified (and posting on an internet message board, whether in a public or private forum, is public), sauna garotos and gogo boys that aren’t advertising their sex work online do not wish to be publicly identified either. Sauna workers may be gossiping amongst each other about various clients, but they most certainly are not publicly posting about us on internet message boards. Therein lies the difference! I don’t understand why that is so hard for some posters to get.
  5. Wow. Just wow. If I had a dollar for every time I have seen someone that I think is a board poster at one of the establishments abroad… However, I have the decency and the discretion not to post about it publicly and put them on blast.
  6. I don’t understand what this anecdote has to do with Grindr / free sex vs. transactional sex. I could just as easily learn that or similar information from a working guy / garoto de programa — because sometimes, we actually talk, communicate and connect. It’s not like these guys don’t live in communidades, too.
  7. For some people, the need to prove to themselves and others that they are (still) sexually appealing is very strong. In their heads, getting it for free (or less) = “I’m not like those other clients who have to pay because they’re old / fat / fugly.”
  8. This is pretty much the guiding principle for any kind of whoremongering, no matter what your type or preference may be. Clients want to pay for the kind of guy that’s either out of their league or is otherwise unavailable to them back home. I’ve found that to be the case even with those who say they prefer the “boy next door, normal / average” guys — not just those who prefer the so-called muscle gods and supermodels.
  9. In my experience, the non-garoto saunas in Brazil are very similar to the (fast-disappearing) gay bathhouses in the USA — which means, basically, it’s the normal Western gay male social pecking order. The very few really attractive men are there to hook up with the other very few really attractive men. Pudgy middle-aged guys, bears, fem twinks, and other more commonly moderately to less desirables ordinarily “stay in their lanes” and wind up with each other. Not the case at the saunas with money boys — where cash rules everything around you. That’s the easiest and best shot for the average schmoe — who would ordinarily be overlooked by the 8s, 9s and 10s in sexually charged, physically important gay environments like bathhouses and circuit parties — to land an Adonis.
  10. Yes. The expiration date on the visa is for the date entry into the country. The number of days of your legal stay are counted starting your date of entry as the first.
  11. If you do get caught at Brazilian customs, yes you could get into trouble. In the very least, you would be sent back to your home country and lose your visa / entering privileges for about 5-10 years. At the very most, you could wind up in a Brazilian jail / prison. But yes, others have reported that they have not had a problem entering Brazil with poppers (I don’t think they were searched at Customs, though).
  12. Amyl nitrate is consider a controlled substance in Brazil. You can’t import poppers or buy them there without a prescription— at least not legally. But like with any other recreational controlled substance, you can find it there on the black market if you just ask around enough. As for XXL condoms, bring your own — as well as good, synthetic-based lube.
  13. “The violence in Sao Paulo is very location-specific. São Paulo (the capital city, not the state) has 96 districts. 33 of those districts have a homicide rate smaller than the USA (4.8 per 100 thousand inhabitants). On the other hand, 28 districts have a homicide rate higher than in Nigeria. Some districts, like Jaçanã, are more violent than Mexico. Other districts, like Jardim Paulista, are safer than Germany.“ https://expatriateconsultancy.com/is-sao-paulo-safe/
  14. What country are you from? 60 days is an unusually long time to stay in Cuba, especially for a first-time visitor that needs to work from the internet access while there. Cuba only allows 60-day tourist visas to nationals of a handful of countries. Most are 30 days max, that can be renewed for another 30 days once there. This would be quite a bit of a heavy lift for a first-timer with no contacts or relationships on the island.
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