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  1. Sounds a little naive to me. The only gay dolphins I know live in Ohio.
  2. Assuming your sincerity, there is a perfectly reasonable way to deal with unfriendly or unwelcoming members here: contact the board's owner, Oz. From my experience, Oz is a reasonable listener who will have just the right suggestion on how to deal with certain posters. He has always helped me. This board has changed over time, and it doesn't seem to be the place I originally joined. I miss sharing favorite porn videos. But it still has something to offer. When I see the word "troll," I think of some seriously awful, cancerous people, who were so miserably unhappy. They came here to dominate and make everyone else miserable, too. There seems to be nothing worse than a miserable, aging gay guy, unless, perhaps, you're a miserable lesbian who hates gay guys. I no longer visit here often, but it's been a long time since I've seen what I would call a TROLL. If you want a taste of the shit-stained behavior I've endured, I'm sure you can find some nasty turds clogging The Sandbox. Truthfully, the best way to deal with a troll is to ignore him. Trolls HATE to be ignored. I realize this is a difficult ask. This is supposed to be a "community," and ignoring a troll is like ignoring an asshole roommate: very hard to do when he's sharing your bed. But, unless the troll is hell-bent on forcing you off the board, in which case I would contact Oz, it's best to develop a thicker skin or learn how to engage with smarter troll tactics. Some queens do find these cheap, bitchy battles entertaining. Good luck!
  3. Don't be put off by the awful title of this film. This is one of the best movies about sex workers to come in a long while. Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack are brilliant actors with oodles of chemistry. The script by Katy Brand is superb. Sophie Hyde's direction is what gets movies awarded. It's a simple movie that's deep and complex. There is something here for every adult to chomp on, especially those among us who struggle to find sexual happiness and fulfillment. Sadly, it's only available on Hulu at the moment. If and when you get a chance to see it, run. It's fabulous. And, yes, Daryl McCormack is quite delicious naked.
  4. As with many "gay" movies, I found this one dreadful. Insufferably bad. Now I realize that I'm no ordinary homo. I may be an elitist with high-brow taste, but I can also enjoy camp and silliness, if it's well done and makes me laugh out loud. This movie is nothing but stereotype cliche, an insult to Asian gays, and bad acting. The script stinks, too. The premise - finding love or a good fuck between rich and poor on Fire Island - is absolutely unoriginal and uninspired. The creators like to equate this effort as a gay Pride and Prejudice, and that just makes me want to VOMIT. There aren't many great film representations of Fire Island so I was curious to see how they managed the camera work. I had my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. I couldn't wait for the film to be over. There isn't one character I enjoyed. Not one character I would like to share a drink with. This drug/sex theme on Fire Island is SO TIRED. So 1980's porn. How anyone who survived AIDS can stomach this painful banality is beyond me. I've written quite a bit about my life on Fire Island over at the other place. When you live and visit a house that is not drug or sex motivated, the experience is otherworldly. I long for someone new and talented to create that side of Fire Island. This was not it.
  5. Much to my surprise, my friend was able to sell his two tickets on StubHub at a $200 profit. I guess all the hubbub regarding Jesse Williams' cock caused a hot demand for tickets. The show we went to was sold out. Jesse Williams' cock was quite a looker. In fact, I've never seen a cock that large on stage before. This guy is super hung, and the cock is very pretty. Throughout most of his shower scene his cock faced the audience. The expertly shaved COCK, in all it's swinging glory, glistened before the audience for at least 3-5 minutes. The audible gasps, particularly from Black women in the audience were quite amusing, if tasteless. Actually, all the cocks (and many asses) in the show were quite handsome, but among the White guys, Tyler Lansing Weaks could also have a career in porn. Very large. The two Latino actors (playing Latinos) also sported very large cocks. One of the guys actually looked like he was semi-erect. Found that interesting, since it is rumored that some of these guys get fluffed before doing the shower scene. This revival happened to be terrific. Jesse Tyler Ferguson did a terrific job as Jesse Williams' gay financial manager. His Tony nomination is solidly deserved. He may just win it.
  6. My friend accidentally purchased 2 tickets on the wrong date: Sunday, May 29, 3 PM. 2 tickets, Orchestra Row G. The tickets are $128 each. Several are selling on StubHub for $400. My friend is not interested in upselling. $128 each is what he paid. This award-winning revival play features full-frontal male nudity. It's a limited run. PM me if you are interested in buying these tickets. https://2st.com/shows/take-me-out
  7. So Jussie's lawyers keep getting paid. Welcome to the U.S. legal system. If it keeps him out of jail, and from his pretty, Black ass from getting raped, isn't every dollar spent worth it? Can't imagine an appeal changing ANYTHING, except even mo' money changing hands. Maybe Jussie has a GoFundMe lurking somewhere to finance this ridiculous charade. There are still two or three who still b.e.l.i.e.v.e. Can't imagine Jussie has a fortune hidden somewhere. It's not like he was the lead on Empire. Eventually, the money will run out, and a career in show biz will be dead. I hope he has other talents.
  8. This in today's NY Times: Ginni Thomas Says She Attended Jan. 6 Rally What the FUCK is Clarence Thomas doing on the U.S Supreme Court, and what the FUCK is his wife doing at the Jan 6 Trump rally? Ginni Thomas is one bizarre woman, as evidenced by her wacky behavior towards Anita Hill in the past. Some of the people who control or influence certain power levers in this country need to be seriously investigated and scrutinized. I wouldn't trust these fuckers as far as I can spit.
  9. I think the judge's words were very appropriate. They shocked me, but they were quite necessary in this case, in these times. Narcissism and arrogance in America have rolled off the charts to dangerous levels. It's a serious problem, and, sadly, it seems a war of some sort (lots of bloodshed and loss) may be the only thing that can fix it. Too many people have lost their capacity to care about one another. Donald Trump, the orange orangutan, unleashed the god-awful, ugly cracken that he is. People are publicly behaving in ways we have not seen before. Double-down is the new behavior strategy when challenged, no matter what the truth is, no matter how wrong or arrogant you are. Frankly, fuck truth. It's me against you, a fight to the finish. Jussie Smollett is a very sad, morally bankrupt character. His family may be righteous and courageous to love and support the good side of him, but they are all suffering fools for tolerating the dark, cynical side. I can't believe it, but I watched the entire sentencing hearing. In the end, I was sickened with disgust by Smollett's behavior. The behavior I saw is not the behavior of an innocent man done wrong by his peers. This was pure, contrived spectacle for the angry and ignorant. A truly innocent man would have called on humility to address the judge and the court with respect, given the power and fairness of the American jury and court system. A truly innocent man done wrong would have begged for mercy and called on God to save him at this final hour, regardless of religious belief. The judge's harsh words had no effect on Smollett. NONE. ZERO. In fact, Smollett chose to double-down on his act of defiance, turning his defiance into a public cry to avoid or provoke conspiracy, in the event he dies while in jail and authorities try to call it a "suicide." Or worse, turning this whole charade into a fist-in-the-air, Black Power injustice fiasco. Again, it's US AGAINST THEM. Smollett clearly doesn't know when to quit. His narcissism is so severe, he thinks stubborn arrogance is the path forward to redemption. In many ways, ironic as all hell, Smollett is just another form of Trump and Trumpism. After you read the court testimonies, Smollett's entire concocted story is laughable. The storyline details of his odyssey wouldn't sell in Hollywood. None of his "facts" added up. He famously took the stand to defend himself, and a jury of his peers did not believe him. Lie or no lie, a smart, talented actor would have been able to seduce a jury to his side. Smollett's arrogant narcissism is not acting. It's also not very smart. It's a strange and peculiar phenomenon that leaves every reasonable person sad and heartbroken. Smollett's Black Power grievance stand is ridiculous, also laughable. Millions of reasonable people, Black and White were on his side. Reasonable people wanted to believe him. No one, not even the Chicago police, wanted to "get" Jussie Smollet, to bring him down. He was a nobody. A good-looking, Black actor who happened to be gay. No big deal. But after Smollett double-downed on his big lie, costing tax payers $130,000 and Lord knows how much damage to truth-telling victims of hate crimes, most of those reasonable people walked away. They did not like being played for fools. Now, Smollett will suffer even more. And I seriously doubt he can recover. He's dug himself in too deep.
  10. So kind and thoughtful of you to apologize. Frankly, I loved the memes, especially the one with the dog's head up the other dog's ass. SO PERFECT! Your curation often makes me LAUGH, and if we didn't laugh in the horrible world in which we live, more people would be killing themselves, as evidenced by the rise in suicide rates. The memes you post certainly prevent me from stabbing someone, so I view them as good thing. Thank you. I continue not to see that from anything posted, but I haven't read every word on this forum. It seems to me much has been edited from the thread in question. I'm glad Oz brought the thread back. All kidding aside about "banning," I'm a fan of moderation, but not censorship. I enjoy knowing where posters stand. That way, I can judge them properly and fairly. I am not a fan of hiding the truth or sweeping it under the carpet. If someone is truly an asshole, I prefer everyone to see that. Denial is a waste of time and energy, IMO. Excuse me, but please let the controlling, stick-up-your-ass behavior that Daddy and deej were famous for stay at the other site. I can't tolerate controlling queens. The Beer Bar states it's a place for Current Events and Politics, so I always assumed that if something "political" was part of today's headlines, it's accepted in the Beer Bar as "current." I have always liked this leniency and open-mindedness of this site. These stupid categories in the UI, that are famous for feeding the control-freak forum operators, have always annoyed me. It's like walking into a bar or a club and being told by the owner that conversation in each corner is limited to a specific subject. I wouldn't be interested in sitting in that place, at all. So why do we have to tolerate it here? That said, hijacking can irritate people, and that's where a moderator can come in handy. I like the way Oz handled this situation.
  11. I'm sorry I missed it. What controversy? Are there Putin lovers on this board? Seriously, I haven't noticed. Personally, I'm all for banning Trump and Putin lovers, but I don't run this board. Putin is an evil, paranoid thug, and everyone knows it. His financial story is astounding. I won't even mention the people he's jailed or poisoned. The corruption in Russia is worse than Africa, and that's saying a lot. Makes America look like a game of Monopoly. I fail to see how a hated dictator can actually achieve greatness. Only in his own mind. Putin is fucking the Ukrainians, all for the sake of POWER. Who is going to pay for the clean-up and devastation? Very few in the world are admiring this totally unnecessary war. Many are saying this is the end of Putin. Even Lindsey Graham is calling for his generals to take him out. As for hackers, it's a known fact that Russia has targeted porn viewers in America. They know we number in the millions, and many are addicted. It's helpful to stay on top of your passwords and change them with regularity.
  12. So the pig with lipstick isn't going away. Of course not. She wants the limelight. She needs the limelight. And she's the perfect "celebrity" to be used, willingly, by the deep pockets (probably anti-semetic) who would LOVE to bring some financial pain (not to mention public humiliation) to The NY Times. Sarah Palin will seek a new trial after her unsuccessful suit against The Times. I'll bet she's raising all kinds of conservative WASP money from her Fox and friends fanbase. She's back in the arena, ready for her close-up. Sickening.
  13. If it's one hostage or everyone on board the flight, that's a no-brainer. Sorry. Putting tasers in the hands of civilians is NOT the answer. While I would pay to see many of the Trump assholes get tasered, the legal implications alone would employ law firms for years to come. The easiest way to deal with a life-threatening asshole on a plane: punish the fucker as best as the law will allow and never let him/her fly again.
  14. Irony, hypocrisy and contradiction are long lost on the Trump Republicans. It's very unfortunate. Now it's say anything contrary and see if it sticks. It does not matter that the day before the asshole Republican said the exact opposite. Just give Fox and friends their sound bite. Google the recent Tom Cotton/Dick Durban kerfuffle to see a perfect example of this. The Couric/Palin interviews aired on CBS Evening News where Katie was anchor. Not 60 Minutes. There are some wonderful sources, possibly available on YouTube, where Couric, Steve Schmidt, and Nicolle Wallace explain the rationale. Couric's questions were fair. Palin was not vetted properly. The Palin selection turned out to be a disaster. McCain believed she would be a good choice for the Republican base. At the time, he was not wrong. They loved her. Not sure anyone truly knows how he felt about all this closer to his death. In testimony during the NYTimes trial, Palin blamed The NY Times for destroying her reputation. She complained that her popularity had suffered at the hands of then editor James Bennet. Based on her testimony, she clearly misses being a cause celebre, and may still maintain some denial about where her disfavor originated. The truth is, the Couric interviews acted as the nails in her coffin. She exposed her incredible ignorance and her unpreparedness for the job, any job. Smart American voters were furious. Her mental instability became much clearer years later when HBO released Game Change, the must-see film about the Palin disaster. Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace consulted. The fabulous Julianne Moore won an Emmy for her amazing performance, which Palin gave a thumbs down. Palin is an idiot of her own making. Hers is a sad story that didn't have to go the way that it did. She was not ready for prime time, and IMO, still isn't.
  15. Being a Flight Attendant Was a Dream Job. Now It's a Nightmare
  16. Even though I have a pretty (yet aging) face to protect (nice hands, too), I would happily jump on an asshole to assist a flight attendant. I don't consider myself a violent person at all, but when threatened, I can easily turn into Leo the Lion, head of the jungle. Absolutely LOVED the Jeff Tiedrich tweet.
  17. I support large fines, jail time, and putting names on no-fly lists. IMO, public air travel is a disaster these days, and I speak about it to anyone willing to listen, especially politicians. I have no problem blaming Trump for the ungodly mess. He's unleashed a cocky arrogance that knows no boundaries. The current situation is very dangerous. I fail to see how it can be sustained without extreme protective measures. As a result, I am flying much less than ever. And I'm very careful about the airline I select. I personally LOVE mask wearing. I haven't had a cold or flu symptoms in over two years. I also LOVE avoiding the bad breath in our world. Masks can be wonderful, if you care about your well-being, and you care about the health of others.
  18. Sadly, I think that's a pipe dream. It seems to me to be about choosing a hill to die on. To spend endless money on free speech rights when members won't carry or own the responsibility. Is the enemy published words or the envy of porn photos? Who is likely to bleed board owners most when attacked? Who are the sources of any attack? The issue is complicated for controversial boards. Precision makes it even more complicated, and a lot more work. Most of us are too old and too broke for all that noise.
  19. I'm told the judge did what he did due to the potential of Sarah Palin filing an appeal. I think (I'm not a lawyer) the judge's action strengthened the likelihood that an appeal would be rejected, even if the jury found in Palin's favor. The fact that the jury did not find favor with Palin suggests an ever stronger case against appeal. Palin's lawyer claims they will appeal, but all court case losers say that publicly.
  20. In NYC, many of us are celebrating Palin's double loss. Not only did the jury in her trial against The New York Times abandon her, but before the jury verdict came in, the judge ruled against her. I have no idea who bankrolled this effort, but I'm sure it wasn't Palin. Cameras rolling is all she cares about. Since she flagrantly ignored city mask/vaccine rules regarding restaurants, many of us are very happy to see this selfish bitch leave. Sarah Palin’s Libel Claim Against The Times Is Rejected by a Jury
  21. I was apologizing to all readers who feel as you do. Quotes are not the same thing as copying the entire text of an article and posting it. Providing a link to a media source is not identical to posting the full text (or quotes) in any forum. Your "book" is quite mistaken.
  22. I apologize to those board viewers who aren't subscribers to The New York Times. I happen to believe it's one of the most important news outlets in the world, so I highly recommend joining the online service. Their business is at an all-time high, which generally means they have the money to invest in good reporting. Due to the new board rules concerning copyrighted material, you won't see me posting copyrighted material anymore, which includes text from published articles of interest. I don't like the new rules, but I prefer to show respect to the board's owner. Maybe the day will come when Oz feels like making a Fair Use case for his little playpen, and the rules will change. Fingers crossed. If you Google the article's title, sometimes you can find the article printed elsewhere for free. I'm happy to share newly found anecdotes that strike me as interesting topics of conversation, but I can't breast-feed everyone. For those who refuse to join NYTimes.com, for whatever reason, you may have to work a little harder to enjoy some of my posts.
  23. I can't believe I read this in The NY Times, but it seems times, they are a changin'. This Party Stinks. That’s the Point.
  24. Some good writing in the NY Times lately. I'm in agreement with Nathan Hersh (even though I'm not Jewish). Whoopi Goldberg Apologized. Punishing Her Further Is Un-Jewish.
  25. Interesting that Mitch McConnell has gone public with his denunciation of the RNC's ridiculous and hate-filled censure. McConnell Denounces R.N.C. Censure of Jan. 6 Panel Members
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