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  1. October 1 is the date I was given for the new visa requirement. RIO DE JANEIRO -- Brazil is reintroducing the requirement to obtain tourist visas for citizens of the U.S., Australia, Canada, and Japan starting Oct. 1, the foreign ministry said. ABC News
  2. I did call and everything worked out as far as I could tell. We are now ticketed but still without seat assignments.
  3. I have spent hours trying to book tickets using my Lifemiles. Today it looked good as I got a Business Class ticket on Copa to GIG and an Avianca coach ticket returning. I entered all the information and went to confirmation where I was told that they did not have all the info they needed. I got into a chat but never understood what they wanted but I think I was suppose to call to pay the taxes. I gave up and tried again. Same result except I didn't get a chat agent at all/ Just three circles going round and round. So I tried a third time and got nowhere. I have 305,000 Lifemiles that will apparently go to waste if someone cannot help me with the secret to booking with them. Help!
  4. huffpost.com (free) wapo.com (subscription)
  5. 2500 baht for a short time? I feel really old. On my first trip to Thailand the rate was 300 baht, maybe 400 for a gem. Brazil rates are much lower.
  6. Since I live in California, my vote (or not) counts for little. The state will vote blue.
  7. Young rice queens may exist...why not?...but they don't often have the money to travel and hire like us old farts.
  8. Biden himself should have accepted early on that he was going to be a one term president. So I fault him first. I understand the reality of the situation, I'm just saying I can't support it. The poor American people. Or are they getting what they deserve? I think I know the answer.
  9. I wouldn't spend a minute watching a show about Clarence and Ginni.
  10. The Democrats have left us with few choices. They should have been encouraging candidates to come forward for the last 2 years.
  11. "Central Escalator (HK island) - remembering reading so much about this sauna before heading to HK the first time. It was supposed to be the place where the young rice queens of HK would hang out. However, got pretty disappointed when I visited. It's quite small and it was almost all elder guys, both Westerns and locals. " Rice queens are not young Asians. The older ones wanting Asians are. So to speak.
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