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  1. Thanks for confirming that you're one of those poor stooges and dupes! 💩 🎯 💩
  2. Yet there will always be stooges and dupes like EmmorrhoidK who will continue buying gold shoes, perfumes, colognes, cute red hats, and maybe even Trump University diplomas!
  3. I don't think you googled it -- or even read all of the report yourself! 😂🎯😂 The KIIS survey included a very important condition (below in red) that you don't seem know about. Or maybe, as a russkiy clown 🤡 , you just didn't want to include this condition. You understand the significance of the English word concessions in this context, right? in February 2024, 72% of respondents agreed with the opinion that Ukraine should also look for a diplomatic way to end the war (however, it should be noted that the wording of the question was simply about such a process, and not about concessions). Note that the words "peace talks with Russia" do NOT exist. A "diplomatic way" could be just about anything and could involve third parties. MOREOVER, the very same Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) just published TODAY (21 February 2024) the following new report: 73% of Ukrainians claim that they are ready to endure the war as long as necessary (plus 3% are ready to endure for quite a long time - a year). At the same time, the situation has not changed since May 2022 - in May 2022, 71% were ready to endure as long as necessary, in December 2023 - 73%. So your propaganda theory that the Ukrainian people are begging for "peace talks with Russia" is simply fake. You got that song-and-dance from TASS and Pravda.ru and all the other pro-Pooty-Poot Pootin stooges.
  4. Have you ever upgraded to Gold membership at €99/year? I wonder how many more deals I would receive in my inbox with Gold.
  5. @Londoner didn't claim to be a doctor. He simply stated known medical facts.
  6. Do you snap your photos with your phone or with a dedicated camera? They've given me a lot of reasons to see the temples in Cambodia, which I've only read about.
  7. Here's how the 154 members of the "Presidential Greatness Project" ranked Drumpf according to their own political ideologies: Republican members ranked him at #41 Conservative members ranked him as #43 Independent members ranked him as #45 Moderate members ranked him as #45 Democratic members ranked him as #45 I figure that EmmerrhoidK is wearing so much of the new Drumpf Dreck Perfume (called "'Victory47") that he won't even notice these odious -- and odorous -- rankings of his Hitler Hero. 🐽🐽🐽
  8. The reference: You said on Saturday that you were our EyeWitless News Reporter in Rio. There was actually an "Eyewitless News" feature that Johnny Carson used to perform on The Tonight Show in the 1980s. In it, he always played a reporter named "Morley Mudd."
  9. A "sharp" businessman doesn't get convicted of massively fraudulent business practices. A "sharp" businessman's core businesses don't lose more than a billion dollars in a ten-year period (1985 to 1994). A "sharp" businessman doesn't fail in one of the most successful industries in the world: casino operations. His casinos had to declare bankruptcy four (4) times. A "sharp" businessman doesn't have to lie about his net worth. By the way, critical thinking skills (if he had any) would have prevented all of these failures.
  10. He's correctly predicted the election outcomes for the past 40 years. He correctly predicted Drump's victory in 2016 and Drumpf's loss in 2020. Those are some pretty good reasons, yet you can only make ad hominem attackes on Alan Lichtman. That means you've got absolutely nothing. 0️⃣
  11. Not a businessman. A con man. Judge Engoron ruled that Drump is "fraudulent" and borders on "pathological." Judge Engoron explicitly vindicated Drumpf's ex-attorney Michael Cohen, writing in his verdict that "Michael Cohen told the truth."
  12. I hope you wrote a nice review of the hotel for your favorite travel sites. It looks beautiful inside and out. And it's practically on the doorstep for visiting the monument sites.
  13. No recent reports? Was it the "real deal"? What is your little buddy Jeremy saying now? 🤐
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