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  1. We don't yet know if Russia sent the best elements of its military to fight in the Ukraine. But, if it has, I think we've learned how so inept that military is. Were it not for Russia having nuclear warfare capabilities, the "West" could have wiped-out much of Russia's military in very short order. My "gut" is telling me China's military is far superior, better equipped and trained than Russia's. If Putin is not 'taken out' by individuals close to him ... I don't doubt we will see Russia's use of limited theater nuclear weapons, and the West responding likewise. Indeed, this is a precarious point in history. 😟
  2. You can say the same about nationals from just about every country.
  3. I, too, eschew Facebook, twitter, tik tok, etc. Someone somewhere already knows too much about me ... without my providing additional personal information. 😀
  4. Maybe I've overlooked it, but there is no link to survey results, methodology, details, etc. Lacking more information, it's an article/survey self-promotion and irrelevant. If I'm mistaken, someone please point it out. Providing a link to articles that are posted here instead of just copying/pasting texts will be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. In the 1970s a favored travel destination of mine was San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wonderful memories, great sex. Awesome. It was a time of civil unrest in Puerto Rico and I'd stay at the Fiesta Americana Hotel where, on the beach, national guard or other military-style police patrolled on horseback holding automatic rifles as we lay on the beach; it was a bit daunting. It didn't stop me from enjoying myself, though. Cautious at times, yes. During one of my trips to Rio when I was relaxing on the beach in Ipanema ... I heard a roar growing in intensity. Young men from a Favela where running in the area attacking many people with baseball-type bats/clubs and stealing day packs, etc. A young man renting the chairs and doing beer and food runs for the section grabbed me from behind as I sat in my chair and dragged me back towards Ave. Vieira Souto. Many people were hurt on the beach that day, but not me; thankfully. Another time, when standing at a bus stop on Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana with a much older then me friend and a Brazilian man we didn't know - 4 young men showed up and beat the shit out of the Brazilian ... leaving us alone. The bus arrived as this was happening and when the attack was underway. The bus driver told me and my friend to sit in the seats behind him ... as the guys who beat the Brazilian also got on the bus and moved to the rear. During another visit, I intended to visit Santa Teresa via the tram when I learned that tourists waiting for the tram were being beaten/robbed. I chose to visit someplace else. So, yes ... there are risks. In Rio, in Mexico City ... in Chicago. Crimes of opportunity. But I do a risk assessment when traveling, and try to prepare myself for what I may encounter. All of this having been said, in addition to frequenting saunas in Rio ... I'm an explorer. I've walked/explored many neighborhoods there, solo, without valuables (just enough to 'give it up' if robbed). I've trusted my 'street smarts' and 'gut feeling'. I've traveled on foot, on the subway, on city busses, the ferry to and around Niteroi. I've visited one of the Favelas. Yes, I've been lucky - but also cautious. When I lived in Mexico City, I was the victim of street crimes a half dozen times. One of my apartments was broken into and robbed, twice. Full disclosure: I was never victimized in BKK. 😀
  6. LOL! Sorry for not spelling out "GP". Garotos de Programa is what I was referring to. However, one might consider such talented individuals as General Practitioners ... though I prefer to consider each a specific practitioner of his talents!
  7. Yes, in Rio as an example ... street crime is a concern for all - which doesn't seem to be an issue in BKK. Using today's exchange rate, 4,000 Bht = US$106. $106 strikes me as being higher than what it costs to collectively enter Club 117 in Rio (or another Rio sauna with GP), make a selection from many very goodlooking guys, pay for a room and have a drink or two. Which destination is "better" than the other (BKK vs. Rio) is, obviously, determined subjectively. Which is easier / less expensive to get to? Which offers more of the body/personality types of guys we find interesting? Etc. Let's keep in mind that most / many of us confine our visits to touristy sections of the destinations where everything costs more ... particularly if we are not conversant in the local language.
  8. Overall, a good looking group of young men in the Navy-theme video. I see several I'd likely off, if possible. Thanks for posting.
  9. Yes. It was considered at the time, the standard by which all gay baths were judged by.
  10. "Slurp Ramps", I think they're called. I'd visit Steamworks when I lived in Chicago. Cock, for days! Maybe 30 "holes' guys would stick cocks into. If you couldn't get blown, or blow ... there was something wrong with you. There are other slurp ramps in that baths, but the one where wanna-be recipients of blow jobs are on an elevated platform ... is unusual for gay baths, from my experience. Although no slurp ramps, when I speak of gay baths I'm always drawn to fond memories of Babylon Baths in Bangkok ... years ago. Visiting Babylon was a joyous experience!
  11. Similar to Steamworks Baths in Chicago. https://www.steamworksbaths.com/chicago-home
  12. I've studied many reports about the life of the "Orange Jesus" and I'm left with the impression he was/is a sissy ... made fun of by peers most of his life, particularly when he was in the various schools. But with that fat ass, who would want so fuck him? Ugh! I've no doubt he was made to suck some cocks, repulsive as the image might be.
  13. It already is, an issue. In the USA there are employers who ask job applicants for the identity of social media websites they participate in and the screen names they use. The employers are looking for negative behavior. Then, there are employers who remotely monitor an employee's use of the internet, sites they visit, etc. during the workday.
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