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  1. How many foreign visitors to the GP saunas are conversant in the local language, enough to discuss levels of experience? I'll suggest very few.
  2. Many gay guys are into bears. 🐻 I'm not one of the admirers, but the wonder of our lifestyle is that there's a type for each one of us. 👬
  3. Handsome? Not much to judge by, viewing the photos.
  4. Mavica

    Shower fun?

    Anything he agrees to do. I don’t recall any of the showers being large enough to accommodate 2 guys at one time.
  5. I haven't been there, so I don't know the answer to your question. However, I did spend a few minutes on Google Search and find multiple references to a gay Thermas Jardins, Rua Germânia, 221 - Bonfim, Campinas - SP, 13070-770, Brazil. There may have been confusion over the name because it is situated on Rua Germânia. There's an inactive facebook page (including an e-mail contact address): Thermas Jardins | Campinas SP | Facebook I don't see mention of GP, however. Edit: When I use Google Maps street view for the address I mention above, it's a vacant lot.
  6. Either many expats residing in Thailand earn what is often considered above-average annual income in retirement (US$40,000 - US$80,000 plus $250,000 to invest in Thailand, or US$80,000+), or they're skirting the regulations in one way or another. Yes, or No.
  7. I'm not a member there but just visited it using Safari and I observed activity within minutes of the visit.
  8. The obsession with polls, at this point in time, is laughable. Biden hasn't even begun to campaign and probably won't until after the start of the new year - which is normal for an incumbent in Presidential elections. All people are reacting to is the attacks of the Republicans. A prescription for Valium would be appropriate - for poll obsessives.
  9. Mexico City has a similar Cablebus system. Riding in one of the cars gives a glimpse of life, a peek into the lives, of residents we wouldn't otherwise see. An understanding of life conditions. Thank you for posting!
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