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  1. a-447: 155.5 million people cast a ballot in the 2020 Presidential election. Biden beat Trump easily. Americans spoke, loudly: more than 81 million people chose Biden, rather than Trump. Most people don't respond to polling, when asked. In this instance, the equivalent of fewer than 0.0015% of the number of persons who casted a ballot in 2022 responded to this one. This and most other polling, is not worth the paper it's written on. ➡Remember: Responding to trolls only encourages them.
  2. I'm based in US. Cell phone calling / texting is the cultural norm here. Communicating from US to contacts abroad and when traveling within countries other than the US I use WhatsApp.
  3. It's not just saunas, or Brazil ... checking the detail / charges for anything is just the smart thing to do.
  4. There are three principal individuals trolling these political discussions, why give them airtime / bandwidth? One, in particular, preys on the gay community here to earn an income at other businesses and is the most despicable of the trolls. Boycott that business, ignore the three trolls by denying them response time. Stop responding.
  5. Partial List of Trump’s failed businesses: 1. Trump Taj Mahal (Bankruptcy) 2. Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino (Bankruptcy) 3. Plaza Hotel (Bankruptcy) 4. Trump Castle Hotel and Casino (Bankruptcy) 5. Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (Bankruptcy) 6. Trump Entertainment Resorts (Bankruptcy) 7. Trump Steaks (Failed Business) 8. GoTrump (Failed Business) 9. Trump Airlines (Failed Business) 10. Trump Vodka (Failed Business) 11. Trump Mortgage (Failed Business) 12. Trump: The Game (Failed Business) 13. Trump Magazine (Failed Business) 14. Trump University (Failed Business) 15. Trump Ice (Failed Business) 16. The New Jersey Generals (Failed Business) 17. Tour de Trump (Failed Business) 18. Trump Network (Failed Business) 19. Trumped! (Failed Business)
  6. Not feeding the troll is the solution to the endless hateful postings. Deny the troll the fuel of responses, to which he will respond to ... is the best course of action. The same is true for the troll on other discussions who preys upon the gay community promoting tour guides yet spews lie after lie. Just say no, deny the fuel and the trolls are likely to go away.
  7. Wrong. Though defeated by Joe Biden by a 7 million vote margin of victory, 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2020. The poorly educated do vote in the USA.
  8. Deleted, because I want to post it in a different discussion.
  9. There was a time … an American friend of mine was long-term incarcerated in a prison on the outskirts of Acapulco. I’d visit him on occasion. Repeatedly, he’d ask if I wanted to have sex with some of the sex-starved inmates. I could use his cell, he said. No problem, if I gave a small amount of $ to guards. He had an arrangement with the Commandant. Though tempted, I never acted on the offer. I thought, just my luck .. the door to the cell would remain locked, with me inside for a long time unless I paid a hefty bribe. 😇
  10. Thanks for the information. Yes, a direct complaint to the hotel manager is in order. The hotel owes you an apology.
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