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  1. 400 guys were at SBN, not Sweatbox. Now, I don't know how many guys go to that party on a normal weekend as it was pride Sunday when I went there and I think that definitely attracts a bigger crowd than usual. I mean even at Sweatbox, I had to wait for around 30 minutes to get in when I went there on Pride Saturday night at around 10:30PM. It's just that I found the crowd to be just so-so, even though they were kinda friendly and as you mention, the cruising area at Sweatbox is definitely too small. Going again to London this year for pride and just wondering if Pleasuredome would be a better choice on Saturday night. Because the crowd was quite large in there, you could find from barely legal twinks to guys that were definitely in their early or mid 70s so don't let age be a blocker if you want to go there. I agree though that bringing a younger guy that enjoys performing in front of you would make the experience much better.
  2. I guess he meant SBN since I said they were giving free Viagra + poppers at the entrance.
  3. Wasn't it downgraded from 2 to 1 star Michelin in the last publication? Personally, I found the food there just so-so, nothing exceptional and can see why they lost one star and for example Gaa gained one more and now has 2 stars. Probably the best Indian food I've had, including some famous places in India.
  4. Do you know if it's better/bigger than SweatBox in Soho? I was in London last June during pride week and since staying in Soho, I opted for Sweatbox. Went there twice. On a Thursday (young people's night) and Saturday. Found the sauna not that big and not as many twinks, especially Asian ones, as I was hoping considering it's right next to Chinatown. There was a long line at the entrance though on Saturday at around 11:00PM. The highlight in London and what I recommend when in there is to go to the SBN&NBN naked party on Sunday afternoons. Not sure if it was because of the pride, but there might have been around 400 guys in there, so you could find any kind of age/body type/race that you wanted. They were even offering free poppers and Viagra at the entrance so pretty much everyone was walking around rock hard😂 It's also close to Waterloo station area.
  5. Royal Hammam is also the most popular with Asian twinks (Milan has one of the biggest Chinatowns in Europe and actually Hu is the most common last name in Millan) so it's definitely the place I go to when in Milan. Recommend Sunday afternoons.
  6. Thanks @vinapu So guests don't really need to check-in at any given time? How easy is get a GRAB in PP? Also, any sauna you recommend? A thai friend of mine said there is a good one. I'll have to ask him for the name of it.
  7. Did you go to any gay venue in Taipei? How did you like it compared to Bangkok?
  8. My last and only visit to Cambodia (PP and Siam Reap) dates back to 2009, while I was still in college. In Phnom Penh, I remember staying at this small hotel at an area with lots of embassies around. As apps were still not available I ended up not meeting anyone. Since I'll go back to Thailand for around 2 weeks during Songran's season, I'm thinking of stopping to PP for 4-5 days. Just wondering what' guest policy do hotels have in there? Is it pretty lax (so no check-in required, guest can come over anytime of the day and night) like they do in Thailand or is it much stricter (check-in required, no guests after a certain hour) like they do in Vietnam? If so do you guys recommend an Airbnb (like I definitely do for Vietnam)? Any difference between a small hotel or a bigger one from an international chain?
  9. CL was my main resource for sex during my college years in the late 2000s. it was CL and Adam4Adam. Even with the advent of apps CL remained the best and easier place to look for or set up any 3+/groups action. Most apps, especially Grindr make it almost impossible to have a multi-people conversation. They even took out their Group Chat capability lately. Luckily, at least in the US, sniffies.com has come to be very useful for that kind of activity. I tried using CL on my first trip to Southeast Asia in 2009. I guess I didn't do my homework to find out which were actually the best options online for that region. The place I got any lucky with it was Singapore. Still remember meeting this cute Malay Singaporean I contacted on CL. Had to take both mrt and bus to get to his place. Quite the endeavor at a time when I didn't have Google Maps on my phone. Sex was good but he kinda freaked out when offering me poppers. I didn't know their legal status in Singapore and just had heard how strict are they about drugs. His answer to the question if poppers are legal in Singapore: Who cares?!\ The only other place in Asia I got a considerable activity through CL was Seoul the year after my trip SEA. Remember there pretty much no posts on CL in Taipei in the same period.
  10. Out of curiosity went to the Singapore forum to check if anyone had reviewed any sauna there. The only one I can find dates 2012 and mentions a certain Queen Resort sauna, which looks like closed around 2014. Definitely Singapore's gay saunas have short shell life. @KeithambroseDon't be surprised if Keybox is not there when you get to Singapore😂, but if you manage to go please write a review on this site. I'll do the same if I get to visit. This site lacks reviews for saunas that are not located in Thailand, maybe with the exception of Taipei since a few us have visited Soi13 and have written about.
  11. Singapore saunas though have the tendency to close a bit abruptly, even when they are popular. I used to go to Singapore every 2-3 years and the popular sauna they recommended you to go to would change every time. Haven't been there in 7 years. Remembered that last time the place to go to was called "Cruise" sauna. You actually had to register to get in and get a pass with your ID number in it. I think I still have it somewhere. Saturdays used to fully packed and if I'm not mistaken it was naked night. Not sure if any of you guys went there. Looks like it closed around 2019-2020. Planning to go again in a few months and now the most popular one seems to be Keybox. Anyone has been there? Anyway, maybe I should post this under the Singapore thread so as not to go off-topic.
  12. Here are mine. Taken in September (very cold-adverse person in here).
  13. Chengdu is actually known in China as a very gay city, much more than other cities of similar size. Plus, there is a joke among Chinese that everyone coming from Chengdu has to be a bottom.
  14. My point was that Pattaya being known JUST as a place for prostitution and old people going there to consume it made it much less appealing to a younger crowd who would much more go to Bangkok, Phuket, Pangan, Samui, Chiang Mai then there. This in turn made it much more difficult for the bars to attract new customers. I guess we all agree that go-go bars in Pattaya overextended during their golden years and didn't adapt to the new realities of the gay scene and the tourism in Thailand. Hence, the unavoidable decline.
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