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  1. I think Indonesia has more Tops than bottoms...I might be wrong, but since I bottom...I'm only looking for tops , lol I stayed at an Ibis type hotel within walking distance to the bars...I paid 30usd per night
  2. short time is usually done in the sauna, they rent rooms by the hour 100brl (27usd), I do long times where they come to my hotel and usually stay 150brl (40usd) and you save the cost of the short time room. There are no off fees, but have to pay the entrance to the sauna (about 15usd), where some serve food and all serve drinks at normal prices. There is no tipping just to talk to see if you are compatible, and they are not shy, they wear towels and show and you can touch everything to see if it's what you want. Rio & Sao Paul have the biggest saunas and each place has their busy nights...no need to go looking from place to place....Lagoa the other night had about 40-50 guys working. And not sure where people think the guys are hairy, there are some but ALL the guys I go with are smooth (maybe some hair on their legs).....even the skinny guys here have amazing bubble butts....and if you guys remember Namuzu that wrote great trip reports.....when I tried to get him to go to BKK my past trip, he asked me "after discovering Brasil, why would I return to Thailand?"...I said, Food, Massage, cute guys and Freq Flyer miles....he said, that's what it has come down to?.....
  3. There's still plenty of smooth skinned clean shaven guys....the Beard thing has gone on way too long everywhere they can grow beards.
  4. They'll be in Heaven...that's not my type but they are in big supply here. Only thing I don't like is this beard fad has gone on too long.....lol
  5. If you google gay acompanhantes brasil I think some sites will come up....
  6. Is weird, I only found 2 guys on Grindr....not sure what app they are using, I like the sauna scene better to see in real life....but there are many websites they advertise on too... The Most popular cities are Rio & Sao Paulo....but like Mike said, all over Brasil is good...just those 2 cities attract more working guys because of the population.
  7. Had a great 3-way last night, they're just hanging around now.....long time/short time doesn't seem to apply here, if you click and are having fun, they just like to hang out with you....you know.
  8. 1. all shapes sizes and colors, I don't like hairy guys...or beards....lots of smooth brown skin guys here...big dicks are the norm, sex is VERY passionate...NO DRAMA, no working on the farm stories, no one in hospital, business is business....I had a bf for 7 yrs that I met working in a sauna. 2. Sex is cheaper, hotel prices have dropped and the exchange rate is 3.7 to 1usd 3. I've been coming here and Thailand for 20 yrs, only problems I've ever had here was my own fault, being in dangerous places after midnight 4. Mild winters and great weather other times
  9. Was curious to how many have been to or are interested (or not) in Brasil. I LOVE Asia and Asians...however, Brasil has to be the best sex for both tops and bottoms in the world.... these guys are so passionate, not shy and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I've met quite a few board members here (in Brasil) and on Boytoys....many guys here (Brasil) will comment that they are not into Asians (obvious size queens)....or guys in Asia that only think about Asia....weird. Both places are similar yet very different......
  10. From my last visit, I would say definitely....is like a ghost town with just a few places open. Found my best guys at Nice Boys , but not your type Mike
  11. floridarob


    As in Latin culture...I think the drag or ladyboy shows are used as a "pretext" to go to the club....they enjoy seeing the shows. And as I became fluent in Spanish and Portuguese , the shows become more entertaining because I understood what they were saying and some are so damn funny. I don't understand clowns at the circus Try explaining to a straight guy why we like cock......
  12. floridarob


    maybe they've remodeled , no center bar like that, is a dance floor.... But was a fun week, met some really nice/fun guys....was with one moneyboy (useless) and one massage guy, very nice and good $7usd for massage 14 with ending......took me a week to spend what I usually do in BKK in a day and a half,lol
  13. I remember on Jeopardy, the country with the most people that speak English......What is China, was the correct answer
  14. Passport app, is free and Faster than Global entry
  15. floridarob


    I have to make a living somehow!
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