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  1. I don't like the place at all....Vinapu seemed to have good luck once I think, but he's easy 😆
  2. I'm referring to Riobard and Half vaccinated....they seem to have gone wayyyyy off the rails, together and at the same time 😲
  3. WTF???? Are two of you sharing lines........
  4. Possible, yes....But like my sister said above, probable, no...... go in eyes wide open and wallet closed, you'll see if it's love soon enough.
  5. With the mirror? I gotta keep churning them out, you said so yourself 🧐
  6. As much as you try, you sometimes get pulled back in. I've noticed Scotty isn't posting anymore, however, I don't miss her Highness and I'm sure he doesn't care 😝 Riobard was doing well for awhile, I truly believe he was playing with ChatGPT when his writings were unpretentious 🧐 I've heard of his private messaging to people, only happened once with me, we met briefly in Lagoa...he seemed ok, but not sure what meds he's on (or off) that makes him write in volumes the way he does, sometimes like he's talking to himself 🥱
  7. We also talked about maybe Mexico being added to the list since Brazilians need a visa/eta whereas they didn't in the past....
  8. I feel the same about Brasil, as I have written here many times.....but have a Sept trip to Thailand and Bali planned. I know it's a rainy month in BKK, but also return more for the food and massage. Not so interested in the go-go bars as I once was, usually end up with some sort of disappointment.... some of which I blame on customers paying guys even though they don't do as "advertised" or agreed to. This has created a business model of promise everything, do as little as possible and still get paid. I's been a trend for a long while, didn't happen overnight.
  9. I got the same immigration agent leaving as when I entered, we both thought that was so funny/rare. When I got there, I asked about the upcoming Visa requirement....he wasn't sure and said he'd ask because he was wondering also. So on the way out, he told me he asked and was told will be in October but that's all they knew, not if it would be consular visit or electronic.
  10. At least mine are understandable 😉 Nope
  11. So....Tonight, Saturday the 27th, last Sat of the month. There was Bingo, never knew this was a thing.. Didn't come close to winning , but coming to a close of 10 days of maybe my best trip in a LONG time!!
  12. You know.....I'm kind of reserved (sarcasm) , but between your Dr's and a few of us regulars here..... I think you might be trolling.....maybe I'm wrong, but probably not 🙄
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