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  1. There WAS a place in Pattaya, but it closed in Dec last year. I had intentions of going, but never did https://www.travelgay.com/venue/sodom-fetish-club/ You would think BKK would have something, or maybe they do but is underground. you could try this site and see if you can meet someone with similar interest...long delays for most to reply, so I never connected with anyone from here. https://www.recon.com/en/landingpage
  2. what dates and from where? I'll do a little searching for you....I do a lot of "creative" routing...sometimes is longer, but cheaper.
  3. You will love it...hope you go to Sao Paulo too, would be a shame to travel that far and not go to both places. Where will you be staying and when?
  4. The Ibis Seminyak....I'm looking where to stay again for Feb and is hard to beat $16 usd per day
  5. I've stayed in that hotel before, VERY small rooms, they seem to do some group business....didn't have any problems with anyone going to the room with or without me. Repeat guys would just be knocking on my door before I knew it, I expected reception to call or something, but no. Walking distance to the 3 gay bars and many restaurants.....grindr had many for free (looking for husbands/sugar daddy and massage escort guys....I enjoyed Bali and Jakarta more than Vietnam or Cambodia. If you drink alcohol, is expensive if it's imported....reasonable if made nationally. A 750ml of Bacardi was $75usd at a supermarket!!
  6. The Franchised hotels have a rule that your rates must be no lower than what you are posting on their site. Opaque sites like Priceline ot Hotwire don't count since you don't know what hotel you are getting until the bid is accepted.
  7. Those are signs of poor management, ESPECIALLY at these small properties. My "claim to fame" as a hotel GM was raising guest satisfaction scores and REVPAR (revenue per available room)...whereas many managers concentrate on ADR (average daily rate). Also because of my management style, reduced employee turnover...happy employees = happy guests (normally) Many employees are lazy and find it easier to say, book on Agoda, Expedia, etc... than to do the actual work or look for a manager to approve the lower rate. On average is a 20 % commision and waiting 45-60 days to get paid, front line employees don't care, however, a manager should.....I sake my head when a manager declines to honor the lower rate and says book online, smh
  8. They've changed the mattresses out before......not as often as they should have, but they have.
  9. in the sauna 100-150 reis after the sauna or house visit 150-200 100 reis =26usd Fun...?? Fuck yeah, lol passionate sex for both tops & bottoms
  10. Me too, 20 + yrs....why do customers seem to critique the boys in Thailand MUCH more than any other place I've been.....very direct and rude at times, is that because Thai's are direct and is fair play.....just don't feel comfortable when I hear comments like "he's ugly with those tattoos" or He's too fat/chubby, yet the person making the comment is a cow....wtf?
  11. I often wonder what it would be like if the boys had a criteria to pick US.....how many of us would pass muster, lol I know they talk about us with their friends, coworkers.....maybe they have their own site where they talk about their customers (new site idea Mike, lol) I know they do this willingly , for the most part.....but the scams (lies) have gotten bigger and more frequent than years ago,,,, maybe the shared learning from their site? I've been to MANY places where there are these type of places for hookups (client/boy)....I have to say I feel the most for the guys in Thailand (Viet, Thai, Cambodian, etc...) Many are treated so poorly, publicly examined and expected to do so much ....I know we all grow old....but many don't do it gracefully (looks/attitude/hygiene) and Thailand seems to attract these types from all over. I know, I know...there will be lovely stories about how many have been "rescued" or treated so well with money and gifts beyond their dreams...blah, blah, blah. But they have become more calloused from so many lies and promises from Farangs ....and no one here thinks they do this......but do we?
  12. Many guys are almost my age or just too freaky/abnormal looking......my opinion
  13. I liked that bar (past tense)
  14. floridarob


    The drag show was just PART of the show, they had gogo's and male dancers also. Is the ONLY gay bar in Jakarta and only open certain days....I would go back in a second, had a lot of fun, but I brought someone with me. People tended to stay in their groups, however did get quite a few messages later and the next day from people that said they say me at the club. 1.I have T-Mobile for my cell phone and seems that it doesn't require VPN in places that the apps are blocked....when I connected to Wifi, I needed a VPN. 2. I stayed in South Jakarta, Kunigan, walking distance to the bar (even though I only went 1 night)...was convenient to restaurants, movies and no one seemed to have a problem fining me... 3. I heard no problems at western hotels, I stayed at AirBnb and no problem at all...weird looks from security, but never said anything. 4. Seems like ALL action is on the apps, doesn't seem to be a "cruising" scene...confirmed with everyone I met.
  15. Leaving today,as planned....but don't think I'll be coming back, def was a one time thing for me. All of the apps are money boys...which I'm OK with. But they only want to come (like USA escorts) for their one hour, do the deed and leave. Not interested in dinner, drinks, nothing more. And they are asking 50-150 usd, And when I accepted , many never replied again, wtf? Found one nice guy, gay, not looking for money...we had a nice night, but he works so much that he hardly had any free time...with a job and helping the parents at home. His grandfather was in the war and had a different story to tell than the government here likes to portray. Went to the couple of gay bars, walked the party streets.....to put it in perspective (for those that know me). I came with a Litre of rum, I'm leaving with a little more than a 1/2 litre, lol I did hook up every night except the first (was very tired).....but wasn't easy. Forgot to add: Internet sooooo slow. I'm in a decent AirBnb, new construction, close to everything, comfy bed, great a/c $26 usd a night. Food is relatively cheap, money seems to last longer , maybe because I couldn't find one guy that liked to drink...some said yes and in the end they drank 1 beer. Flights are cheap from BKK, so if I did come back, I'd bring someone with me from BKK or someplace they don't need a visa.
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