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  1. Sorry, we were talking Brazil, Reis, about 5.23 to 1 usd at the moment
  2. I'm here now, it's crazy everywhere because of the World Cup.....had a kid with a big one last night, and good looking. In Thailand whenever I see someone working a go-go bar that looks much older, or out of places looks wise, guaranteed they are in the big cock show, lol
  3. The US has the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that helps with issues like these....
  4. look for a different Dr. My Dr. does more than enough, I have insurance, so they look for anything extra to do to bill extra 🙄
  5. Be prepared your next trip...inflation has hit here too. Many guys asking for 250-300 in sauna, up to 750-800 to go to your room.....and they've become difficult and more demanding on their terms....paradise is changing 😏 The sauna charges 25 for GP's to get in most day...that is passed on to us.
  6. According to the law, yes....but the situation you mention is unlikely, in my experience.
  7. and we determined, we can hang out and get along together 😉
  8. The general consensus online is that it will just be another tool for the police to extort money from people....
  9. Will be 3 yrs to implement and will be challenged in the courts, there have already been protests in Jakarta. Also, because police will only investigate if a family member makes a complaint - such as a parent, spouse or child of the suspected offenders.
  10. I'd put BBB one step below Jupitar 🤮
  11. I had decent sex there with a massage guy 🤔
  12. Dreamboys was the only place I found any good last month....let us know what you think.
  13. Can do both, but like Riobard said...go to Colombia 1st because vice versa, you need Yellow Fever Vaccination. Sao Paulo, Rio (watch dates for Carnaval, VERY pricey) Bogota and Medellin, or just Bogota...I feel it's less dangerous. If you are connecting in Panama at all, try to fit a couple of days there, very cute guys, no real commercial scene and more expensive, but worth it if it's on your way.
  14. Or do a 3-way with him.....Pinoy's are the biggest whores, not in public of course, behind closed doors 😳
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