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  1. Going to SGN in 2 days.....1st time. I drink Bacardi rum....is it readily available and any idea how much bottled liquor prices is compared to Thailand? Should I get it here (not really cheap either I just paid $27 usd for a 1 litre here in BKK at Foodland....That goes for about 13 usd in most states.) or wait til I get there? I remembered reading here about Indonesian liquor prices and brought my own, thank goodness. A 750L of rum was $75 usd in supermarkets! Thanks
  2. Just arrived in Pattaya and found out that Saturday bars will be closed because of this (or not alcohol sales at least)...and an email from BBB inn says this: Visakha Bucha Day this year is celebrated on Saturday, 18. May 2019. An additional Visakha Bucha Holiday will be on Monday, 20. May 2019. So it will be a long weekend. Buddha was born in India some 2,500 years ago as a rich prince. But he left that life of luxury to seek out wisdom from the wise hermits who lived in woodlands scattered throughout the region at the time. He felt disappointed, however, and instead meditated under a Bodhi tree. There, he is believed to have attained enlightenment at the age of 35 and to have formulated the basic tenets of Buddhism. Later, at age 80, he died. Buddhists believe he then entered the state of nirvana and escaped all suffering, death, and reincarnation. In Thailand, Visakha Bucha Day is a time when the devout visit local temples to make merit, by giving donations and engaging in various rituals. They listen to sermons on Buddha's teachings, meditate, recommit themselves to follow the precepts of Buddhism, and offer food to temple workers. Some set birds or fish free as a means of eliminating negative karma. I googled it and seems like Monday will be normal for alcohol. I have a way of showing up n various countries when things like this are happening......
  3. I usually use ATM's, but I keep a Capital one account (no int'l xfer fees) that I only put money in it as I need it. Because with debit cards, it is YOUR cash that gets tied up in case of fraud (skimmer). I prefer credit cards, but the gogo places that do accept, will charge you the commision their bank charges and then some, smh.
  4. I booked a place on Airbnb for 25 usd a night, great reviews and is a new building closeby to some gay bars..... where you there on business or something?
  5. Making my 1st trip to Vietnam.....suggestions on places to stay without problems of joiners and close to things to do?? Also, where is good to go, bars/saunas/massage??
  6. Anyone know of a laundry place around Silom/suriwong?
  7. Have them come look at your internet!
  8. Hearing names of bars from yrs ago brings back memories.....the boys were more humble, less materialistic. Things I miss are the Old Babylon, late nights after the bars going to the Malaysia coffee shop or the Suriwongse hotel and having all the money boys looking for customers....the apps just aren't the same, I like to see them in person, not photoshopped pics.
  9. I think Indonesia has more Tops than bottoms...I might be wrong, but since I bottom...I'm only looking for tops , lol I stayed at an Ibis type hotel within walking distance to the bars...I paid 30usd per night
  10. short time is usually done in the sauna, they rent rooms by the hour 100brl (27usd), I do long times where they come to my hotel and usually stay 150brl (40usd) and you save the cost of the short time room. There are no off fees, but have to pay the entrance to the sauna (about 15usd), where some serve food and all serve drinks at normal prices. There is no tipping just to talk to see if you are compatible, and they are not shy, they wear towels and show and you can touch everything to see if it's what you want. Rio & Sao Paul have the biggest saunas and each place has their busy nights...no need to go looking from place to place....Lagoa the other night had about 40-50 guys working. And not sure where people think the guys are hairy, there are some but ALL the guys I go with are smooth (maybe some hair on their legs).....even the skinny guys here have amazing bubble butts....and if you guys remember Namuzu that wrote great trip reports.....when I tried to get him to go to BKK my past trip, he asked me "after discovering Brasil, why would I return to Thailand?"...I said, Food, Massage, cute guys and Freq Flyer miles....he said, that's what it has come down to?.....
  11. There's still plenty of smooth skinned clean shaven guys....the Beard thing has gone on way too long everywhere they can grow beards.
  12. They'll be in Heaven...that's not my type but they are in big supply here. Only thing I don't like is this beard fad has gone on too long.....lol
  13. If you google gay acompanhantes brasil I think some sites will come up....
  14. Is weird, I only found 2 guys on Grindr....not sure what app they are using, I like the sauna scene better to see in real life....but there are many websites they advertise on too... The Most popular cities are Rio & Sao Paulo....but like Mike said, all over Brasil is good...just those 2 cities attract more working guys because of the population.
  15. Had a great 3-way last night, they're just hanging around now.....long time/short time doesn't seem to apply here, if you click and are having fun, they just like to hang out with you....you know.
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