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Found 3 results

  1. hank75


    I have just finished Bangkok Boy Bar by Richard Vohl and Private Dancer by Stephen Leather. Both great reads and highly recommended, though the former is slightly romanticised and ascribes a far greater conversational depth to young bar boys than I know they are capable of, particularly those newly from the countryside without much English. Any other recommendations to while away long weekends? Non-fiction guides also welcome - I was inspired to ask by paborn’s mention of guide books to Bangkok’s early 80s gay scene in another thread.
  2. Have you heard of Grayson Perry? If you have not, I advise you to do some research. I just bought his book, The Descent of Man, and highly recommend it. A bright and insightful queer man questioning traditional understandings of manhood. I am just started but it is captivating from the very first pages. As a side note, it is the first book that I buy in a long time, instead of downloading it to my Kinder. It is a pleasure reading a paper copy. Only 12 bucks in amazon. Report Edit Post reply Preview
  3. Lucky

    Jack Was Here

    Jack Was Here is one of my latest finds in the area of Novels set in Thailand. It is not a gay-themed story, but if you are like me after a few visits to Thailand, a good novel set in the Land of Smiles appeals. There are few quality novels that do have a gay theme. If you can live without that and just relish reading about things, places, and events in Thailand, then Jack Was Here might be for you. I sure liked it. A summary of the story can be found at this link: http://www.andrewlownie.co.uk/authors/christopher-bardsley/books/jack-was-here In short, though, a 19-year old backpacker goes missing in Thailand, and his parents have not had good luck in trying to find him. Enter Hugh Fitzgerald, a soldier who returns to his Australian home with PTSD. Hugh needs something to do, and the family hires him to find Jack. Hugh follows his own rules. The adventure he encounters brings us to various parts of Thai life, and to Thai people. Soon Hugh finds that drug lords may know where Jack is. I had a great time going with Jack into Thailand and Malaysia. When he saw bar girls, I saw bar boys. It worked for me! It's a great story that kept my attention start to finish.
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