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  1. I second the recommendation for Monzo. Once you get the hang of it, it’s very handy.
  2. I am sorry to hear about your homophobic taxi driver. One would imagine that they would be exceedingly tolerant given that they have to interact with all types of passengers yet he chooses to take offence at a family unit. Isn’t this completely contrary to Buddhism?
  3. hank75


    99% sure it is him. Now I wonder if he can be offed....
  4. I promise I was not stalking this thread waiting for your report LOL it is just good timing that you posted it as I logged in. My friend is in Bangkok this week and has been chatting with the other Moonlight models about Babe. Some funny insights were shared by them including exactly as you said, Babe is apparently very shy in the bedroom. The exact quote was (paraphrased from barboy English) “Babe doesn’t mind waving his cock around during photo shoots and on stage but suddenly gets shy showing it in a customer’s hotel room”. Also that he was too scared to top customers and the more experienced boys have been trying to teach him exactly what is involved. I hope you were the first beneficiary of this training! It sounds quite humorous that you warmed him up by showing him his own porno clips! That has to be a first.
  5. Fantastic report. More to come I hope? Moonlight second show is always lacking, try to catch the first show on Friday or Saturday next time.
  6. hank75


    Have heard that Nicky has been spending more time lately working in a gay establishment in Ratchada area
  7. And what other fortune telling or mind reading services do they offer?
  8. Another case of sponsor getting tired of boy? Good for the rest of us, 32 is very cute!
  9. vinapu...I look forward to seeing what you think when you are able to visit Paradiso in person. This mamasan might enjoy it too much!!!
  10. I second the above request, I’d like to know when’s the best time to go in and survey all the boys at once instead of sitting through shows.
  11. A very accurate assessment. I am fortunate that I’ve mainly encountered “C” mamasans...because I don’t bother to engage the first two types. Also I do bribe mamasans a little bit...I will buy them a drink and offer them a tip if I feel this will make them back off and stop acting pushy. On a side note, DB Paradiso has a really horrific ladyboy mamasan...the type that will sit with you and molest you if you let her!
  12. That is his appeal to me too, you can’t tell at all he is a gogo boy. Outside walking around Surawong he looks like just another tourist from Japan or China, not even local. For this mamasan, I would quickly establish boundaries and give a firm No if you don’t like her suggestions or just ask to sit by yourself and observe without her company. There are plenty of solo visitors to the bars and many of them decline a mamasan’s company. You can call a mamasan over to help you engage a boy but that is not an open invitation to be at your side all evening. Also don’t offer a drink, that is a sure way to get the message across.
  13. I am trying to guess which model since only a few were working yesterday, and hoping it is Mr Smart Agree with Drim you should do what you want and not feel pressured by mamasan. Your mamasan sounds quite pushy! Even keeping in mind they have to do their job and make “sales”
  14. No harm getting the excitement (and overspending) our of your system on first night like vinapu says! I think our remarks were mainly in the spirit of discussion on this forum. I know I’ve had more than my fair share of excesses, there’s something in the air in Bangkok...
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