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  1. I was able to do a one night stopover in Bangkok and excitedly went to see the new Paradiso. Around 10-15 boys and equal number of customers in the time I was there. Old Dreamboys had its share of unattractive boys but there were some lookers spread out among them. This time I was hard pressed to spot anyone I would off. One of them was yawning on stage. I found myself wondering which was Drim’s Mr Perfect Guy or perhaps he had been offed already? After five interminable ladyboy acts I had enough and left. I am sorry to say I only saw one boy act (above with three boys in jeans) and not the others in underwear - perhaps I shall try to time a return visit to arrive in the middle/end of the show not at the start.
  2. hank75


    Ok you sounded a little disillusioned if your first post so I was wondering if he had cheated you in some way. Glad to hear that is not the case! Many more fish in the sea, and boys in a Silom!
  3. hank75


    Finally confirmation - Smart and Atom can be offed. If the price is right.
  4. But Drim...didn’t you already off a Jupiter superstar?
  5. hank75


    Riz05, if you do not mind, I am a little confused by your posts. In your first post you mentioned you wanted to spend your money on something worth paying for. In your next, you say you do not sleep with the boys. What exactly were you hoping to receive from Tam for your money? I do not mean this to sound bad, I am just curious as I’ve been told Tam can be an excellent “escort” to high-paying women, when he is in the mood of course.
  6. hank75


    I think he is really a model and not a closet gogo....pity
  7. I mean, we usually pay cover and sit down then request a bottle. Cover already paid. Next time we should inform the door staff that we will be opening a bottle and to waive our cover.
  8. Very helpful to know, thank you. Well - looks like we’ve been paying extra cover!!
  9. He’s not one of my favorite mamasans, always hinting for tips. Luckily at Jupiter even the greedier mamasans are still more discreet than other bars so it’s not too much of a turn off. I wish Neung was my personal mamasan!
  10. Well my limit is 100 baht for a seat change! My female friend quickly upgraded herself to VVIP status at Jupiter by bringing her own mamasan from Moonlight hahaha.
  11. Does this get more than one person in? Some non-gogo venues admit 4 people per bottle.
  12. I can see both sides to this argument I suppose. Moonlight never gets as packed as Jupiter but they will hold a seat for me if I let them know I am dropping in. My friend was able to get the seat of his preference during the packed Moonlight anniversary thanks to the reservation policy. And in both venues, walk ins are never left unhelped and unseated - seats will be provided for every customer until it’s literally standing room alone. I think the gripe should be that Jupiter pretty much blocks off all the best seats / full front rows for regulars so it’s irksome that if you walk in on a busy night, you will never be offered a good seat by chance. You are allowed to move (subject to mamasan’s favor!) if better located seats become available. Or if you are offing, they also accommodate a request for a seat change (so boy can be with you for example). A tip to lubricate the seat change doesn’t hurt though I know many of you will object to this on principle - as far as I’m concerned, it’s annoying but their turf, their rules. Moonlight, though not on the same level of popularity, gets it right by spreading the reserved seats throughout the bar, making the upstairs floor available or designating the standalone tables (in front of service bar) the VIP tables. Personally I hate these, the vantage point is poor and the air conditining is blasting full force. The only “pro” is that the well placed pillar provides some privacy screening from the rest of the bar. Considering I like to people watch and see which boy is being offed, this isn’t a bonus for me. Walk ins usually get offered good seats in any of the front facing rows. Also to add, I was offered seat reservation at Moonlight even before I became a regular and opened bottles. If you come early asking for a seat blocked for showtime or the following day , they will accommodate - of course helper mamasan will expect a tip. But for those who assume only high spenders get seating preference, not the case at all. I also recently discovered that Moonlight waives cover if you’re opening a bottle. Not sure if Jupiter does the same?
  13. Nearly all of them are sex workers, call a spade a spade. Yes I know boys who lie to their girlfriends about the job. Funny that the girlfriends (who are all on social media) haven’t figured it out by now.
  14. He means this one. Very strong indeed. How much was the tip?
  15. Friend just passed by Paradiso. Same report as others have said. Around 5 boys on a small stage and place was completely empty. Former Moonlight ladyboy was acting as a grabber trying frantically to get customers to enter. She wai’ed my friend and invited him in but after seeing the sad interior, he excused himself by saying he was hungry and on his way to Foodland.
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