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  1. And they do this every two weeks? Wow. I get cranky on flights lasting longer than five hours. My regulars are both Thai but next time I will see if I can give a boy who does these exhausting visa runs some business for extra pocket money.
  2. His name shouldn’t be ARM it should be ABS
  3. I like how Boom is stroking his chin thoughtfully in the background LOL Most of the recipients seem to be women and they’re usually cringing and hiding their face...don’t know how to have a good time Pretty sure a generous garland and a word to the mamasan that you’d like to be the lucky receiver will get your wish
  4. Such a familiar scenario...I was almost expecting this to conclude with an off LOL. Well I suppose all of us will now be trooping down to check this out. You sure they are Thai aunties and not aged ladyboys??
  5. Well this would make a nice special occasion gift if you can get it cheaper back home, it’s not inexpensive but not a huge amount either. Very good to hear P will be joining Jupiter. It must have boosted his appeal to owner to see him invited in as a guest by a customer, suggests that he has potential to be a popular boy. How do you request for a garland at Jupiter? Only curious, I don’t plan to do so because the last time I showed extra generosity at Jupiter, I found mamasans and boys descending upon me with outstretched palms.
  6. hank75


    Seems to have been taken down again! Currently up is Tam’s She Bangs routine....a bit dull and not even his best performance of that act.
  7. Yes haha I had the same impression! Am not labouring any delusions that I have an exceptionally memorable face. Since he is my favourite singer at Jupiter though, I don’t mind!
  8. Anyone have updates on what it’s like in Bangkok today?
  9. Just because I can answer this one... the basic pay at Moonlight is slightly better than many of the other bars, there is the prestige of working in one of the bigger, more professional venues, but not as penalty-heavy as Jupiter. Better sick leave policy for instance. I have been to the bar on very quiet nights, but someone recently reported on this forum that business seemed brisk and most boys were offed by midnight - so I guess the income is steady enough to keeep them happy. The model / non-model system may actually work to their benefit. If the models are too expensive or disinterested in being offed, customers lean towards the next best looking guys in line and off them enthusiastically instead. I’ve certainly seen this in action.
  10. Has anyone experienced boys asking to take selfies with them? At first I thought it was just for fun but then I realised that they were using this as a memory aid...and even circulating this around friends so all the boys would benefit from appearing to have fantastic memories. I am friendly with one mamasan, but I was very displeased when I discovered that he had saved a huge folder of customer photos on his phone (including mine!) and did not mind showing them to other customers particularly if they are from the same country. This felt like a true invasion of privacy.
  11. Moonlight is closed today - it’s posted on their FB and mamasan also just Lined me an hour ago.
  12. Boys seem to remember faces exceptionally well (how? when their memories are so poor for everything else) even those that you do not off. Names, not so much. But one industrious lad, who already knew I wasn’t going to off him then or ever after as he’s a friend of my regular, couldn’t pronounce my name so he opened a notepad app, jotted down the date and asked me to spell out my name for him. I saw many other similar customer entries On my next visit six weeks later, he took a good look at my face then unerringly found the right entry on his phone and proudly showed it to me. Probably the most suprising for me was when Poppy the singer at Jupiter broke off mid song to shout in my direction “Hello! I remember you!” even though I hadn’t been there for four months and he had only seen me from the stage during late night live music - no real interaction or conversation, and of course he was not angling for an off. He did get a nice tip for that piece of flattery though!
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