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The Flavor of Many Posts on this Site

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I am a big fan of this site.  It's given me some great information and some of the guys have been super generous with their time and information. 

Thank you!

But lately, after perusing some of the threads....sadly I am often seeing a pattern of the following:

  • Bitching about how expensive everything is
  • Complaining about things like economy airline seats that aren't wide enough to accommodate their girth
  • Pointing out how life (boys, mamasans,etc) is always trying to cheat them
  • Going on ad nauseam about topics (usually themselves or other bits of nothingness) that aren't relevant with what this site is all about

Again, I love this site.  But if some of the guys might think about what this site is really all about and leave a lot of their postings to time with a therapist, it might be beneficial to all.

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9 hours ago, Latbear4blk said:

And you are using the feminine as an attempt to insult? Adorable

these type of comments are correctly titled “micro-aggressions” - meaning the comments are not intended to be interpreted literally - just in the exact circumstance the perpetrator wants to manipulate.

the “micro-aggressive” comments & use are designed to dehumanize the target and to further marginalize the target, yet still have plausible deniability for the perpetrator.. So, when the behavior is called out, the aggressor claims ignorance and turns it back on the target, again.

it’s insidious, very sick, vey twisted, very common

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