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Pattaya Massage shops review 2023

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Reader, please b thorough before accusing.

I didnt introduce the term "crap" here; Forky did in his post 20 hours ago, which is why I initially used quotation marks. 

As always, it would b much better to address issues instead of venturing into personal criticism.

In this spirit I repeat: I did NOT recommend "rating their performances". I urge all of us to write curt reasonable factual non-demeaning recommendations or warnings, such as: 

"I recommend Wit day and night" (Vinapu).

X offered no sensual component.

Y is highly recommended. 

Z promised to do something and then refused without explaining.


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"what can possibly b gained by it?"

2 things:

1 - others would enjoy the guy Vinapu recommended.

2 - others would not hire a guy who fakes fotos or doesnt deliver on promises. 

I agree with u Reader that "our opinions r subjective", but instead of "all" I substitue "most". In most hires, satisfaction or lack thereof is subjective and chemistry may b dominant. In some cases, usually the worst ones, it's factually objective (re Forky's examples). These r the guys forum members should b warned againt, by name.

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In 21 years I can hardly recall more than a handful of disappointing experiences. I'm sure there are at least that many masseurs who were disappointed in me.

I've never felt compelled to "warn" others. The guy could have been just having a bad day. I chalked it up to experience and moved on.

You seem to think informing members that a masseur may have not given you what you considered proper oral or anal satisfaction is more important than posting an opinion that never goes away.

Sorry, that's a "gain" I'm quite content to forego.

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3 hours ago, 12is12 said:

But u didnt name the "craps". 

I wouldnt go to any crappy hotel or restaurant (or lawyer or handiman) with bad reviews. No reviewer gives them the benefit of the doubt, hiding their names. Patrons simply report their experience, without thinking "maybe they'll improve". 

Why r masseurs different? Why shouldnt we learn from your experience whom to avoid? 

And yet you would give the hotel or restaurant the bad review and not the chef. As I have done with Foxy.

Please note that I did not and would not refer to any masseur as "crap". I referred to my overall experience at Foxy as crap for the reasons I laid out.

Reviews of masseurs are entirely subjective. We all like different things in a massage and different levels of "afters". Also, the type and detail of afters will depend on factors that mean different customers will receive different experiences.

I'm sorry you feel me not naming masseurs is somehow unfair but, in case it wasn't obvious, I don't ask the names of masseurs I have no interest in having a massage with again. I prefer to continue the search for my perfect massage and trying different masseurs along the way. 

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Foam massage visit to Helios.

Helios Massage - Tukcom - Coming from beach, take road along Tukcom. Helios is about 200m on the left. 

Cost -  1 hour Foam Massage - 600. 1000 minimum for boy

Boys quality: 5 or 6 boys. Low 20's to low 30's 

Ambience: The foam massage room is on the first floor so not so many stairs. It's basically a massage room sized shower cubicle with a couple of fans and not much lighting. It was cleaner than I remember and a comfortable temperature. My previous experience a few years ago was that I was continually cold. Not so this time. 

Massage Quality: Foam massages involve mainly body to body contact and not much pressure as the slipperyness of the foam makes pressure difficult. Overall the body to body style was enjoyable with much mutual touching. It was nice as a change but I definitely prefer an oil massage. Afters were basically throughout the massage. Mutul BJ & HJ.

Duration (I've been asked to include this) - The full hour.

Overall - Always going to be a favorite for me but there are no Lek's working there now.

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