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Cambodian mystery and Thai solution - first trip of 2023

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5 hours ago, vinapu said:



5 hours ago, vinapu said:

That request to fly separately bothers me a bit it needs to be said,  if only because I can’t come up with plausible explanation.

Completely strange request I personally declined it immediately and if he wouldn't agree cancel all the plans with him.

regardarding the additional money requests well it's not a love story both sides are aware to the fact that it is temporary business arrangement and typically to a money boy to try maximize his benefits on this situation. I would stick to the initial arrangement and decline any other money requests. 


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15 hours ago, vinapu said:


 Normally January to April is NOT a period in which I travel due to work commitments. I wouldn’t even plan it but there are some issues brewing for later part of 2023 which may stop me from travel , at least from travel to Asia. And work load seemed lighter for  this January as younger colleagues took the slack  so just before Christmas I decided to book another trip to our beloved Land of Smiles.

 Time wise all I could afford was 2 weeks and that is what I aimed for. It will be also my first trip in January and February. When I return I’ll be left only with March , Apr and July to cover

Some readers may recall following statement from my Oct/ Nov 2022 trip summary :

“ Surprisingly perhaps  guy I consider most memorable of the whole trip was one whom I did not even off, that hunk I met in bar in PP. Perhaps that’s good  - reason to return there sooner the better.

Yes , I liked him a lot so as part of planned trip I booked flight for 3 days to Phnom Penh (PP ) just to check if he is still working there.

In Oct  he told me that he is not going with clients , just drinks with them in bar and when I tried to suggest he can accompany me for trip to Siem Reap he said  he is busy till end of 2022 but may be available in next year. When in Siem Reap I made last effort to see if he would come to see me there but response was the same and this was last I heard from him. In short I gave up  but being in the region I wanted to try once more.

Applied for Cambodian e-visa and it was issued overnight so all I had to do was to wait for departure day month Iater.

 Guardian Angel had other plans for me though, right after New Year , out of blue Line message came from my guy asking ‘ How are you ?’ like he knew I’m coming . Which was not a case as very few people knew about my plans and nobody , including me , even knew his name or nick. It’s why I suspect Angel’s hand in that.

 I was thrilled and even more  few hours later when new message arrived ‘ now I have time for us”. Obviously it seemed that he somehow remembered his ‘ next year possible ‘ statement. That landed me immediately on Cloud 7 if not 9 and that feeling did not leave me for quite few days. Even now on recollection I can’t help but smile.

We ironed things fast, I suggested 5 days trip to either Angkor or Bangkok and Pattaya (3+2). He opted for Thailand  but for some reason  only for 3 days Bangkok part.  Fine , what about 5 days in Bangkok  ?

Immediately it was approved ‘yes , 5 days”. He sent me copy of his passport so I could buy him ticket , outbound for  exactly the same flight I was supposed to return to Bangkok originally.

 What about kissing? “yes I kiss and I want you to kiss me too”, “ I will do my best we have fun together”.

Financial arrangements were set for both PP and Bangkok part. Being prime beef he knew his price but from my point of view what he asked for was roughly what I spend daily for massage and overnight session  so I did not have any problems approving his request.

 Learning he has a car I suggested taking two trips to sights near PP by his car and offered price bit higher than travel office would charge expecting that premium goes toward stolen kiss or 5 somewhere on the road.

 All that took only 1 or 2 days during which I never left my cloud 9 happy mood fortified by few pictures he send me unsolicited ( no I will not post them here nor send to you by PM even if they were decent pictures , suitable for grandma to see ).

Week later cloud 9 become bit cloudy indeed with message ‘ you should go to Bangkok before me “????

Why ? we are on the same flight but we can pretend we don’t know each other. “ I want to make sure you are in Bangkok before me since I did not travel for long time “.

  I find it strange  but being NOT about to blow whole thing about additional ticket ( my original was not refundable, non changeable I asked if the same day is OK , it was , what about flight which takes off 20 minutes earlier ? It’s OK too. Very puzzling but I invested 80 $ in new ticket, cheap price considering I’m looking for 8 days in arms of one of best guys I ever put my eyes on.

 I have few ideas what may be reason but none convincing so I just let it go.

After daily rounds of ‘how are you today ?” messages  few days later more up to a point message came

“ I did not travel for long and need new clothes,  shoes and suitcase, can you send me 350 $”, Oho, ho though I, it starts already .

I suggested that we can do shopping when I’m 3 days in PP but he said he prefers to do it now because there are great sales before Chinese New Year. Makes sense.

But again , hoping for the best I sent him 200$ and promised to gift him my new suitcase I just bought, enforced it even with the picture.  Fact that I put limit on request was noticed but with what seemed good humor.

So now I descended from cloud 9 to level 5 if not 4 but still I’m thrilled with anticipation. Even see good point with that split flight as it could be escape route for me if those 3 days in PP will turn sour or something. 10 days to go and I really count days but seeing those requests I also start thinking about escape route if need arises.

 Then few days before departure next request comes , car loan  of 426 $ to be repaid enforced with photo of previous payment. It looked authentic with payment due 3 days before my arrival in PP.   Can  I borrow him that money and subsequently deduct from his payments when we meet ?   No, I don’t want to do any advance payments, organize money there I answered while confirming our financial arrangements.

 Answer was “ ok I understand , see you in PP in few days “ .

 So I’m still thrilled locking my door ready to go to the airport but seeing things are bit less rosy although not unexpected I resolved to leave money I set aside for him for Bangkok part in trusted hands in BKK and not to reveal name of hotel we will be in until we both land in Swampy. Also fact that I’m planning to change hotels after 3 nights as it’s my habit anyways is supposed to be hidden until morning of move. Just in case.

That request to fly separately bothers me a bit it needs to be said,  if only because I can’t come up with plausible explanation.

 I’m not overly suspicious realizing that some of it may be related to fact that while his spoken English is  quite conversational , his written language is quite poor so that my be reason plausible explanation is not coming.

 Another factor tempering my excitement is concern how I will keep him entertained   during those 5 days as his ideas of good time maybe different from mine but that is problem for us to solve in due course. Which is soon.


Oh! So that is what you were taking about in the car! 
Now everything makes sense. 

Well, good luck, but if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on this relationship lasting that whole week. 

And absolutely do not carry anything he gives you across borders!

Hope for you that we are all mistaken and he is true to his words. 

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Vinapu, I really envy ur adventurous risk-acceptant nature. 

Even without all the red flags, I cant imagine myself planning something like this with a guy who hasnt spent even one night with me. I mean, for one+ days some kind of chemistry and common interests r needed. 

I m way too reserved to enjoy ur free style.

 Good for u!

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