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Tour of Bangkok spas March 2023

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Although Prime is justifiably known for its reliability in delivering good massages, I fear standards may slip when the boys are tired, as they may well be seeing the steady stream of customers. 

Your report on 15M is useful for others even if it wasn't a satisfying session. From my admittedly limited experience of  the saphan khwai places (and Ganymede and what's-its-name on Soi Ari) I'd agree they aim for fun rather than therapeutic excellence.


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5 hours ago, macaroni21 said:

I fear standards may slip when the boys are tired

On a few occasions when I went to Prime recently, I also felt that the masseur was just a bit 'off', possibly due to overwork.  I started booking one Prime masseur that I liked in advance, rather than trust in pot luck.

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On 3/17/2023 at 6:44 PM, fedssocr said:

Since I tend to do a lot of massages when I'm here I figured maybe it makes sense to put my impressions in one thread.

I already mentioned my experience at Zoo Spa and Onsen in that dedicated thread, so I won't rehash it here.

Prime Massage, Silom Soi 6.

Yesterday I visited Prime in Silom Soi 6. Obviously this place is a huge massage factory. My back and neck were giving me some trouble so I thought a real, legit massage was in order. I did a 90 min oil massage. I liked the orange scented oil. No choice of masseurs but I didn't really care. The young woman at the desk took my 700 baht and had me take a seat briefly. Then I was led across the soi to the annex building. Showered down the hall. The sign in the shower about the 20000 baht fine if you poop in the shower gave me some pause. I presume that means it's actually happened in the past.

Back to the room and onto the table. The table had a face cut out but was nearly as uncomfortable as a bed without it. The masseur used VERY hard pressure. Ultimately I had to cry out when he did that thing that too many masseurs do of pinching the muscle on the inside of the thigh. It hurts like hell and I had to tell him not to do that. I might have been a little loud in my protest. But he did ease up. Overall the massage was very thorough if totally legit with absolutely no hanky panky suggested or necessary. It was a bit painful though and too rough for me. I actually would have appreciated some slow stretching but his movements were too abrupt. I tipped 500 (I was pointed to the policy of 100 minimum at the cashier desk) because I thought it was fair, not because I was totally happy with the experience.


15M Massage (Saphan Kwai BTS)

Today it was off to a part of the city I don't think I've ever visited before. 15M Massage is about a 30 second walk from the Saphan Kwai BTS (exit 3). So it's quite convenient. I booked Noom in advance (photo below). He looks almost nothing like this photo. So much so that I questioned to myself whether it was the same guy. His hair is no longer blond. But the tattoo matches up and so do the earrings. He's also a bit more muscular than in this photo.

Booking via Line was easy. They also have a Twitter account (https://twitter.com/boybk12345) Mostly straight guys. Many quite handsome. And they are teamed up with the nearby 27M Massage. But since this location is so easy to get to I chose it.

I arrived a few minutes early and Noom was already there as well. I asked for the 90 minute "aroma" massage which is my basic go-to option. I paid the 550 baht to the handsome boy at the cashier station and was led up one level. Room was very basic with a just a thin mattress on the floor. I was pointed to the shower up a further flight of stairs. Once back in the room Noom was already undressed and ready to go. The "massage" was basically terrible. I suspect there is no training for these guys and anyway no one is going there for a proper massage. It was just a mindless rub spending an inordinate amount of time on one leg, then the other before eventually progressing to a back rub. It was not especially erotic or relaxing - just kind of mechanical. After a while I was mercifully invited to flip over. The AC was a bit too cold and my efforts to communicate that were unsuccessful. Either my Thai is really terrible (likely) or he just didn't understand me or my pantomime of being cold. His phone dinged constantly with Line messages. Obviously the polite thing to do is silence your notifications in such a situation. He did offer to fuck me, but that's not my thing. So we moved on to other things that I do enjoy. I will say he was impressively hard with very little input needed. After a while the lights were flickered which I presume was meant as a signal to wrap up. Once we did finish I noted that barely an hour had passed. So, my 90 minute session was not what I go. But frankly I was fine with that. A satisfactory ending was achieved but on the whole not the greatest experience ever. Noom left me to shower alone as did he. We could have conserved some water, but that's not the way it worked out.  They do have a couple of gay guys on staff so that might be a better option unless you just want a straight guy to fuck you. I did note several cute boys on my way out. If I'd had a better experience I would be more inclined to return.



Such a handsome guy! I will take him overnight just to admire his face in bed!

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On 3/17/2023 at 6:44 AM, fedssocr said:

If I'd had a better experience I would be more inclined to return.

I tried several of the shops around Saphan kwai or Sutthisan Winitchai Rd and I liked all of them except 27M Massage, where I tried two boys, both no good at all. I did not have a chance to try 15M but if it is the same management as 27M I am not surprised that it was lacking in quality. 

My favorite on that road is BT House Men Massage on the south side of Sutthisan Winitchai Rd. I think they really try them out themselves before letting them massage a customer (a job I would love to have!!!)

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