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Marc in Calif

Progressive success in November elections in the U.S.

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6 hours ago, Moses said:

I do no support of thread derailing, so I keep my posts about topic - Dems and current situation. Why should I support your derailing of discussion? I just ignore it here. If you want to discuss Putin's face - you already know - it is free speech board. Just start new thread and maybe I will come and post.

It has already been mentioned but, apparently, it bears repeating that bring up Vovka Putin in this thread is as fair as bringing up Boeing in the thread about Russian planes. Can’t have it both ways - this ain’t a gas station parading as a country.

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7 hours ago, Marc in Calif said:

A sense of humor is not very common among fanboys of Russia! 😇

that's unfair and let's not generalize. Sober and grumpy look doesn't mean lack of sense of humor. 

 Americans are always sporting smile  in public but it doesn't mean   some of those smiles are not covering ruthlessness, gun at the ready. 

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3 hours ago, Kostik said:

Thank God I don’t have such a leader!

You have had plenty that were much worse (Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko) and your current one is heading that way too - he’s already shitting himself after overdosing on raw deer blood - it’s just a matter of a couple of years (providing he lasts that long) before they’d have to put his food in a baby bottle.

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Indeed, we should all be terribly excited by these "progressives"...

Here is one such "progressive", Mr Stuart Seldowitz, who formerly served as head of Barack Obama's National Security Council South Asia division, unleashing a tide of anti-Muslim vitriol on a Muslim street food vendor in New York. Take a good look and a good listen to the real views of "progressives". This one takes the cake -“If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, you know what? It wasn’t enough.”

Mr Seldowitz is apparently a progressive Jew and according to his lawyer, Mr Bookstein, “He’s a peace-loving person devoid of hate for Muslims or anyone else." That undoubtedly explains his peace-loving comment above and his "Did you rape your daughter like Muhammad?” question.

One would think that as a member of a group that suffered oppression for centuries, he might have been a little bit less of a racist piece of shit. Not that he has much to worry about even after being busted and charged. There will no doubt be plenty ready to accuse the victims of his abuse of antisemitism for revealing this piece of shits behaviour in the first place. That is already the defence that this "progressive" scumbag is attempting to mount in court and to the press.

“If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, you know what? It wasn’t enough.”  - this is the view of a "progressive" who runs foreign policy when he thinks he isn't on camera.

The funniest part is the sleazy lobbying firm at which he works claiming that they have dropped him after the videos were released, calling the video “vile, racist, and beneath the dignity of the standards we practice at our firm.” They didn't drop him because they found out about his views; they dropped him because we found out about his views.


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On 11/21/2023 at 7:33 AM, Kostik said:

Biden has killed millions of civilians in many countries.  And he is idolized by various idiots here.

I think a better way of putting that would be to say that this warmonger has supported every war and conflict since first being elected to the Senate in 1972.

As Rand Paul said, Joe Biden “voted for the Iraq War … He supported war in Serbia, Syria, Libya.” Of course, the pearl-clutching "progressives" will now be ready to squeal that Rand Paul is a lying PoS etc., but even according to the left-wing "fact-checker" Politifact "Paul’s claim is accurate". The evidence is so damning that even they can't hide it.


Those down-voting Kostik's statement above can do their own research on how many kids died in those conflicts that "Joe" voted for and supported. How much of it is greed and evil and how much of it is pure stupidity is the real question. On that point, remember that it was Barack Obama's Defence Secretary, Robert Gates who said "Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy question for the last forty years". Okay, so the generous conclusion that we are meant to reach is that the man is an imbecile and the result is a million dead kids.

Still, considering the opinion of that "progressive" piece of shit Obama advisor, Mr Seldowitz, quoted above that "If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, you know what? It wasn’t enough”, I doubt that a million dead kids from the wars that Biden voted for will give "progressives" any reason to sour on him. After all, a million is just a number, right?

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7 hours ago, Department_Of_Agriculture said:

I doubt that a million dead kids from the wars that Biden voted for... 

Yeah, as if you really care about dead non-white children. 🙄 We already know your vile racist views from other posts. 

Stop acting like you're concerned about any of the dead children in the Middle East. Your clownishness drumpfs your pious accusations. 🤡

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