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  1. From Pattaya Mail Pattaya is gearing up for a major transformation along the iconic Jomtien Beach. Designed to not only enhance the landscape but also tackle longstanding flooding issues, the project is set to reshape the popular beachfront area. The city has meticulously divided the project into four phases, each addressing specific aspects of the renovation. Phase one will focus on laying HDPE pipes from Family Mart to the Dongtan Curve Police Substation, covering a distance of 1,725 meters, and is slated for completion within 14 months. Subsequent phases will include similar infrastructure improvements along different sections of the beach, encompassing drainage enhancements and installation of essential utilities. Scheduled to commence on March 1, the project will encompass a range of upgrades beyond infrastructure. Landscape adjustments, underground power systems, and drainage improvements will be undertaken to elevate the overall quality of the area. Furthermore, modifications to lighting systems, walkways, and extensive tree planting are planned. The expansion and organization of parking spaces, with an additional 532 spots, will ease congestion and accommodate more visitors. The project also entails burying power lines along the beach for over 4 kilometres and installing High Mast Lighting to enhance safety and illumination. To facilitate the construction, traffic has been reduced to a single lane from Dongtan Curve to Chaiyapruek Intersection since February 15. Motorists are advised to adhere to altered traffic flows on certain roads, including Thappraya Road and Wat Boon Kanchanaram Road, during the construction period.
  2. “???” is apparently a fall back for a multitude of boys on the game. It serves as a cover for all kinds of gaffs—intentional, inadvertent or whatever fits situation. Had it used on me a week ago as excuse for missed massage appointment in the form of bear with two question marks above.
  3. With the PM urgently pursuing a cut in the nation’s policy rate by at least 25 basis points, the dollar, euro and pound are set to gain against the baht if his efforts are successful. From Thai PBS world Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has urged the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to call a special meeting to review its decision to maintain the policy rate at 2.5%, without waiting until its next scheduled meeting on April 10. In his “X” post on Monday night, the prime minister said that the economic performance figures released by the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) clearly show that the Thai economy is at a critical stage and the NESDC secretary-general agreed that it is time for a review of the policy rate. Speaking to the media yesterday, following the release of the NESDC report on the Thai economic situation for the fourth quarter of last year, which projects that GDP growth for last year will be just 1.9%, the prime minister said that it is time to cut the policy rate by at least 25 basis points, to 2.25%, which will help ease the financial burden on people. He said that his position on the policy rate is clear, noting that Thailand’s average GDP growth over the past 10 years has been under 2%, which is lower than its neighbouring countries, and the GDP is likely to shrink further. He also said that his government is unable to disburse the 2024 national budget until April 1, adding that there is no injection of new money these days and Thailand’s GDP has been revised downward by every economic forecasting institution.
  4. From AFP / Thai PBS World Two killed in crush as hundreds queue for passports in Myanmar Yangon, Myanmar – Two people were killed in a crush outside a passport office in Myanmar on Monday, a rescue worker said, as thousands rush to leave the country to escape a junta military service law. Two women aged 52 and 39 died early Monday after hundreds of people surged to get in line at the passport office in second city Mandalay, a rescue worker who arrived at the scene told AFP. “There was a ditch near the crowd. They fell into the ditch and died from a lack of oxygen,” the rescue officer said, requesting anonymity for security reasons. Another woman was slightly injured, the officer said, adding that all three had been selling tokens assigning numbers in the queue. Local media also reported the deaths. Three years after seizing power in a coup, the military is struggling to crush widespread armed opposition to its rule. In recent weeks it has lost territory and control of lucrative trade routes to China to an alliance of ethnic minority armed groups. Earlier this month it said it would enforce a law allowing it to call up all men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 to serve in the military for at least two years. The law was written by a previous junta but never used, and it remains unclear how it will be enforced. No details have been given about how those called up would be expected to serve, but many young people are not keen to wait and find out. Last week local media images showed hundreds of people queueing outside the passport office in Mandalay. In commercial hub Yangon thousands of young men and women queued outside the Thai embassy seeking visas to get out of Myanmar last week. Around 13 million people will be eligible to be called up, a junta spokesman said last week, though the military only has capacity to train 50,000 a year. The junta has previously said it is taking measures to arm pro-military militias as it battles opponents across the country — both anti-coup “People’s Defence Forces” (PDFs) and more long-standing ethnic minority armed groups. by Agence France-Presse
  5. From Pattaya News Makha Bucha, the second most important Buddhist day for Thai people, is only a few days away from today, February 19th, 2024. If you’re visiting Thailand during this time, here is what you need to know. What is Makha Bucha? Makha Bucha, which falls on this Saturday, February 24th, commemorates four key events in the Buddha’s life, emphasizing his teachings and principles. Temples hold special ceremonies, including candle processions and chanting, during this day while Thai people observe the occasion by visiting temples, practicing meditation, and abstaining from vices like alcohol and entertainment. What does this mean for our foreign readers? While not expected to participate in religious rituals, it’s important to be mindful of the respectful atmosphere. Dressing modestly when visiting temples is essential, and avoiding loud or disruptive behavior is crucial. Alcohol Sale Ban: Be aware of the nationwide alcohol sale ban on Makha Bucha, which starts from midnight on February 23rd and lasts until midnight on February 24th. Entertainment places like bars and clubs will not be able to operate normally either, and restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and convenience stores are banned from selling alcohol for 24 hrs. Respectful Behavior: Be mindful of noise levels and avoid disruptive activities. Remember, this is a day of reflection and reverence for many Thais.
  6. From NNT South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) and NASA have launched a joint air quality study across Asia, including Thailand, to investigate the sources of winter air pollution. Announced by the South Korean Ministry of Environment, the research began in South Korea and will extend through Malaysia and Thailand, concluding on March 25. This year’s study, taking place from February to March, looks into the factors behind increased air pollution levels during winter, a shift from the previous study conducted in May to June 2016. The findings from this research are expected to be released in detailed reports that will serve both academic and policy-making purposes. The collaboration will see the Korean research team supporting NASA’s efforts in Asia, with a specific research station set up in Chiang Mai province to analyze the causes and effects of smog occurrences in winter. A remote observatory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will also assess the performance of the Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer, a satellite launched by Korea in 2020 to monitor air quality across 20 Asian countries. The air quality research, which was initiated in the Philippines in early February, will include various phases across South Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. This year’s ASIA-AQ (Airborne and Satellite Investigation of Asian Air Quality) project significantly expands the scope of the 2016 Korea-United States Air Quality study to include more Asian countries and involves over 500 participants from 45 teams, including research institutes, governmental organizations, and experts.
  7. +1 They offer immigrants the “right” to perform the most dangerous jobs but not the right to citizenship.
  8. Who really cares about an obit you’ll never get to read. Better to die with hard on because we’re all sluts anyway. But if it still bothers you, you can take the safer route. https://www.xvideos.com/video43371617/blowjob_in_the_subway
  9. From The Thaiger A daring and reckless display by two men atop a New York City subway train has become the talk of the online world. The pair engaged in explicit acts in broad daylight, not only shocking onlookers but also creating a serious safety concern. This incident, caught on camera, shows the two individuals performing the dangerous act above the Van Wyck subway while a third person watched from the subway car’s roof edge. The footage reveals the two men on the subway roof as the train crosses an elevated section above the subway. In a brazen act of public indecency, one of the men is seen with his trousers down, clinging to the other with both hands. The second image, taken from a wider angle, captures the two engaged in sexual activity, with the observer sitting on the edge of the train’s roof, looking on. The identities of the individuals involved remain unknown. This incident, caught on camera, shows the two individuals performing the dangerous act above the Van Wyck subway while a third person watched from the subway car’s roof edge. The footage reveals the two men on the subway roof as the train crosses an elevated section above the subway. In a brazen act of public indecency, one of the men is seen with his trousers down, clinging to the other with both hands. The second image, taken from a wider angle, captures the two engaged in sexual activity, with the observer sitting on the edge of the train’s roof, looking on. The identities of the individuals involved remain unknown.
  10. From The Nation The Social Development and Human Security Ministry is holding a workshop next month to address the problem of Thailand’s ageing society. The seminar, “Enhancing the Security of Thai Families through Population Crisis Management”, will be held on March 7 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre. Social Development and Human Security Minister Varawut Silpa-archa explained that the workshop was being held to address the problem of Thailand’s changing demographics. In 2023, Thailand had more than 13 million people aged 60 and above, while the number of newborns was less than 500,000. Over the past two years, the country’s population has dropped by about 35,000 people. If this trend continues, it is believed that Thailand’s population of 66 million people will drop by more than half in less than 50 years. The event will see representatives from different sectors, including government, private sector and NGOs, coming together to exchange ideas and explore strategies to boost the population. “It’s not as simple as getting two people to live together, but rather the focus is on creating a society that is happy and fosters warmth and stability for the next generation. The aim is to give them the desire to start families, have descendants and ultimately increase the population,” Varawut said. The conclusion of the discussion will be presented to the Cabinet in early April, and later in the month, the ministry will present the information to the United Nations. The aim is to make the global community aware that Thailand is taking steps to address issues with the population structure, a challenge faced by many countries worldwide.
  11. From Pattaya Mail Thailand’s Ministry of Culture will hold the “World Songkran Festival” activities nationwide from 1 to 21 April 2024. This 21-day Songkran Festival will be organized with a cultural network in 76 provinces and 50 districts in Bangkok, which is expected to promote local traditions and help it become one of the world’s renowned destinations for travelers. Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, originally observed as a three-day national holiday from 13 to 15 April. The main activities are the pouring of scented water onto sacred Buddha images and the palms of one’s parents, as well as the famous water-splashing activity. The Ministry of Culture has received a certificate from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that recognizes the Songkran Festival in Thailand as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. (NNT)
  12. The only one it seemes that’s insured against loss is the issuing company 😩 From Pattaya News Medical Coverage For Foreigners is Encouraging, But Won’t Apply to Many Incidents By Adam Judd Last week, the Thai government announced something that seemed to go under the radar of many of our readers and the media, perhaps drowned out a bit by the parole of Thaksin Shinawatra or neverending U-turns on the status of the Cannabis Draft Law. That something is medical coverage for foreign tourists, with some conditions. Get a recap of the official press release from the Thai Government PR department here before reading further if you aren’t sure what we are referring to. This is decent news but as always with programs like this, there are a lot of fine print and regulations. Quality personal health insurance from a reputable company would always be preferable to an official government plan, of course. However, the fact the government is even implementing this program at all is certainly a positive thing. So, we covered the basics of the plan in another article as stated above, this article will mainly focus on what it won’t cover. It won’t cover illegal or reckless behaviour. So despite being one of the most reported incidents in which foreigners need health insurance, if you were driving a motorbike without a proper license, helmet, vehicle insurance, registration, or under the influence while driving, or driving recklessly/speeding, you won’t be covered. Of course, this is the same with most health insurance plans but continues to be one of the things most brought up. The incident needs to be submitted within fifteen days to the proper tourism authority division. If you aren’t fast, you won’t be approved. They say approval and funds should normally be processed within fifteen business days after that. Since it doesn’t cover reckless behaviour, it’s pretty much a given that any accident that happened while under the influence of alcohol, such as falling off a balcony drunk, won’t be covered. Getting in a drunken fight that was caused by one being intoxicated and coaxing others into a physical altercation also likely won’t be covered. This also goes for any incident under the influence of marijuana, since technically it’s only supposed to be for medical usage. The plan doesn’t cover risky behaviour, but also isn’t specific as to what this entails, leaving it to the discretion of the decision makers behind the plan. It is pretty much a given however that some of the more extreme or sports activities people occasionally participate in like jet skiing, white water rafting, free diving, skydiving, etc. are almost certainly not going to be covered. So what is covered? Genuine accidents, such as being a passenger in a minivan or bus that has an accident. Natural disasters, such as a flash flood and similar situations. A crime, such as being mugged and assaulted for your valuables. Regardless of the limitations, it is always good to have options when disaster strikes. We hope you enjoyed reading this!
  13. Actually it could well be a cafe that live streams your daily trip reports and takes customers’ bets on whether you’ll off from Tawan or Hot Male on any given night. 🙂
  14. Singapore Airlines’ A350 ultra long range fleet is equipped with a designated body locker to house passenger who dies en route.
  15. Sort of a metaphor for all your Jomtien dates.
  16. From The Nation Airport extensions and aviation upgrades are part of the government’s top priorities for reshaping the country and fostering sustained growth, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin declared. Speaking at the "Reshaping Thailand for a Sustainable Future" seminar hosted by Krungthai Bank on Friday, Srettha said his government’s mission was to make every visitor’s experience in Thailand memorable from the time they step on Thai soil to the moment they leave. Addressing concerns regarding immigration procedures, particularly during departure, Thavisin cited London’s Heathrow Airport as an example, where visitors can leave without wasting time at the immigration counter. Noting that there are currently too many backend systems in use at the airports, he said that a seamless integration of the system would make Thailand even more popular as an international destination. Apart from aviation upgrades, Srettha outlined other key priorities for his government over the next four years, including improving farmers’ livelihoods, water management, logistics, transportation, foreign direct investment and promoting clean energy initiatives. In pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, Srettha hinted at the potential exploration of nuclear power in collaboration with the private sector, underscoring the government’s commitment to securing the nation’s energy supply. “We must harness our country’s vast potential to achieve sustainable growth. With concerted efforts and collaboration, we can overcome challenges and propel Thailand towards a prosperous future,” he asserted.
  17. From Thai PBS World Thaksin Shinawatra was released on parole and returned to his family mansion, Ban Chan Song La in Bangkok, this morning. This is the first glimpse the media has had of him since he was admitted to the Police General Hospital 180 days ago. At 6.09am, the convoy of Thaksin and his family vans left the hospital. Thaksin and Paetongtarn were seen together in a black van followed by a security detail in a black SUV. Thaksin wore a green face mask and a neck support. At 6.32am, the entourage arrived at the Chan Song La residence, as supporters and observers gathered in front. Officers from Bang Phlat police station were deployed to help direct traffic in the neighbourhood. Since last night, a large media cohort has been stationed outside Thaksin’s home.
  18. From Pattaya Mail At 4:36 AM, on February 17th, 2024, Sawang Boriboon Dhamma Sathan Rescue Foundation Radio Center, Pattaya City, received a physical assault report of a transgender person hurting two women with a sharp object at Soi 13, Pattaya Beach, Banglamung, Chonburi. The rescue teams and Pattaya City police were dispatched to the incident scene and found two victims, Ms. Nittaya Chansuay, 22, who was in severe condition as she suffered wounds from being cut on her face multiple times, and Ms. Supranee Khamnoi, 24, who had a wound from being cut on her left ear. Supranee, one of the victims, told the rescue teams that the suspect was selling perfume in Soi 13, while Nittaya was on the way to a hotel with her foreign boyfriend. However, the suspect tried to seduce Nittaya’s boyfriend to spend a night with the suspect. The foreigner refused the offer and went to a hotel 100 meters away from the incident scene, according to Supranee. However, Nittaya went back to the suspect and had a heated argument before the situation escalated and the suspect allegedly used a pocket knife to cut Nittaya multiple times and Supranee, a witness nearby, who attempted to calm them down, was hurt also. Initially, the Pattaya City police took hold of the suspect, publicly identified only as Mr. Jirasak, a 32-year-old transgender person, who was intoxicated. However, the victims, after receiving medical treatment, needed to report official police reports to the police before legal action could be enforced.
  19. From Pattaya News The Change: Previously, only income earned within Thailand was subject to income tax. Now, under Departmental Instruction No. Paw 161/2566, any foreign-sourced income brought into Thailand becomes taxable. This includes: • Salaries from overseas employment • Pensions and retirement income • Investment income like dividends and capital gains • Rental income from abroad Key Requirements: • If you’re a Thai citizen or expat resident (180 days or more per year), you must report your foreign income on your tax return if you bring it into Thailand. • The tax now applies to income brought in in any tax year, regardless of when it was earned. • You’ll be taxed based on the progressive tax rates used for domestic income, ranging from 0% to 35%. • However, you may be eligible for foreign tax credits to avoid double taxation. Impact on Expats and Transferees: This new policy raises several questions for expats and those transferring money: • Planning is crucial: Understanding your tax obligations for foreign income is essential. Consult a tax advisor familiar with the new regulations. • Impact on investment strategies: Expats may need to reconsider how they invest overseas and manage their finances, potentially minimizing income repatriation to Thailand. • Potential administrative burden: Reporting and compliance requirements may increase, especially for complex financial situations. • Clarity is still needed: The implementation is ongoing, and some aspects remain unclear. Stay updated on official pronouncements and seek professional guidance. The new tax law on foreign income in Thailand introduces significant changes for expats and individuals transferring funds. While uncertainties remain, proactive planning and seeking professional advice are crucial to navigating this new landscape. Remember, consulting a tax advisor can help you understand your specific situation and ensure compliance with the evolving regulations. Continues at https://thepattayanews.com/2024/02/18/thailands-new-tax-on-foreign-income-what-expats-and-transferees-need-to-know/
  20. From The Nati The Thai embassy in Yangon has been flooded with visa applications as Myanmar youths are seeking to leave the country following a junta announcement on compulsory military conscription that now also includes women. More than 1,000 people – many of them young Myanmar men and women – lined up at the Thai embassy to apply for visas on Friday. A long queue was formed inside the compound while a large number of people gathered outside the embassy. The embassy said it was issuing 400 numbered tickets a day in order to manage the queue, news agency Agence France Presse reported. It said there was a queue of between 1,000 and 2,000 people snaking through the streets near the Thai mission in downtown Yangon. That marks an exponential surge from less than 100 people the previous day. The Myanmar junta announced last Saturday it would enforce a law that allows the military to summon all men aged 18-35, and women aged 18-27, to serve for at least two years. The People’s Military Service Law was authored by a previous junta in 2010 but was never brought into force. Under a directive issued by junta leader Min Aung Hlaing, men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 could face up to five years in prison if they refuse military service. Junta spokesman Maj-General Zaw Min Tun said that starting in April, about 5,000 people each month would be enrolled in the military to perform “national defence duties”, Radio Free Asia reported on Thursday. The spokesman told several junta-affiliated newspapers that as many as 50,000 men would be recruited this year into the military, which has suffered numerous battlefield defeats and large-scale surrenders in recent months.
  21. Too old to want to chase terrible history and Thailand provides more attractive boys than I can handle. A man has to know his limitations.
  22. Home Spa has added two new “T & B” selections.
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