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  1. Take all meds plus any supplements you’re taking to your internist and let him evaluate possibility of interactions, or other condition altogether. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/high-blood-pressure/in-depth/blood-pressure/art-20050982
  2. From The Nation Thai Airways International (THAI) has placed an order for 45 Boeing 787 jets, with the option to potentially boost the size of the deal to around 80 aircraft as it serves rising international travel demand, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing industry sources. The deal, to be formally unveiled later this month, is already reflected in Boeing's published order backlog as a contract for 45 planes with an undisclosed customer, said the sources. Reuters said both Boeing and THAI, Thailand’s national flag carrier, declined to comment on the deal. The sources added that the aircraft would be powered by engines from GE Aerospace, which currently dominates the market for 787 engines in competition with Britain's Rolls-Royce. The deal opens a new chapter for THAI, which is a longstanding customer of Rolls-Royce and it is also a win for GE as the airline currently flies Rolls' engines on its existing 787s, said the sources. Industry sources that THAI's decision to reject the A350 in favour of the 787 was partly influenced by disagreements over engine maintenance pricing with Rolls-Royce. According to https://pilotpassion.com/, Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a large passenger airplane with capacity from 248-336 passengers. It has three models: 787-8: capacity 248 passengers, range 13,530km, price US$248.3 to $260 million 787-9: capacity 296 passengers, range 14,010km, price $292.5 to $305 million 787-10: capacity 336 passengers, range 11,730km, price $338.4 to $350 million If THAI were to purchase 45 aircraft of the cheapest model, it would cost around $10.755 billion or 385 billion baht. However, buying in bulk usually comes with a 40-60% discount from the manufacturers.
  3. From Pattaya News Romanian Tourist Falls to Death from Pattaya Hotel Balcony A 63-year-old Romanian tourist lost his life in a fall from the balcony of a 7-story hotel in Soi 5, Pattaya, on Friday morning, February 9th. The incident was reported to Pattaya police around 9:30 AM. Police officers and rescue workers arrived at an unidentified hotel to find the lifeless body of the deceased, a 63-year-old Romanian man whose name was withheld pending family and embassy notification, in the garden area below the balcony. The victim, clad only in black shorts, had sustained severe head injuries and dislocated limbs. Authorities cordoned off the scene before transporting the body to a nearby local hospital. The victim’s wife was present at the incident scene, visibly distraught by the tragic incident. She did not provide a statement to the press. Ms. Somjai Benden, a 54-year-old employee of the hotel, stated that she was tending to her duties near the hotel pond when she heard a loud sound above her. Alarmed, she looked up to see the victim clinging to the railing of the 4th-floor balcony before losing his grip and plummeting to the ground below. Ms. Somjai immediately alerted the authorities. The cause of the incident remains undetermined, and Pattaya police are currently conducting an investigation.
  4. Both my mother and sister died at early age due to massive CVA’s. I watch my b/p like a hawk.
  5. List reminds me just how old I am because I recognize quite a few of celebrities on it. 🙂
  6. Agree that Blinken has qualifications and resume for the job, and also smart enough to know that he’d be out of his element in domestic politics. But he’s the perfect Secretary of State and well respected on world stage. Still think O’Bama is the ex-president who could beat that other “X” president handily because he could unite the unenrolled and the young that Biden has yet been able to knit together.
  7. Don’t know but always happens to me. Met guy at One Spa on next to last day of previous trip. Hope to get reacquainted today. He’s been heavy on my mind. Thanks for good report from little heard about destination. Train looks like appealing option.
  8. I find these guys incredibly sexy. From Thai PBS World More than 5,000 Muay Thai boxers from Thailand and 60 other countries took part in a ceremony to pay respects to Muay Thai teachers during the Amazing Muay Thai World Festival 2024, held on Tuesday at the Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin to commemorate world Muay Thai Day. The event was presided over by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and was attended by Interior Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang, Culture Minister Sermsak Pongpanich, Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol and Army Commander-in-Chief General Charoenchai Hinthao. The event featured a card stunt by more than 700 drones and a fireworks display. It was also intended to set a new Guinness world record for the largest single gathering of Muay Thai boxers.
  9. From Pattaya Mail By Barry Kenyon Thailand is heading up discussions with Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia to seek agreement that a tourist visa or pass for one country means travellers can visit all five without further bureaucracy. The Thai premier’s adviser Prommin Lertsuridej said, “Thailand will lead negotiations for tourists to require one entry visa to travel amongst us.” The idea is not entirely new, but plans have collapsed in the past as the various countries have their own specific requirements and prices. For example, Thailand now offers some countries, for example South Korea and Russia, 90 days visa exempt on arrival and without any payment. Cambodia, on the other hand, charges virtually all foreigners for the compulsory e-visa or visa on arrival and offers just 30 days. Laos meanwhile still requires evidence of covid vaccinations (or risk compulsory testing at Vientiane airport) and has different regulations from Thailand about bringing foreign currency into the country. Srettha Thavisin, the Thai prime minister, intends to use visa conformity amongst neighbors as a lever to encourage European Union countries to allow visa-free travel for the five Asean nations throughout the 27+ nations operating the Schengen visa system. Agreement on such a bold move is unlikely for the foreseeable future as security and immigration controls are dominant concerns amongst all EU members. In any significant discussions, most Asean nations are keen to be under the leadership of Thailand which welcomes the most foreign tourists and has recently dismantled its own remaining visa regulations for the vast majority of its visiting vacationers.
  10. I wonder if any scenes were filmed at the JC Complex. 🥴 From Pattaya News The big budget highly anticipated Thai action thriller, “Pattaya Heat: All Men Are Brothers,” is set to ignite the silver screen as it makes its debut on Thursday, February 8th, 2024. The red carpet was rolled out on February 6th for a star-studded lineup of top Thai actors, artists, and renowned influencers, as they gathered to celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking movie at the ‘Gala Premiere’ event at Siam Paragon. Pattaya Heat is a gripping action thriller that delves into the so-called dark underbelly of the world-famous resort city. The movie follows a deadly game of cat and mouse between the main character “Tot” and a menacing mafia gang. The blockbuster film featuring an A list of Thai actors was shot on location across Pattaya and will feature popular locations such as Walking Street and Pattaya Beach.
  11. It certainly doesn’t seem to be a low budget flick: the crews were pros with high end equipment. They finally packed all the trucks up and backed out of PP2 by midnight. On another note, crowds on Patpong One approached pre-Covid levels so much so that a cop was assigned to supervise pedestrian crossing on Surawong by Burger King for first time in memory. All vendors were enjoying the fruits of their labor.
  12. When I passed by what was once home of Bangkok Massage i was heartened to see neon lights announcing that shop is open. So I opened door only to find inner door padlocked. Turnd out all part of movie as is adjacent construction store
  13. Arrived in Bkk last night and this morning discovered I’d left my blood pressure med at home. Went to the ever reliable Chula pharmacy on Rama 4 (between Silom and Surawong) and was provided what I needed for 80 baht. it appears that b/p and statins are available without prescription in LOS.
  14. However did his knees get so messed up?
  15. They were still shooting movie today at 5:30 pm. Action seems to have moved further into soi.
  16. Lesson learned: never book room above second floor in Pattaya.
  17. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2024/02/03/entertainment/nikki-haley-snl-cold-open-ayo-edebiri/index.html
  18. I believe the Dusit operates a school for those interested in hospitality industry. I'm confident that they are better positioned to attract good staff.
  19. From Pattaya News British Tourist Dies After Fall from Pattaya Hotel Pattaya police are investigating the death of a 69-year-old British man who fell from a fourth-floor hotel window on Sunday morning. According to Pol. Lt. Anirut Jaro, the investigating officer at Pattaya Police Station, the incident occurred at around 2:00 AM on February 4th at a hotel located on Soi Buakhao in Central Pattaya. The victim, a 69-year-old British national whose name was withheld pending family notification, was found on the hotel ground with severe injuries after falling from the fourth floor of the hotel. Despite immediate medical attention from rescue personnel, he succumbed to his wounds upon arrival at a local hospital. Preliminary investigations conducted by Pattaya police revealed no signs of foul play inside the victim’s room. The exact cause of the incident remains undetermined. ======================== Swedish Swim Coach Fatally Falls from Pattaya Hotel A 60-year-old Swedish swim coach tragically lost his life on Sunday morning after falling from the third floor of a hotel on Pattaya Third Road. According to authorities, Pattaya police received a report of the incident at approximately 2:06 AM on February 4th. They rushed to the scene at an unidentified hotel on Pattaya Third Road, along with a rescue team from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation. At the hotel entrance, authorities discovered the lifeless body of the victim, a Swedish swim coach, 60, whose name was withheld pending his family notification. He had fallen from his room, located on the third floor, which is about 15 meters from the ground. The body sustained serious injuries, including various fractures. The body was covered with a white cloth before being transported to a nearby hospital. Mr. Nantaphob Luakthaisong, a 25-year-old security guard who witnessed the event, reported that while on duty, he noticed a dark figure falling from the third floor. He quickly realized it was a person and rushed to the scene, where he found the victim’s body with severe injuries. He immediately contacted the police for assistance. Preliminary investigations revealed no signs of struggle on the victim’s body. However, the cause of the incident remains undetermined. Police are currently reviewing hotel CCTV footage for further insights, while the hospital is awaiting the arrival of the victim’s family to claim the body and arrange funeral rites in accordance with their religious customs.
  20. From Pattaya Mail Lao Airlines is expanding its flight services with new routes both domestically and internationally, in anticipation of increased passenger flow during Visit Laos Year 2024. The airline announced new routes connecting Savannakhet to Bangkok, Vientiane to Phnom Penh, and Vientiane to Danang to accommodate the surge of travelers and celebrate its 35th anniversary. Starting March 15, Savannakhet-Bangkok flights will operate three times a week, while Vientiane-Phnom Penh flights will commence on March 19 with a similar frequency. From April 4, flights between Vientiane and Danang will be available twice a week. Chanthanom Khampheng, Deputy Director of the Commercial and Marketing Department, said the high demand for bookings prompted the addition of more international and domestic flights starting next month. Lao Airlines currently serves destinations in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and South Korea and is exploring the possibility of launching flights to Japan. The airline’s domestic operations include routes between Vientiane and several provinces, such as Luang Namtha, Luang Prabang, Champassak, Xieng Khuang, and Huaphan, facilitating connectivity within Laos. (NNT)
  21. From Pattaya Mail Clients and barbers look on in disbelief as the mad Russian takes an electric razor to Supachai Maneecharoen’s hair in a dramatic display of dissatisfaction and height of vulgarity. In a shocking incident at a local hair salon, a 32-year-old hairdresser, Supachai Maneecharoen, was assaulted by a dissatisfied foreign customer following a dispute over a haircut. The confrontation unfolded around 4 p.m. when a Russian customer, unhappy with his haircut, resorted to violence by using an electric razor to embarrassingly cut off Supachai’s hair. The sudden attack left both salon staff and customers in a state of shock. Supachai, a seasoned hairdresser with over seven years of experience, expressed disbelief at the customer’s behaviour, citing a language barrier as a possible cause for the misunderstanding. Despite the unexpected reaction, Supachai remains hopeful that the customer will return to apologize and compensate for the haircut. The entire incident was captured on the salon’s CCTV footage, providing clear evidence for potential legal proceedings. Pattaya City Police Station is currently investigating the matter, and charges may be filed against the individual for his disruptive behaviour.
  22. +1 The old Dusit Thani was also my favorite splurge hotel. The new one appears to maintain the same iconic roof top bar that adorned it. The "Dusit" rooms were actually suites with the decor Keith describes above. And never experienced an issue with guests. Here's artist's rendering of one of their better rooms in the new version. I believe I've read it's going to be a multi-use tower.
  23. Yes, remember it well. Great place. Food at reasonable prices in old Thai style surroundings. Thanks for the link. Brought back many memories and all of them good. It was Bangkok at its best in those years.
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