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  1. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a hell of a racist.
  2. Trust me, they laugh at people like you.
  3. From Pattaya Mail proposal to tax foreign income next year could end up in court By Barry Kenyon A former chairman of Baker McKenzie, the influential legal services firm based in Bangkok, has suggested that the controversial Thai Revenue announcement could be contested in court. Kitipong Urapeepattanapong, as reported in Thai Examiner, said that the Revenue was reinterpreting an existing code which has been in operation for 38 years. It is neither a law nor an administrative or ministerial regulation and could well be challenged in court with a good chance of success. He argued that a new law or a royal decree was necessary in these circumstances. The Revenue last September issued a decree that, starting in January 2024, tax must be paid on income brought in from abroad from another jurisdiction no matter when the cash was generated. This changed the 1985 regulation that arriving income was only taxable if transferred in the same year it was earned. Many expats, probably most, are worried that the Revenue will start taxing them on income already taxed in the home country, mainly pensions and social security payments. If they live in Thailand for more than 180 days in a year, they are regarded as residents liable for taxation. Kitipong said that his standpoint was shared by other notables, including a former supreme court judge, although the Revenue would presumably argue that its recent statement is simply an enforcement decree which does not require parliamentary intervention. The whole issue joins many other doubts and ambiguities which continue to plague the whole subject. There is no doubt that the Revenue means to target principally Thais or foreigners who enjoy business profits abroad, are currency speculators or have funds in offshore accounts including Hong Kong. But the Revenue has remained silent for the past two months and claims to be collecting information from stakeholders. Law firm commentators in Bangkok divide into two groups. Some believe that typical expats have nothing to fear if living here on cash already taxed in the home country. They often quote double-taxation treaties which Thailand has made with around 60 countries. Others, however, point out that double-taxation treaties are all different and don’t necessarily reassure on points of concern currently spotlighted in Thailand. Not to mention the potential paperwork which expats might have to fill in annually to convince the Revenue of their exempted status. Some are suggesting that large sums should be transmitted to Thailand before the end of 2023. Meanwhile the waiting game for clear information drags on and on. The real answer, of course, is for Thailand to follow the example of Singapore and Hong Kong where the only income tax levied is on cash specifically earned in their own specific territories.
  4. I find that particularly comforting, knowing that you are subject to whims of Putin.
  5. From Thai PBS World Vocational student shot dead in Bangkok’s Dusit district Monday morning Bangkok police have launched a manhunt for three men, riding two motorcycles, who shot and killed a 16-year-old vocational student on Ranong 2 Road in the Dusit district of Bangkok on Monday morning. The victim has been identified as a second-year student at Dusit Technical College. He was found dead on the pavement. A pen pistol with a .38 calibre bullet in the chamber was found near his body. Police have questioned the victim’s friend, who reportedly said that he left the college on a motorcycle to pick the victim up, after he had disembarked from a bus on Rama V Road, opposite the entrance to Ranong 2 Road. He said the victim told him he was being followed by three men riding two motorcycles, wearing black and full face crash helmets. He said they stopped in the middle of the road, then rushed toward him, one welding a knife. He then heard a gunshot and the victim collapsed. The three perpetrators escaped towards the Rama V Road. ————- From Coconuts Bangkok Klong Toei shooting: University student succumbs to injuries after 8 days in hospital A university student who was the target of a shooting by vocational school students last week has tragically passed away. Thanasorn “Yod” Hongsawat, 19, succumbed to his injuries yesterday evening after he was shot by two assailants on Sunthonkosa road, Klong Toei on Nov. 11 in what was believed to be motivated by an inter-school rivalry. The victim was a first-year student at Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Uthenthawai Campus. He was shot twice in the chest and once in the neck, and was rushed to Chulalongkorn Hospital where he remained for eight days, during which the medical staff said he developed a blood infection. Phoraphimol, the victim’s mother, tearfully said she had been by his side at the hospital and that he passed away at 8pm yesterday.
  6. You’re just pissed because you weren’t among them.
  7. One Spa, the newest of the shops, assigned number 220 to its most recent staff addition. Although some of the original guys have since moved on, the shop can boast of most numbers followed by KK Massage just down the road. Since they’re all free agents, many appear on both rosters.
  8. From Thai PBS World Police have arrested a Myanmar man and a Cameroonian on suspicion that they were involved in the murder of a Taiwanese man, whose body was found in a hotel room on Udomsuk Road in the Phra Khanong district of Bangkok yesterday. The two suspects have been identified as Myanmar national Zwe Lin Pyae and John Agbor from Cameroon. Pol Lt-Gen Thiti Saengsawang, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, said today that police are looking for a third suspect, a Caucasian, who is still at large. The suspect claimed that he was hired by a Thai woman follow the Taiwanese man, adding that he later had an appointment with the woman and two other men at a coffee shop in the Thon Buri area, during which the woman told them that the Taiwanese man was rich and she wanted him robbed. The second suspect, the Cameroonian, was arrested by the police later, but has denied any involvement.
  9. Had the opportunity to view this exhibit today. It’s arranged by major events and regions. I began making mental notes of images I thought would be among the most memorable but I soon gave up. There were simply far too many to keep track of. My emotions ranged from anger to despair but in the end it was an overwhelming aversion to violence and inhumanity. And it was in almost every case the eyes of the victims that conveyed what I’m sure James Nachtwey wanted us to bear witness.
  10. From Pattaya News A Taiwanese tourist was found dead under suspicious circumstances yesterday at his accommodation in Bangkok. He had arrived in Thailand just two days before, according to the Royal Thai police. The body of 47-year-old Chu Chiang Chen was discovered yesterday morning, November 16th, at his hotel on Soi Udomsuk (Sukhumvit 103), Bangna district, Bangkok. Bangna police chief Pol. Col. Suraphong Sukyam stated that police officers found the man lying deceased beside a bed with his legs and arms tied up. The victim’s room is located on the sixth floor of the hotel, whose name was withheld pending further investigation. Chu was found face-down with signs of possible foul play, said Pol. Col. Suraphong. Upon police inspection of the man’s room, several items were found scattered and ransacked. Police took pictures of the incident scene as evidence before transferring the body to the police hospital for a post-mortem examination. A hotel clerk, whose name was withheld by police, revealed that the man checked into the hotel on November 14th at 12:43 PM. He was alone, the clerk said.
  11. From Tourism Authority of Thailand The Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) has announced a new set of incentives, effective from 1 November 2023 to 31 March 2024, to stimulate international air traffic during the high season in support of the government’s tourism promotion policy. AOT has actively positioned its six airports – Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports, Phuket International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, and Chiang Rai International Airport – as preferred destinations for airlines, thus encouraging the introduction of new routes to expand the air network and accelerate the recovery of the aviation industry. Under the Performance-based Incentive Scheme, airlines adding flights to these six airports beyond those approved on 8 September 2023, are eligible for a discount on the aircraft landing service fee. The discount, however, cannot exceed 75% of the aircraft landing service fee for any additional flight. Previous measures, such as discounts for airlines on new routes and requirements for flights commencing after the start of the 2023 Winter flight schedule, have been implemented to support this objective. These measures, previously effective from 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2019, have been extended to 31 October 2025. To facilitate the anticipated increase in interactive air traffic, AOT is collaborating with the relevant agencies to enhance personnel and facilities, both landside and airside, for the utmost convenience of international passengers.
  12. They have new map link and photo at LINE site in Nov. 16 entry. I have not been there since my last trip.
  13. From The Nation Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin met executives and students from Stanford University as well as key representatives of major US companies while attending the three-day APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco. His meetings on Tuesday focused on boosting confidence, strengthening relationships and positioning Thailand as a regional business hub in Asia. Expressing his government’s vision for propelling Thailand forward, Srettha invited Stanford University to become a key partner in this journey. He also lauded the ongoing collaboration with Kasetsart University in the Big Data training programme and said he hoped more Thai universities would collaborate through a faculty exchange programme. While interacting with Thai students in the US, the PM covered a range of topics, including environmental concerns such as air quality and PM2.5 pollution as well as a broader landscape of education. Srettha also commended the students for the value of experience, education and opportunities they will be bringing back home upon graduation. Underscoring Thailand’s openness to investments, Srettha invited private sector leaders to contribute towards promoting the exchange of skills and expertise to boost Thailand’s competitiveness. Here are the results of some strategic meetings Srettha held with leaders of key US corporations: Walmart • The US retail giant unveiled plans to invest in modernising its stores, expanding services and enhancing food departments. • Acknowledging Walmart’s consistent purchases from Thailand, Srettha invited it to consider establishing distribution centres on Thai soil. • Walmart executives aired interest in several agricultural products from Thailand such as rice and fruits, and said they will visit in the first quarter of next year to explore new products and potential suppliers. Western Digital (WD) • Since Thailand hosts WD’s largest HDD production base, Srettha commended the company’s decision to also make the country a global hub for the manufacturing of hard disk recording heads. • Srettha highlighted Thailand’s commitment to green energy and encouraged WD to upskill local labour. • The company, meanwhile, lauded Thailand’s new long-term resident visa initiative, saying it makes the country more attractive for high-potential individuals to reside and invest in Thailand. • WD also said it was considering moving its headquarters to Thailand. Google • Google is considering Thailand as a potential location for its 11th global data centre and fourth in the Asia-Pacific region. The technology giant has also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration with the Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry. • Srettha lauded the collaboration, saying it will enhance the country’s digital competitiveness and improve public services through digital government transformations. Microsoft • Microsoft is currently exploring options to invest in a large-scale data centre in Thailand. The prime minister commended the company’s signing of an MoU with the government, which he said demonstrates Thailand’s commitment to enhancing public services through digital technology. • Recognising the importance of clean energy, Srettha said Thailand has introduced the Utility Green Tariff (UGT) to support Microsoft’s focus on renewable energy.
  14. First guy you fall in love with….and second……and third. 🙂
  15. reader

    Sol Bar

    Although I didn’t see the show, 10azione has persuaded me that Sol’s will find its niche in the competitive Patpong environment. And with their staff free to display themselves outside whenever show isn’t in progress is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
  16. Ordering 95 passenger jets doesn’t equate with ordering 95 Big Macs from McDonald’s. I may be going out on a limb here but there’s the distinct possibility that Emirates may have somewhat more insight into their future needs than you do, Moses, and who’s best fit to meet them. in any case, hope you weren’t counting on any consulting fee.
  17. reader

    Sol Bar

    Actually he came across street with other Viet guy to say hello to PaulSF. Paul brought them drink and the newbie sat beside me. Nature took its course so I gave him 500 and he returned to Sol to change clothes. Maybe I was also a bit influenced by his name (Nam). Lol. it was also only his second night on job and first off.
  18. From the Thaiger Teen almost loses penis A 15 year old Thai boy almost lost his penis after his school friends forced him to have a beeswax injection and recorded a video of the procedure to blackmail him. The victim’s mother claimed the incident happened at her son’s school in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat on August 1 but the case has not progressed because the school will not cooperate with the investigation. The school director also threatened to expel the victim if the family did not drop the case. The mother said she decided to seek help from social media celebrity Kannarat “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet because she felt sorry for her son and wanted the school to take responsibility for the problem. The mother said the school gave her 1,000 baht along with a gift basket but is not taking the matter seriously. The mother told the media that her son was dragged into a bathroom by older students. One of the attackers placed a piece of beeswax on a spoon, burned the spoon to melt the beeswax, and injected the melted beeswax into her son’s penis. The boy also told his mother that the gang recorded the act in the bathroom and threatened to release the video to the public if he told anyone about the incident. According to the victim, the group of attackers set themselves up as a mafia. They sell kratom drinks and smoke cigarettes in school and teachers turn a blind eye. After the attack, the gang went to school as usual while the victim was treated in hospital for a serious injury. The mother said her son’s private parts were swollen and his penis was almost cut off. She sought treatment for her son in many hospitals but his condition did not improve. Lelux Hospital doctor Jirawee Chantaranukul said the victim was suffering both physically and mentally. The injury is considered life-threatening and may develop into cancer in the future. The infection has destroyed most of the nerves in the organ. However, the doctor is confident that the organ will heal. The medical process will take about three months, starting with the removal of all the beeswax. Gun said he would take the matter to the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn, and also seek justice for the victim from the Ministry of Education.
  19. I’ve visited this shop a few times and found it to be very well maintained and staffed. It has just relocated to new quarters not far from original location. Line: 365 the River
  20. reader

    Sol Bar

    Sol off fee 500 (I know because I paid it last night).
  21. This is simply an observation resulting from a few pleasant hours spent with two fellow board members—and some hot waiters and boys from Sol—last night from a table at HM. Observed many visiting young and attractive Asian men alone or in small groups walking along Patpong 2. They were clearly enjoying the experience. Last Saturday while in the lobby of a favorite Saphan Kwai massage shop, two young Asians (not any older than the boys they were about to engage) entered and began scanning the tablet for candidates. I see them on the BTS all the time. Young Asian men doing some of the same stuff us older farangs are doing. They’re going to bars, getting massages and exploring the city. None of this is theoretically based; it’s simply anecdotal observations.
  22. From Pattaya News European travelers could potentially soon enjoy 60 days of exploration in Thailand without visa requirements, as reported by the Thai Tourism and Sports Ministry. Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol stated on Monday, November 13th, that the tourism ministry is contemplating proposing to the Thai Cabinet to extend the visa exemption period for visitors from 50 European countries from 30 days to 60 days.
  23. From Thai PBS World The concept of having Chinese police patrol with Thai counterparts in Thailand has met with a mixed reaction with those in Pattaya expressing support. Rumpueng ‘Lisa’ Hamilton, president of the Pattaya Night Business Association, said that she agrees with the idea, as she believes that it would build up confidence for Chinese tourists in terms of safety. “When I talk to my Chinese friends, they express concern about their safety and possible conflicts with Thai police while visiting Thailand. Thai police might group them together with other Chinese who are involved in illegal activities in Thailand,” Rumpueng said. She believes that the presence of Chinese police would help clear up possible misunderstandings and suppress the illegal activities by the Chinese. Meanwhile Jitsupa Prajongbua, a Thai tour guide, said that it would give the Chinese tourists more confidence in their safety, adding “I am confident that more Chinese tourists will visit Thailand if the concept is implemented.” In the Huay Kwang area of Bangkok, which is crowded with Chinese tourists, one said that the Chinese community seems to welcome the concept. “My opinion is that Thai police have not yet provided enough safety for us. If Chinese police can join the team, I feel that it would certainly increase our confidence in living our lives. In case of emergency, the communication will be easy. The Chinese police will certainly provide immediate assistance.” Sakkasit Mungkarn, advisor to the Tourism Council in Trat province, disagrees, saying “Trat, a border province, already has tourist, local and border police to help provide security and safety. We are confident that they have the capabilities to handle the matters.” =========== From The Nation Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on Monday denied media reports that the government will allow Chinese police to patrol tourist cities in the kingdom to boost confidence among Chinese visitors. “Please be fair to me. I never said I would bring Chinese police to Thailand,” Srettha told reporters after landing in San Fransico for the APEC Summit on Monday. “Who would give such an order?” Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool proposed the move in a press interview on Sunday. Thai police representatives doubled down by saying Chinese police could work alongside Thai police to combat Chinese criminals preying on visitors from China. However, Srettha insisted that Thai streets would only be patrolled by Thai police. He added that Thai authorities will instead share information with Chinese police to prevent crimes and strengthen visitors’ confidence. ======= From Pattaya Mail By Barry Kenyon The informal suggestion of premier Srettha Thavisin that joint patrols of Chinese and Thai police might appear in tourist areas has gone down like a lead balloon. Although the Tourist Authority of Thailand voiced support on the grounds that Chinese tourists would feel safer, the national police chief, police general Torsak Sukwimol, has now publicly condemned the notion arguing that there may be some confusion. That is certainly true. The joint patrol idea is not entirely new and was adopted by a handful of countries, including Italy and Croatia, before the pandemic. It appears to have been welcomed by Chinese tourists as a safety measure for their benefit, but the Italian government cancelled the contract in 2019. The apparent fear was that cooperation was a cover for secret Chinese police stations, said to operate covertly in 54 countries, keeping watch on Chinese mafias and monitoring regime dissidents. Thai social media, including sites favoured by foreigners, appear to be 99 percent against the idea. One British contributor pointed out that whilst there was a shortage of Chinese speakers in Italy, this was not so in Thailand. For example, the Thai tourist police volunteers have many Chinese language users who already act as translators. Other criticisms centered around Thailand loss of independence or even sovereignty, arguing that the proposal made Thailand look unable to direct its own affairs. Facebook users seemed unanimous that “you couldn’t make this stuff up”. Although many countries have plain clothes police operating in Thailand, usually via embassies or Interpol or by invitation, joint patrols in uniform appear to be a step too far for public consumption. Some estimates even predict that Indian arrivals could outpace Chinese by 2025, with Russians not far behind, which raise the issue where the scheme might stop. But in view of the hostile reaction, you have likely heard the last of this particular marketing plan. The boys in brown won’t be accompanied by the men in black.
  24. This is one of the most disheartening reports of bullying I’ve read about in Thailand. A 15-year-old is suffering from a severe infection after a senior student forcibly injected a chemical into his penis at their school in Nakhon Si Thammarat. His penis is said to be permanently disfigured. From the Bangkok Post https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2685109/boy-suffers-nerve-damage-in-school-penis-assault
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