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  1. When they say it's not about Trump, it's about Trump.
  2. Really? When was the last time that Trump was correct about anything? 😄
  3. Unless you want to date them, it's probably good practice to keep arm's length from unknown amorous labyboys. From The Thaiger A ladyboy was arrested for stealing 10,700 baht from an Israeli tourist on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok. A 63 year old man of Israeli nationality travelled to Lumpini Police Station late on Monday night to report that a ladyboy stole 10,700 baht from his pocket as she hugged him. The victim managed to snap a quick photo of the thief which he showed to the police. Soon enough, police found a ladyboy with the same appearance as the photo standing alone in Sukhumvit Soi 4 in Bangkok’s Khlong Teoi district. Police opened her LYN brand black leather bag to find 10,700 baht and marched her to the station. Lumpini Police arrested 32 year old Jankij Chankijakorn under suspicion of, “theft at night.” She confessed to hugging the foreigner and secretly snatching the stash of cash inside his pocket. The victim confirmed the identity of the thief. Last month, a Taiwanese tourist thought he lost his wallet during Songkran celebrations on Silom Road in Bangkok. Upon inspecting a short video that his friend took, he realised that his wallet was stolen by a ladyboy who sexually harassed him. In the 13-second-long clip, the Taiwanese tourist is pictured trying to get away from a ladyboy who repeatedly attempted to grope him. As she tries to touch him, she snatches the wallet from his pocket without anyone noticing.
  4. From Pattaya Mail Thailand’s Department of Tourism has introduced “www.entrythailand.go.th,” a website that contains useful information, news, related websites, and applications for travelers on arrival and during their stay in Thailand. The website features: – Thailand information – Real-time, in-depth flight information – SHA / SHA+ accommodation booking – Reservation home and camping – Cultural calendar – Weather warnings – Thai disaster alert mobile application – Thailand tourism directory – VAT refund for tourists. (PRD)
  5. From The National News Bureau of Thailand BANGKOK (NNT) - A new fee structure is being considered by banks to reflect operating expenses for both physical and digital banking services. Payong Srivanich, president of the Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA), disclosed that bank members are discussing a new fee structure that is more aligned with actual operating costs than the current structure. He emphasized that there are greater costs for branch services but banks do not charge fees for this channel while underlining that Thailand is the only country in the world that does not charge a fee for digital payments. The TBA president also cited higher costs from security and technology investment to ensure safety for its clients. He said the TBA will discuss with the Bank of Thailand and consider all factors before finalizing the new fee structure. The TBA president stated that, while the new structure would result in increased fees for customers, all parties will ensure that clients pay them at a reasonable price and that banks can balance the fees throughout all channels. This would allow for an easier transition from a cash-intensive to a cashless society in the future.
  6. Traditionally former presidents go back to the form of address to which they were entitled prior to taking office. The logic was that it was a one-person-at-a-time office so only the current office holder would get the forms of address. For example, in retirement Dwight Eisenhower was correctly addressed as General (Full name) on the envelope and as Dear General (Surname) in the salutation. After Harry Truman left the presidency he directed others to address him as Mr. Truman. After listening to the ex-president's performance on CNN the other night, according him even the honorific prefix would constitute a lie.
  7. From The Thaiger Thailand‘s Department of Medicine is warning partygoers against taking “Happy Water,” a dangerous cocktail of various illicit drugs which has become an “epidemic” in the country’s nightlife scene, reports KhaoSod. Happy Water is made by mixing various drugs into a sweetened drink, typically including ketamine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, diazepam, caffeine, and tramadol all in one, according to the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services Dr Manat Phothaphon. Dr Manat said that when ingested, Happy Water can cause all kinds of psychotropic effects such as stimulating, hallucinogenic, sedative, and depressive depending on the main substance mixed. “[Happy Water] is a fast-spreading epidemic which is very worrying because mixing drugs, or taking high quantities of drugs, especially when mixed with alcohol, can be dangerous to the body or even cause death.”
  8. From CNBC Santos charged with money laundering, fraud, theft Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., was charged by federal prosecutors with an array of crimes, including fraud, theft, money laundering and making false statements. Santos was arrested Wednesday morning and is currently in custody, the Department of Justice said. His arraignment was set for Wednesday afternoon in federal court in Long Island, New York. “This indictment seeks to hold Santos accountable for various alleged fraudulent schemes and brazen misrepresentations,” U.S. Attorney Breon Peace said in a press release. “Taken together, the allegations in this indictment charge Santos with relying on repeated dishonesty and deception to ascend to the halls of Congress and enrich himself,” Peace said. The 13-count indictment alleges Santos spent campaign funds on luxury clothing and car payments, fraudulently received more than $24,000 in unemployment benefits and reported false income and asset data on House disclosure forms.
  9. From The Thaiger Suspected murderer of Thai-British teen attacked during re-enactment A relative of the 17 year old Thai-British teenager Woramet “Ben” Taota – who was murdered in Lampang in northern Thailand on Saturday – attacked the suspected murderer with a wooden stick during a re-enactment of the crime this morning. At 11am, officers from Mae Tha Police Station and Lampang Provincial Police escorted the accused, 44 year old Chaiwat Boonkarin, to the crime scene along the Mae Tan – Sop Prap Road in Moo 9 of San Don Kaeo subdistrict to walk through what happened on Saturday. Ben’s British father Steven Graham arrived in Lampang this morning. As police officers escorted Chainat out of the station this morning, Ben’s parents were waiting outside. Through the police car window, Ben’s mother Ooy cried out, “Why did you kill my child?” In response, Chainat raised his hands in apology. Ooy continued, “Why are you apologising to me? Why did you kill my child? Where is Pong?” Ben’s 16 year old girlfriend Ping Pong is still missing. Chainat still has not revealed information about Pong’s whereabouts to the police, four days after Ben’s murder. Upon arrival at the crime scene, locals crowded around handcuffed Chainat, who was wearing sunglasses and a bulletproof vest. Police tried to control the locals crowding around the accused but one man, a relative of Ben’s, managed to launch forward and smash a wooden stick off Chaiwat’s head. The stick broke in two. Chaiwat was released from prison for sex crimes less than eight months ago. On Saturday, 17 year old Woramet “Ben” Taota went for a motorbike ride with a 16 year old Thai girl named Surapitchaya, or “Ping Pong,” in his hometown of Lampang at around 4pm. Police took Chainat to the coordinates where Ping Pong’s phone signal was last tracked to try and get him to speak. Then, officers brought sniffer dogs to smell Ping Pong’s clothes and shoes before taking the dogs to search the area for clues. In Thailand, the ‘re-enactment’ of a crime is a common feature of criminal investigations, especially if a suspect has already pleaded guilty to the crime. The police, suspect and members of the public will gather at the crime scene and the suspect will walk through what happened and where. Re-enactments, while controversial, are designed to provide more clarity into the details of a crime, show off the police’s investigative skills and publicly embarrass the criminal.
  10. If you're curious how Clarence Thomas went from abandoned, dirt-poor boy in Savannah to Malcom X radical, to anti-affirmative action advocate, to darling of the the GOP, public television series Frontline tells the story in its latest episode available on demand for a limited time. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/documentary/clarence-and-ginni-thomas/
  11. From Pattaya News Lampang — A British teenager has been found dead with head wounds in a forest in Lampang province, northern Thailand. His girlfriend who went for a motorbike ride with him also went missing. The deceased teenager, Ben, 16, was found in a grove in the Ban Than district with injuries resembling blunt force, local police reported on Sunday morning, May 7th. The victim of British nationality, who has a Thai mother and was largely raised in Thailand, went for a motorbike ride with his Thai girlfriend Yam, also 16, in his hometown of Lampang on Saturday but did not return home. His body was found by a garbage collector who was at work on Sunday morning. Police Colonel Sittisak Singtongla, superintendent of the Mae Tha Police, told the Thai media: ‘The station received a notification at 10.15am that a deceased person was found in the undergrowth.’ Upon inspection of Ben’s body, the authorities found that his phone and cash were not with him. He was found with his back against a tree wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt and jeans. Police said that the body has been taken to hospital for an autopsy. The victim’s girlfriend also went missing, and police are searching for her. ‘We are currently tracking down individuals close to the victim, including his female companion. She is a key figure in this case since she is the last person to see him alive,’ Col Sittisak said. Ben’s mother, Ooy Taota, told police that her son had said goodbye to her on Saturday evening and said he was ‘going to work with friends’ but he did not give any more details to her.
  12. From Pattaya Mail By Barry Kenyon Expectations that rich or talented foreigners would rush to take advantage of 10 year permissions of stay have failed to gain traction. Neither the Thai nor the Cambodian authorities have published meaningful data on completed applications and little has been heard of either scheme since the launchings last year. In Thailand, the long term residence scheme is run by the Board of Investment with options for rich retirees, global travelers and executives. Most enquirers have found the bureaucracy most complex with the principal advantage being tax concessions via a digital work permit on income earned in Thailand. The Cambodian variant is actually run by the Khmer Home Charity Association and requires cash investment in an approved property complex. Neither scheme promises a second passport although the Cambodian visa holds out the maybe “five years down the line”. Mr Keo Song, a Phnom Penh travel agent and visa specialist who works closely with Cambodian immigration, said he had heard next to nothing about the golden visa. “It is straightforward for foreigners to obtain a variety of annual visas and extensions (retirement, work, study and family) for about US$300, so there isn’t a market for the 10 year idea.” He added that it was open to anyone to apply for Cambodian citizenship by investing around US$300,000, a process taking three months. Thailand, too, has no shortage of annually renewable visas. Indeed, a 10 year O/X option was introduced (without success) as early as 2017. But the main competitor is the Elite visa which grants a multiple entry stay of five years for 600,000 baht (less than US$20,000) with various other options for up to 20 years. Although the Elite visa does not offer income tax concessions and does not carry a digital work permit, it has been far and away the best long-term seller in recent years. Golden Investments, which specializes in residency and citizenship by investment, said “The most successful schemes, for example in some Caribbean countries, offer clear advantages – notably a second passport – in return for a cash sum.” But neither the Thai nor the Cambodian 10-year visas attract specific markets and both are blurry round the edges.” The spokesman suggested that Thailand should expand the right to a digital work permit for self-employment without having Thai partners, whilst Cambodia should clarify its half-promise of a second passport and increase the options for investment.
  13. From National News Bureau of Thailand Police warn of New SMS Cyber Scam Links BANGKOK (NNT) - "Cyber Cop Thailand" has issued a warning to the public about new SMS texts issued by scammers claiming to be from commercial banks. Victims are deceived into downloading a mobile control application by clicking on a link in the message. According to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), also known as Cyber Cop Thailand, scammers use the same name and text field as commercial banks, making their messages appear authentic. After clicking on the link provided, victims are directed to the scammers’ Line account which resembles that of a real bank. They are then asked to provide personal information before being tricked into downloading a mobile control app. The CCIB officials said there have been over 3,700 complaints related to mobile control app scams filed via the police website between March 1 of last year and April 30 this year, with total damages estimated at over 233 million baht. The cyber police bureau has assured the public that banks never send SMS messages with links to follow, adding that any such message should be considered fraudulent. The public is encouraged to be wary of SMS messages and links and to contact organizations directly to confirm their authenticity.
  14. From CNBC The cybersecurity world faces new threats beyond targeted ransomware attacks, according to experts at the recent RSA cybersecurity industry conference in San Francisco. Joe McMann, head of cybersecurity services at Binary Defense, a cybersecurity solutions provider, said the new battleground is data extortion and companies need to shift gears to face the threat. Traditionally, ransomware attackers encrypt or delete proprietary data of organizations and ask for ransom before reverting the attack. McMann said hackers are now focusing on stealing customer or employee data and then threatening to leak it publicly. “By naming, shaming, threatening reputational impact, they force the hands of their targets,” McMann said. The International Data Corporation predicts firms will spend over $219 billion on cybersecurity this year, and McMann said cybercriminals constantly evolve their exploitations. Hackers shifted tactics after ransomware attacks brought an unwelcome level of visibility by law enforcement and governments, and cybersecurity professionals became adept at solving decryption. Instead of paralyzing hospitals and pipelines, he said criminals changed gears to collect data and threaten companies with customer dissatisfaction and public outcry. At the end of March, OpenAI documented a data leak in an open-source data provider that made it possible to see personal AI chat histories, payment information, and addresses. The team patched the leak in hours, but McMann said once data is out there, hackers can use it. Continues at https://www.cnbc.com/2023/05/07/in-a-new-hacking-crime-wave-more-personal-data-is-being-held-hostage.html
  15. From National News Bureau of Thailand Revenue Dept Dismisses Rumors of Departure Tax Reintroduction BANGKOK (NNT) - The Revenue Department has dismissed rumors circulating on social media that it is planning to reintroduce a departure tax for Thais and foreign residents leaving the country. The tax, initially imposed in 1983, was scrapped in 1991. However, the constitution requires the department to assess the suitability of old executive decrees, including the departure tax. According to Winit Wisetsuwannaphum, the department’s deputy director-general, the government has no intention of reinstating the tax. He noted that the department conducted a survey on the tax from May 3-17 on its website, www.rd.go.th, to comply with constitutional requirements. However, some members of the public saw the survey and became extremely concerned, thinking that the tax was making a comeback. Winit also revealed that the department would conduct similar surveys on inheritance and petroleum income taxes by the end of next year. The purpose of the surveys is to assess public opinion on executive decrees scrapped by past administrations.
  16. reader


    I believe Tarntawan installed new mattresses 3-4 years ago and replaced carpeting with with manufactured flooring in many rooms.
  17. It does appear that the Bangkok press is frequently reporting heat index temps without noting the difference. Here's an article from the BBC featuring the actual Celsius temps around SE Asia that puts the situation into a better perspective. From the BBC Climate change: Vietnam records highest-ever temperature of 44.1C Vietnam has recorded its highest ever temperature, just over 44C (111F) - with experts predicting it would soon be surpassed because of climate change. The record was set in the northern province of Thanh Hoa, where officials warned people to stay indoors during the hottest times of the day. Other countries in the region have also been experiencing extremely hot weather. Thailand reported a record-equalling 44.6C in its western Mak province. Meanwhile Myanmar's media reported that a town in the east had recorded 43.8C, the highest temperature for a decade. Both countries experience a hot period before the monsoon season but the intensity of the heat has broken previous records. In Hanoi, climate change expert Nguyen Ngoc Huy told AFP that Vietnam's new record was "worrying" given the "context of climate change and global warming". "I believe this record will be repeated many times," he said. "It confirms that extreme climate models are being proven to be true." The world has already warmed by about 1.1C since the industrial era began and temperatures will keep rising unless governments make steep cuts to emissions. In Vietnam's central city of Danang, farmer Nguyen Thi Lan told AFP the heat was forcing workers to start earlier than ever and finish by 10:00. Vietnam's previous record temperature of 43.4C was set in central Ha Tinh province four years ago. Further west, the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka recorded its highest temperature since the 1960s while Indian authorities said parts of the country were experiencing temperatures that were three or four degrees above normal.
  18. In Pattaya, foreigners usually just throw themselves off the balcony. But maybe because he was only on second floor he decided otherwise. Excerpted from The Pattaya Mail Police said a man who blamed marijuana smoking for his viral rampage at a Pattaya hotel actually was high on crystal methamphetamines. The 43 Italian man faces narcotics charges after testing positive for crystal meth in the aftermath of his meltdown at Chalee Place on Soi Buakhao May 3. He threw the contents of his hotel room, including the refrigerator, TV, furniture and more, from the second-floor balcony during a paranoid rant. Civil-defense volunteers broke into the room and took him to the Pattaya Police Station and consoled his frightened girlfriend. The man told police he had been smoking marijuana all day – a claim backed up by many packets of cannabis found in the room – and became paranoid, hearing voices and feeling like people were watching him. A urine test, however, proved it was “ya ice”, not ganja, that pushed him over the edge. Admitting to smoking cannabis, of course, won’t get you in trouble, as it has been decriminalized. But testing positive for meth – a Class 1 narcotic – carries stiff criminal penalties.
  19. From The Nation The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has warned people to beware of heatstroke as the mercury is expected to rise beyond 50 degrees Celsius in many parts of the country. TMD said Chonburi will be the hottest city in the East of Thailand on Sunday, with the temperature hitting 53ᵒC. In Bangkok, the hottest district will be Bang Na, which will hit 52.7ᵒC. The hottest city in the Northeast is Kosum Phisai district in Maha Sarakham with 46ᵒC, while Phuket in the South hit 51.1ᵒC.
  20. Until, of course, they're not young anymore. 🙂
  21. From Reuters BANGKOK (Reuters) - Another opposition leader emerged as the favourite to be Thailand's next prime minister in a new opinion poll on Friday, just days out from an election that could see an end to nine years of military-backed government. Pita Limjaroenrat, 42, the charismatic leader of the Move Forward party, jumped ahead of Paetongtarn Shinawatra of the main opposition Pheu Thai, with 29.37% support versus her 27.55% in a countrywide survey by Nation media group. The outcome tracks that of the latest poll by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) on Wednesday, which also put Harvard-educated Pita ahead of Paetongtarn for the first time, as Move Forward - a party popular among young Thais - sees a late surge in some surveys.
  22. From The Nation The Revenue Department is conducting a public hearing on the Royal Decree to evaluate the efficiency of the 1983 Overseas Travel Tax. The public hearing kicked off on Wednesday and will wrap up on May 17, the department said on Friday. The decree mandates that all travellers, including Thai nationals and foreign expats, pay a tax every time they leave the country. Those travelling by air will be subject to a 1,000 baht tax, while those travelling by sea or land will be subject to 500 baht. The department said this decree had been issued to prevent an excessive outflow of Thai currency, preserve the country’s balance of payment and increase state revenue. The tax does not apply to transport and logistics operators, flight crew, holders of border passes, monks and religious pilgrims, consular and embassy officials and their families, workers with tax exemption permits issued by the Labour Ministry, and transit passengers who spend no more than 48 hours in the country. Violators can face up to three months in prison and/or 6,000 baht in fines.
  23. +1 You're doing the bar--and those who work there--a favor by helping to get this behavior straightened out from the start. Once a bad reputation is earned it's difficult to shake.
  24. About 15 years ago young guys would gather near the main entrance after it closed, looking for customers. That's when you could also find at least a dozen more on Rama IV between Silom and Surawong. I often walk the park in the evening and it doesn't strike me as particularly cruisy. Lots of serious joggers and families. The men who use the outdoor weightlifting area aren't posing and preening like it was some kind of health club with the latest machines. They're pushing iron the old-fashioned way. Doesn't mean you still can't catch an eye. It is, after all, still part of the wonderful city of Bangkok.
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