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  1. Soi 6 shops close at midnight but if you arrive just shy most guys will still accommodate you. Some guys stagger the time they report for work. If they come before noon they get to leave at 10 or 11pm. Personally I think best time to go is mid afternoon to early evening. Told you that luck would change in Bangkok. 👍
  2. Trump in military school as toy soldier: But when Trump was eligible for draft to become real soldier...
  3. Lions appear to be impressed by bulge they see in caretaker. 🙂
  4. Don't fret, EmmetK, you'll make it to front of queue yet. Don't let those hunky Venezuelans keep nudging you to the rear.
  5. reader

    The 13

    From ABC News (Australia) Dr Richard Harris appointed South Australia's Lieutenant Governor The heroic doctor involved in the infamous Thai cave rescue has been named as South Australia's next Lieutenant Governor. South Australian anaesthetist Dr Richard Harris, who rose to fame after his involvement in the rescue of 12 children trapped in a cave in Thailand, will be sworn into the role next month. The former Australian of the Year will replace Dr James Muecke, who has served in the role since 2022. Dr Harris was described as an integral part of the rescue of a team of soccer players and their 25-year-old coach from a flooded cave in northern Thailand in 2018. Dr Harris conducted initial medical assessments on the boys and advised authorities on the safest extraction methods. On the day of evacuation, he gave the medical all-clear for each boy and administered anaesthesia before they left the cave. Dr Harris was about to leave on a cave diving adventure when he was called by expert divers from the UK to assist in the rescue mission using his unique dual skills of medical knowledge and cave diving. He was the last person out of the cave. Dr Harris received the prestigious Star of Courage bravery award for his efforts, and was named joint Australian of the Year in 2019. In his new role, Dr Harris will serve as deputy to South Australia's Governor, Frances Adamson. The Lieutenant Governor acts as the state's Vice Regal representative in the absence of the Governor. In a statement, Dr Harris said he was "truly honoured" to be appointed to the role and thanked Dr Muecke for his service.
  6. From Richardbarrow.com The Vientiane (Khamsavath) Railway Station is set to open in April 2024 for shuttle trains crossing over the border from Nong Khai. There are also plans for at least two trains a day to transport passengers all the way from Bangkok to Vientiane in Laos, with a fare of less than 300 baht for the cheapest ticket. All three classes of travel will be available. PLEASE NOTE: This is the metre-gauge line from Thailand. It has nothing to do with the high-speed line that is still under construction. Pichet Khunatamruk, the Director-General of the Department of Rail Transportation (DRT), revealed in an interview with Daily News that the DRT will meet with the Laotian Ministry of Railways and other relevant agencies on 6th February 2024. The purpose of this meeting is to finalize regulations for rail travel between Thailand and Laos on the 7.5-kilometer section from Nalaeng to Vientiane (Khamsavath), which is an extension of the Nong Khai-Nalaeng railway line. Following these discussions, trial runs are planned to commence from Nong Khai to Vientiane (Khamsavath) in February 2024. Though these will not be open to the public. The regular service is expected to begin in April 2024, with fares of 60-70 baht and a travel time of approximately 20 minutes. According to Pichet, there are still unresolved issues regarding immigration procedures for passengers crossing the border from Thailand to Vientiane (Khamsavath). The ultimate goal is to streamline the process so that passengers are only stamped once, either in Nong Khai or Vientiane, Laos. Currently, passengers must undergo stamping in both Nong Khai, Thailand, and Vientiane, Laos. Furthermore, Laotian train drivers will replace Thai train drivers at the Nong Khai station. Staff from the National Railways of Laos have already completed theoretical and practical training in locomotive driving and ticket sales, enabling them to operate immediately once the service begins. Pichet mentioned that nine Laotian train drivers have been trained to drive Thai locomotives. These drivers will be responsible for operating trains between Nong Khai and Vientiane (Khamsavath), with a driver change occurring at Nong Khai station. The purpose of this change is to avoid potential legal issues. If a Thai train driver were to cause an accident or incident in Laos, they would be subject to Laotian law and would have to go through the court system in Laos. According to Pichet, extending the rail service to Vientiane (Khamsavath) will greatly facilitate travel for Thai and foreign tourists from Bangkok to Vientiane by train. The current Bangkok-Nong Khai trains, which operate six round trips per day, will be converted to Bangkok-Vientiane (Khamsavath) service. Initially, there will be two round trips per day, offering all three classes of service. Additionally, the local shuttle trains running between Nong Khai and Nalaeng will also be transformed into Nong Khai-Vientiane (Khamsavath) service, with four round trips per day. Pichet further mentioned that upon arrival at the Vientiane (Khamsavath) station, passengers can conveniently access public transportation services provided by Laos, such as mini-vans, tuk-tuks, and taxis. This will enable passengers to easily reach the city center of Vientiane, which is approximately 7-9 kilometers away.
  7. NOTE -- There's no word yet whether much-sought used undies would be among the goods to be offered. From The Nation The Commerce Ministry plans to work with the Thai producers of the drama series “boys’ love” (BL) genre to help boost demand for Thai products overseas. Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai said on Wednesday that his ministry was targeting a large market of foreigners who are loyal followers of Thai BLs, and have high purchasing power. “We will try to sell goods to their fans,” he said, adding that this was part of his ministry’s attempt to find new markets for Thai products. But he did not elaborate on how they plan to do it. “If you look to expand the market in the old way, you will end up getting nowhere,” he said, adding that those involved need to “think out of the box”. Phumtham, who is also a deputy prime minister, said he would launch the plan on January 31, without elaborating. A key figure from the ruling Pheu Thai Party, Phumtham said that Thai films and dramas in the BL genre had a large following overseas. He pointed to large numbers of foreign fans joining events featuring popular Thai actors from those series in Thailand. Boys’ love genre depicts romantic relationships between male characters. Thai movies and dramas in this genre have gained strong international following in recent years, particularly in Asian countries like Japan and China. BL is also known as “Y series” in Thailand, deriving from the Japanese term “yaoi” – a genre of fictional media originating in Japan that features homoerotic relationships between male characters. The commerce minister was speaking during the “Thailand 2024: The Great Challenges” event held at the Pullman Bangkok King Power hotel. He also said during the event that the Commerce Ministry was working with a group of Chinese influencers on its plan to boost demand for Thai products in China. Phumtham said his ministry would soon enter into an agreement with 30-40 leading Chinese influencers as part of the plan, adding that one of the participating influencers alone had as many as 300 million followers. As per the plan, the Chinese influencers will help sell Thai products during their livestreaming to followers, according to the commerce minister.
  8. From Pattaya News On January 25th, 2024, residents of Moo 4 in the Huay Yai area of Chonburi were startled by the sight of two large lions roaming the street. According to reports, the lions, named Asaw and Lin Lin, escaped from their enclosure at a house in Soi Khao Makok 13 due to a malfunctioning automatic gate. Before authorities arrived, the owner, only identified as Ms. Sky, 28, managed to safely guide the lions back inside and secure the gate with a leash. Ms. Sky stated to reporters that she has been raising the lions, a male and a female, since they were cubs, approximately 45 days old, and now, at 10 months old, they have become part of the local community. However, while some residents are fine with the lions, others expressed concern about their potential danger, especially given the area’s large population of children and elderly residents. They added that they often see the owner playing with the lions and feeding them large bags of chicken frames. In addition, Ms. Sky has two pet rottweilers at her residence. She presented documents proving legal ownership of the lions to the inspecting authorities after the incident. She assured them that the lions are not aggressive and can be handled with caution. However, local authorities are reportedly planning to inspect the house to examine the lions. This comes as private ownership of lions has risen as a major concern in Thailand and is the second incident with a lion in the Pattaya area in a week. The incidents have also brought criticism online, with some, including Thai wildlife officials, considering changing laws allowing private ownership of lions in Thailand.
  9. From PBS A groundbreaking visual investigation in collaboration with The Washington Post featuring a detailed examination of how Hamas was able to breach Israel’s vaunted security barrier on Oct. 7 and carry out its attack. This special collaboration stems from a Post reconstruction, now deepened with additional on-the ground reporting and riveting interviews that present a remarkable picture of how, as the Post reporters show, Hamas was planning the attack in plain sight, and Israel was blinded to its own vulnerabilities. Continue to video https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/documentary/failure-at-the-fence/
  10. Looking back to the Thailand of 20 year ago or 20 years into the future isn't going to help you appreciate what it offers today, especially if you dwell on the misery you perceive in others. Loneliness is endemic for most older men. Health and financial issues weigh heavily. I'm certainly in that age group. I travel to Thailand as often as I can because it renews my spirits and my outlook. Without it I fear I might too succumb to misery. Instead of rejecting the miserable, try smiling toward them. Who knows when some day any one of us may find ourselves in similar straits.
  11. Some ASEAN guys have already started returning home for New Year's. But don't give up on Soi 6 yet. All good things to those who wait. 🙂
  12. From The Thaiger A Thai man caught a transwoman thief in the act of attempting to steal from a parked pickup on a road in the central province of Ayutthaya and turned her into the police. The transwoman reportedly tricked drunk victims by offering them oral sex before stealing from them. The witness, 26 year old Sittichai Watechadate, reported the attempted theft by a Thai transwoman to Bang Pa-in Police Station in Ayuthaya province at 4am on January 21. Sittichai revealed that the transwoman stole from his older brother and other locals four or five times before. Sittichai told Channel 7 that he was returning home after work when he noticed the transwoman trying to open the door of the pickup. She used a flashlight to look inside the car and tampered with the car door in an attempt to steal the valuables. Sittichai said he recorded a video as evidence to show to the car owner and then rushed to stop the transwoman. Sittichai revealed he forgave the transwoman for her former crimes but confessed to physically assaulting her after he discovered she continued to commit crimes. Sittichai explained that the transwoman tried to steal from his brother’s car when he parked it one night. He and his brother managed to catch her but forgave her after she agreed to stop her stealing antics. Channel 7 reported that transwoman targeted drunk motorists who slept in their parked cars. She would quietly open the car door and steal their belongings and money. According to the media, she would sometimes offer oral sex to drunk victims to find an opportunity to steal. The theft cases involving transwomen usually make headlines in Pattaya. One transwoman thief was arrested in Pattaya two days ago after stealing a gold necklace worth about 300,000 baht from a Swiss man. The transwoman approached the foreign man and hugged him around the neck and managed to neatly remove his gold necklace at the same time.
  13. reader

    Nazi Town USA

    A movement born in post WWI America eerily mimics the "Make America Great Again" movement today. Nazi Town, USA tells the story of the German American Bund, a pro-Nazi group which in the 1930s had scores of chapters across the country, representing what many believe was a real threat of fascist subversion in the United States. They held joint rallies with the KKK and ran summer camps for children centered around Nazi ideology and imagery, melding patriotic values with virulent anti-Semitism. https://www.pbs.org/video/nazi-town-usa-y4vqkt/
  14. From Pattaya News A 21-year-old Cambodian man was injured in an assault outside a bar near the Jomtien Complex condominium. Pattaya police and volunteers from the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation responded to the incident reported last night on January 23rd, 2024. Upon arrival at the scene, authorities found the victim, Mr. Thep Song, with visible injuries including a swollen and bruised eye, head wounds, and bodily bruises. He was waiting for assistance outside the bar where the incident had occurred. Rescue volunteers provided initial medical aid before transporting Thep to Pattaya Hospital for further treatment. According to Mr. Thep’s initial statement, the assault was allegedly perpetrated by his fellow employees at an unidentified bar in the Soi Jomtien Complex. He explained that he was drinking at the bar before the incident. After Mr. Thep left for his room and was changing clothes to sleep, two assailants knocked on his door and confronted him. The first assailant restrained Mr. Thep while the other attacked him, inflicting facial and bodily injuries. Following the assault, both perpetrators fled the scene. Mr. Thep remains hospitalized, and authorities are awaiting his discharge to conduct further questioning. The motive behind the assault remains unclear at this time. CCTV in the area will also be reviewed.
  15. From Tourism Authority of Thailand The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has predicted that almost a million foreign tourists will visit the kingdom during the Chinese New Year festival, which runs from February 8th to 16th, generating an estimated 28 billion baht in revenues. TAT Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool said that the number of foreign arrivals, especially from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, is expected to increase by 29% compared to last year. Arrivals from China during this year’s festival are forecast to increase threefold, to about 150,000, while arrivals from Taiwan and Hong Kong are expected to increase by 137%. Moreover, about two million Thais of Chinese descent are expected to travel to celebrate the Chinese New Year, an increase of about 10% over last year. They are also expected to spend as much as 6 billion baht during the festival, said Thapanee.
  16. From The Nation The Constitutional Court on Wednesday reinstated Pita Limjaroenrat as Move Forward Party MP after it ruled that iTV Plc had not been a media firm since March 7, 2007. The Office of the Constitutional Court announced that the majority of judges had dismissed the request of the Election Commission to disqualify Pita as an MP under Article 101 of the Constitution for holding shares in a media firm. Eight of the nine judges voted in favour of Pita. Only one judge, Nakarin Mektrairat, voted against Pita. The EC alleged that Pita applied to run in the May 14 general election although he held shares in iTV, a media firm, which is prohibited under the charter. The court ruled that although iTV had been a media firm under a contract with the secretariat of the PM’s Office since 1995, the secretariat had cancelled the contract on March 7, 2007. https://www.nationthailand.com/thailand/politics/40034976
  17. From Pattaya Mail Dong Tan beach, once a tranquil stretch of beach, has undergone a metamorphosis into a lively night market, bustling with sellers and buyers each night, creating a mix of excitement and disorientation for local businesses in Jomtien. The market’s popularity has soared, attracting numerous mobile vendors eager to participate in commerce. However, the market’s success comes with its share of challenges. Parking spaces, initially designated for convenience, have now been transformed into makeshift stalls offering various foods and drinks. Regulatory restrictions from local authorities at prohibited parking spaces seem ineffective, resulting in chaos as cars compete for limited space. In the midst of these challenges, registered businesses are grappling with disruptions, with some compelled to endure construction work in front of their shops, making it impossible to sell products and services to customers. The lack of control over mobile food vendors in Pattaya allows them to exploit opportunities, reaping rewards without adhering to regulations. As Dong Tan Market evolves into a night market phenomenon, the response from local authorities remains uncertain. Affected residents have appealed to authorities to designate free spaces for vendors, preserving roads for regular traffic and preventing the encroachment on sales for tax-paying shops. The unfolding situation prompts questions about the delicate balance between the vibrant economic experiment of the Dong Tan Night Market and the concerns of established businesses and residents in Jomtien. How local authorities navigate this unconventional development will shape the future dynamics of this bustling marketplace.
  18. From CNBC Hidden cameras are being found in hotel rooms, house rentals, cruise ships, and even airplane bathrooms, leaving many travelers to wonder: “Could a hidden camera be watching me?” Spycams, as they’re called, are getting smaller, harder to find and easier to buy. From alarm clocks to air fresheners, water bottles and toothbrush holders, cameras come embedded in common household items that seamlessly blend with home decor. They can be purchased in shops or online, and through retailers like Amazon and Walmart. And rather than having to retrieve the camera to obtain the recording, owners can stream live images straight to their phones, said Pieter Tjia, CEO of the Singapore-based tech services company OMG Solutions. Even worse, voyeurs can sell the footage to porn sites, where it can be viewed thousands of times. It’s no wonder why websites, from YouTube to TikTok, are filled with videos of people recommending simple ways to find hidden cameras. But do these suggestions work? To find out, Tjia and his team hid 27 cameras in a home, and then provided CNBC with commonly recommended devices to find them. In total, CNBC conducted five rounds of tests to see which method was the most effective. Continues with video https://www.cnbc.com/2024/01/22/how-to-find-a-hidden-camera-in-a-hotel-room-or-house-we-tested-5-ways-.html
  19. Sorry to hear you didn't make the cut.
  20. From CNBC United CEO casts doubt on 737 Max 10 United Airlines is weighing plans without the Boeing 737 Max 10 after a series of delays and most recently, the grounding of a smaller variant of the plane, the carrier’s CEO said Tuesday. The Max 10 is the largest model of the plane and hasn’t yet been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. United CEO Scott Kirby said the plane is already “best case” about five years delayed and expressed frustration at Boeing for the most recent problem in which a door plug blew out during an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 flight on Jan. 5, prompting the FAA to ground those planes. United has 79 of the 737 Max 9 aircraft in its fleet, more than any other carrier, and the ongoing grounding will drive a first-quarter loss, the airline said Monday while reporting its fourth-quarter earnings. “I think the Max 9 grounding is probably the straw that broke the camel’s back for us,” Kirby said in an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday. “We’re going to at least build a plan that doesn’t have the Max 10 in it.” Last week, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian told CNBC he was confident moving forward with his airline’s order of Boeing Max 10s.
  21. Doesn't his union require a 10-minute break every 45 minutes?
  22. Recommend Lumpini Park after sundown.
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