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  1. It may be that newbies aren't allowed access to that forum. Try again after a few weeks have passed, and you've contributed more to the forum.
  2. Well, if you like that idea and really want to save money, you could fly out of Tijuana at the cross-border express terminal (park your car in the US, walk across the border to the terminal), and avoid departure taxes! Fly first-class on Aeromexico (a good airline) for $609! Flights 1 Round-trip ticket $568.30 Seats TJXQRO Round trip 1 Premier seat Included Trip extras TJXQRO 1 Carry-on baggage(33.1 lb/15 kg) Included 1 Cross Border Express (CBX) Pass $20.00 2 Checked baggage(32 kg/70.5 lb) Included QROTJX 1 Carry-on baggage(33.1 lb/15 kg) Included 1 Cross Border Express (CBX) Pass $21.00 2 Checked baggage(32 kg/70.5 lb) Included Total $609.30 USD
  3. Another not too expensive idea is a tour I've always wanted to do, a road trip in central west Mexico, taking in San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Queretaro Patzcuaro Zacatecas ending in Guadalajara/Tequila
  4. To answer your question, in the immortal words of the late Senator Ted Stevens:
  5. Any European river cruise is clearly out of budget range for someone with only $3000 or so to spend. I feel Colombia is tough for an infrequent traveler. That being said, I see business fares on American Airlines for around $1200, so if he wants to travel business class but still keep costs to around $3000, it could be done. It looks as though Brazil has decided to forgo requiring visas for at least another year from US/Canadian/Australian citizens. Wise decision for them, since reinstating visa requirements would significantly reduce tourism income. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/brazil-postpones-visa-requirements-us-canada-australia-time-109086597 "...Brazil’s government has extended exemptions to tourist visa requirements for citizens of the U.S., Australia and Canada until April 2025, extending a program aimed at boosting tourism that had been scheduled to end Wednesday..."..
  6. Some former porn stars aren't that private, and let their real names be known. I find it interesting to find out what they're willing to share. Some go on to become real estate agents or personal trainers. I was amused to look up one man in his early 30s who quit the business over 5 years ago. He doesn't say what he does for a living, but his Facebook page is one self-righteous Bible and/or other Christian quote after another, using the original King James translation, of all things (not even the New King James). Some people go from one extreme to another. Among his quotes: The way of the wicked is an abomination unto the Lord: but He loveth him that followeth after righteousness. Proverbs 15:9 KJV Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour. Proverbs 14:9 KJV Judgment is coming for everyone. You might know what I’m going to say now: “Are you ready?” That can become almost a cliché. Are you ready? We all – Christian and non-Christian - have one of two events in our future: we’re either going to die and face judgment as Hebrews 9.27 says, or we’re going to be alive at the second coming of Jesus and then face judgment as 2 Corinthians 5 tells us. That’s it - one or the other. There are no other options.
  7. Unlike the petty crime (street muggings) in Brazil, the crimes in Colombia can be much more serious, which is why the country is rated Level 3, unlike Brazil's Level 2. The only Level 3 country I've ever visited, to my recollection, is Egypt, and that's because the sights there are unique. I would advise avoiding Colombia, except perhaps on an escorted tour. My only visit to Colombia was on a cruise ship tour of Cartagena. I won't be traveling to Venezuela, Colombia, or Guyana unless the situations there improve. Country Summary: Violent crime, such as homicide, assault, and armed robbery, is widespread. Organized criminal activities, such as extortion, robbery, and kidnapping, are common in some areas. Terrorist groups and criminal organizations continue operating and carrying out attacks in Colombia. They may attack with little or no warning, targeting transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, local government facilities, police stations, military facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants, airports, other public areas, and U.S. government facilities. Demonstrations occur regularly throughout the country and can be about a variety of political or economic issues. They can shutdown roads and highways, often without prior notice or estimated reopening timelines. Demonstrations and road closures may significantly reduce access to public transportation and may disrupt travel within and between cities. Protests can become violent and can result in fatalities and injuries.
  8. Well, I found a R/T on Iberia (can also get credit on American if you have an account with them) nonstop LAX to Madrid from $1374 including both carry-one and checked luggage (if you have no checked luggage, you can get an even lower fare) for May 14 to 24. You visit a lot of Spanish cities in that time. You could keep your costs near $3000 if you stay in more basic accommodations. May is beautiful in Spain. Sun's up until 10 PM. That would be my choice. You could easily go to Barcelona as well, for example. Spanish trains are excellent and quite fast. Bonus is that although the weather is pretty much as good as it gets, it's not the most crowded time of year. Your outbound flight 14may 17:50 LAX direct 11h 5min. 13:55 MAD +1 day CABINTurista FAREÓptima 651$ Your return flight 24 may 2024Select another flight 12:40MAD DIRECT 12h 25min. 16:05LAX Operated by: Details Turista605$ Get the best deal Básica 605$ Equipaje de manoIncluida 1 pieza hasta 10 kg (56x40x25cm). ComidaIncluida. Check in your bag Óptima 705$ Equipaje de manoIncluida 1 pieza hasta 10 kg (56x40x25cm). Equipaje en bodegaIncluida 1 pieza hasta 23 kg y 158 cm. ComidaIncluida. Selección de asientoGratuita desde 24h antes del vuelo. CambiosPermitido sin coste, salvo excepciones. Travel more comfortably Confort 750$ Equipaje de manoIncluida 1 pieza hasta 10 kg (56x40x25cm). Equipaje en bodegaIncluida 1 pieza hasta 23 kg y 158 cm. ComidaIncluida. Asiento delanteroIncluido. Prioridad de EmbarqueIncluido (Grupo 2). CambiosPermitido sin coste, salvo excepciones. Turista Premium1.340$ Promotion Business Class4.288$ You can also add a voucher refund to your fare so you don't need to worry if anything unexpected happens. Add it later as an extra. Total price 1.374,00$
  9. Well, you are being too vague for someone to give you good advice. You need to describe what your primary goals are, what's important for you to avoid (other than "tourist traps"), what month you'd like to travel, and so on. Also one needs to have a better idea of budget, other than being "not cheap." You mention an interest in London and Amsterdam, but those are areas with throngs of tourists (Mexico City is pretty heavily touristed as well). You also mentioned Colombia (I'm assuming you meant Colombia, and not the District of Columbia). Were you aware that the State Department lists the country as Level 3 "Reconsider Travel"? That's probably not the place I'd recommend for an infrequent traveler. In all of South America, only Venezuela is considered more dangerous (Level 4 "Do Not Travel"), and only Guyana is considered as dangerous. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/colombia-travel-advisory.html I've traveled 85% of countries in the Western Hemisphere, all 50 states, all Canadian provinces (including all provincial capitals), and every European country except Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia, Malta, and Moldova, over a dozen Asian countries, and half a dozen African countries. My favorite non-US country to visit is Switzerland (where I've visited every Canton over some 7-8 visits), but it's definitely NOT cheap. I've never gone on a vacation primarily to find sex/escorts, but such places include Puerto Vallarta (close and easy to get to from LAX), Rio de Janeiro, and parts of Thailand. That being said, if you live in or near LA, there are tons of escorts to choose from, so I don't think you'd need to travel for that. Also, all of those places (PV, Rio, Thailand) are heavily touristed. If you tell us in more detail what you're looking for, you can get better advice.
  10. I don't know about Britain, but in the US it's common for the defense lawyers and prosecutors to hammer out a plea deal, wherein the defendant agrees to plead Guilty or No Contest to a lesser charge in order to avoid a trial. That being said, the deal is not usually $$$ in exchange for avoidance of prosecution, although the lesser charge might involve only a fine and probation, rather than prison time. Needless to say, these agreements need to be in writing, preferably with the assistance of one's attorney. I recently saw an episode of the TV show 20/20, which was similar to the murder case by the Spaniard from the other string. The cops told the murderer than they 'might" show leniency at trial if the killer would lead them to the bodies. When the trial came, however, the murderer received the death sentence (in Texas, where those sentences are often carried out). Fortunately, murderers are often also quite stupid. I'm not sure why that stupid Spaniard led the cops to the places where he discarded the body parts. He did not seem to get any leniency in return, and apparently could be eligible for the death penalty. Leading cops to body parts obviously removes any possible doubt one did the deed.
  11. There you go again speaking with the semblance of authority over something you know nothing about. For the record, I'm not at al a fan of the US legal system. Having elected judges, prosecutors, and even sheriffs, mostly bent on seeing a conviction, with verdicts arrived at by ignorant and sometimes downright stupid jurors, who are forced into involuntary servitude, then told they cannot leave until they've "done their job" by coming to a unanimous decision, with no person assigned to actually try to find the truth, is a recipe for disaster. There are entire books filled with examples of wrongfully convicted--even wrongfully executed--due to the US system. When one does not know something, it is best to either keep silent, or at least to admit from the onset one is conjecturing/guessing. I would be surprised to hear of any legal system in which courts do not encourage civil litigants to settle out of court. There's a saying in the US, sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln, although I'd be the first to admit that I don't know if he was the one who first said it:
  12. Yeah, what a load of crap. I'm guessing the Spanish murderer won't get his just deserts.
  13. I'm no Thai legal expert, but I think you're factually wrong about that, according to this article written by a Thai attorney: https://www.unpredictableblog.com/blog/thailand "...Similar to other countries‘ courts, the Thai courts encourage mediation and settlement. If a case cannot be settled, trials usually begin within 8-12 months after the initial filing. After trial, appeals and enforcement actions can last anywhere term 3-12 years. Settlement normally occurs in the early stages of a court dispute and prior to trial. However, parties can settle at any time in the court process...". It would have seemed rather insane to me that a legal system would discourage out-of-court settlements. That would be a recipe for disaster.
  14. Are you saying that once a civil suit is filed in Thailand, all cases must go in front of a judge, and that out-of-court settlements are not allowed? I find that very surprising. If that's the case, there must be massive numbers of judges for civil cases. In every other country of which I know, a trial is a threat, but the vast majority of cases are settled prior to trial commencing (sometimes after the jury is seated).
  15. Something may be lost in the translation, but in the US, a lawsuit typically refers to a civil case. Offering money to drop a lawsuit is generally called a settlement, and usually quite legal. In fact, most civil cases end up with a settlement. This is different from offering money in exchange for a promise not to testify in a criminal case (usually called a prosecution, not a lawsuit), which generally is and should be illegal.
  16. Reading more about the murders, the murderer seems like a complete jackass. He actually was filmed on CCTV the day before the murder going to WalMart on the island, buying a knife, saw, large plastic trash containers, and cleaning supplies. 🙄 The two actually had a room booked together. The murderer actually led the police to the various parts of the island where he'd disposed of the body parts, including a trash dump. It seems like a rather open-and-shut case.
  17. Yeah, sounds like a sextortion problem: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12388145/Celebrity-chefs-naked-photos-led-murder-YouTuber-blackmailed-lover-threatened-intimate-images-relationship-ended.html "A celebrity chef who has been charged with murdering his lover in Thailand saw killing him as the only option after he was allegedly blackmailed with intimate images, according to reports. Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, 29, the son of two Spanish film stars, was arrested for the killing and dismemberment of Columbian surgeon Edwin Arrieta Arteaga after Thai police found body parts in a rubbish dump. Before the killing, the YouTuber chef is believed to have wanted to split from Arrieta, 44, which the doctor refused to allow - reportedly threatening to publish pictures of his partner...". It appears his ex-boyfriend had a much shorter haircut:
  18. Any speculation as to the motive? In Thailand, is the application of the death penalty up to the victim's family? Is this thought to be a gay sex thing?
  19. I think it's just an unbridled alcoholic (probably unhappy, as they often are). Sober him up in jail, then let his home country deal with him. 😉
  20. I wonder what they were smoking? Were the Estonians stoned? 😁
  21. Sounded to me like someone who just can't handle his liquor. As for the expat situation, I know there are a lot of Americans who can't afford long-term care, because that's not a covered benefit until you've exhausted all of your funds, in which case you get put in lower-tier nursing homes. I was under the impression that Canadian programs cover long-term care for the long-term disabled. I know that a good number of Americans live in Mexican cities such as Ajijic or San Miguel de Allende because they just need long-term care such as wheelchair transfers, meals, etc. Very few Americans have long-term care insurance. As one of the few who does, I'll attest that it's becoming increasingly unaffordable. Do Canadians not have coverage for assisted living facilities if they're in need? https://www.payingforseniorcare.com/assisted-living/mexico "...Assisted living in Mexico costs approximately $1,650 – $2,450 per month in 2024. Unlike the American model of assisted living where the costs tend to spiral upward as care needs increase, most Mexican assisted living residences charge a flat monthly fee regardless of care requirements. Assisted living in the United States has a national average cost of $4,900 per month in 2024. Yet regional variances within the US mean that persons living on the East or West coasts and in densely populated urban centers tend to pay closer to $5,700 – $7,000 per month...".
  22. At least he didn't didn't attack with a staff... 😉
  23. This one's dues are $3000/mo.... https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/20-W-64th-St-41GH-New-York-NY-10023/343914391_zpid/
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