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  1. Wow, so sexy to listen to you while you‘re having a blast! Lucky man!
  2. Hey kevg, thanks for the info! Can't wait to visit Cape Town again.
  3. Can't wait to visit Tel Aviv at some point!
  4. Quick action in park? That can easily turn into a very dangerous experience in Marrakech.
  5. I find Egyptians incredibly friendly, but just don't think that Egypt is the best place for cruising...
  6. A couple of years ago there used to be at least to nice saunas in Cape Town. Wonder if they are still around.
  7. I perfectly agree. One just can't be too careful in Marrakech.
  8. Hope you had a good time. It's just that Marrakech can get quite dangerous...
  9. While in Marrakech, make sure to spent nights in Jemaa el Fna. So much fun!
  10. Very helpful information. Thanks msclelovr!
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