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  1. B and I got to BBB just in time for the 22:30 show. The place was packed, about 20% female - either with their boyfriends or in groups. We were sitted right flank (further from the door) front row; good view. Some 20 guys were standing on stage, dressed, offering themselves to be offed. The majority were not twinks. Some were offable, but none really excited me. [I prefer to get mine through apps: nudes, written understandings, no interactions under unbearable noise.] These guys returned to the stage for the break, and after the show had ended. By then their numbers have dwindled, hopefully bcs some had been offed. The show was a mix of BBB's group (dancers, drag singers, straight big cocks) and the famous B Boys; it was a really professional high class show. In the first act, the cock guys were wearing white tongas, standing above blow holes that were lifting the tongas Marlyn Monroe style, thus exposing the cocks. One of them was right in front of us; I really wanted to reach out and grab..... In total the show lasted 2 hours. [At an early point I put in my ear plugs, which helped.] People gave tips to specific performers they liked, either directly if they were sitting front row; or through an usher, who then pointed out with a laser beam the back-sitting benefactor, so the performer cld gesture his gratitude. There was one old ugly lady who persistently came on stage, to tip every performer at a certain act. Guess she earned that right by her largesse, but it was really annoying. A couple of times an usher had to come up to escort her down. When the talented and sexy B-Boys gave 2 especially great performances, B gladly tipped them when the hat was passed, sighing: "If only they were offable..." The big cocks were attuned to the ladies, whenever a person from the audience was invited up, or when they got down into the audience. However, the ladies werent screaming disruptive dominating, so - contrary to some reports here - they didnt spoil my fun. Towards the end, the big cocks went around all the audience, to offer a grope. I shook hands with every cock that wasnt condomed (except one with a hideous inserted bean), tipping 100 each. One of them responded by planting a kiss on my forehead. I reciprocated by planting one on his cock; he recoiled. Bottom line: great time, to b had (if one is so inclined) for a mere 200 per first drink. After the show we/I peeked into the other clubs there. Toy Boys, A Bomb and X boys were lifeless: 2-3 boys, no cstmrs, zero energy. Dream Boys was dfrnt. Outside was a sexy twink, dressed in white undies, full of energy: "u want come in, sir? "U want me? I suck u, u boom boom?" I peeked inside; no cstmrs, but many boys. By then both of us were tired, but I decided to return. Great Pattaya-introductory evening!
  2. "dancers"? Been there twice this week; no one was dancing. I wish they were; it wld add much needed energy.
  3. My opinions are just that: mine, and mine alone; opinions (rather than facts) enjoying 1st amendment protection. On my first evening in Pattaya, I met bkkmfj2648 (henceforth B) for dinner: me - Pattaya newbie, he - local resident; therefore my treat. It turned out much better than my expected guidance meeting, because we really hit it off. B is a GREAT guy; was VERY patient with my too many questions; and since there was chemistry - we spent a LOT of touristic time together during my week there. Thanks again, B! After dinner we still had time before the Boyz3 show at 22:30, so we headed to Sunee. First stop - Nice Boys. We were the only customers. 12 scrawny boys quickly scrambled to the stage, dressed in undies. They stood there, no dancing, most busy with their phones, a few wanking covered dicks. I dont like twinks. I'm also a size queen. I came to P despite knowing that the majority of the boys wldnt fit my bill. I was however hoping to see in NB at least one or two more to my taste. Alas no. Anyway, after a couple of minutes B and I chose together the guy with the most potential, had him sit between us, and took turns at caressing his body and wanking him. He was busy with straight porn vids on his phone. His dick didnt rise to the occasion, so B gave him a 200 tip and off we went. In Winner there were 2 boys 0 cstmrs, so we doubled back just in time for the Boyz3 show. BTW Someone mentioned here the street leading to Sunee from BT as being dangerous, due to Arabs racing motorbikes. Saw nothing of that. The 8 mnts walk is standard and safe (and thus sooo dfrnt from Latin America).
  4. My Pattaya reports are aimed at newbies by a newbie (third time in Thailand, first time in P), so please read and react with that spirit in mind. I decided to offer them thematically rather than chronologically, bcs I think it's more useful for searching info. The hotels: I botched my hotel reservations. Won't bore u with the humiliating story, but it explains why I m able to comment about a number of hotels. Spent 1st night at Avani - $100. The resort justifies the rate; great brkfst buffet. Cmfrtbl 6 mnts walk to Boyz Town. Then moved to Jomtien's Agate. Even though I had been following the forum and researching ahead, I was surprised at how compact the whole gay complex is. The 4 most mentioned hotels are literally within two minutes walk from each other. I had a 1 night rsrvation for Agate, followed by 5 nights at East Suites. However, when I crossed the street to check into the latter, per my reminder of an in-advance request for a quiet room not facing the street, I was told there is no such room (available?). The manager was VERY nice about it; took me to the room; and offered to cancel the rsrvation if I prefer to go elsewhere. I went to check out the others and decided to return to Agate. Their rates for a standard room: Zinq 900 East 1400 Poseidon 1600 Agate 1900 (half Avani's rate). East and Poseidon r small, no more than 12 rooms. Zinq and Agate have scores of them. I liked the way Poseidon looked. The nice Getman manager said the windows have triple noise isolation. Cldnt offer availability; I think I'll try it out next time. I didnt like the way Zinq looked; the open spaced terraced way to the rooms reminded me of a prison. Agate is quite satisfactory. I like the spacious room; brkfst buffet is ok for 200 baht; welcoming attitude and service.
  5. OTOH, I just noticed that his rate for a ride to U-Tapao airport is double the taxi rate in Bolt.
  6. R u a frequent visitor in SR ?
  7. Good That's what we r here for Pay it forward. (-:
  8. My Pattaya reports are aimed at newbies by a newbie (third time in Thailand, first time in P), so please read (and react?) with that spirit in mind. I decided to offer them thematically rather than chronologically, bcs I think it's more useful for searching info. Mike's taxi service was rcmndd here, and m happy to rcmnd it forward. Online rgstration easy and user-friendly. 1000 baht. I also established in advance whatsapp contact with him, just to b on the safe side; he readily obliged me. Arriving 14:45 in a small plane from Siem Reap and with only a carry-on trolley, I whisked thru. Per email instruction, I proceeded to exit gate 3. At first I didnt see anyone holding a paper with my name on it, but that was bcs I had mistakenly assumed that mine wld b the only one. However, some reps have boards with mltpl names, and that's where I found mine. The young lady contacted the driver waiting outside; told me it wld take 10 mnts; at my request took me to sit at some benches; and rtrnd 7 mnts later to take me to the taxi. The taxi was immaculate, and the driver very polite. He asked me to type the name of my hotel into his nvgation app, and off we drove at 15:25. He also showed me on his cellphone that he is aware of my request to stop in P at a TT branch for exchanging money, which of course he did. The ride took 95 mnts, 75 of which we were cruising at 110 kph on the highways. Level of service: PERFECT PS Rate of exchange was $1 = 35.2 baht
  9. I spent 4 nights at Men's hotel and spa. It's a gay hotel similar to A&P in PP, but bigger: 15 rooms instead of 5, and the sauna is also much bigger. I liked it less, bcs of too many minor service and maintenance annoyances. On my last night I finally witnessed some action in a Cambodian sauna (re my PP report): 3 guys (young local, young afro-american, big-fat old white) pleasuring worshipping a young sexy local in the jaccuzzi. There is also massage service at the hotel. I discretly asked the very friendly helpful French manager if his massuers - like the ones at the PP hotel - automatically assume that extras are included. He answered most emphatically "No. We dont do that." Had a small number of grindr solicitations. Met with a local tourist twink, who was really into making Daddies happy. Notwithstanding all the above, anyone visiting PP interested in discreet pleasure, PM me. On a non-sex note, an off the beaten track rcmndation: a break from the temples at Theam's gallery. It's much more than just a gallery; magical tasteful compound.
  10. Dont undrstnd why, but its spilt milk. Is it too expnsv now?
  11. As in many other areas in life, certainly when it comes to for-pay services, the best thing would me to clarify upfront exactly what u want. (-:
  12. Bkk, u obviously set a new standard for detailed tempting posts here, certainly for issues other than sex. Kudos! Why is klom klom "infamous"?
  13. Touche Vinapu! I promised to stop it, but I keep regressing. )-:
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