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  1. Could u pls elaborate on the saunas he mentioned?
  2. I think that's the flag of madgascar
  3. M unfamiliar with this thing. The interaction they r paid for by the establishment is only socializing, or more? If a patron is intrstd in sex, do they cooperate or may they decline? BTW, do u speak portugese?
  4. Thx Connor! How does the action work with the interactives in Upgrade? Is it free, if they like u? Or is there some way to pay them?
  5. Hopefully only if the genes passed in tact to the grandkids
  6. R they African-endowed? Is this like latin american size cum to thailand?
  7. That response is moral abdication
  8. I humbly urge u to consider boycotting Myanmar, given that most of the ethnic majority support the genocide of the Rohinga.
  9. How do u converse with Fisherman - english, spanish, trnsltr?
  10. Do the young take an intrst in the grey hairs, or r the latter condemned to voyeurism?
  11. R they only on apps, or r there any physical venues?
  12. All these relatively smaller cities offer tempting saunas? Anything touristic to experience there during non-sauna hours?
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