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  1. Thank u, one and all; and my apologies for not having offered my thx earlier. It's a pity of course that no one has reported any sexcapades lately. Hope someone comes along b4 my Nov trip.....
  2. Hi Guys, Do mmbrs of this forum fraternise when in Thailand, or is anonymity the rule? I dont rmmbr reading here reports, that included any interaction btw ourselves. For example: when seating in venues, do u always seat only with the boys, even though there r other farangs who might b nice company? When I'll visit Pattaya in Nov, will I b able to meet vetrans, if only for guidance? Drinks on me.....
  3. WOW Vinapu; I salute u! Such a cmprhnsv infrmtv detailed response, and above all - welcoming!! There is at least one forum on this website, where the response from more than one mmbr wld b something like - "hey newbie, go do ur research"... Kudos!!!
  4. If I rmmbr / undrstnd correctly, $155 per night is about 50% higher than the usual rate for top hotels. Am I mistaken? From which hotels is this space ship taking the crown?
  5. Prices? Won't they be interested in horny farangs too? Hosting policy?
  6. Only at checkout from Du Park hotel, I saw a note at the reception: hosting a guest in the room costs 130,000.
  7. Thx, but kodos to them. I just got lucky; maybe my patient correspondence contributed...... (-:
  8. ...that's not already in Macdaddi's detailed posts:
  9. I am, of course, paying all shared expenses while we are together: hotel, food, transportation, entries. However, he neither asked for - nor hinted at - money and gifts. In fact, at our first meeting he brought me a gift, and insisted on paying the bar bill. As mentioned in my first pre-trip report, this is my second such rare stroke of luck. 6 years ago I met in an identical manner a young professional in Barranquilla. We have since travelled together three times, with him paying some of his own expenses. There ARE exceptions out there. I dont think many here are used to hooking up with a chico who can discuss the situation in Sri Lanka, or who knows that the Jewish temple in Jrslm was destroyed twice. Apparently a minority is interested more in personal companionship with a gringo who seems nice and interesting (author excluded) than in benefits.
  10. Hi Guys, Per my pre-trip report, M - who reached out to my in-advance profile on GayRomeo - turned out to be at least as good as hoped for. Since he is non-commercial-sex boyfriend material, I wont be sharing anything sexual about him. He is 29; exactly my type; and a great conversationalist with amazing general knowledge. Unfortunately (for me), he started on a new job on Friday, so our time together is limited to his off-hours. However, beyond sexcapades, there are some points that might interest members here. 1 - Ferecho: On my first morning here, before meeting M, I wanted to try out Ferecho. [The proccess has already been detailed in previous threads.] I sent a whatsapp msg, and recieved circa 100 fotos (and a few vids). 85% were clothed and therefore of no interest. I asked for the faces of the nudes that I liked; the guy at the other end matched a few of the clothed with some nudes; and I narrowed it down to 2 options. He quoted 150 - to which I agreed, but after a couple of minutes disappointed me by msging that both were not responding. My and their loss. I m a bit surprised that the guy exhibited no marketing motivation, no solicitation, no follow-up. Either incompetence or business doing great..... 2 - hotel cedulla process: During the first four days I stayed at the Gallery hotel in the Centro. All my hotel reservations were double, and M just went thru the process. For my first night at Du Park hotel in Poblado, I was joined by another chico - J (more on him later). I noticed that the receptionist not only zeroxed his ID, but also added his fingerprint (havent read here about this requirement). The next day, when M returned to my embraces, he wasnt asked for the fingerprint. It might mean nothing, or the explanation might be the difference in their appearance. J wore torn jeans and half buttoned shirt; M - his (rather elegant) hotel job uniform... 3 - J - my plan B: A member here published a thread a couple of months ago, detailing his good experience with a for-pay all exclusive 24/7 companion. I PMed him, asking for matchmaking; he vetted me; asked and received J's permission; and sent me his number. I mention this, because of a rather heated discussion in the forum about not sharing info in order to avoid harrasment of chicos by trolls. I expressed the opposite view, and m glad to offer this experience as defense exhibit #1. I call on all of you NOT to totally 'outlaw' matchmaking. PS - I m not mentioning the member's identity here, bcs I havent pre-discussed this post with him. 4 - hotels: Du Park hotel is recommended. As mentioned above, given my double rsrvation - no prblm bringing in dfrnt chicos. [At my request, they gave M a second key.] Dont know what wld have happened if it was a single rsrvation; they might have demanded payment. As mentioned above, no prblm at Gallery hotel either. However, for non-sex reasons, I m not rcmnding it wholeheartedly. Pros: in the Centro area, for those wishing to better know the area, and to be close to Ferecho and other sex venues; VERY cheap - $24 per night; immaculately clean. Cons - an accumulation of issues in a 3 stars hotel: even the quiet rooms get early car noise; minimal brkfst; room - no chairs, little place to put stuff, the sink in the rom itself constructed to splatter the floor; tiny shower - no space for dual showering. That's it for hopefully-useful info. Adding a pic of eye-candy, and two more by way of explanation. These guys perform acrobatics at traffic light, hoping that waiting drivers wld pay. They hardly ever do. I talked with the group and with the solo: 5 hours a day earns them 40,000 = $9. The solo told me it pays his living. Almost all r from Venezuela, and surprised me by saying they dont feel local hostility.
  11. I second the motion: this list MUST be pinned!
  12. Macdaddi, do u know if they were murdered in hotels? If not, it strengths the case for the cedulla-at-reception process. If it did happen in hotels.....
  13. Hi Guys, I'll arrive tmrw night in Medellin, for two weeks. In due course will report here about the touristic aspects. As for sex, if things go as planned - I might have very little to share. Per my report three weeks ago, I'm in a rather intense communication with a guy (henceforth M) who saw my Travel profile in GRomeo. M seems boyfriend material; very able to hold a cnvrsation; excited about hanging out with me; and has neither mentioned money nor hinted at it. I'm well aware that this could all b a show, but hey - at least I know he prbbly doesn't have any crmnl intentions; he emailed me the CV he's now sending out in search for a job. There r good reasons why I'm sure it's not fake. Anyway, if we hit it off, there'll b VERY little sex and tell... Plan B is a per-pay 'guide plus', introduced to me by one of the mmbrs here. He isn't very engaging, but he will certainly do. And then of course there'll be all the guys on the apps. Already established whatsapp cntct with Ferchos and Sillon Rojo; have hotel rsrvations in Centro, Poblado, Laureles; and the updated detailed prgrm for the flower festival is out. Medellin, here I come! Thank u all for the infobase here, and for answering or tolerating my too many questions. If anyone is Medellin and wants to meet up, I'll b happy to buy the first drink. Safe and happy travels and huntings.
  14. The destination of my first (of 4) trip to Colombia was the carnival in Brnqlla. Not that Mcdaddi needs support from me, but I too rcmnd visiting there (in February of course). I wld also add to the list - Cano Crystales, a unique phenomena of multi-colored river water. However, no hot guys there.
  15. Olddaddy, Chitchats like "where u come from?" R good for a couple of mnts b4 or after sex. My question referred to spending hours with them, for example at a beach.
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