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  1. Axiom, riobard doesnt merely "have volumes of time"; posting here is his whole life. He isnt writing for others to read; he has already been repeatedly told his posts arent read. He is a person in love with his own verbosity. I wish others would just stop feeding the beast.
  2. I suggest u look at other threads in this sub-forum, as well at at threads in the "bogot" sub-forum of "latin america businesses".
  3. I for one m always for trying, and the risk of being told to FO doesnt discourage me. Were I a regular, I would approach one of the more reasonable owners; tell him I represent the almost-consensus on this board; and try to find together a way to improve the situation for the benefit of all. Since I visited JC only once, and currently intend to return for a week every winter. I m not suitable for the task.
  4. Thank u Peter for taking the trouble to detail how to get to the new location. Hope to b there soon.
  5. With ur permission, may I ask: Why doesn't one of u experienced guys try to talk with the managers of the loud bars? Better yet, with members of the group coordinating the complex?? After all, they r in business for the money. If noise drives patrons away, then.....
  6. I stayed at a hotel there 3 nights. Don't walk alone after dark.
  7. I have been to both, but m not an expert. Of course M has more options than C, if only because its population is btw double and triple than C's. M also has sex venues, which C lacks. I recommend u read the threads; u'll see much more on M. Dont know enough to compare rates. Had scores of Grindr msgs in C. Enjoy ur decision (-:
  8. Thank u Vaughn, for a VERY user friendly report!
  9. Pazubane, thx for sharing your GREAT reports! With your permission I take exception to your attitude toward after-sex O. Demanding more than agreed is one of the worst things a garoto can do. Indulging him ensures perpetuation. )-:
  10. That's a completely new Winner look, compared to what I saw there in Dec: no numbers, no colored undies, some in Jeans. What's the ping pong thing?
  11. I know I undrstnd the rational Thats why I didnt do it But I wish it was permisable
  12. Small talk while fondling dicks is a treat! I wish it was also ok to suck them in the public areas...
  13. Kudos Brac!! GREAT report. Glad u had such a good time.
  14. I second Fetcher's question; I'll b there in June. Utopia might b useful, but reading updated guidance here is better. (-:
  15. Sorry if this is a stupid question: What's the aim of downloading these vids? Free porn, or something beyond?
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