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Senso Massage

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Yeeharr, I am so glad to hear that and hope the reopening goes well, Senso has been my first massage stop after arriving in Bangkok for my last few trips and never been disappointed. 

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On 7/16/2022 at 7:56 AM, paulsf said:

For Vinapu.   Sign in door saying  “We’re Shut” has been replaced with new sign saying  “Opening August 8” 


I wonder if there's somebody on the ground who can check that re-opening materialized yesterday ?

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3 hours ago, reader said:

If you simply scroll back in this same thread you'll find a link and the comments of others regarding Senso.

Thanks, but I don’t see anyone in this thread commenting on their opinion and experiences regarding Senso? It’s clear people are excited about the re-opening, but that’s about it.


The link also goes to the website which has no real information or pictures, that’s why I was asking for a LINE (many shops regularly post pictures on LINE)

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3 hours ago, rollingstone said:

The boy didn't really know much of a massage but was eager to please and having a proper attitude in my words.

One hour massage: 1100 b for the house and 1200 b min tip for the boy. 

Three years ago in July 2019, it was 1,000 baht for the house.  See: https://shamelessmacktwo.travel.blog/2019/08/06/senso-still-good-after-ten-years/  So price increased 10 percent.

The lad I had on that occasion didn't have massage skills either. 

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