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A present for a boy

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3 hours ago, TotallyOz said:

Everyone loves flowers!

covering their enemy's coffin, yes.

Otherwise I'm not so sure. I'd not sent flowers to a guy unless I knew he liked an idea. Specially to a guy from another culture where it may have different meaning than in our societies ( I'm making it up but on another hand I grew up in culture than giving even  number of flowers  like 2,4 or 6  was bad form so who knows what other societies invented).

Another thing to consider is economy - boy may have better use of more practical items  like gift basket or even motorcycle than aesthetic items like flowers, unless of course his enemy just died.

Reader is right about buying face, this is most precious  part of ichigo's idea in boys' eyes, I'm sure

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Im pretty sure flowers or any gesture really for a gay boy, feminine or not, coming from someone he loves or respect, will be appreciated. I totally support that gifts should be something useful and thoughtful. But nothing stops us to give them both, flowers and food for example lol

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I have used Issan Flowers several times in the past to have roses delivered to the bar in Soi 6 were my then sweetie worked. They take a nice big picture on delivery, which she then had plastered all over her FB for days.

Anything that makes her co-workers a little bit envious. 


Think the gay boys in particular would love the packages with flowers, chocolates and a Teddy.  

The more gaudy and oppulent looking the better! 😂





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Don't take this personally because I don't know your emotions 

But sounds a bit weird to me to be sending flowers to a moneyboy business man .

What could be the reasons behind it ?

Better service? Him being available when you want him?

Trying to be a friend rather than a customer?

I just read another post in here by GB which struck a chord with me because 20 years ago I too sent money to moneyboys because I was lonely and they seemed like they cared about me but in reality it was all business 

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42 minutes ago, Gaybutton said:

Others may disagree with me, but I've learned not to even try to buy gifts for the boys.  Instead I give money and let them buy what they want.  Most times when farang buy gifts for the boys, the boy will react very happy about it.  Later he will either throw it away or give it to somebody else.

Giving money may seem tacky to us, but believe me, unless the boy specifically asked for something, he'll appreciate money much more than a gift you pick out for him.  And to the boys a gift of money is not tacky at all.


12 minutes ago, scott456 said:

Thai baht garland.  (USD/Euro garland will be even more impressiv!!)

I agree with both of you 127.84 %  but that's solution when we are present in person to give that money.

When we somewhere far logistics of sending money  may be more difficult ( we may need boy's full name , perhaps also copy of ID  and address or bank accout details ) are more complex than going to specialized website and asking them to deliver basket of goods to say Eak at Good Boys bar , Sunee plaza , Pattaya

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I will never get involved with flowers again. 

A guy who worked at Nice Boys was stalking me. I was playing pool next door and he introduced himself to me. He was heavy set, not my type at all. But after the bars closed we would get food across from the McDonald’s at the end of soi vc. I liked hanging with him because he spoke very good English and was rather fun.

often he would try to hug me and tell me he wanted to take care of me,etc. He’d often say “who will love me?”. I told him he’s young and has plenty of time to meet someone. We hung out for a couple months and one day I mentioned that the stock market crashed, when Covid started. Well he told me he was a day trader in stocks, yeah right. He was a total bs artist, fine by me, still liked hanging with him.

So after many turndowns on my part, about going to karaoke, I went to an after hours party with just Thai money boys. I don’t even know where we were , but a flower lady kept pestering me to buy a rose. I did and gave it to the guy. Really joking but it was Valentine’s Day I think.

When I got back home after a couple of months, he posted on my Facebook page a photo of me with him and the rose. I don’t check fb everyday but friends were messaging me telling me congrats etc. I don’t remember the photo being taken but it seems very calculating on his part. I told him not to post on my Facebook and I’m not going to contact him in future. 

I know you’re going to think say he did nothing wrong, and you’re right. But looking back it hit me how manipulative he was. I somehow friended him twice on fb. He used different names etc.His photo is on Nice Boys page. He was fired from there for being friends with a boy who ripped the bar off. My associating with the guy who was fired had me threatened and I was told my legs would be broken. I quickly cleared up that mess. I’d rather not go into that, as it was a misunderstanding.

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5 hours ago, ichigo said:


There was no ulterior motive behind the act - I am a realistic guy, not lonely nor looking for love, and I know he is a money boy and understand his line of work. I'm not trying to get better service or anything, merely just doing something nice because I appreciated our time together. But I do understand your sentiment.


It was a lovely gesture. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Agree 100% - when I made longer trips to Pattaya ( 1 to 4 months) I usually acquired a longer term young boyfriend living with me in a rented condo. I gave regular money at weekly or 10 day intervals and can remember one boy feeding part of the gift into an atm to be withdrawn by his mother in Isaan. Of course in addition there were small gifts such as clothes and cheap jewellery but most was cash. After receiving the cash one boy treated his friends, but I was rewarded by good attitude and sex. 

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6 hours ago, vinapu said:

When we somewhere far logistics of sending money  may be more difficult

What about Western Union?

Also if you're talking about a money boy, why not let him know you want to send money to him, but you don't know how.  He'll know.

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4 hours ago, Shonen said:

I know you’re going to think say he did nothing wrong, and you’re right.

That is what I think, but not in the way you probably think I think . . .

He did exactly right and he tried his damnedest to pull it off.  This is just the kind of trap I keep trying to warn about.

If you're in Thailand for a holiday, enjoy the boys, but don't let the money boys get too close to you.  The non money boys either.  Enjoy it while you're in Thailand, but don't give him any of your contact information - None.  If you made the mistake of giving him your Email address, Facebook page, or anything else, change it as soon as you return home.  In Thailand buy a cheap phone and put in a Thai SIM card that you can get rid of when you leave.  If he wants your phone number, give him that one.  You can get perfectly good, very cheap phones here for as little as 300 baht.  If you have a LINE ID, change it to something else when you return home. 

Especially if you're inexperienced in Thailand, you do not want any of these boys to be able to contact you after you leave.  If you think the boy of your dreams that you met here is any different, think again.  "Not this boy.  He's different."  Is that so?

If you're wondering why I also said non money boys, I'll try to illustrate why I said that.  Many years ago, long before caller ID or any of the modern gimmicks, the phone rang and my father answered it.  After saying hello, he simply listened.  After several minutes he said, "I can't afford a free vacation" and hung up.  Got the idea?

I hope you'll heed my advice rather than finding out the hard way that you should have . . .

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