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Back in Bangkok after 3 years

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6 hours ago, VancBCMan said:

I went to the famous Foodland, after visiting a Club, and it was bone chilling cold that night in one section.

I learned the reason why the temperature is kept so low in Foodland a few trips ago when the store lost its power for about 4-5 hours one evening  They have so much fresh produce and other perishables on display that the cooler temperature helps maintain quality of product. It also keeps the place relatively cool during period of temporary power outages.

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9 hours ago, MarcSingap said:

be very careful about this ! Only weed with less than 0,2 of THC is legal. This is quite low and many shops does not respect this limit... at the buyer risk.

Thanks for the info.

Had no idea about restrictions. I don't smoke weed, so haven't paid much attention to how much THC in weed is legal.

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Future plans: I am hoping to visit South America for the first time this September. I am looking for feedback or suggestions on my proposed plan.

Would really appreciate any suggestions/ comments.

Just started a new topic on this in Latin American section:



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Way back in the early 1990s, there was a gay gogo bar on Thaniya called Banana Bar. It literally had a banana in its logo, displayed on a neon sign among the numerous neon signs of the street. The bar itself was on one of the upper floors of a building on the eastern side of the street closer to Suriwong Road than Silom Road. I must have visited it just once or twice. It didn't leave much of an impression on me. I can't even remember if it aimed at Japanese men.

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