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  1. Unfortunately, the brain doesn't fully mature until about 25, and the judgment parts are last. Hence young people often make dangerous, stupid choices. I'm pretty sure most of us have.
  2. caeron

    Fun in Myanmar?

    I don't feel qualified to judge her since I don't know how much of that was an attempt to avoid what has happened since. I think it unlikely that there was no sense in the higher political circles that the army was moving back to try to take over and confrontation would only speed that day. I feel very bad for the people. The army's atrocities are every bit as bad as the Russians from what I can read. They're just covered a lot less (though to be fair the lack of communications infrastructure in the country makes it harder for reports to get out.)
  3. There is an ignore feature that allows you to block out annoying users. I suggest people make use of it. These public pissing matches are just tedious for the rest of us. Enjoy, don't take it all too seriously, and don't share personal information here because some people are fucking crazy. The problem is that you often don't know which ones...
  4. When I'm home, I often crawl into bed at 9pm. I usually play on the computer for a couple of hours, but not always. Getting old sucks. The alternative is worse, but it still sucks.
  5. I'm safe from scammers on OF, since when I tried to sign up a few weeks ago, they immediately suspended my account. When I asked why, they said content that violated terms which is funny since I hadn't posted any content at all. I suspect they got freaky about my vpn, but hard to know. I guess if they don't want me to sign up, I'm ok with that. Though twitter is really trying. Yesterday they recommended three of these scammer guys to me!
  6. I remember my smallpox scar on my arm from the vaccine injection site. Lasted many years, but it's been probably more than 50 years since I got it at this point.
  7. And here's another one. Same trick with the dildo in the pants, been on Twitter a whole week.
  8. I have a twitter account to follow porn stars, rent boys, and the occasional more serious poster. Twitter's a cesspool, so I don't take it too seriously or really engage, but I've noticed an interesting trend in the last couple of weeks. Onlyfan scams hitting my "suggested" follows lists. For example, this guy: https://twitter.com/xjohnclyde/status/1536371969423458304 They all do the same style of shots. I've seen half a dozen or so in the last 2 weeks come through my suggested follows. Wish I'd followed them so I could pull up more examples. All hot guy in tight shorts showing a huge cock. I'm pretty sure the cock is a dildo or the like, apparently even the same model since the shots look so damn similar except for the guy himself. They all have onlyfans, and they all have lots of followers, even though they just started posting in the last month or so (fake follows to go with fake guys, I guess). Not sure the guys are even real, given the ability to create entirely fake pictures these days. It may be all the work of one very clever scammer with his bot network. No real point to this, just I guess I feel bad for all the credulous fools who will pay for this.
  9. When I went, Pattaya was a sea of twinks, not to my tastes, and since I'm not a beach person either, not much to do during the day. Having done it, I wouldn't go back. Bangkok is just a wonderful city to walk. Always stuff to see and do. That said, I'm thinking next trip is Colombia...
  10. Harsh. I guess he didn't share his bribes around properly or somehow pissed somebody off...
  11. I remember marching in NYC in from the mid 80s to the early 90s. There was endless whining about the drag queens and the flamboyant people that gave "the wrong impression" and "held us back from acceptance". It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now. "Straight-washing" the community does us no favors. Those who want to oppress will always find an excuse. If you start trying to exclude parts of the community to please the bigots, you're just doing their work for them. They'll still hate you. If even one drag queen shows up, they'll point only to that photo and insist we're all perverts. As the facebook page Z909 posted shows, it looks like a pretty normal crowd to me.
  12. Thanks again for the advice folks, I didn't write a trip report, because well, I caught Covid in Thailand, had to be isolated, and missed the whole Philippine leg of the trip. (Given the requirements at the time were a PCR test to get back into the US, I was kinda stuck.) Still planning to make that visit though, so the forum tip is much appreciated.
  13. Looking at the FAA's webpage, they're responsible for 45,000 flights a day. That's 16.45M flights a year. Even assuming some notable portion of those are private, the odds seem to be somewhere north of 1 in a million that you'd be on a plane with a rage incident. The media loves stirring people up because it gets reader's eyeballs, but the actual odds of experiencing one seem pretty low.
  14. While picture requests aren't unreasonable, I always consider it a red flag. The subtext to me is, "I can't get it up for some guys" which always implies to me that it may be a dud encounter.
  15. My recollection is yes, but not body builder muscled.
  16. That was my experience too. Lots of hairy guys (not my preference), and they fuck on an uncomfortable massage table and are in a hurry to get off. It was hot enough, but relaxed and intimate it was not. It felt like performative masculinity. I think if I returned I'd probably skip and try hiring off the internet. May not work out either, but I think you'd have more control over what you were getting. If hairy whambam potluck is your thing though, it will likely be hot as hell for you.
  17. Oh hell no. I want very much to have a longer holiday there, but no. Very, very no.
  18. If a Garoto has a public ad, I can't see the harm in providing it. I would not, however, disclose any personal identifying information to someone I haven't met live, so the ability to implicate me in whatever idiocy they wished to pursue would be limited. I understand most escorts have to deal with time wasters and fakers. It unfortunately goes with the territory, as does the fact that some percentage of the customer base is just fucking crazy.
  19. We have netflix and prime. I find the two of them cover enough stuff that we don't need anything else. I'm not interested in paying for cable for a huge range of channels I won't watch. The fact that you end up subsidizing fox news with cable is another disincentive for me. I guess if you're a sports junkie, you might need some kind of service like that. We watch american football, but just do pirate streams of the games. The league's greed make it extremely expensive to follow a non-local team.
  20. Even before Ukraine the world was ignoring it. I wish the hell we were helping the resistance.
  21. I agree. It's long past time when we help the Myanmar resistance with weapons and training. Hopes and prayers don't answer bullets and bombs.
  22. Dreamboys were in posing straps for the show, and Moonlight showed a lot more with the show. Jupiter no, and can't say about the other ones. Hotmale is open, but I didn't go in, so can't report. It does feel like you have the country to yourself. There are tourists, but not many.
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