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  1. My gawd, earth-shattering news (for me), and on my birthday and last day in Bangkok at that: NDR 2022: Govt will repeal Section 377A, decriminalise sex between men | The Straits Times Words are failing me here .. I'm no longer a criminal in the eyes of my own country.
  2. Not at all. By quarter past midnight - this was a Friday/early Sat - the joint was winding down already. The models were all gone, either booked out or having decamped post-show. About 5 to 6 boys were left on stage. This being ML though, the quality was decent, though hardly cream of the crop, unsurprisingly. I did meet Mr. Phnom Penh, who came recommended by one of the papa's I know. The entrance fee was still 400, but that came with two drinks instead of the usual one. (The deal with ML of course is that this is actually an entrance fee you pay at the door, so it's not possible to poke your head in first, then decide if you would like to stay.) I didn't order anything else after that, except for my boy, so I can't say if prices are indeed lower. That, however, is the case with Jupiter. First drink is 400, subsequent ones are 160/170 to 200. Hope that helps.
  3. Actually, I’m with you on this one .. The purported straightness of the Jupiter employees was a claim from one of the papa’s.
  4. Day two of the return to Bangkok saw a couple of reunions. Having done the rounds of Fresh Boys, Dream Boy and Tawan on the first night, I hit up Jupiter this evening. Surprisingly, all was as I remembered it: lots of women in the audience (couple of hen parties), and very attractive boys, mostly straight. Even the show was still good. Seems like ol' Jup managed to maintain standards, unlike DB and Tawan. One of the papa's remembered me from days of pre-pandemic yore, and that was nice. I wanted to get one of the boys to sit with me - one of the few gay ones, I was told - but, lo and behold, almost EVERY guy had been booked out. I couldn't quite believe it ... Guess Jup really is popular with a mass demographic. I took my sad, lonely ass off to Moonlight. On the way out of Silom 4, I peeked into Banana bar. There were quite a few boys on stage, but a quick scan down the lines suggested that quality control meant something else here; most of the boys looked like they er, could stand to hit the gym and/or lose a couple of pounds. I took off in double-quick time. By the time I got to ML, it was past midnight. The show was over, and the models were gone. Bumped into one of the managers who also remembered me, and it was a round of drinks. I was resigned to making do for the evening, but the silver lining in the cloud was meeting a young lovely from Phnom Penh who was only five days into the job. Fair of complexion, slender of body, and gay as a goose - so the chemistry was f**king great. I off-ed him for supper at the all-night Jap place across the street on Surawong, he more than willingly had his hand between my legs the entire cab ride back to Sukhumvit, and we ended with a great hour or so back at the hotel room. Moral of the story: some bars still have it, and some bars don't. Such is life and competition in Patpong.
  5. Slightly past 10, if I don’t recall wrongly. Granted, we stuck our heads in, then turned around pretty quickly. Might have missed a couple of warm bodies in the shadows. The gaggle of boys just sitting around though didn’t seem to suggest that.
  6. In Bangkok two and a half years later, finally! After dinner with a couple of friends - at an amazing new Thai place behind Central Embassy, but clearly catering to the hi-so crowd - we hit Patpong, but the place was a bit of a ghost town on a Thursday evening. It was a melancholic experience, the memory of Patpong and Soi Twilight at their rowdiest still fresh in the mind. We poked our heads into Fresh Boys first, where there were a number of, indeed, fresh-looking boys prancing around on stage in their skimpies with feather boas, with several more sitting around waiting for custom. It was dead quiet though, there didn't seem to be *any* patrons in there. We took off. Dream Boy was next. We were in time for the nightly festivities, but, again, the show seemed to be a pale shadow of its former self. Ditto the repertoire of boys available. As my friend - a long-time farang resident of the city - put it, standards have slipped quite a bit. Many of the boys seemed average-looking at best, and in several cases somewhat less than. The performance consisted of a couple of drag numbers, and a f**king portion that featured a pair of extremely limber young lads attached at the c*ck and ass, and moving around on stage as an attached duo like the proverbial beast with two backs. It was definitely the highlight. Two lovelies caught my eye, but we moved on to Tawan. A shift of home later, Tawan feels like a new entity, housed in a space half the original size. There was at least a decent crowd, including two women. (?!) Didn't recognize a single face from pre-pandemic days, from the wait staff to the guys. Looks like there was a complete overhaul. Ah well ... Did end up offing a new face, with a brilliant smile and a rocking bod. He turned out to be er, less straight than he claimed to be in the bar, which was was good news for me. This one might be a regular. Encountering post-Covid Patpong was a bit of shock to the system, but, hey, at least there's a Patpong to come back to! Hallelujah for small mercies.
  7. Lol, I hear ya! Fellow Singa here, and my boy hang-up is also Burmese (or, to be accurate, "Myanmar", since noun and adjective are similar in this case). Met him a couple of years ago in Moonlight, where, fortunately, he wasn't one of the models. He's totally my type: twinky and very pretty, with a peachy complexion and floppy fringe. Sort of like a less .. aspirational version of Babe. We lost contact during the pandemic. Heard he left Moonlight and returned to Myanmar, and was back in Thailand again at some point. He was completely self-involved and not great company, to be honest, nor even all that memorable in bed - attractive people in general seem to try far less - but boy was I hooked.
  8. Good to know! Thanks. Yeah, 3K is steep. Hoping BKK is as I remember it two years ago - looking forward to the trip, which happens in a couple of days.
  9. A quick question for those of you in the know (I'm not): what's the going rate these days for an outcall to one's hotel room for a massage, with the requisite happy ending of course? I was recently quoted the price of 1,500 BHT, and I'm wondering if that's indeed the usual number ..
  10. Didn't look closely at the link, clicked on it and then realized - Shameless Mack!! Love your site. ... Lucky Boys is closed? Not a great sign. It was one of the larger joints, and noticeably flourishing, in the post-Twilight era.
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