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  1. Because we're all whores here.....I have a partner, he's a whore too, lol
  2. I heard someone comment that the wind blows towards Russia, so they'd have consequences of their own doing, and Putin knows that. Tell that to the Mexicans, Central Americans among a lot of other places....the USA has been stirring up shit for as long as it's been the USA 😉 Since we're talking about Cuba.....I'll bet the Cubans of today wished their ancestors had chosen differently: After the United States seized Cuba from Spain during the Spanish–American War, the U.S. flag flew from January 1, 1899, until independence was granted. On May 20, 1902, the Cuban national flag was hoisted as a symbol of independence and sovereignty.
  3. Not anymore, there are 3 cities doing a test of no immigration forms, just your passport....Cancun is one of them. Cancun gay scene is limited to apps, mileroticos, a couple of other shitty sites and 2 gay bars in centro.....I only stay in Cancun for like 1 or 2 nights at the most and only go when I need to get a flight from there because it's cheaper or using Copa airlines.....not my favorite city in Mexico at all.
  4. But you booked a single, because was a package....do you think if it was a double, you could have interchangeable guests??
  5. I forgot to tell you about this company.....would you have done it? https://www.facebook.com/jetsNakedBeachTours
  6. That might hold true on a small business level, bar - gogo bar.....hotels are another story.
  7. I used to look forward to his column , was always funny and witty.
  8. it's free....don't remember seeing anything about paying when I submitted it
  9. for the time being....they are late to the party. They will try to do as hotels in other countries have, when bookings pick up, they'll need to recoup what was lost for the past 3 yrs.
  10. That ended in 2017......the Generation that came in the 1980 during the Mariel Boatlift and earlier were adamant to see Cuba sink into the ocean. They were the voting block you speak of because they had no one in Cuba and lately, they have been dying off. The more recent ones that have arrived in the last 20 yrs or so, still have family and friends there and want to see normalized relations between the 2 countries....which was happening until, as one of Trumps 1st acts in office, put travel restrictions back in place. I'm sure this order came direct from Putin 😉
  11. The Bacardi Family still holds a grudge, Their distillery was nationalized by Fidel. They are the muscle (money) behind keeping Cuba the way it is until Cuba recognizes and returns properties that they took, which won't happen the way they want it to. Don't believe everything you read....When Michael Moore went there for his movie "Sicko", I couldn't believe what a rosy life he painted of their healthcare.
  12. in Dallas: http://www.clubsaunas.com/ I wouldn't expect to see a top in there, never mind a cowboy, lol
  13. Perhaps you should take Gaybuttons advice: One other little thing - with a face that looks like mine, I'm doing the world a favor by covering it up with the mask. A few others around here might be kind enough to consider doing the same . . .
  14. Not all tops, not all gay for pay......even the ones that say they are only tops, when they are behind closed doors, say they do everything. I know lots of tops that travel to Latin America....bottoms outnumber tops, just abut everywhere, everyone knows that. Easier to find a horny bottom on the apps for free than a top too.....
  15. It's also the consensus of travelers to Brazil 😉
  16. I feel naked without a mask, weird. People complain about wearing a mask, yet wear clothes....I feel it's more a political statement than anything else....I don't get it 😏
  17. same, same.....stay in a hotel known for no problem with guests.
  18. Garoto de programa= escort you'll never have your prostate checked as good as they do
  19. I've been making just about the same comparisons/conclusions on this site for a number of years....NOT going to Brasil because you think it's too dangerous, well you don't know what you are missing. I've had problems in Brasil that were self inflicted, did things or went to places I shouldn't have. How many boards members have gone there for YEARS, without any issues. As long as you travel smart, this goes for any country you are in. I can count on one hand how many mediocre sex hookups I've had in Brasil....Thailand, I'm surprised when it's good sex.....but I'm probably a little more work than most posters here 😝
  20. When I arrived in Bogota a few weeks ago, the immigration line was crazy, waited 2 1/2 hours.....was no one when I was leaving, but the officer told me that depending on the time of day, leaving can be just as bad.
  21. Bill Maher has long said, unhealthy and overweight, other health conditions is what contributed to such a high Covid death rate in many countries. He may be right, many Thai's are naturally fit, due to their diets and non-sedentary lifestyle 🤔
  22. Remember Alex Martinez when he came up to St. Augustine......??
  23. That's nice....glad you are doing well, compared to the alternative. It's been a long time and I'm sure you know, Ray passed away a long time ago. Hope you get back on the whore horse and head to Brasil or Thailand sometime, or come visit me in Mexico, I have a guest room 😉
  24. Not very different....what was the whole point of Brexit......?
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