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  1. I prefer in person...gotta see the smell, walk and talk...too many pictures the guy looks macho and then in person he sashay's away, ugh Gotta see some of the bills I've reconciled for some friends, my bills on the other hand are very straight forward 😲
  2. And you'll be surprised how much bigger it will be too....
  3. He compared government officials visiting other countries doesn't make them best friends.....don't be hysterical 😝
  4. Or you could use a dildo or some large vegetables to "squash" that desire, so to speak 😝
  5. Peso is 16.70 to 1 USD//// Peso is stronger and nothing has decreased in price....so not getting nearly as much for the dollar as before, peso was 16.40 the other day and supposedly going to get stronger....
  6. I know it's London...but I'd be hard pressed to spend $200usd for an hr......I spent $100 for a guy in Cancun recently that I had been lusting over for about a year and finally gave in, was several hours together agreed in advance. He said the reason he gets so much is TOURISTS, come in and throw money at these guys.....is why when I'm traveling, I try not to throw the balance off scale for the locals and stick to the median price range, which is still good for the working guys too btw.
  7. and the Mexican Peso is getting much stronger 😲
  8. The design, installation, operation, maintenance, and testing of systems for the prevention of explosions. The design, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm and signaling systems, including detection layout, occupant notification, and emergency communication systems. From Google
  9. Even less....I'm not like a lesbian and can do scissor sex either 😬
  10. They all look the same practically 😟
  11. Like not falling down the ladder 😝
  12. I'm not into stamp collecting and as a bottom, I'm not paying someone wanting me to fuck them....plenty of that for free online.
  13. You've told me that....I knew I could drag you out of the shadows 😝
  14. Yes, with the limited time of the massage duration purchased....I like to hang out, have some drinks, not just sex express.... So whether on the apps or bars, I try to be very direct/explicit in what I'm looking for so there is no misunderstanding. If they don't live up to their end of the deal, I'm not shy to send them away without payment (maybe some small transportations money)... I've brought guys back to the mamasans in the past, not many but perhaps a handful over the years because they were blatantly playing the , do nothing and get paid game....I don't play that.
  15. he's not alone....happens with tops and bottoms...so many customers perpetuate this issue by paying them for not doing what they said they would....and some tip them on top of that!
  16. It's a 3 shot series....2nd one 1-2 months after the first and the 3rd 6 months later.... Wonder if that price is all 3 or just one?
  17. No peeing on the moderators.....most of them anyway.
  18. not sure if You've ever watched Little Britain, I think of him whenever I see it...here a funny compilation of this skit they do, where he says he's the only gay in the neighborhood.....
  19. Columbia...Stop that!!, lol All 3 are more expensive than before, inflation has grabbed a hold everywhere. However, still a bargain. Brasil has a more organized whore scene because of the saunas and now the visa has been pushed back another year, which simplifies things. However a longer (pricier?) flight, especially for biz. I'm just back from Colombia and going back in May, because of booking error with a friend that I just went with....but flights from Mexico (where I live) are cheap, wasn't a big mistake, Look at Copa airlines flights, generally have good fares and even in economy, is ok....I've never had a bad experience with them, except their call center. I'd split up Bogota and Medellin, inter country flights are cheap $13-70 usd 1 way. Buy an open jaw ticket from LAX to MDE and from Bog to LAX...I'd fly to MDE 1st, fewer international flights than Bogota and a lesser chance to be stuck in a HUGE immigration line, my strategy after getting stuck in a 2hr immigration line last year Bogota. Guys asking $15-100usd, most in the $30-50 usd range Mexico city is always fun, tons of guys on Grindr and Mileroticos ...Hilton across from Bellas Artes is the only hotel in the city that wouldn't let me bring a guest.... Brasil is almost always awesome, but when rio is busy SP is meh and vice versa...so chose wisely. Do you speak SPanish or Portuguese? You top or bottom...into twinks, hairy, brown, black, white.....can give better advice with a little more info πŸ˜‰
  20. But on that logic, I'm 100% that I've slept with @gayinpattaya before, that's practically incest sleeping with a sister 😫
  21. or not....conversation doesn't seem complete enough to know...but, Hope springs eternal πŸ˜‰
  22. So chances are that we've slept together 😱
  23. My friend that was with me on this trip is a top...he found more available in Medellin. The food choices in Poblado, although not cheap were very good. He's a Brasil fan and speaks Portuguese, had problems communicating with the guys, which was frustrating for him and the checking guys in at hotel reception, he felt embarrassed.....he's glad he went, I'm sure Brasil will remain his thing...he likes the convenience of the saunas.
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