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  1. New Screwboy bar was a karaoke after hours place. It may sstillbe or maybe has morphed into something else. It wasn't open when I visited in May. I'll investigate next week. The original Screwboys calls itself "new". It's all designed to be lost in translation.
  2. There is interest...several forum members follow Numazu's Brazil reports on boytoy.com As to the airfares...they jump around and may drop in the near future. Kayak and/or google.flight will predict the direction of fares.
  3. Unspoken theme - Maxi’s is missed!
  4. Enjoying your report...keep posting...
  5. My solution, at least up to now, has been to write a trip report and post it. I learn from the replies and comments. Then I take all of that I start to plan my next trip and to look at the calendar and see when that can happen and maybe a trip after that. I keep in touch with forum members who post comments but dont' detail much of what they see. And sometimes, international crises intervene favorably. Example...I've been planning a late November trip, I was also going to be in Hong Kong for the US Labor Day Holiday. The State Department sent me a warning about that...so, instead of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, I'll change plans in the airport and have a five day visit to Bangkok. I'll check things out for November and savor the extra visit.
  6. There is a Dreamboys and a Dreamboys Paradiso. Same management, entrances are just a few steps from one another. Lucky Boys, Freahboys, and HotMale have all relocated there.
  7. I'm all for the backpackers - I was lucky to begin traveling very early on and haven't stopped.
  8. Chinese tourism may decline as the Yuan (RMB) has been devalued - this may result in available seats at Dreamboys. I suspect forum members will become well versed in currency fluctuations in the very near future as national economies start playing around/manipulating their currencies. I'll be in Thailand at the end of August and then again at the end of November - the USD$ remains strong, so I shouldn't have to adjust too much (I hope).
  9. The Tarntawan is offering airport transportation as part of its pricing. BUT ONLY for those booking directly. The booking sites have slightly better (lower) pricing but don’t include the airport ride. The hotel website indicates there is a spa! Reader, are you sure that was a water tank you saw arriving? (Lol). i was pricing hotels as my end of the month trip to Hong Kong looks to be a less than attractive destination as several of my friends are going to be out of town or have advised me to come at another time. As my ticket to HK is of a code that won’t return all of what I paid, my revised plan, will put me into HK airport and I’ll catch a flight to Bangkok and spend three nights and then reverse the whole thing. Now back to hotel shopping...noticing The Raya is noting that many of its offering have windows that are no longer windows but “features”...wondering if these are the rooms that might have faced Twilight if it was still there...then again, they could be on the floor that’s been under construction on the floor under the reception level. So much to discover...
  10. Thanks and welcome to the ranks of the "reporters"
  11. Regarding Sao Paulo - it may be a Numazu effect!
  12. I look at what I'm spending on 2 or 3 yearly trips to Thailand as a retirement supplement. When I can no longer travel, those funds will be available for aging in place in the US. But while I'm able to travel I plan/hope to travel.
  13. I read this in the LA Times this morning...learned a lot (not difficult as I knew almost nothing).
  14. I’m the type who when checking review sites looks for the really negative reviews. They can be revealing...sometimes, one person’s dislikes can be exactly what I’m looking for.
  15. One limit to Yield Management is the authority granted to front line staff to adjust things. Not too far back in time, I was at The Raya. I decided to extend my stay. I checked the pricing for two nights on Agoda. I then went to the Reception desk and asked about extending. I was the only non-staff person there. The rate I was quoted was significantly higher than on Agoda. I mentioned this and asked if the rate could be matched.the “ no”was polite. So,I went back to my room and booked the additional nights on Agoda at the lower rate.
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