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  1. When going to Bangkok or Pattaya, I will post my dates in the forum and ask if anyone will be in town when I am in Thailand. While the number of members I've met doesn't total near as many as @vinapu, it is enough to have made for many interactions, some looking for spies at now gone Madrid pizza. It's been fun to be with @vinapu and @spoon as they tend to look for companions slightly different than my searches.
  2. I've changed my trip plans to align my time in Bangkok with the visits of some other forum members. I am now booked round trip on Eva with a stop on Taipel in each direction. It is the fastest way by several hours to transit the Pacific. M original booking wasn't on Eva as a 48 hour covid test was required for transit passengers. That requirement was dropped as of July 14th. I will be going economy using 84,000 miles/points for the round trip. That prices the trip at approximately $1,100 based on a value of 1.3 cents per mile/point
  3. I am in general agreement with @macaroni21 on Lucky Boys except for the description of the leaseholder as "poor". He/she is the leaseholder for Lucky Boys and Bangkok Massage. So is the power behind Screwboys future. Hopefully both will find ways to love and breathe again. I anticipate the powers behind the powers will find a way to thrive.
  4. The Thai version of viagra is sidegra was available at the pharmacy you ask about as well a most of the other pharmacies in the neighborhood, no prescription required. Cialis is similar is viagra so I suspect other pharmacies along Surawong will be available to assist. Sidegra comes in a tablet and a gel, one frequent correspondent on this board prefers the gel as he believes it is quicker acting.
  5. On massages, check recommendations from @reader who is just back and is a massage connoisseur ranking with @DivineMadman and @TotallyOz
  6. I prefer the Amara and have just booked three night there in September. It's about a five minute walk from the New Twilight Male bar and five more from Moonlight, Hot Male, DreamBoys etc. The Raya once steps from Twilight is now next to a construction site. It hasn't moved just the developers have moved in on Twilight. If debating between the two, recommend a @vinapusolution...a few nights at each. My version of this is Amara to start, then Pattaya for a few nights, then back to Bangkok with a stay at the new Quarter Silom hotel.
  7. At @reader's suggestion I joined the Amara Club. The rates in September are about 40% less than August which works well for my September Bangkok visit.
  8. A Rose isn't always a Rose when its a residence and not a hotel
  9. I was planning on Eva for it convenience and quality...unfortunately transferring flights in Taipei requires a covid test. So I booked United to Tokyo then transfer to Thai. Not a lot of great choices for those going west to Bangkok from the west coast of the USA
  10. As @readerobserves this is a topic that has drawn lots of insightful comments. As one who has a few years on you, I can only say is relax into vacations. I aim for three weeks visits as there is a boredom quotient tht grows with the length of stay. I agree with @floridarob that sometimes chilling out in the hotel is a suffieicnt way to end the day/night and recharge.
  11. The Rose does look nice but the price is pricey (i.e $250-$300 USD per night).
  12. Agree with Reader and Vinapu"s +1
  13. I've has boys walk with me, I've had boys walk a bit behind, and I've had boys lead me to my hotel (due to the boy internet, they knew where I was staying). In each scenario the goal of getting the boy to the hotel was achieved.
  14. Airfares may be less in December. In a "normal" year that wouldn't be the case, but there's a big drop as of the 2nd week in September. Now this is from the perspective of someone coming from the west coast of the US. Flying to Bangkok in September the fares are $500+ less that in August.
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