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  1. Vacation has kicked in as the jet lag lessens. My phone has messages from Yoyo and Hab. Try to plan a day as there is nothing on my schedule and figure out that’s not a bad thing. Heat is still oppressive but with my new wide brimmed hat, I can venture out - and since google informed me that Tony Leather moved just as the other denizens of Twilight did and how to find - I have a morning goal. Tony Leather was the remaining Leather work store on Surawong. When I first returned to Bangkok there were a few leather stores where one could buy shoes, belts, jackets off the rack or have them made to order. Over time, all but Tony closed. The Indian restaurant near Siam Heritage hotel was one leather location closed three years back. Anyway, with google map in hand I cross Surawong, turn left and 300 steps on I am there. Jack , the owner, tells me they only had short notice that the lease wouldn’t renew. This new location was once the 88 Restaurant, I’m here to have a light weight leather jacket made up. He shows me some samples, none of which is what I’m imagining. I promise to come back on Wednesday to see some more samples. We talk price, we bargain, we are almost in agreement. See what happens on Wednesday. (Even at Jack’s first price, the jacket would cost less than half a non custom made jacket would at home). Sorry, if this sounds like a commercial. I like the shop and have at least a five year relationship and many shoes and belts to attest to it. Took the day as it came, some street food for lunch, set up with a friend an outing to the National Museum for Thursday and the Bangkok Silent Film Festival for Friday. Around 7pm, I head to Telephone for dinner and to watch the boys come to work at Jupiter. It’s too early, visit Banana Bar, talk to a Nikrat masseur I know who tells me business is slow...everyone always tells me that...but it might be true as there are available seats everywhere. Decide, that since I’ve checked out most of the action at the relocations, tonight it will be Jupiter or Moonlight. It’s only 9:30ish, so I don’t want to hang out in Jupiter until 10:30, I’ll go to Moonlight. Encounter update #2. The first update which I didn’t number was the Hot Male mamasan now mamsaning at Superboyz. This new encounter is my running into the Hot Male grabber/tout with the bandana who was often called out in reports. Anyway, he’s touting for Moonlight which makes sense as the owner is the same guy as Hot Male’s owner. He chats me up, tells me the show doesn’t start until 10:30....so I go to Starbucks for an ice tea, some internet, and to use the restroom. Discovered lots of antique and jewelers shops in the Burger King/ Starbucks Mall. OK, walk back and let the tout take me to Moonlight. He gets points...customer miles(?). It’s now about10:15. Place is jammed, really jammed, only seats open is the row of stools at the foot of the stage and some spaces near the shower which is to he left of the central seating area. That’s where I’m taken. Not a bad seat as I’m very close to a corner of the stage where all of the boys and “mega stars” move during their on stage rotation. Within a few minutes, the other three seats are taken. One gut can only see the stage by looking through the glass wall of the shower(!). I order my paid with entrance fee drink. There are several bottle tables in play, and two seats in the first row closest to the stage off the main passageway have an assigned waiter. These stools will be filled by two Japanese guys who will finish their bottle during the show. A neighbor of theirs has a line up of shots at his seat. Group of women behind me have waiter service with some of the rotation boys already with them, another table of women near the bar. As far as I can tell, I am the only farang (see my definition in earlier report). Maybe 10% of customers are women. One of the mamasans who remembers me from past visits (or at least tells me that and mamasans don’t lie), well, he tells me they have many many guests from China and Taiwan. Ugly American that I am, I didn’t perceive that it’s not always the Chinese that are flooding the area with visitors, it might be the Taiwanese I watch the rotation. First thing I notice, is many of the boys are shirtless. This is an improvement over my visit in November where only one or two were shirtless. Guys are a mix, young, mature, good bodies, some very good bodies. Many are meeting my offable standards. #5 is a stand out, shirtless, with a hard gymnast’s body, but no smile. Boys exit the stage and come by where I’m sitting until the have to move them to wedge in more customers. One of the young boys is a friend of the guy who has the see the stage through the shower seat. Quite a few of the guys join the women sitting behind me who are running an open bar. Show starts. Now, I may have been the first forum member to review Moonlight when it took over the old Jupiter space. The waiters were still wearing Jupiter polo shirts. I mention this to note how much everything has improved. Yes, it’s 500 baht which is an increase over two years. The show is excellent, no wasted time, no lady nobody’s singers. Opens number solid with all of the stars moving and celebrating themselves as each, in tun, mounts some steps to be at the top on the choreography. Here are Tae, Lucky, Turn, Smart, and the ever lusted after Babe. They will return two more times, once the always video entry down the stairs which occurs at the exact mid point of the show and one more energetic dance number. Babe, probably due to his height, is the best dancer. The other numbers come quickly, change over to next scene is quick., I’m living in fear of a lady boy number, remembering when there was a staircase to the stage and always a diva singing. Not tonight...guess they have all moved to DB Paradiso. One downer is that none of the “stars” is in the Raining Men number. At some point during the show the row of stools directly in front of the stage is filled by a group, not a tour, but men and women who arrived together.. During one of the musical numbers, one of the rotation boys who is in it is given a baht necklace by the guy with the row of shots set up. The dancer also takes a shot along with the necklace. Shower closes with the shower scene. Only three guys are closer to the shower action than I am. Then it’s time for the finale. Several red notes and shots are passed to different boys during the finale when all of the dancers, save the stars, come on stage before the new rotation starts at 11:30. Place empties out as the rotation begins. To my surprise, there are still more than 20 guys in the rotation and all have numbers. I find i have some Jimmy Carter’ lust in my heart for #5 (google ther reference). My aging body is still worn out from Hab and Yoyo, and I hadn’t planned on an off...so I decided to give him some red notes and come back another night. My Mamasan “friend” signals for him to come over to me, I give him the notes, and the smile - which he never had on stage - was wide and engaging. You can write the scrip...ten minutes later, we were out the door, escorted by the bandana man, who I think was singing my praises. We get to the Tarntawan and OMG he doesn’t have his passport! A rerun of last night...he tells the desk his situation, they won’t budge. I’m thinking of an improper bride. But, my off, whose name is “Shy” says if ok with me, he lives nearby and will go get his passport. Everyone is happy... WIthin ten minutes he’s at the door, he must have moved quickly as he has a strong masculine sweat smell. Once he is out of his clothes, what I see is as close to perfection (for me) as I can conceive. The rest of the night goes very very well. This is one of those rare offs of whom I take a photo. We exchange Line info. Then we shower together and then work up another sweat smelll. I am a happy and lucky man. Today’s rant...the auto correct cannot decide if mamasan is capitalized or not. So Iet it be erratic. Today’s rave - thanks for the kind works and PMs. Auto correct changed “shower” to whore. I corrected the autocorrect. One thing with this heat wave is that I have time to keep up my journal...usually, it waits until there is a one break or I am home. This is close to real time reporting....don’t hold me to it...tomorrow is a return to Jupiter.
  2. I, too, rarely ask in advance and prefer to go with the flow. Thanks for the report.
  3. This morning I had a chance to talk with the manager of the soon to be closed and remodeled and renamed Tarntawan. The changes include a new entry area and courtyard alignment. Taking out and replacing all the carpet (must be reading this Forum topic), upgrading the bathrooms, lobby redone. He thinks (hopes) it call all be town in 6 to 8weeks.
  4. Confirm ChristianPFC’s report. Nature Boy open last night.
  5. Rant of the day - it’s hot. Temperature is double what it is at home...really curtails my desire to be out and about in daytime.. So...to continue Hab left around 2am to catch his visa run bus. I slept in until almost 10am which is unprecedented for me. Tarntawan breakfast using same menu that’s been here for at least a decade. Food, though, is fresh! Haven’t seen the manager who parks his Honda in the driveway...want ask about the changes and to whom the new Imperial Hotel Surawong would be marketed. Deciding some personal care and some air conditioning was in order, I took the BTS to MBK Center and got lost finding Red Nails (2nd floor C Section). One of my offs introduced me to this salon some time ago and it is now a regular stop where I get a pedicure. I could give a series of reasons to justify the need for this procedure, formerly infected toe, broken nail, etc...BUT, it’s for the sheer pleasure of walking once the calluses are removed. Wander around MBK using my restored feet, so many areas I rarely visit. Focus on the 5th floor - crafts. Which include such artistic masterpieces as T-shirts, silk scarves. I pick up some souvenirs and must be the first customer of the day as my payment is waved over the shelves. Back to hotel to drop off my packages (2) and then head off to visit the guys at Excelsior Tailors in the Siam Heritage Hotel. It’s a social call to keep up my contact, but I don’t need anything this trip. Headed to Madrid to meet a fellow Forum member and have some pizza. Same four ladies still in charge in Madrid, it’s pointed it that several of the artworks are actually framed puzzles. Unlike some other Forum gourmets, I am not of the option that Madrid’s pizza is stellar. But I like the character of the service and the purported history. There are signs on the entry door and the bathroom door advertizin that Madrid will be celebrating its 50th year in November. (Vinapu put that in your calendar). Now, I’m off on my own, as my dining companion isn’t into the bars (at least tonight). So as I start a shortcut through the stalls of Patpong 1, I see a familiar face sitting at the entrance to Superboyz, the 2nd of the two gay bars/gogos on Patpong 1. The gatekeeper is the larger of the Twilight Hot Male mamasans. Surprised to see him / he’s surprised to see me. He leads me up a very steep flight of stairs (steep fights of stairs will be another “rant” soon enough). At the top of the stairs one turns to the left and can see the whole room - which is modestly wide and narrow (two rows of seating facing a stage. On the stage are 6 guys, types are difficult to classify. More than twinks but not by much. I thank the Mamasan for his tour and holding the handrail, head to Patpong 2. There is a traffic jam of touts, grabbers, and hangers on where Dream Boys Paradiso, Hot Male, Fresh Boys, Lucky Boys, and Screwboys are located. Out of past loyalty, I head first to Hot Male, where I’m welcomed by the previous site’s Mamasan. He shows me the outdoor bar which has potential as it overlooks Patpong 2. Note - didn’t see either of the two Twilight Hot Male grabbers, all new faces in new logo shirts. We go into the club, one of the boys waves me over to where he is sitting. He is the only one left from the previous location - he recognized me and knows that I won’t be offing him. That makes it easy to sit and checkout his version of what is happening with Hot Male. Having looked at the “talent” on stage, I mention that it sort of average and the coyote dancers aren’t up to the standard (I’ve offed two of the HM coyotes from the old location). He tells me to wait to check out one of the new boys, “just your type” he says. This is not a surprise, as I learned a long time back that the boys score their clients and note likes and dislikes and pass the information along. There may even be a secure web app for the boys to share client stories. When asked, he tells me the show is pretty much the same but they don’t have a lot of the stage space they had before. Lots of rings hanging above the stage, so that effect is still there. The mamasan joins us and tells me the boys were from Cambodia, VietNam, and Myanmar. The rotation changes and one stunning boy steps on stage (this is the one I was told I would like). I’m introduced, but it’s too early - just 9pm. I tell him I’ll be back. I may have meant it. At this point a group of non-Farangs comes in and sucks all of the attention, which gives me the chance to leave. I give #1 two red bills to my old familiar who is #1 and a god guy if you’re at HotMale. Mr Myanmar gives me a kiss. OK...next - Freshboys...as this is on the same level as Hot Male I can just walk over and avoid the stairs. As I go to enter, one of the waiters is coming out, he sees me (avoids running into me), turns and escorts me in. Room hasn’t changed since I last reported on it, U-shaped seating surrounding a thrust stage. Same mamasan as before, I don’t know her name, but she leaves me alone. Maybe 16 boys in rotation on stage, one with the face of a rascal keeps engaging with me via smiles and some crotch pulling. Waiter (#8) comes over and takes my drink order...#8 is young, but then almost everyone is, and very sexy. I invite the rascal over, he tells me he is 23 and from Vietnam. He looks much younger, very touchy feeling, puts my hand where it can roam. I buy him a drink and when #8 brings it over, I start to think about lust with a waiter. My Viet boy is not to my type. I see the last boys dressing for their musical numbers and decide its time to leave. I give Mr. 23 year old a red note and thank him for his time. Another waiter brings me my bill, so there is no chance to proposition #8. I wonder if I actually would have... Seating note...sitting to the right of the front of the stage one has a clear view of the boys dressing room. OK...now to check out Paradiso. Down a flight of stairs, using the handrail as these steps aren’t as well lit as Hot Male’s. There are now even more touts about as it’s almost showtime. Paradiso is similar in size to Stranger Bar on Soi 4. If one isn’t familiar with Stranger Bar’s layout, think narrow in width and not a lot of depth to the room. 5 muscle guys, sort of beefy, on stage. Drinks are 350...same as Hot Male price. Place is full, but not sure what that means, one other farang. Leave after I finish my drink, learning that the off fee tonight is 400. Not sure if it changes night to night. As the show is starting at Lucky Boys, I let a grabber help me up the stairs.. OK...Rant - I’m relatively agile, but the stairs at Superboyz, Freshboys, HotMale, and Lucky Boys are steep enough that Sherpas should be provided. As I’m happy so many clubs were able to relocate, (Rave) that will have to be endured. Since I was at Lady Lucy’s Lucky Boys last night and taken Hab away with me, I was greeted with ruffles and flourishes by Lucy. Boys are paraded for me, advantages, disadvantages all analyzed. At least 30 boys in the rotation, more sitting with customers. I’m the token farang, though I’ll be joined later by another. Place is fairly full, and this is a big room compared to the others I’ve visited tonight. I ask #39 to join me and buy him as drink. He’s Cambodian. On stage he looked Iike a deer caught in the headlights. Tells me, in my limited Cambodian which matches his English vocabulary, that he’s been in Thailand for half a year, at the club for a month. Since he’s sitting with me, Lucy keeps returning to see if I will off him. He and I run though the check of what he/we will do. Boxes checked, I agree to an off, He goes to change. Show begins...artsy, with elaborately costumed lady boy singers. In my jaundiced opinion, show is nothing special. #39 and I leave for my hotel. I ask if he’d like anything to eat. Offer declined. Holds myhand and guides me along Surawong. At the hotel, he recognizes it and tells me he doesn’t have his ID or passport. UGH. Frustrating. I give him 200 and he departs. It’s now somewhere after 11pm. I go up to my room, realize I’m, being foolish and head to Screwboys, with a thought that maybe the waiter at Freshboys....(thought left unfinished). At Screwboys, I’m shown to a table where a couple is already seated, and I’m wedged in. All the tables and seats are taken, crowd is about 30% female. I am (again) the only farang (in the Euro-Caucasian sense). I no more than sit down and I’m waved at by a two time former off, he’s changed his name to Yoyo. I invite him over, no room to sit, Mamasan finds a place by the stage. Yoyo and I are familiars, I don’t have to ask any questions about do’s and don’ts. Decide to skip my #8 waiter hunt. I pay the fee of 400. I ask if he wants any food and he gets some Durian from a street vendor. We have that back at the room before we get into bed and do things. His cumshot is even greater than Hab’s the previous night. Yoyo tells me I’m his first customer this week (it’s Sunday, and I don’t ask when his week started) but it’s a magnificent tribute to abstinence. We hang out in bed for a while and then shower together. He’s a good guy, genuinely handsome, and Vietnamese. The only Viet, who when i met him 2 years ago, was more than willing to do everything and mean it. Now he’s put on some guard rails, but not for me, or I didn’t cross them. I give him 2000. We say good night, and the Line messages and photos begin on Line. Comment - mentioning that I’m one of the few farangs I notice in the clubs, the mamasans who chat me up and that’s at least 3, tell me the customers are mainly Chinese, but indicated that more and more are really Taiwanese, and they are seeing more Koreans. Japanese are few are far between - unless it’s a girly bar in Thania. I’m going to take a break now...had thought I’d include my Moonlight report here...but it’s time for my massage and I need to get to Arena. Thanks for the PMs, I hope I put the answers into this portion of the report.
  6. Thaipuan available on line for those not in Thailand
  7. There are 5 gay clubs on Patpong 2. On ground level are Dream Boy Paradiso and Screwboys. One flight up are Hot Male and Hot Male Bar, Freshboys, and Lucky Boys. Nearby just across and up a soi is Moonlight, the current reigning champion. On soi 4 off of Silom is Banana Club, Stranger Bar - the House of Drag Queens, and Jupiter - which is Moonlight’s closest competition on Patpong 1 - are two places that opened in the last month or so - Banana and Superboyz. I estimate no Club is more than 5 minutes from any other, except for Tawan, Golden Cock, Super A, and Nature Boy, which a few minutes further down Surawong and nestled close to one other.
  8. ggobkk


    Just said goodbye to an incredible almost perfect off from Moonlight. I’ll post more in my trip report. His name is Shy - he isn’t.
  9. Tony Leather which for many years could be found just to the right of Twilight was included in the shut down. New location is almost directly across from Hilton Tailor - the place ant will make suits and also does laundry.. tony has made shoes, belts, and two”leather jackets for me over the years. Custom made shoes for less than a pair of Eccos at home. definite recommendation.
  10. Just a note on the weather...it’s predicted to hit 36c this afternoon - which curtails some of daytime activities. Due to interest on the Forum (and my own interest) I’m trying to visit the new venues and the old venues in new locations before returning to Moonlight and Jupiter...and Golden Cock. If time permits, I’ll check out Tawan.
  11. DivineMadman - where did you get such a flattering photo of Lucy? She’s now dressed in yellow in honor of the King.
  12. I’ve used Excelsior which is located in the Siam Heritage Hotel on Surawong. Over the years I’ve had a couple of suits, several jackets, multiple pairs of pants, and an average of four shirts a year for the past several years. Caution - no matter which tailor you use, leave time for fittings and adjustments.
  13. Bandara was gay friendly when I was there in late November. Didn’t know about the construction going on...I’m leery about noise which is what the Raya is nor on my current list of places to stay.
  14. I made it to Bangkok mid-day, yesterday, Saturday...which was Visalia Buddha Day. As FloridaRob noted elsewhere in the Forum that translates into NO ALCOHOL until midnight. I flew in on Thai airways from Hong Kong. I arrived in Hong Kong from San Francisco Friday evening. I stayed at the Regal Airport Hotel which is a walkway away from Terminal 1. It’s decent and seems to house tourists like me who don’t want to wander around the terminal and sleep on benches waiting for their connection, it also houses flight crews from a roster of airlines. Note: Romeo and Blued were filled with what looked to be flight attendants. Rant - periodically in this trip report, I may use the space to vent. Here is the first one - I was pleased to note that I was upgraded on the flight to HK...this was the second time in a week, having received the same courtesy going to London 6 days prior. Nice, but with the lay-flat seats, it’s claustrophobic! I was never comfortable in the flat bed as I’m a side sleeper. The UA beds are designed for those who sleep on their backs. Back in the days without cubbyhole business seating, the seats reclined but not into beds, I was always able to sleep...Actually, once I turned the bed into more of a recliner I slept. One more addition to this rant: is there a rule that window shades should be down throughout the flight. Only three were up even for landing. Increases my sense of being in a cave...and unlike the Thai soccer boys, not sure of a rescue. Rave - rants should be offset by raves. This rave is for my fellow Forum members. BiggusDikkus’s reminiscence of his tour led visit to Galaxy Boys, reminded me of how much reading this Forum and taking in the advice helped when I returned to Thailand after a two decade absence. Examples from the first hours of this trip. As I report on my visit, I’ll note where there was a Forum insight. Thai’s flight from HK was comfortable and all the window shades were up. I had a row to myself, the 777-300 was only half full. One incredibly handsome, sexy guy, a row over. BUT he was with his wife/girl friend and the mother of one of them was in Business. Enjoyable eye candy. Arriving close to on time, it was a good half mile to immigration. Incredibly handsome guy and family sped by in a cart. My mind goes to Crazy Rich Asians. Get to immigration and it is jammed. Forum Rave note; a few years back one of the Forum members, perhaps PaulSF, told me about the priority channel...which is for diplomats, monks, and folks over 70. I’m in one of those categories and was the only one using the channel. Note - if it hasn’t been mentioned already, immigration is collecting fingerprint scans as part of the arrival process. My luggage was arriving at the carrousel just as I did. Incredibly handsome guy was there with two assistants pulling luggage. Then I noticed that the mom was in a wheelchair...explaining the ride from the plane and the need for the help with luggage he’s still handsome... Forum rave = this was one of the very rate times I’ve arrived when the trains are running to the City. I carefully followed the directions provided more than once by Vinapu. Go to level B, use the machines, take the token, but (Forum rave) find the currency exchange as noted. My rate was 31.71 to the dollar. Took the train, changed as instructed in the Forum, using escalators and lifts, only had to tote my bag and backpack down some steps at Sala Daeng to use the escalator in the Thania Building. 90 minutes after landing I was wheeling my suitcase. Into the Tarntawan and greeted by the desk staff, one of whom has been there since the Lukas era. I had been assigned to my favorite room on the 5th floor. It’s a two room set up and has many happy memories for me of good times and many boys. I unpacked, put my important things in the safe. After washing up, I went to Prime Massage. It was 5pm and I was told I could reserve for 6pm. OK...I used the time to check for neighborhood changes. There is a hotel complex being created in the space between the Tarntawan and the apartment building across from Prime. Last year, I read the sign wrong and told DivineMadman it was an expansion of the hospital. Wrong.No construction was visible. Went to Soi 4 where the massage boys were out from both Adam and Nikrat. Tempting. I located Banana Bar on 4 but saw it would be closed tonight due to the no alcohol holiday. Tables were being set up at Telephone I checked in with my workout shirt vendor who will pull some shirts in my size for me to pick up later. Now to Patpong 2...things seem concentrated what with Screwboys and DreamBoiz on the street level, and Lucky Boys, Fresh Boys, Hot Male one flight up. Could be tricky for members who are agility shy. Back to Prime for a luxurious one hour foot massage, followed by a classic “it will feel better once the pain stops” Thai massage. Just what I need as I’d been in planes for more than forty hours in the past ten days. Masseur was Yo and I’d like to have him for another pain session. It was now 8:30 so I sought out some street food and went looking around. The Forum has a report that there were two new male bars on Patpong 1. I found Banana and let the Mamasan pull me in with a severely discounted drink price of 200...remember no alcohol so $6 for a coke...interesting set up, with what looks to be a stage in a triangular shaped room. 6 boys, all twinks. One other boy was the music master and energizer bunny. Mamasan told me she had a room upstairs. I enjoyed talking with her and about the month they had been open. Could use more business. It was too early for an off so I noted that the Udon Thani energizer was a future possibility. As I left, I was grabbed by a tout, I thought he might be from the other new gay bar...he wasn’t and I didn’t take up[ his offer for a reduced rate for watching pole dancing. I later learn the other new gay bar on Patpong 1 is right next door to Banana. I decided it was time to head over to Patpong 2...Moonlight was closed for the holy day and so was Hot Male, which I learned after I’d climbed the stairs. The grabber for Lucky Boys moved in before the Dream Bois grabber. Up a flight of brightly lit stairs, entrance lobby is brightly lit and seems to be the location for the toilets/changing areas. Let into the main room, who was there to greet me but Mamasan Lucy! Quickly she ushered me to a table with a clear view of the stage and a drink order given (350 tonight as its no alcohol until midnight). I immediately noticed no one was on the stage but there are a lot of guys in the room all are still dressed and wearing numbers as are the waiters. (Forum confirmation. = the waiters are offable). There are some other customers, two of whom are female. Lucy knows why I’m there, so I can’t pull any of Vinapu’s Mamasan brush offs. We talk, she brings over a Cambodian boy, 23 years old. I buy him a drink, we talk - we have nothing in common. There is an announcement of some sort and all the boys stand up and move to the changing areas. At 9pm, the boys, other than the waiters, move into performance wear, or lack of. Lots of smiles to me, I’m one of the few possible customers at this hour on a holy day, so I don’t put it down to my innate charm. About 30 boys take to stage with at least a dozen waiting for stage space to open up. I should note that it’s a really impressive space and well designed. But, I digress. Lucy’s chosen returns in his boxers and knowing he isn’t going to be my choice, tells me about some of the boys on stage as I indicate who looks attractive to me. Guys range between twinks and lightly muscled guys. He suggests a couple of guys - he favors Cambodians (surprise). Lucy checks in, She brings over one of the boys I was interested in. I give Mr. Cambodia 100 THB and thank him. He gives me a kiss. New guy is handsome, good tight musculature, and Vietnamese. I ask about what he likes/is willing to do. Note: he’s Vietnamese, so I’m pretty sure of the answer...to my surprise he is willing to do even less than most Vietnamese. Another 100 and thank you for your time. While my inquisition was taking place, many of the others boys swan by and blow kisses and some rub my back. Lucy brings over #22. Name is Hab. 24. Cambodian. Good English. Says in English he does everything. Lucy confirms. I like his look and his answers, so I tell him to get dressed. While he is dressing one of the waiters comes over and tells me that I will like Hab. Waiter is from Cambodia! Hab returns, I settle up. Off fee is 400. Short time agreed at 2000. Note: Lucky Boys has an accounting system. Each successive slip in the check bin, increases the total charged. So while there were multiple slips in the bin, only the most recent was the one for payment. After, Lucy insists on giving me a goodbye kiss, Hab and I leave for the Tarntawan. We pause at DreamBois for a look. Really small, shirtless guy on stage. Make a mental note to return. Back in the room at the Tarntawan he was everything he promised and more. Attentive, submissive, dominant, as needed or wished. I finished before he did and his cumshot was enormous spraying him and me. After a shower, we settled back for some in bed bonding. He left when it was time to catch his 3am visa run bus. I recommend Hab...note if you ever off him, his erogenous zone is his left nipple. I know, I know more information than is needed. All in all, not a bad first day in Bangkok. Actually, it was a great day. Please excuse typos etc as I writing this on an ipad - which limits my ability to check things.
  15. Observation...if BiggusDikkus was paying 2000 THB for an off two decades ago...given inflation, currency fluctuations, etc...today’s prices are a bargain.
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