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  1. Actually, no need to kid...to all appearances much of Twilight is moving to the other side of Surawong and brushes up alongside soi 4. Now awaiting news of Hot Male's journey...
  2. Map shows opposite side from Screwboys and photos it on left when walking toward Surawong.
  3. Thanks for your reports...they are enjoyable and informative. Enjoy the remainder of your visit and rest up for your next visit.
  4. Sending good wishes to the Thai people for this election.
  5. Agree with DivineMadman...especially his last comment about having a rgular off in a bar.
  6. You didn’t indicate if your Bangkok visit is only the 3 days in May when your friend is with you. As you also mention ticket for an April visit. If it’s only 3 days in total, start with your friend full time if the chemistry isn’t there, be honest and put him up in another hotel if the chemistry is there - stay with him. On buying/ helping purchase - I’m no role model as I’ve bought a phone for a gogo guy. That was five years ago and haven’t done it since. I run into him now and then and we have a good time
  7. Good old Bloomberg...collecting all sorts of information 24/7. Surprised by the Hong Kong percentage...
  8. Agree...Siamroads.com
  9. ggobkk


    On the one hand, I have had ice in my drinks at Maxi’s with no ill effects. On the other hand, twice, a salad from a salad bar undid me. Note the salad bar. Other salads have had no ill effects. Hope you know BenG1000 that this forum is hoping you have the most fantastical visit
  10. ggobkk

    Art Massage

    Problem with this thread is describing the location...lol decent experience at branch at entry to Tarntawan Hotel
  11. ggobkk


    Many different services...google "BKK arrival services". Here is a link to one I've used...700 THB to meet at gate but no cart. Meet with cart is 1400 THB.
  12. ggobkk

    The 13

    Thanks, Reader, for following up on this...nice to recall some good news and that the boys will share in Netflix's money...
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