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  1. Ex- Tarntawan clients will be seeking hotels of a similar price. Le Meridien and similar are too expensive and the likes of BBB Inn too cheap. Tarantawan charges around 2500 pn.f
  2. I'm due to arrive next week. And after twenty years of patronage the email I received this morning quoted by ggobkk heralded the end of an era; yes, another one. I've been getting discounts for years- deservedly so in view of my loyalty- and I suspect that that will end. As to the carpets....their distinctive smell always announced to me that I'd finally arrived after fifteen hours of travel and so was strangely welcome. More modern hotels in climates like Bangkok's no longer (in my experience) have them. Rightly so.
  3. One of the advantages of the numerous places around Jomtien Complex is that many (most? all?) of the guys sit outside, making selection easier. There seem to me to be many more guys than at the Pattaya joints. And I've seen some cute ones, too. I hasten to add that I've no experience of any of them! By the way, have you tried hornet and Romeo?
  4. Thanks....sounds ideal for me.
  5. Where exactly is the new Hotmale? Thanks for the update.
  6. BoyzBoyzBoyz in Pattaya is often referred to as "BBB"- for obvious reasons.
  7. Further to Will7272's remark about beer bars and host bars, he is quite correct; being able to sit in Dick's, or at tables at the other bars at street level, was one of my Bangkok pleasures. Watching people - customers, massage staff, guys on their way to work and staff- over a glass of beer was an enjoyable and inexpensive way of spending a couple of hours. To be blunt, I'd lost interest in the go-go bars by about 2007...as soon as go- go dancing was replaced by go-go standing and go-go posing. I hope that the new gay area will accommodate such venues.
  8. Babylon's dark room is pitch-black for about two minutes....and then your eyes adjust and you can make out shapes. You cannot tell whether someone is falang or Asian except by making assumptions based on height and weight!
  9. At Babylon, the hot tub/shower room opens at about 1700. Before then. the dark room is busy from about 1500.
  10. That's a good deal better than I'd have expected.
  11. Glamour? I don't remember any on my first visit in 1997. On that occasion, I knew only Boyztown; Patong (and the Paradise Complex ) compared very badly to it in terms of gay venues available, costs, and- most of all- environment. Much of Pattaya was pretty shabby in those days but the Paradise Complex was, bluntly, dispiriting to visit. I've returned to Phuket with my boyfriend on an number of occasions since and we prefer to spend our time in other parts of the island.
  12. How many punters at the bars visited?
  13. The popularity of gay go-go bars has been declining for twenty years. An owner of one of the biggest and most popular confided me in about 2007, just before he sold-up, that he saw no future in the game. Admittedly, that was before the major Asian influx and a few have certainly been kept alive by straight Chinese tourists who go to look but only spend money on drinks. As the guide said, the apps have removed the need for money-boys to prance around (or nowadays, stand around) in underwear. Some of them do well-enough from their apartments and some don't....but the same was true of go-go dancers. Host bars in Jomtien are coping as are massage joints....but few traditional go go bars have looked busy for years. My impression of Nice in Sunee a couple of months ago - a popular bar that has a devoted if elderly clientele- was that the guys were making their money from services offered on-site rather than offing.
  14. What time did you arrive in Patpong? I hope your trip improves....
  15. I agree that some of the guys are better-looking than their photos suggest. I'm thinking of those photos where the guy is putting on a moody James Dean look or, even more irritating, pulling faces at the camera...sticking out a tongue for instance.,
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