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  1. Did you feel like you got a lot of attention since you seem to fit in with the other guys there? I’m Asian late 20s as well and curious if it’s worth it.
  2. Would anybody be willing to share their experiences at Sauna Mania? I’ve seen mixed reviews and have looked at previous posts but wanted to know more details or tips? Also I hear it’s catered less-so to Westerners? I am Asian-American so maybe if I pretend to be mute they won’t catch me? XD
  3. Hello everyone and thanks for all the information thus far! Since I will be in BKK for the month of May, does anyone have any good recommendations for a month-long gym membership near Silom? Would need free weights (bench, squat rack) and one with a good number of lookers would be a bonus... Thanks in advance!
  4. Do you happen to know the Line for each place? I tried adding Ganymede (@ganymedespa) but their friend list is full and when I try to see their profile, I can't see any of the guys they post... Sorry for all the questions!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the information regarding the different massage shops in the area (shout-out to DivineMadman for that super helpful guide!). Anyone have any experience specifically with Ganymede or VCK? The guys there seem more of my type. Thanks!
  6. Hello all! New guy posting but really appreciate all of the information collected here! I’m going to be Bangkok temporarily for the month of May and haven’t been out in the gay scene there before. Wanted to see if anyone was wanting to meet up and explore/show me around/show me the ropes/etc.? I am originally from CA, 28yo Asian. Hit me up! Thanks!
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