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  1. Possibly the receptionist gets commission from the driver
  2. Christian what is 'mook' ?
  3. Spoon thank you for the link , I watched all the episodes .
  4. williewillie 800B is for the bar off fee or for the boy ?
  5. wow ... streets became rivers ... hope there is some rain also in the North ...I was in Chiang Mai 2 weeks ago and the area needs rain asap to overcome the fire problem on the rural areas
  6. Guys thank you all for the feedback ... Williewillie very funny story
  7. Hi Guys , I have been to Babylon in Bangkok 2 times and Club One Seven in Chiang Mai 1 time . Probably I was very unlucky to understand what is ongoing in the dark rooms . In all my 3 visits I saw very few people in the dark rooms and majority of the area was so dark to understand what is ongoing if there is any action . Few guys walking around like me and few guys standing on the corridors ( because of the dark very difficult to understand expression on their faces ) ...That was all I have seen . In Babylon I met a Pinoy guy on the poolside and after some chat we had a very good time and we became good friends since then . Athough both of us are tops we are having great fun together and traveling in Asia from time to time . Will be very happy to hear your dark room experiences Thanks in advance .
  8. Thanks for the report, that is great, Nepal is on my travel list for a long time. Hopefully I can visit next year.
  9. You can visit Circle Bar and New My Way, all the boys have very nice muscular bodies. Almost all of them are tops. Enjoy your time, I like Chiang Mai.
  10. I have been there a few times, handsome guys, never met a bottom, at least that was what I have been told by the captains. One of the guys with a very big bulge for sure has a silicon injected dick.
  11. I checked the hotel website and had the impression that it is no more a hotel for men only. Any information you have guys?
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