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  1. This mamasan sounds predatory which is disappointing to hear about Moonlight. I remember seeing her during my trip but I was assigned an older man who, while keen to sell and probably well aware that I was new to the scene, was not pushy at all. I think Drim’s advice is sound, go visit other bars and stop taking calls from that mamasan. If the old Dreamboys still existed I’d say go there because the mamasan was very polite. Alas, it’s gone. Maybe go for a stroll down to ‘New Twilight’ and see Freshboys?
  2. Wynter11


    Me too? I’m curious to see if it’s someone I recognize.
  3. Wynter11


    @BenG1000 Unfortunately many of them will be full clothed with polo shirts. The more muscular ones tend to go shirtless though since it’s in their best interests to show off. Mamasan may more revealing photos on their phones though, I didn’t ask them but others have commented on them having seen them.
  4. Wynter11


    I agree though based on my visit, I wouldn’t say Q is all that special looking either. Moonlight has a good supply of twinks and twunks or did in January at least. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen him then but this sounds encouraging. Do we have confirmation that he accepts offs?
  5. Wynter11


    He looked much more like the photo on the right in mid January. That’s a rapid and probably not healthy transformation but certainly possible with a very strict diet and workout regime. I think it makes him look older too. Was interested to see Lucky in the video. Very interested in seeing him up close :p
  6. I stayed at The Raya in January and their own renovations were very noisy during the day. Not good if you like a sleep in.
  7. Wynter11


    What a generous & athletic soul he must have :P
  8. I didn’t manage to catch the show on my trip. How good of a show do they put on?
  9. And you can write up some reviews of the new bars! Also Le Meridien please
  10. Given its location and price that may suit its clientele quite nicely. Probably not somewhere I’d feel comfortable, which is a pity. I was looking for a Raya alternative since the annoying construction noises I heard in the hotel on January are only likely to get worse once Twilight starts to be torn down.
  11. Wynter11


    I am also sad to hear the twink act has gone. Hopefully they’re practicing something new.
  12. Pavilion palace seems to book out a long way in advance. Just checked some dates in July and they’re full then too.
  13. Honestly I’d be pretty embarrassed having the whole bar watch that too. I wouldn’t say no to a private dance back at my hotel though.
  14. I feel the need for more information! How does one become the recipient of a sexy dance and does it involve garlands? :P
  15. Le Meridien to new Dreamboy. Less than 200m. @BenG1000
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