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  1. Based on that video, I don’t really see much special about the models. Floor boys were more interesting when I visited and I’m betting they still would be for me. I also still think Babe is the cutest
  2. Further to the Jupiter chat, if you look at their Twitter page you can see regular videos from past few months with parades in underwear or silky shorts. Also posts with pics of current ‘models’ and names. Video quality is still a bit low res, wish they’d invest in a better camera. https://twitter.com/jupiter2018_bar?s=21&t=lGp_RIeTIpR09GJG6ELsEg
  3. This was really interesting @chum_soccer! What do the guys wear on stage/in the VIP room? I hope you’ll keep updating with your experiences.
  4. By all accounts, there isn’t much of a scene in those places. Some people find a guy they like and take him with them though. Others can comment on the logistics of that if it sounds appealing.
  5. Thanks all for the insights. If international travel ever actually resumes, I’ll keep it in mind. For now, I’ll just dream.
  6. Thanks for the details! The limitations were partly what I was curious about as the site has a lot of guys labeled straight with no top or bottom tag, so what they were actually willing to do was a bit vague. I’ve been to Japan once and completely agree about eye candy. Everyone is immaculately dressed and thin. I felt very out of place tbh. Thanks for the extra info, as I said above the site seemed a bit vague on what limits they had beyond top or bottom. I completely agree it’s surprising there isn’t more talk about it. I didn’t think they were expensive, quick conversions suggest they’re way cheaper than what’s asked for here locally.
  7. Do you have much experience with these agencies Peter? I haven’t seen people talking about Japan much on here before which seems odd given the quantity of guys apparently available there.
  8. Meanwhile I’m hoping to try LM on my next trip depending on length of time, coz it would need to be a short stay to fit into budget. I’d stay in Raya again happily, just ask if they’re doing renovations and request a room away from that. Was quite noisey fairly early in the morning while I was there.
  9. Nope. They couldn’t care less. There is a doorman at nights who is unlikely to look up from his phone. Reception is upstairs and you will only have to walk past it if your room is on that floor but from other’s comments I’d say it’s highly unlikely they will care either.
  10. Have you tried The Raya? Very large rooms, not as polished I’m sure but a fraction of the cost and comfortable.
  11. That’s the one o was thinking of. Oh well, at least he’s still around. I had high hopes for seeing him on my next trip.
  12. This is wouldn’t be the cute one in some of the videos posted late last year?
  13. Quite the travel writer, I’d say. Your reports have a reflective quality that is engaging because it makes the events more personal and authentic. I like the little side stops at bars or the times where you just wanted time out just as much as the hijinks in bars asking the floor boys to split into tops and everythings. Do you write similar reports for your S. American trips? I’d be intrigued to see the same lens applied there. I’ve had a couple of experiences with Latino guys passing through my home town so I understand what you mean when you say they’re of a different kind to Bangkok guys.
  14. Glad to hear you found someone you liked. You seem to trust your instincts which is important, I think. Also excited to hear the new dreamboys has a good atmosphere. The old twilight version was the first bar I visited and I liked it a lot (except for the drag queen show). My own limited experiences back in January were that Moonlight had the best looking guys but they were very wooden on stage.
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