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  1. Honestly I’d be pretty embarrassed having the whole bar watch that too. I wouldn’t say no to a private dance back at my hotel though.
  2. I feel the need for more information! How does one become the recipient of a sexy dance and does it involve garlands? :P
  3. Le Meridien to new Dreamboy. Less than 200m. @BenG1000
  4. Closer than twilight was actually. Dream boys is moving near screw boys and fresh which is pretty close. It’s sad you won’t get to see Twilight at least once though. It was only pure luck and a few months difference that allowed me to see it before it went.
  5. Wynter11

    G Boys

    I visited briefly in January. Wasn’t impressed by what I saw. Guys looked a bit rough and there were no customers inside. Overall, not somewhere I’d put high on my priority list.
  6. I visited midweek in January. Found lots of twinky guys as you say, some definitely in need of a sandwich, but nowhere near as busy or as smoky as you describe. The one guy I chatted with gave very uninterested vibes so I left after that. I didn’t much like the mamasan either who was alternately too pushy or too hard to find. I also found it busy at first but then when I looked closer I realized that most of the other people weren’t customers, just off duty guys and their friends. Despite a not great first impression, I am interested in visiting again though as things change so much from night to night.
  7. A Euro pornstar that I had seen online was passing through town recently. Wanted $500/hr which is about double what you’d normally see guys from RM charging. Can’t imagine he gets a lot of work but at that price I guess he doesn’t need a lot.
  8. Good to know. I had a look on Line, some very cute guys. Is this a full service sort of place?
  9. Wynter11


    This is the sort of relevant info I wish I’d had in January! Fortunately hotel staff helped me out with the taxi change on arrival but I was a bit embarrassed. On the subject of fast track, I arrived with Emirates not Thai. Fast track card was handed out on the plane and there were airport staff and signs to direct me once in the terminal. It was fairly straight forward and not at all confusing. Except for the entrance visa signs which worried me because I thought I’d missed something but I didn’t need one.
  10. Wynter11


    Artemis is definitely an odd choice. Surely Aphrodite would make more sense? Having watched the recent videos, Babe is still my favourite but I’m very keen to see lucky in the flesh too. I’d be very interested in any further gossip people manage to hear about him lol
  11. Wynter11


    Who’s the guy with the tattoo on his chest to the left of Tam and does he dance?
  12. Wynter11


    But Babe’s cheeky ‘yes I know how dumb this looks’ smiles we’re all that made that routine watchable!
  13. Brazil sounds amazing but it’s a very long flight and based on a couple of searches, likely to have a lot of stops. I’ll get there one day though.
  14. Everything is worth what it’s purchaser will pay for it, a wise man once said. I see the point about their business model not suiting some kinds of customer but I think it’s a fallacy to say their service isn’t worth the price. If they can sustain that fee and stay popular then perhaps it’s our perception and not theirs that needs adjusting? Alternatively, we can vote with our wallets and patronize a bar whose prices we find satisfactory. If enough people do then they will shift their business model or close. Until then, the bars will charge as much as the market can bear I was happy to pay their fee as a newbie for whom everything was new and exciting but can certainly see why Jupiter would feel exorbitant to a veteran or long time visitor. I suspect that short staying foreigners who won’t be visiting multiple bars or staying for long periods of time are more their target audience these days based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere. It sucks for us but at least it means the bar stays open and a unique business stays viable.
  15. Wynter11

    BKK newbie

    My thinking is much the same. If I’m only going to be there for 4 nights then it’s not such an expense and I’d rather be comfortable and have good service. I chose the Raya for my first stay because the rooms looked huge and it was right in the thick of things. Despite a couple of niggles with the hotel, I didn’t regret the choice. Staff were great and I felt comfortable which was important for my first time in the country. Somewhere with easy access to Sala denang BTS is another tick box I’d suggest for Beng1000 as it’s easy to use and cheap, possibly less hassle even than Grab or taxis.
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