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  1. I recently had a chance to try some places in Osaka and Tokyo. https://kids-jp.com/en/tk/s/ http://lang.dgdgdg.com/top.php https://en.hi-na.com All of the above were easy to talk to via email in English. Response times varied as did quality of communication. I would say Independence was the best of the three in terms of speed and system. They have this whole chat system that opens up when you make a booking where you can communicate. Everyone I met was better looking than their photos and bodies were sometimes leaner than they appeared but I was never disappointed. Most guys had at least enough English to ask simple questions, some could have decent conversations with aid of translator apps. they all had near identical systems. A house like venue with a discreet protocol where you are taken in so as to avoid other customers. Quite different to the congratulatory shouting you might receive when exiting a bar in Bangkok. You will be charged, thoroughly showered and then festivities begin. All the guys had cheerful personalities and some were even quite quirky or funny. No rude attitudes at all. Compared to Bangkok, I thought it was very easy and I liked having a ‘menu’ to choose from. Its less fun than a bar but if you’re traveling for other activities and just want easy and discreet fun away from other travel buddies that you can organise from your phone, it’s great. For the quality of service and attractiveness of the guys, I think they’re also very cheap. At least compared to western countries. Definitely recommend!
  2. Wynter11

    Bali scene?

    Perfect summary, thanks. I had no idea things were like that in Bali. Sounds easy enough to get around, just means I can’t snoop at a distance to check out the talent
  3. Wynter11

    Bali scene?

    Could you elaborate on the app situation? I just tried to look at Kuta using the explore option on Grindr and it shows no profiles at all. Are people in Bali visible when you’re there if you use a vpn?
  4. I’ve stayed in Shinjuku before but was traveling with a friend and didn’t partake of any of the gay offerings. I didn’t actually even know Shinjuku had a red light district, Japan keeps things pretty well hidden unless you know what to look for. I stayed in two hotels. Hotel Sunroute Plaza in Shinjuku was fine and fairly cheap but the pillows reminded me of bags of cement - odd lumpy things. Second was a business hotel above the train station (can’t remember the exact name) and it was much nicer and more comfortable but also more expensive. So if you pick a hotel aimed at locals you may find things a bit different. Just something to keep in mind if you haven’t been to Japan before.
  5. Thanks, always good to hear from people with experience. I’m hoping to visit Japan again later next year. Very keen to try one of these places.
  6. All of the ones I’ve found have been posted already. Has anyone actually used these places? They seem so convenient and relatively cheap, maybe a bit too good to be true?
  7. Side question if you don’t mind…disregard if you’d rather not answer. Japan seems to have lots of male prostitutes and the prices I’ve seen online look pretty reasonable. Do you have experience with them? How do the Japanese guys compare to Thai guys?
  8. I feel your pain. I’d love to go back, thinking of January, but money is tighter thanks to rate rises and the cost of flights these days.
  9. Also Australian but from a smaller city. I’m admittedly picky but have a broad range of taste from twinks to muscly types but it’s been grim the past 12 months. Prices on rentmen keeping going up and the guys often ugly or old. Most have no professionalism either, communication is like pulling teeth. Grindr is likewise useless unless you’re hot enough to have gotten their attention without money anyway. Clearly the economy can’t that bad yet 😂 So many catfish too. 50% of the twinks are just people fishing for pics to wank to. My local scene has never been great but damn has it gotten worse since Covid.
  10. Based on that video, I don’t really see much special about the models. Floor boys were more interesting when I visited and I’m betting they still would be for me. I also still think Babe is the cutest
  11. Further to the Jupiter chat, if you look at their Twitter page you can see regular videos from past few months with parades in underwear or silky shorts. Also posts with pics of current ‘models’ and names. Video quality is still a bit low res, wish they’d invest in a better camera. https://twitter.com/jupiter2018_bar?s=21&t=lGp_RIeTIpR09GJG6ELsEg
  12. This was really interesting @chum_soccer! What do the guys wear on stage/in the VIP room? I hope you’ll keep updating with your experiences.
  13. By all accounts, there isn’t much of a scene in those places. Some people find a guy they like and take him with them though. Others can comment on the logistics of that if it sounds appealing.
  14. Thanks all for the insights. If international travel ever actually resumes, I’ll keep it in mind. For now, I’ll just dream.
  15. Thanks for the details! The limitations were partly what I was curious about as the site has a lot of guys labeled straight with no top or bottom tag, so what they were actually willing to do was a bit vague. I’ve been to Japan once and completely agree about eye candy. Everyone is immaculately dressed and thin. I felt very out of place tbh. Thanks for the extra info, as I said above the site seemed a bit vague on what limits they had beyond top or bottom. I completely agree it’s surprising there isn’t more talk about it. I didn’t think they were expensive, quick conversions suggest they’re way cheaper than what’s asked for here locally.
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