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  1. I've sent a P.M. to Glen to tell him about the booking problems.
  2. The 'all' is a generalisation and completely untrue.
  3. Really 'everywhere'? I had 2 X Astrazenica at the so called 'central' station Bang Sue and 2X Pfizer at MBK (Mah Boon Khrong)) . MBK SO handy, efficient and friendly but now closed down (the vaccinations, not MBK). I do see in an above message that there is a centre near St. Louis so I will give that a try for my fifth (4 months after latest one) rather than the journey to Bang Sue.
  4. Mis leading headline. It is a PROPOSAL by the sports minister to revise.
  5. I travel almost daily on short journeys on a motor bike taxi (yes, self confessed' lazy git). The only problem with the drivers for me is that they don't seem to realise that farang are wider than them when squeezing between traffic. As to tuk tuks, I don't think I could fold myself up small enough to squeeze into one these days.
  6. Sorry Oz, maybe I worded it badly. I was referring to posters OTHER than you. I respect your opinion completely. AND am jealous of your 2000+ visits.
  7. Much sense Vessey -- you obviously actually do get out to the bars unlike some other posters here spouting their high falutin ideas without practical knowledge.
  8. Of course the tip in the folder is not relevant to the boy as this (should) go to a pot and be shared between all the staff. Any tip personally for the boy or (god forbid the mamasan) should be given to the boy personally (maybe avoiding in front of mamasan's eyes or he may be demanding a share of it from the boy). In restaurants, the same applies -- tip your waiter (if he deserves it) into his hand and any general tip into the folder. This is quite normal in Thailand and can be done openly in any bar or restaurant, gay or straight.. One big gay bar (not agogo or host) that I know well, has two pots -- one for waiters, another for bar staff-- both administered by the staff themselves with nothing going to the management. The waiter is NOT allowed to slip the folder change into his pocket. The kitchen staff have enhanced salaries to compensate for no tips. In a 'host' bar the boy will get a small percentage of the price you paid for his drink (possibly an enhanced price to yours to compensate). Finally, many host bars, not all, do not give any salary to waiters, hosts etc. and they rely on tips and share of drink prices.
  9. A couple of years ago we went to the botanical gardens. On arriving at the cashier's booth and peering to see if it was double pricing, the girl in the booth looked at us and said "you two are so old, you get in free".
  10. Have a look at Richard Barrow's site on Facebook. Always interesting trips, even steam train trips sometimes.
  11. Officials out in force in Silom Soi 4 and Patpong - Covid, fire and safety checks to fulfil new governor's aims
  12. I didn't say that you did say that.
  13. During lockdown it was NOT a gogo bar. It opened upstairs as a 'restaurant' with loud singing.
  14. It was not operating as a gogo bar during lockdown. At one stage it opened as a 'restaurant' with 'singalong". Of course not a karaoke because that would have been naughty.
  15. My memory is a bit fogged due to Singha beer but as I recall: The ground floor premises was originally a Tapas. Welcome bar (next to Telephone and rented from Balcony) then, or later, rented the upstairs room and opened it as a small gogo bar, named Banana Room. It also had ladyboy shows but they weren't happy because the low ceiling spoiled their headdresses. At some stage Tapas became Banana Bar. The upstairs was Banana Room Club (still to this day owned by the owner of the now defunct Welcome bar). I never found out if Banana was connected to Twilight Banana. For a long time the downstairs was being renovated, then lockdown. At some time during the last two years, upstairs operated as a 'restaurant' where people could sing along . Recently, another renovation downstairs and a bright new terrace and name 'Banana Room'. I can't comment on the activities as I haven't ventured in. Tomorrow maybe. Sorry if some of my sequence of events is a bit confused. Please correct where appropriate.
  16. Good thing it's closed. It was notorious for having young 'boxers' further into the bar.
  17. Apparently, he was spotted at the parade waving a rainbow flag.
  18. Fresh Boys, Dream Boys etc. in Patpong 2 not Silom soi 2. The photos are from Silom Soi 4 last night. Last night a squad of BIB came to Silom soi 4 and took photos ('look boss we're here and few customers') outside the ex Welcome bar. They strode off and soon later, the local soi policeman (not present at the photo op) rushed to every bar insisting that they close at midnight sharp.
  19. In Bangkok, Mondays are quiet but the worst night was always Tuesdays.
  20. Unrealistic that he had a wife or that she didn't know about his night job. BOTH completely believable.
  21. Some relaxation BUT only till midnight because, as we all know, Covid comes out at midnight.
  22. Ye gods, Serene? I last heard of Serene from a waiter at the bar. He told me that as the rooms were falling into dis-repair, other rooms were being cannibalised to compensate. Now, this was a few years ago and the situation may have changed since then. Maybe a recent stayer can report? It surely is handy for BoyzTown.
  23. Silom itself is gradually getting it's stalls back in the evening -- the other weekend I spotted that the original Aussiebum (etc.) underwear stall is back as is the shirt stall on the corner of soi4 after 2 years and a stall selling items that I daren't ask as to their purpose. Also, Silom is so busy in the morning and lunchtime with food stalls for the local workers.
  24. Of course it was a tourist trap there BUT as a local there for 20+ years, I did shop there and YES I do miss it.
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