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  1. I had a similar experience a few years ago. I was staying at LCR but had problems there so I went across the road to Ambiace and asked if I can book a room. The girl at the reception told me straight away that I will get a better rate if I book through Agoda, which is what I did.
  2. I have stayed in Ambiance a few years ago and I had a room on the road side with no noise at all. I don t know now that the ground floor of The Cafe Royal is functioning as a sort of disco. I have stayed at Zing during my last four seasons again with no problem of noise I have visited Agate definitely more luxury than Zing. Breakfast is included and much superior to Zing. It depends on your Budget and how important the extra facilities are for you. I don t know Posidon Hotel, but the restaurant is very good and you should try it.
  3. Zing Resort and Spa in Jomtien Complex has a small Gym.
  4. Tsunami occurs when there is a tectonic earthquake with the epicentre in the ocean like the one in 2004 in the Indian Ocean and another one in Japan a few years later. The 2004 Tsunami did not affect Pattaya because it is in an enclosed gulf and not exposed in the ocean. From what I see in the forums and the facebook flooding in the Jomtien Area and BT/Sunnee if any it will be a few centimetres and flow away quickly, but I stand to be corrected on this.
  5. You will also find some more manly guys in Jomtien Complex. I find that the guys in the bar are always eager to get the passers by to sit in the bar and usually sit with them. In fact When I was there in January February I had a problem i Sun Bar because too many boys will gather round for a drink. If you are going to the beach it is better to stay at Jomtien because laye afternoon there is a lot of traffic and travelling to Boys Town very slow. Evening travelling to Boy Town or Sunnee for the Bars much qicker. There are busses running all night between BT/Sunnee and Jomtien.
  6. There are two Zings. Zing Hotel is some distance from Jomtien. Zing Resort and Spa is inside Jomtien Complex.
  7. Pattaya provides the best combination of beach/sun and boys.
  8. I have stayed there 4 times and wifi was reasonable everywhere. They have several networks all with the same password. So if reception is not good you switch to another.
  9. It should be soon. I saw ealier on FaceBook a video of some boys practicing dancing routines.
  10. What about BBB Inn? Is it affected by the development of the area?
  11. I use the fast lanes the last couple of years that i quality by age. Never had to wait on arrivals, late morning or early afternoon, but there is a que at departure close to midnight, but not long wait.
  12. I used the Zing pool on Wendnedays when the beach was closed and there was never any odour or other problem.
  13. In Zing after 11:00 pm they close the gate so you cannot by pass reception. Everytime I had a boy I stoped at reception and they collected id. I don t know about checking when the boy leaves because I always come down with him out of coutesy. There was a notice at the reception "only one guest in the room" but when a boy who wanted a 3some with his friend asked at the reception on our way out the receptionist said no problem and did not mention anything about joiner s fee.
  14. Thank you and good luck in the future.
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