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  1. I also do apologize to everyone here if it seems like I'm hijacking the DB thread by talking about another bar.. there's no lucky boy thread unfortunately..
  2. Cuz I'm seeing a boy there.. haha. Met him on grindr on my first trip to BKK so I never really got to explore the bars on my own. The bars are full of beauty to be appreciated.. so i sate that fascination by hanging out here in the forums.. haha I'm going BKK in less than a fortnight.. if I'm lucky i might get to go to lucky boys.. haha.. There were really alot of angels to behold there.. haha do share your experiences when you get there ^^
  3. You totally should check out Lucky Boys.. Was there last week [it's the only bar I'm allowed to go to], and as asnstudent reported, it's big and spacious, with a good number of boys. The boys are mostly twinks, but alot of them have a good mix of boyishness and muscle.
  4. flarrexx


    Thanks much.. he is indeed smoking hot with a cute face..
  5. flarrexx


    Hey.. would be grateful if you could send me as well..
  6. flarrexx


    Nakki is just pure hotness. What i would give to off him..
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