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  1. The cathedral is across the road but you can call the hotel’s reception desk to hail their teak boat to pick you up or return to Sathorn Pier at Saphan Taksin station. One of the best midday meals I have had in the past decade. Great view. IMG_8668.mov
  2. Hey Guys 🙂 after many years i travel to BKK. I would like to go to a gay sauna. However, I read that Babylon has permanently closed. What kind of sauna can you recommend? The saunas in BKK have no happy ending, right? Thanks for the Help :-)
  3. I am expected to be a month in Thaild. What exactly are the prices as of today? for short and long? By the way Where is it recommended to look for twinks? In pattaya and bakaok In the style of this Thai - https://www.xvideos.com/video50593811/bareback_asian_twink_in_hotel#show-related By the way Are there any escort agencies that anyone knows? I could only find women's..
  4. Hubby and I booked tickets on the wrong night and they are not refundable. We don’t want them to go to waste. If interested, please send me a direct message and I’ll send you the tickets electronically. Muay Thai Boxing (7 fights) August 18th – Friday 19:00 Rajadamnern Knock Out Address: 8 Rajadamnern Nok Road, Wat Somanas, Pomprapsattruphai, Bangkok 10100 Thailand. 2 Ringside Seat tickets available. Value: 5,000 THB Rajadamnern is one of the two main stadiums for modern muay Thai in the capital and is an absolute must for all fight fans. To witness fights at Rajadamnern Stadium is the ultimate Fight Night for muay Thai in Thailand the stadium dates back to the second world war and is steeped in history. Muay Thai fighters dream of fighting here as it's the ultimate accolade to fight and win at the Rajadamnern Stadium (also spelt Ratchadamnoen). With a spectator capacity of 8000 watching Thai Boxing here will be the most scintillating MuayThai experience you can find in Thailand. Bear in mind that this is real MUAYTHAI and it is not an exhibition expect real fights from real Boxers and real KO's with real Title fights
  5. Preparing for our trip to BKK in two weeks, I made reservations at a couple of the spas, one of them being Omen. Hubby and I found our preferred therapists and wanted to make sure they were available for the date and time were available. Booked it via their Line account. Super friendly and accommodating online, but there is a little bit of a language barrier. after booking, they shared that the location is small, and they hope we don’t mind that (to which we said we didn’t). They mentioned there is a bathroom in each room with shower (was hoping the therapist would be assisting in the cleanup phase), they respect privacy, etc. etc. but the one comment that threw me for a loops was when he was describing the location, he said “But I don't care about cleanliness”. I asked him what this means but he hasn’t responded. has anyone been to Omen Spa? If so, how was your experience?
  6. I'm on my way home after a few amazing days in Bangkok. Before my trip I read this forum from top to bottom and took copious notes on the Bangkok massage scene, places to go, etc. I took a lot of notes to help me remember for my next visit. I wish I could share therapist names here because they are not all created equal and I ran into some total duds as well as some amazing ones. Here's my take on the massage places: 1. S'sense massage - by far my worst experience and the only massage I walked out on in the middle. When I arrived, they did the "bait and switch" and said my therapist was not available but tried to offer me another one who was not my type. I asked for someone else and they gave me one who was cute but a total dud. I laid there bored while the therapist gave me a massage that seemed to focus on the calves and feet FOREVER. Zero fun stuff. I remembered reading on this forum that if you're in that situation, just get up and walk out, and I did just that. I hopped into a Grab (that app is awesome! The way Uber was when it first launched... clean cars great drivers cheap cheap cheap) and went to PARADISE... 2. Paradise is on the street with all the gay massage places in Silom 6. Basically by my third day therapists recognized me and told me they saw me walking the street HAHAHAHAHA. Small town. It's clean, friendly, and I had one of my best therapists there... good lord he was huge and ready for action. Not the cutest but again this forum indicated that the cuter they are the less they do and that's usually right based on my experience this week. Did I mention huge? Anyway excellent masssage and double x 2 happiness. 3. Relax Massage - my husband went here, right across from Paradise (he also checked out Mr. Big at Paradise) and had a good massage with a cute guy. They are running a "rainy season special" and are half the price of Paradise. Great value. 4. JeySPA.... you knew this one was coming! This consistently ranks high on this forum so my final day there I splurged (it's definitely spendy with a tip of 1500 baht) ... I was very clear what I was looking for (big everything with six pack abs) and OH MY GOD did they deliver. They sent photos that let me know exactly what I was in for. That was one of my best massages in Bangkok (best massage of the trip was in Samui, but that's a different post...) Very clean and yes as others have said, horrible traffic in that area so I took a Grab but wished I had taken the train. Easy to find with Google maps. You can negotiate on the room price. 5. Prime - 90 min head/feet and then 90 min Thai by the same guy who was touchy but Prime doesn't seem to go beyond massage and that's fine... it was just amazing. Great massage with great technique, clean, and they give you pajamas (I didn't wear the top) and you just feel like you're being pampered. 6. Green Massage - I wish I had time to go here... looked good and would love to read someone else's feedback 7. 9-Teen - on same road with 2 & 3 above, they did the bait and switch again when I arrived... I rejected their substitution and they found someone suitable, but he started negotiating tip in middle of massage before he would even remove his shirt. That was a HUGE turnoff and I felt like I was in a used car lot all of a sudden. All the other therapists at other places were much more subtle or trusted you to tip the min 1000 baht. My husband ran into the same thing. We did not return here and cancelled subsequent appointments we had made. 8. Natural Spa - super friendly guys and one of my cuter therapists (straight, small assets) worked there then kept in touch on Line but I didn't return due to aforementioned small assets. Room smelled musty and towels weren't fresh smelling. But they do seem to have cuter guys than the others.... I wouldn't rule them out next time but wish their rooms were cleaner. This also seems to be the feedback on Google reviews. 9. Magic Touch Massage with Mr. Tree... this was our first massage in Bangkok and was very mediocre. Shower didn't work and therapist wasn't very skilled in anything. Would not recommend. Things I learned: 1. This is all really close to the Skytrain. When we first arrived we had some trouble with Google maps and it seemed like we walked all over. Silom 6 is maybe 8 mins from the station and there's lots to see on the way. 2. Great lunch spot in the heart of it all is Mango Tree Surawong. If you're a massage whore like we are, book 11 am massages, then lunch at Mango, then walk 2 mins to Prime for a real massage, happy finish at Paradise or Relax/Natural Spa. 3. This I haven't figured out but I developed some theories on this. Most guys who weren't that into it I asked if they were straight and yes they were. As a top that provides limited options for me which is why I was going for SIZE and appearance. One guy showed me photos of his girlfriend. They are all really sweet but I wish there were a way to color code the t-shirts... red is top, blue is bottom, purple is both.... I assume the blue shirts would be the gay guys but I may be making an incorrect assumption there. I think next time I'll try to ask for some bottoms even though I don't want to do anything more than play... see #4 below... 4. These guys have got to be riddled with all sorts of diseases. NO way would I consider anything unsafe, but I was able to have a lot of fun nonetheless. It does seem like most of the clients go there to just get PLOWED because everytime I got on a massage table they went straight for my butt and I had to make the universal sign for no intercourse but just playing. I do not hold any judgment against anyone who wants to take more risks, I am just saying that once I got there and saw the guys and the environment and the steady stream of customers I knew that my shields were going to be up and I would still have fun. AND I DID. (See JeySpa again). 5. I did not go to 15M based on feedback on this forum. 6. The drag (?) cabaret at Asiatique was AMAZING!! Calypso!! We were grinning ear to ear the entire show... if you buy tickets, buy them from their site (not Klook or resellers) and put in comments you are gay and excited to see show. We did that and they gave us the best seats in the house. (Seats are assigned by them earlier in the day, then they print tickets when you arrive)... huge highlight of our visit. It would be fun to see with a group - the audience was all reserved asians for the most parts and there were points where we were the only ones clapping and cheering them on. Those boys were working hard and dancing their asses off. 7. I walked through Silom 4 and loved the drag show there, but felt sort of self conscious as I was dressed for dinner at Vertigo and it was really strange walking the catwalk (street) with all the chairs and tables facing you... I needed someone to show me the ropes. My masseur from Natural Massage offered to come with me but he didn't speak English and I wanted some alone time. 8. Really regret not having time to try The Green Massage. I hope this helps someone else who may fit our profile (newbie, more conservative, clueless and naive at times, see newbie part). Thanks to all who have posted here offering advice and help… I found it immensely useful as I planned our trip!!
  7. Hello, I just found and joint this nice forum. I am Indonesian, tanned, not really muscular but fit (regularly hit the gym), and in my early 30 (tho I tend to look younger 😅). As I will be in Bangkok in early August for two weeks, I would like to find my luck to meet White Guys there, hope this forum can be one of the medium. I am open for nsa, one night stand, even making friend is also welcome. Ping me if you are interested Cheers!
  8. I'm curious about something: Based on my understanding, the majority of gogoboy workers in Bangkok are not Thai but primarily from countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and others. I'm wondering if, once they have earned enough money, they tend to return to their home countries rather than staying in Bangkok for an extended period of time? During my visit to one of the gogoboy bars, I heard that most of them stay in 2 or 3-star hotels instead of renting apartments. (But why not rent instead?) During my visit to a gogoboy bar in Silom, I was captivated by a gogoboy from Burma (Myanmar). I ended up booking him for the entirety of my 5-night stay in Bangkok simply because I enjoyed his company. Over time, I started developing feelings for him, and we have continued to stay in touch. He frequently texts me and even sends me videos of his whereabouts. He has expressed his longing for me, claiming he loves me, considers me his boyfriend, and insists that he only has feelings for me. However, deep down, I am aware that these declarations may only be partially true, as he might have made similar statements to other customers. When I mentioned that I love him as a customer, he appeared quite saddened by my words. I’m wondering if it’s possible for gogoboy to fall in love with a customer? One final question regarding gogoboys: Do gogoboys working in gogoboy bars receive salary from the bar, or is their income primarily derived from customers who purchase drinks, provide tips, and engage in sexual services with them?
  9. A bit out of the gay falang favourite Silom area, but while scrolling twitter I found this fetish cafe: 500cafe. Location on Google maps: https://g.page/r/CUrXQRX8mnJ8EBM Looks exciting, something else than the regular places. I'm not a hardcore fetish person, but still looks interesting. Anybody been there? https://www.facebook.com/500cafebangkok https://twitter.com/500cafebangkok https://instagram.com/500cafebangkok
  10. I like old man i want boyfriend are oldman
  11. Because I am switching from a temporary employment contract via an agency to a permanent contract directly with my employer, I had some holiday time left to use before April 1st. What better way than to spent that holiday time in LOS? Only a short stay this time. Two weeks in Bangkok and Pattaya. ARRIVING After a few days in Dubai with an old colleague and friend I was flying to Bangkok and arrived yesterday. I had read some comments on this forum (and messages on English language Thai news sites) about enormous waiting times for immigration at BKK Airport and long queues for a taxi into town. But thank god that was not the case yesterday. Immigration was cleared in about 10 minutes and outside I could walk straight to an available taxi. No lines at all. HOTEL Hotel I booked this time is the Quarter Silom Hotel, in the same soi as Tawan bar. They had good offer and the pictures looked good. Indeed the hotel is very modern. Rooms are big enough for my liking. The design is a bit dark. I like the led lighting that you can control the colour from. I arrived at 2pm but unfortunately my room was not ready yet. I had to wait about 1hr for my room to come available. Downsides: my room has a connection door to neighbouring room. Because of that some noise from that other room is coming into my room. But more concerned about what the neighbours might hear coming from my room when I have a visitor... And like more and more hotels you need keycard to use the elevator. No chance in letting a Grindr boy come directly to your room. Need to pick him up from downstairs, with staff probabaly noticing. But also probabaly not caring. FIRST NIGHT I was tired from missing out on a night sleep because of flight times. After a quick nap I decided I wanted to have a look at the Patpong boybars. Curious about the new Dreamboys location. Still tired, while walking around the area and checking out the re-opened Patpong night Market, some messages came in on Grindr. A guy with nice muscled body was advertising himself as "love to suck deepthroat". In the chat he told me he doesn't only like it, but he's also very good at sucking cock. So I decided to try if this was true instead of visiting the bars. Turned out a good choice. Was long time ago I was given head so skilled. A good first night in Thailand. The bars can wait for tomorrow... That was what I was thinking. Turned out that was not possible. But more about it in my next post. Nice body of my first night guy
  12. I want to meet old man i want relationship belong with oldman My name's bird my what's app +66658575017 line id birdkalonsud please let's see.... Contact me please
  13. So this on Youtube and thought it might be an interesting one to see. Mind you it's a lady sex worker describing her experience. I don't know if male workers are the same?
  14. I have been living in Bangkok for almost 6 months now and the Silom gogo bars and massage parlors around BKK have started to bore me. So I started exploring an untapped territory amongsts us farangs in Thailand. Although foreigners are not unheard of in these Karaoke/Host Bars but its extremely rare I heard. To be honest, I haven't searched the forum if there's an already existing topic about this but I hope you guys wouldn't mind. I'll jumpstart this topic with some of the few places that I have already been and I will list down a few other places that I know and hopefully some of our members can explore and share their experiences as well. So here it goes: Chill HostBar This is located in Nonthaburi which is around 20 minutes from the Grand Palace in Bangkok. I would recommend this to first timers since the owner can speak english well and they have models whose first language is english. Some models are magazine-models-quality and most are straight. Sitting with the boy is 750/hour. VIP room starts at 300/hour. No sex in the VIP room but kiss and blowjob is alright. I was able to off someone for 500 THB and there is a motel across for the same price. The model I offed grew up in Australia so he is a Thai with an australian accent. Fucks and kisses hard. I tipped him 1,700 after. One word of advice though is that the owner can be a little shady. He ordered food which I ended paying in the end. I've also been told that the VIP is getting prepared (even though I was the only customer that time), preparation took 1 hour and turns out I was already paying 750 for sitting with the model. What's worse is that the whole time I was just talking to the owner because I was too shy to make a move on the model (we were sitting in the common room). If you'd like to save some moolah while exploring this bar, just buy enough drinks to get to know the model, don't order food, and just sit with the model in the common room and off him after. Buzz Karaoke/Host This is a fairly new host bar in Bangkok. There are around 30-40 boys to select from which are mostly twinks and straight. Beer prices starts at 1,000++ (3 beers), sitting with the boy in the common room is 250. VIP room is 300/hour and sitting with the boy in the VIP room is 750 for the first hour and 250 for the succeeding hours. No sex in the VIP room is allowed but kiss and blowjob are okay. Staff speaks limited english so you will need to use google translate if you don't know basic Thai. The boy I sitted with is straight and fairly new to the business. I was only able to kiss him and fondle his cock in the VIP room. He was too shy to get a blowjob in the bar. I got his Line and we were supposed to meet up so that I can give him a proper one but didn't reply on the day itself anymore :(. So this was 4,400 THB charged to experience. Sit2Sis Restaurant/Ent Club This is a hostbar in Din Daeng Bangkok. If you take a grab/bolt to the place, you will see a Sis2Sis restaurant but that is not the bar itself. You would have to go inside the parking of the same building and take the stairs one floor down. You will need to take an ATK (100/THB) to get inside. So a beer costs 260 THB, ice is 130 THB and sitting with a boy is at least one beer/hour (which is 260 THB). However, they employ a bidding concept wherein guests can fight/bid over the boy/models that they want, meaning if you bid to sit the model for one beer and someone else bid two beers (520 THB), you would have to bid three beers (730 THB) to get him and so on.. Bidding happens every after hour so all the boys would return to the stage to get bid for every after hour. Customers are mostly Thais although, there was also a group of Chinese. What suprises me is that almost all of the 40-50 models get seated for atleast two beers. Some groups would sit 3-5 guys so be prepared to shell out some moolah to compete. I sitted a boy who can speak english and ended up sitting him for two beers for 4 rounds. My bill racked up to 4,500 with no sex, blowjob or kiss nonetheless, it was a fun night. There are a few other places in Bangkok with more or less the same concept (pay to sit the boy with no expectation of sex). This could be thrilling for others (like me, lol) who like a challenge in laying a straight guy. The only downside is the cost but if you're someone who doesn't have to worry about money, here are a few other places I found which you could try and share your experiences with: Fake Club Bangkok TurboClub Bangkok 76 Garage (can't sit with the guy but models are AAA quality) Mirinn Club RCA ERR Infinity YES.BKK Hiso Ciety (I think this is the cream of the crop of all Male hostbar in BKK)
  15. This will just be a short update report, I spent a long visit to Thailand a few months ago and this trip was just a side visit because I was 'in the area'. Taking every opportunity that arises I spent a week between Bangkok and Pattaya, too short to get to all of the bars I wanted, but long enough to get a feel for the recovery. My prior trip was still enjoyable, but dealing with the Thailand pass hoops and the shifting sands of closing time restrictions, outdoor 'restaurant' seating only, and other covid measures did put a cloud over things. I'm happy to say a lot of these hurdles are now gone, and the life in the bars is returning. Firstly, getting there: No more Thailand Pass paperwork 👍 Vaccine paperwork not checked on arrival, just at check-in 👍 Immagration was a 15 minute affair, just as before 2020 👍 Flight prices are crazy and my flights were full 👎 The exchange booths in the basement adjacent to the aiport station were open, 2 with identical rates, then the one bank (i cant recall which) booth with worse rates. Up a few levels and out to a Taxi, it felt so good to be in and out of the airport in 30 mins, in a taxi zipping down the motorway to Silom. Bangkok The first thing I always do is walk the Surawong, Tawan, Silom Rd, Thaniya block. It was around 8pm for reference. Surawong: Olivia massage was open with 8-10 guys (1-2 twinks), Green Massage was about the same. Tawan side: I think I counted 3 massage shops with guys outside, more muscle guys. Silom to the right of soi Tawan: A new shop Nineteen massage, I only saw 2-3 guys out front, none I fancied so I didn't poke my head in. Silom past patpong/soi4/soi2: The touts are back, a few massage offers from the guys outside Soi 4 for Adam Massage. The soi 4 bars were open and a bit of foot traffic, which was a good sign. On the path back from Thaniya I believe Amolir was open again, but I missed it in my notes on whether it is still mixed-sex or only ladies. The massage places are coming back to life, much more choice than earlier this year. I returned to Patpong later, and was flanked by touts as I stroll up the stairs to Fresh Boys... busy busy busy. They were down to 2-3 open benches left, there was about 25 guys on stage and waiting in rotation. Most of the guys I would describe as twunks, 3-4 twinks, shirtless in white booty shorts and a couple of cute waiters. The shows are never my highlight, but they at least have big cock pole kicking back I guess. My off was a bit of a dud, seemed to be new to the scene, but it's still good to be back. On the following afternoon I decided to investigate Olivia Massage, just as I picked my massuese another guy walked out that would have absolutely been my first choice. Oh well, I'm not going to let the guy down and switch half way in the door with him. Now I don't think i've been to Olivia before, I was under the impression it was generally considered a 'extras' kind of place. The guy I picked stayed fully clothed and made no advance to asking for extras, I made some not so subtle hints but he didn't take the bait. He was very new, very limited massage skills and no english. I made my way to Banana room after dinner at G's, Banana had i think 8-12 guys, still more twunks but a few options for me. I didn't end up taking anyone, just some drinks and enjoying the views. My final Bangkok day I did the rounds of the massage shops, but it was a bit early in the afternoon ~12pm. The guy from Olivia said hi, but the guy I really wanted to return for wasn't in. Green massage was empty this early so I did a walk past nineteen and it's too early for them too. Decided to pass and make my way back to the hotel. I had a coffee at the cafe beside The Quarter opposite mango tree (can't find on google maps). I picked beans from Chang Mai, absolutely delicious. Coffee lovers should give it a try and see if they're consistent, I only tried it once. Back at the hotel I fired up Grindr and set up a meeting with a university guy. He came over later and it was the best sex I've had in a very very long time, I was in heaven for a good 2-3 hours. We exchanged Line and I was considering canceling Pattaya to get the rest of the week with him, but I decided to hold strong and stick with the plan. I'll be back for him again another trip hopefully. That was my Bangkok stay, very brief, but some very good signs for the recovery. I'll post Pattaya in the next day or so.
  16. Another posting on here recently mentioned the online Stickman column. As a sometimes reader of it, usually I find the best thing in it (for the gay reader anyway) is his gleanings from the newspapers of Thai related stories. But one he missed was an article recently in the New York Times by Lawrence Osborne, talking about the neighbourhood of Bangkok (basically middle Sukhumvit) that Osborne is currently living in. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/01/travel/bangkok-thailand-city-of-spirits-culture.html?_r=0 It is called "My Bangkok - City of Spirits" and he talks about walking around the city and visiting his favourite haunts, especially late night bars. It is well worth a look. It may be in rather purple prose, but for somebody who lives outside Thailand, like me, and visits as a tourist, it really caught the exotic feeling of modern Bangkok (including the bits they are trying to kill off, like street drinks carts) and will certainly arouse nostalgia in many forum readers. Gave me some ideas for bars I might wish to try when I next visit too. Osborne wrote a whole book about an earlier period he spent living in in Bangkok, called "Bangkok Days", which is worth a look if you like style of writing in the article.
  17. Yesterday I received an email with a malware payload purporting to be from the Malaysia Hotel. I don't suppose the hotel has anything to do with it, but it looks as if their email system or website may have been compromised. If you receive anything similar, don't open (as if you would!) the attached spreadsheet.
  18. Hi Anyone any recent experience of Tawan bar? What is the quality of men currently and prices? Am into muscle and looking to plan a visit to Bkk or somewhere else with muscle available. When is the best time of year to visit Tawan for bodybuilders, seem to remember someone suggesting if any bodybuilding competitions are happening in town then that's a good time to go. Anyone know of any bodybuilding competitions? Many thanks
  19. hank75


    I have just finished Bangkok Boy Bar by Richard Vohl and Private Dancer by Stephen Leather. Both great reads and highly recommended, though the former is slightly romanticised and ascribes a far greater conversational depth to young bar boys than I know they are capable of, particularly those newly from the countryside without much English. Any other recommendations to while away long weekends? Non-fiction guides also welcome - I was inspired to ask by paborn’s mention of guide books to Bangkok’s early 80s gay scene in another thread.
  20. You don't stay in business for 22 years unless you are doing something right. During the 22 years Telephone Pub has been in business in Silom Soi 4 it has seen many changes but has kept its own mix of fun, informality, good food and affordable drinks. Because of this Telephone Pub has become locally and internationally recognized as the oldest & best Gay Pub & meeting place in Bangkok in essence, Thailand. When we use the word heart we mean the centre or soul.; Telephone Pub has become the centre of the social gay life of many locals and visitors to Bangkok. Why? It;s a place that;s attractive and welcomes everyone. Come to Telephone Pub any night and you meet all classes of people of all sexes and sexual persuasions. The music plays at a level that does not distract from the main point of going out communication. keywords: bangkok pub, bangkok bar, bangkok gay pub, lgbt, community, social networking, fridae, fridae.com, thailand, @richards.com, richards, @richards, lesbian, gay sex, gay personals, gay dating, lesbian , transsexuals, bisexuals, gay boys, , gay men, hot boys, sexy guys, sexy girls, gay asia, gam, gwm, gay asian, gay lifestyle, gay news, lesbian news, lesbian lifestyle, balcony, balconypub, balconypub.com, thailand, bangkok, gay thailand, gay bangkok, gay phuket, gay pattaya, gay chiangmai, gay maps, gay events, PLU, GBLT, GLBT, gay travel resources, gay hotels Telephone Pub, Silom Soi 4 Tel. (66) 02-234-3279 สีลม ซอย 4 ตรงข้ามกับแคลิฟอเนีย ฟิตเนส เซ็นเตอร์ http://www.telephonepub.com/
  21. You guys miss me?! Bcoz I miss writing report here...I just came back from Bangkok, Thailand and I want to share my best experience so far... Since there is "taste" in the title, I can say this trip is a "complete meal"...it got "appetizer" with my regular most fave boy, "main course" with my new super mega ultra crush, "side dish" with a bar I've never been before and a very cute boy and "dessert" with a very sweet twink, and sprinkled with "spices" when I met in person some members here who I consider my friends (and hopefully I can meet more on my next trip)...so are you guys hungry now?! Let's begin eating, lol... Starting off with "appetizer" in Dreamboys, which is my main priority everytime I visit BKK. Friday night...I was there early, around 8pm...as I go inside there are already shirtless, muscular boys in there, mmmmm...but of course, I was looking 4 someone else and I've found him seating at the topmost farthest seat near the entrance to the dressing room beside the stage. I immediately wave and he smiled as he saw me. And there he is...Mr. Perfect Guy!!! I immediately asked how he is and he said he's fine, and likewise the same, then hug (wow I felt his hard muscles again) and kiss (on the cheek bcoz there's a lot of people, ha ha) and as I paid the off fee, I slapped his butt, which made him laugh, and afterwards, we walked outside holding hands. I invited him 2 have a dinner date and he agreed with a smile. Off we go 2 Soi 4 where there's a lot of people now. I asked him if Connection bar is okay (since we're gonna have a "connection" later, lol) but he said "no karaoke" since he knows I love karaoke after dinner. Then, I saw the sign of Balcony bar, which is as big as Telephone bar in front of it, I think and asked him if its okay, he nods and I'm so excited as we enter. The 1st floor got the bar area, where there are bar stools in the bar counter, which can accomodate a lot of customers. Across it are the dinner tables and chairs where we seated face2face. There is a stage nearby, which is for their show. We were greeted by a very friendly waiter. Mr. Perfect Guy ordered Pad Thai and beer while I only settled for a chocolate ice cream (3 scoops) since I'm still full at that time (when in Thailand, another enjoyable thing 2 do is eat, he he). While waiting 4 our order, we have a very nice conversation and I'm so fulfilled when he told me that he will go abroad again with a customer for more than a week. I'm so excited 4 him. As I look on his handsome face, both of my hands on my cheeks, he said "You okay?"...I replied "I'm okay bcoz I already see you again" which made him smile. I also hold his hands while he pressed mine in response, and I kiss it from time2time. As I saw him, I believe he becomes more handsome, his face more pleasant and of course, his muscular body getting more fit. I touched his muscles and he even flex it 4 me, wow!!! I tried reaching his crotch (OMG! What has BKK had done 2 me?! From a sweet, innocent boy b4 and now 2 a wild, liberated boy, but I can only do it here, he he). He grins on what we're about 2 do when suddenly our orders arrived, ha ha. The waiter also informed us that the karaoke is upstairs and he will take us there once we finished eating. So we enjoyed eating, my eyes fixed on him the whole time. As we finished eating, the waiter lead us to the 2nd floor where the karaoke is. Near the door, there is a PC where you can type in the keyboard the song you want and once selected, the song will start to play and you can see the lyrics on the tv monitor mounted on the other side. There are a couple of tables and chairs and we seat near the tv monitor. I think its too early that's its only us who is on the karaoke. Fine by me...I can sing all the songs I want. However, there are songs not available. After a few songs, a European couple arrived and I assist them on how 2 operate the karaoke after we introduce ourselves. I really enjoyed singing love songs in karaoke when I'm with Mr. Perfect Guy, lol. Afterwards, after a few songs, the European couple said goodbye 2 us and we were left alone again which give us the chance 2 cuddle as I sing. After a lot of songs, I asked him if we'll go 2 my hotel now which he nods. He does not want 2 see the coyote boys show which is @ 10:45pm...at that time, its already 10:15 from what I recall. After we go down, I asked him 2 wait 4 me since I saw at the landing of stairs some issues of ThaiPuan magazine and got copies which I still don't have. After that, he puts his muscular arms on my neck as we walk in my hotel continuing having conversations, he's sooo romantic!!! As we entered the room and locked the door, I immediately hug him feeling his hard muscles pressing mine. We had a deep kiss as I touched his gym-fit body, wow, they're sooo hard!!! But b4 continuing, I gave my simple gift 2 him and he smiled and said "Thank you!!!" to which I responded "You're welcome!!!". Then, I removed his shirt, sniffed his shaved armpits, then licked both of it as he raised his arms. Then, I touched his muscles again and he flexed it again. I kissed and licked his arms, then chest, abs, back, shoulders and also his neck. Muscle worship, yum, yum, yum... Then I pulled down his pants and touched his crotch, @ last! woah, its really gigantic and semi-erect now. I pressed it harder as he gave me a teasing smile. Then, he removed my clothes as we have another deep kiss and tight hug...and then he leads me 2 shower while kissing my neck. We soaped each other as always and I enjoyed doing this bcoz I can run my hand again, pressing it harder, on his muscles. Afterwards, we dried-up with the towel and again, the moment I've been waiting for, we stepped to the bed...<To Be Continued>
  22. Has anyone had experience offing one of the dancers from Fake Club? (Love the video below with the dancers sporting a stiffie...) How much would that cost? How are they compared to the models @Moonlight?
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