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  1. After a few texts back and forth, the guy confirmed that he would come to meet me on the next day Tuesday. Then he sent me some of his pictures saying that those were his most recent ones and he wanted to make sure I was aware of what i was going to get. I had to admit that there were some noticeable changes to his physical appearance even in the pictures but my excitement blurred my vision. Before all of this, my friend (my neighbor to the North) and I had made plans to go to Mahanakhon on the next day with his guest. Now that my man of dreams was coming, I had to ask my friend to make some changes to our original itinerary. Fourth day - Tuesday ❤️ To my surprise, when i woke up on Tuesday early morning, a Line message was already waiting for me. The guy was already on his way from Pattaya to BKK. This was the guy whom i was having to wait for years to meet. This was the guy for whom i had to keep harassing mamasan on my every single trip. Now he is on his way to me. I could feel my heart beats in my throat. I took one of the longest showers of my life in anticipation of arrival of my extraordinary guest. He kept me posted along his trip. Finally the wait was over! He is finally under my eyes in my room. He took a quick shower. after his shower, before we headed out to meet my friend and his guest, I made sure to study the anatomy of his body - the body that i was so curious about for years. we had a couple of hours to ourselves before we met my friend and his guest for lunch. Finally my curiosity was quenched. We had plans to spend the rest of the day with my friend and his guest. After meeting my friend and his guest downstairs on the first floor, four of us headed out happily for lunch.
  2. Third day - Monday: Anything could happen while you're on a vacation, especially if it is on the LOS. I never thought I would eat pizza while in BKK. I woke up nice and fresh on Monday morning and exchanged texts with my friend who asked me if i was interested to go eat at Madrid. Having no plan in mind, I agreed to it and we went there with a taxi. Taxi dropped us off at the entrance of a small soi. We needed to walk around a small soi, and found Madrid in a deep residential neighborhood. It appeared to me far from usual touristy places but what do i know about BKK apart from Silom? We had good lunch at Madrid and went back to the hotel via sky train. There had been a guy (a former jupiter model) whom i was stalking on for more than 2 years. I first heard about him from a couple forum members here and have seen his handsome pictures through them. He is from Cambodia and he appeared to be quite handsome with a muscular body. I was dying to see him on my previous trips during pandemic, but he went back home to Cambodia during pandemic, I was told. I kept asking his whereabouts on my every single trip. My payers were finally heard. I received a text from jupiter mamasan on Monday morning about the guy's contact. he had been back to Thailand but in Pattaya. without hesitation, I sent a message to the guy with my shaky fingers. To my surprise, he immediately replied - he's willing to come see me in BKK. it sounded much better than i expected. i was initially thinking to travel to Pattaya just to see him.
  3. Yes towel dance is back and there were a couple others as well with lots of flashes. I went to Jupiter twice - one was a special halloween show and the other one was on a midweek night. I noticed different degrees of sexiness and amounts/numbers of flashes. I used to be a big fan of moonlight but i preferred jupiter on this trip. according to some information, the choreographer at moonlight has changed. plus also moonlight seems to be in need of new faces.
  4. Since it was a relatively short trip, I decided not to go against my circadian rhythm. My eyelids usually feel like the heaviest objects in the world around 3-8 pm BKK time. So I took a quick nap. My partner in crime has arrived that afternoon and he was staying one floor above under one same roof. Indeed it was exactly the same room where i stayed during my previous trip. That room had served me and my guests very well and I was quite confident that my friend would love it too. We decided to start our trip with Jupiter that evening. Since it was halloween, jupiter had a special show. Compared to my two visits to BKK during pandemic, things have significantly changed. IMHO, jupiter these days has the most decent shows and the highest numbers of handsome muscular guys. Admission was 400 baht (one drink included) and off fee remained the same at 500 baht. On entry, it was a party of two and it magically grew to four on the exit. Around midnight or so, my friend and myself found ourselves walking happily in pairs, under the yellow lights of Thaniya back to Raya.
  5. Second day - Sunday Today is the day my neighbor to the north - my twin brother from another mother and another father will arrive. We coordinated before our trips so that we could spend next 7-8 days together in BKK. He will not arrive until some time in the afternoon, and I was already up since 6ish, nice and fresh, fully charged. So I decided to get a massage in my room, contacted sabaidee through Line and a twunk was already in my bed in no time. He has a super cute baby’s face and a muscular body - exactly in the way I like. Bonus is that he kissed like a pro. Massage was just under average like other guys from sabaidee but afters were quite satisfying. We exchanged contacts and meant to repeat which never sadly happened until I returned.
  6. Vacation is never long enough but this particular one was unusually short. I landed around 11:30 pm on a Saturday night and there was no line at the immigration desks. After 40 min or so, after collecting my checked luggage, I was already on my way to Silom. That hot and humid wave hitting your face once stepping out of the glass doors never changed. The taxi costed me about 425 baht from the airport to Raya hotel. Been a repeat customer, check in was a breeze. They still need 1000 baht cash or your credit card number as a deposit. Until this trip, I used to stay at grand deluxe rooms but this time, I decided for a change- a suite room. The difference is a good size kitchenette with utensils, a regular size fridge, and a small microwave. Grand deluxe rooms are open hall types and this suite room is more like one bedroom apartment with separate sitting and dinning areas. As others have mentioned here, their front entrance is closed at nights and we will need to use the elevator in the back. By 1ish, I was all settled in my room. Despite a brief thought of roaming around in Silom, more than 24 hours trip made me pass out after a nice and long shower.
  7. i cant more agree with you. And he wont mind sharing half of his half so my half empty glass would become a three quarter full glass on my bad days.
  8. Since there is no risk exposure, i dont take prep at home. On my most recent visit to the LOS, I ended up with PEP. It could have been considered a minimal risk, but for the peace of my mind, i decided to take it. So to avoid similar mistake, this time, i decided to take PrEP and i have started taking it. the recommendation is to start two weeks prior to the expected risk. There is also “on demand” PrEP if you dont want daily PrEP. It is usually called 2-1-1 schedule. the effectiveness is not as good as daily prep and it is not approved by US FDA. but it is being widely used.
  9. Perhaps metronidazole too?
  10. Second dose of Jynneos - checked! Descovy to be started two weeks ahead - checked! I am still as much excited as i was for my very first trip to the LOS.
  11. not only that we stayed in the same hotel, we had breakfasts together every morning, often with vinapu’s special guest too. one time, it was with someone who accompanied me during a dinner a few days prior, but then he was vinapu’s that morning.
  12. that’s exactly why you should keep me closer whenever we both happen to be in town at the same time. 😉
  13. If you could wait for 90 more days..... So far, I have stayed at Raya only. The thing I like the most about Raya is its location - just a few steps away from my favorite bar, moonlight. Secondly, I like Raya's grand deluxe rooms specifically for their space. Unless your room is on the 5th floor where their reception is, you wont need to worry about being seen with your guest(s). I dont like their rooms on the 8th floor since they could be very hot during the daytime. AC in at least grand deluxe rooms are hitting directly your face/head if lying in bed. they dont have gym/pool or any exercise area. So i had no other choice .. but there was only one way to utilize all my calories gained from good thai food - gymnastics in my bed! On my most recent visits, I have noticed that Raya is in need of some improvements. their towels and furniture in the rooms need replacements. i was told that the phone in my room was not connected even for local calls. So, I am trying Amara on my next visit in 90 days.
  14. you are spot on!! 😉 my mission was not to leave any model left behind at the moonlight bar. i love staying at grand deluxe room of Raya. Indeed you were the one who hooked me up with them. there are some minor things that could have been improved. e.g. some of their towels should have been retired. AC in grand deluxe rooms is directly hitting your face/head in bed. there is a small charge if you need additional towels. otherwise all in all, i always have good experience at Raya. last couple times, they even let me check in earlier than their strict 2:00 pm check in time. Amara seems to be neat and clean. the bargains they are having now are very tempting.
  15. All i know about BKK (or broader LOS) is mainly around Silom. So i feel like it’s time for me to explore other neighborhoods. I just find a very good deal for Pullman Bangkok King Power. The reviews are very good. it sounds like you have to pay only a 3 star rate for a 5 star experience. Indeed i had been there once and it was for their seafood buffet dinner. dinner was pricey but plenty of choices. but i have never stayed there myself. So i am just wondering if anyone has experience with them. 😍
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