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  1. good observation! thank you. when it comes to alex chee, my brains are under complete control of my balls. he disappeared during the pandemic so i was quite curious what he was up to.
  2. mutually consented rape would have been fun! at least he asked for your permission. 😏
  3. If it is real Alex Chee (a famous fitness model on social media) whom i have been stalking on forever, i’d do whatever it takes to meet him in person. even if it means i would need to survive on instant noodles for months afterward.
  4. Mr Vietnam for short session and Mr Thailand for overnight. But i’d prefer Mr Bhutan more.
  5. that’s why i think you should trust my field judgement.
  6. yes all the rooms i have stayed at Raya do.
  7. it may not true for someone who wants to be the center of attention such as Babe.
  8. I have off’ed most of them except one or two. according to what i understood from them and from mamasan is that they do really receive their shares which is 800 baht (and 200 baht goes to the bar) from each garland. many said they prefer 1000 baht note instead of the garland.
  9. Phakin was one of the most memorable guys during my last trip. https://www.gayguides.com/forums/topic/12116-introduction/?do=findComment&comment=330815 I am glad you were able to meet him too. i wanted to see him since my 12/2021 trip but i had to wait until my 3/2022 trip.
  10. He told me that he has requested moonlight management not to publicize his pictures. But you cannot miss him. he is the most muscular among regular floor guys at moonlight. indeed better than most models, very comparable to Nutt and Tum.
  11. i was told that all moonlight models are required by the management to go out willingly with the customers these days. they have been going out with the customers for drinks/dinner and party etc but now they are more available for business behind the closed doors as well.
  12. what a surprise!!!!!! it is so good to hear from you after all those years. welcome back to the forum Jason.
  13. i have sent you private messages.
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