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  1. It is obvious that he got hair transplant.
  2. My reason to plan another trip to BKK in a near future ...❤️ (It is public on a social media site so i assume i could share this with you all here.)
  3. And also ladyboys showing off their male genitalia in pinkish condoms.
  4. I may not need to wait until I meet Silom boys, but even that big warrior statue at the Suvarnabhumi Airport may do it.
  5. I miss myself, the one in BKK who didnt mind if 9:30 meant 10 or even sometimes 10:30.
  6. Probably because I was looking at things (people and events) with love and from a positive outlook while on a vacation (especially when I was on the land of boys).. usually I am not that generous! Being back to the REALITY, I realized that I am in need of another vacation soon when I heard myself saying this morning "9:30 means 9:30! 9:35 or 9:36 is not 9:30!" to my colleagues. I understand that objectively, the boy did not qualify to be a professional masseur, but subjectively I considered him as a young kid who could give me some good memories, who let me use his body against his mentioned role preference. I did not wanna end my vacation with any remorse. I could not control his performance, but i could control my own reaction to it. I was thinking of even a higher tip, but since it was not up to my utmost satisfaction, I decreased the amount.
  7. I did not reward him for his substandard performance, but I did it for some good memories that I had with him.
  8. It sounds like we share similar tastes.
  9. So, I went to Dream Boys Paradiso and my plan was to off Mr Perfect Guy without entering the club. When I mentioned Mr. Perfect Guy's number to the doorman, he asked me to wait, he went inside, but came out to my frustration saying that Mr Perfect Guy was not working that day. The doorman didn't seem to have plan to let me walk away that night without any contribution to their business.. he insisted that I went inside and have a look at available guys. Because I was very reluctant to go inside, he asked me to take a look at the guys from the back door. it was even more weird. So, I went into the club instead. The place, as we all know here, was a tiny one. There were about 7-8 guys in jeans on the stage parading. None of them was appealing to me. There were more female than male customers in the club. The show started a few minutes later, with two guys dancing in their shirts and jeans.. followed by two ladyboys .. it was when one of the two ladyboys lifted her dress and showed off her male genitalia I paid my bill (350 baht) and left that place. The advantage? I did have a chance to give a feedback about their camera and violation of their customers' privacy to one of their mamasans who said she would mention it to her boss. So, Drim, I had to save your Mr Perfect Guy for my next trip. one of the mamasans inside said he was with a customer for a few days. I hope I did not give them an impression that I was trying to change them. Thanks to a senior member here, I am aware that we should never try to change them, but just to learn how to like their way. Being unsatisfied at DB paradiso, I continued to Tawan bar though I knew that it does not cater to my taste. the bar was almost empty when I got there.. only a few customers inside the club watching some guys on the stage - who were much bigger to my taste and more mature than I would have liked. One guy who appeared to be the smallest among his colleagues was trying to make a constant eye contact with me while he was on the stage, then came to my table, had some chatting, usual conversation such as where are you from? how long you stay in Bangkok etc? Throughout our chatting, he kept rubbing my thighs, and he was able to give me enough preparation for my last encounter before I concluded this trip. We left the bar after I paid my bill (350 admission fee, 500 off fee) and a small tip to mamasan, to have a quick and last minute pleasurable encounter before I happily concluded my second trip.
  10. My last day in BKK.... (5/5/19) So, after the boy from LuckyBoys left my room around 5 am, I took a shower and slept for about 2 hours.. I woke up around 8 am, did some packing and had my brunch at Azuma myself before I went to see one of my friends in Ladprao.. after we spent some time together, he asked me to go to a massage shop together.. he's a local, but when I mentioned about Arena, he said he had not been there yet and he was very excited to give it a try especially since he is into muscular guys. He chose to go to V club. Since he didn't want his driver know where we were really going to, he asked him to drive to a plaza near the Ari station. then we had an early dinner at Kub Kao Kub Pla thai restaurant.. price was reasonable and dishes were very delicious.. hard to control myself not to eat a lot just before getting a massage. From there, we walked to V club.. on our way, we noticed a few great looking guys and one of them indeed passed us over and walked into the V club ahead of us. It was about 6:15 pm when we got there.. it was my first time to be there, and was surprised by many good looking masseurs standing on the stage. In my opinion, it was the place with the most good looking guys available at the specific time of my visit compared to others (Prince or arena). My friend wanted to go closer to have a better look, but being nervous (again), I insisted to stay at the back.. he chose a half naked muscular man and I chose a super cute shorter boy. Luckily, my boy turned out to be really cute on a closer look with a perfect muscular body when he took his shirt off.. we chose a 90 minute course, deluxe room for 950 baht and we were told that the minimum tip would be 2000 baht. The room was very small without a proper massage table. it seemed to be one of those private rooms for sauna guests. there was a bed of about 2 ft high, mirror on one side and a small shower booth on the other side.. nothing looked like what is mentioned on their site about deluxe room. My boy said he's from Vietnam, the cutest boy I've encountered on this trip, with a baby face, but nice eyebrows, perfectly muscular body, hairy at appropriate places, and very well endowed. But he had zero massage skills, and did not try to put any effort into it. The course that we chose was 90 minute oil, but he gave me scrub instead which I did not question since I was liking it anyways (or should i say i was liking him very much?). In the middle of the course, he said he ran out of the cream and left the room to get more cream.. he did not return until 10 minutes later. On his return, he told me a story why it was taking him that long and said sorry to me. he continued the scrub for a few more minutes, then I had to take a shower AGAIN. then I realized why he gave me a scrub... after I came out of my second shower, he gave me some back rubbing session (I cannot call it a massage), before he asked me to turn. The extra service was also mediocre if I can be generous. But to be fair to him, it was against his mentioned role preference. For those of you who wanted more specific details, yes it did include penetration part, but not to my utmost satisfaction. the whole session took only about 1 hour. He was the cutest guy of my trip this time. The massage place seemed to be managed quite well unlike what I experienced at Prince. The place looked nice, clean and fancy. But I may not return. If it was not my last day, i might have asked my masseur's Line info. I gave him 300 baht extra tip (so a total of 2300 tip to him)..We left the place around 7:30 pm, walked back to where his driver was waiting (at a plaza near Ari station). and they gave me a ride back to my hotel. I finalized my packing.. since I still had a few more hours before my flight, I decided to go see Drim's Mr Perfect Guy since I haven't met him yet despite Drim's strong recommendation.
  11. Of course I did take it back and wished him good luck with that attitude.
  12. I went to moonlight 4 times during this trip (including one time when I didn't enter inside, but just to pick up babe boy at the entrance). On my last visit there, on my visit when I offed Charlee, on our way out, the barker kept harassing me, saying something like "you're very lucky", "you got the best boy the other night", "tip for me?" so, I gave him a 20 baht note, and he made his face using all the small and large muscles on his face, like a playdough, and returned it back to me...
  13. Restless and reckless Cinderella just before the midnight: Having missed my very first experience at Screw boys last year, I decided to go back there last night. It was Jason who brought me there last year. Thank you again Jason and I still miss you. It was a Saturday night, and the club was fully packed to its maximum capacity. I got there around 11 pm and the show seemed to have just started. The room was completely filled with the smoke, but I decided to sacrifice some of my respiratory tract … the show was indeed quite long to my taste, including many lady boy performances, and one hard core performance between two young lads. The mamasans there did not pressure me at all, left me alone, but available when in need. I especially liked the one with more manly look in specs. According to mamasan, there were quite a lot of Vietnamese guys at their club (maybe it has become universal).. I spent almost 90 minutes inside the club under the smoke. After I got back to my hotel, my previous night boy from LuckyBoys messaged me and asked me if I wanted to meet. So, I went out again to Foodland, took out some food for him. and he came to Foodland, and we came back to my hotel room together. He left my hotel around 5 am this morning... I have seen many interesting characters and events on this trip. It's very eye opening to me. Looking forward to more.
  14. The use of 20 baht notes in BKK (or should I say in Silom)? I know that it's not even a dollar. But I thought there's still some use of it. For example, I can get anywhere in/around the city center with a taxi less than 5 bucks. It costed me only 40-50 bahts each way from my hotel to Arena massage yesterday. So, I thought I could still use 20 baht notes here. But the gogo boys, mamasans or even the doormen and luring men on the streets don't seem to appreciate it at all. is it because people in this industry expect much higher? It made me wonder if there's still anyone else (apart from taxi drivers and house keeping mamas here at my hotel) who accept 20 baht notes??
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