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  1. Second adventure just started.... After 24+ hour flights, I arrived at BKK airport in one single piece at 11 pm last night.. the immigration line was much shorter than I expected (because it was at 11 pm at night?). but had to wait for almost 30 min for my checked luggage to show up on the belt. took a taxi (450 baht) to my hotel in silom (The Raya Surawong).. check in was quite easy, but my room was unexpectedly small.. small in a sense that even smaller than I would expect for places like in Tokyo. I stayed at Tarntawan on my first visit and now I came to realize that it was a much better deal. My room here at Raya is called a "superior" room and it says more than 300 Sq ft, but it cannot be bigger than 250 if I am generous. the view is quite unpleasant and depressing. but the room looks nice and clean. I am thinking of going to a massage place after lunch at the Foodland (?). Jason brought me to that food court on my first visit (thank you again Jason). A good massage is one thing I need the most at this point.
  2. I just arrived at BKK late last night. Let me give it a try to Babe and will keep you posted.
  3. I will make sure to go check out your Mr. Perfect once I get there next week.
  4. Many thanks for the info on Amara hotel. I found very good deals on hotels dot com and Agoda for Amara hotel, so I reserved a club room through hotels dot com. since I didn't remember seeing their policy toward joiners on this forum, I emailed to them directly. but I didn't get any reply from the hotel at all, so I dropped my reservation a few days ago and finalized my reservation with the Raya instead. it was a way more costly choice. If i ever knew Amara is fine with joiners, I would have much loved to stay there.
  5. after some research, I decided to stay at the Raya for the first half of my trip since I very much liked what I saw when jason1975 let me take a peep of his room at the Raya last year. I am still debating among Le Siam versus Baan silom soi3 versus Amber boutique for the second half. Any inputs?
  6. I just hope that the guys will be back to work from their Songkram holidays..
  7. z909, Thanks much for the tabulated info.. I decided to email directly to Le Siam Hotel regarding their policy toward the joiners and their reply is as follow: "Due to our hotel policies 1 room can stay 2 person if you have joiner please leave their ID's at the front desk. Please inform front desk when you arrival."
  8. Thank you so much to everyone contributing here... I stayed at Tarntawan hotel last December as per hank75's advice and I really liked it especially its proximity to the gogo bars of my interest. This time, I am looking forward to something new. and thinking of Baan Silom Soi 3 or Silom Serene and Le Siam Silom hotel. Do these hotels allow joiners?
  9. sad** Thanks to jason1975, I had one single chance to see what Soi Twilight was all about last December. I didn't realize then it would be my first and last chance.
  10. Oops, bad timing then? I just googled it and came to realize that I should have planned a different time. Another lesson learned! nothing should have been planned without consulting to my seniors here.
  11. If my plan doesn't fall off, I should be arriving at BKK on 4/25. will I still make it on time before they completely shut down this place?
  12. Having enjoyed my first trip so much last December, I am now planning another trip to BKK again. I am going to have a couple weeks off end of this month into early May. But I am still a bit worried about conditions in BKK in light of recent general elections.
  13. it could have been me who was in the accident .. I too was silly enough to let him bring me to that fancy Japanese restaurant, and went back to my hotel with his car after he got quite a few drinks at the restaurant... I feel sorry for him, but more for his customer.
  14. sorry for belated reply.. i've been swamped since back to the reality. no. I visited the spa, and made a reservation for the next day for an outcall to my hotel room.. Mamasan Andy showed me other boys' pictures who were not standby at the shop, but worked only part time.
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