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  1. At least your expectations are consistent. 😉
  2. Your post on the other thread reminds me of this post of yours too. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️ I am already excited for next year! 😉
  3. Thank you again to everyone of you for the tips. i was debating when i posted this topic earlier this year. Now i am with you. i fell in love with BKK Songkran so much so that i am planning to go there again next year. it looked like gay men from all over asia gather in BKK during Songkran. looks like gay asian men’s mecca.
  4. On a glance at their calendars, most airlines noticeably drop their fares after first week of January next year - at least from my hometown on east coast US to BKK (either through europe and middle east or through north pole and north east).
  5. it was around 1 am near Fake club last Songkran. We first attempted to get into Fake club, but it was completely packed and the line waiting outside was super long. so we gave up Fake club and instead went to a different one nearby. tmp_v4739286076347322840.mp4
  6. I really enjoyed my very first Songkran this year. no I couldnt go out much for water fights during the daytime since the heat was unbearable. but i had a great time going out at nights. music, water, half naked hot guys and drinks everywhere .. what's not to like? I was conditioned to miss Songkran every time I listen to this song, since it was everywhere, wherever i went last Songkran. I always have a plan to go to Songkran again next year. while listening to this song last night, I was just browsing through air fares and found a decent deal on Qatar airlines. I thought air fares could be quite expensive for Songkran period because of its popularity. But maybe not necessarily for flights departing from where i live. So, out of an impulsive act, I transferred my Amex points to Qatar and booked a flight. now time to look for hotels. 🙂
  7. Thank you vinapu. I miss it (and LOS overall as a whole) so much so that i just booked another trip impulsively last night.
  8. i completely agree. I have been to other more costly places such as Jey spa and VCK. they are way more cleaner, tidier and well maintained than Arena. it is very likely that you are gonna see their boys more trendier too. but i never skipped visiting arena at least once on my trips so far. this place is very unique. i am not sure what it is. my heart would be already pounding going up the escalator in that abandoned building. then once you open the door, all the guys would suddenly get up to form a line in front of you while you are welcome to sit down on their old and broken couch. most of the time, almost all of them would be half naked. their rough facial features, coupled with muscular bodies could be intimidating for first timers. but now i really enjoy that moment. i felt like the moment you enter that place, you could feel and smell a wave of testosterone. is it because of their dark and old interior decorations or is it because of those low maintenance guys? i am not sure.
  9. to supplement, it’s what vinapu wrote about our visit to jupiter on our first night on last trip. i off’ed a super handsome cambodian guy with an excellent body. and yes he did perform very well.
  10. your report’s bringing back good memories. i felt like it was years ago already.
  11. It was our first night and it went very well. i have been a happy repeat customer of Jupiter. Last night was not an exception.
  12. I also noticed him on moonlight’s latest posts. As per mamasan, he is a brand new guy and a “freelance”. it may explain why he looks nervous.
  13. maybe two once in awhile 😉😉😉
  14. dont you think it could be quite exciting to show your extensive stamps collection in a public place? 🤪
  15. i wish i could have added that particular smell you could get only walking around here and humidity to it.
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