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  1. I was in Toy Boy Boyztown tonight. There were 2 Indians guys who came in together and they ordered one single beer to share between them. After they left, another pair of young Indians in their 20s came in. The way the female clung to her companion, it looked like they are a couple. And the guy carried with him a half-finished beer bottle. They sat down, gawking at boys in underwear on stage for a few minutes while the guy continued to finish his own beer, ignoring the waiter literally shoving the bar’s menu to his face. Then they stood up and left. The remaining customers looked at each other like what the hell just happened. Maybe the business was so slow the bar tolerated such behaviors. It’s sad.
  2. Are you holding a big Zero right now At any rate, I felt bad for Korn too, but not bad enough to cough up 1000B just to help him save some face. You made life too complicated man!
  3. Actually, the main purpose of wearing a condom during a show is the particular knot they made at the base of their penis to wrap the condom tightly around it so that it could stay hard for long. Certain straight boys may also use the same trick to keep it up during his sessions with a customer.
  4. Just out of idle curiosity, what would you offer Justin Bieber then? Speaking of comedy, did you see that ridiculous big cock show in the New Dream Boy, where all the guys drag (wigs, skirts and all), stumbling around on high heels with their cock picking out under the skirt?
  5. I think it should be a Japanese customer I guessed Saturday would always be busier. My last three visits in August and October (all week-day), there were never more than 12, and the bouncer also admitted they lost quite a few boys to competitors.
  6. (part 14) Back to the tidbit format 1. On my way to the Silom Square Market, when I walked past the small alley where Super A used to be, I noticed out of the corner of my eye some colorful but whore-ish lights. Made a turn to investigate and indeed Super A is back to business. @a-447 would be on cloud nine when he heard it. It was still quite early and there were only three boys inside, none got my attention. Told Mamasan I would be back. I did the next day at a much later time (around 11.30 pm). Opened the door by myself, saw no one around, no Mamasans, no bouncers, no boys, except for one, who was snoring on the couch. Kinda hoped I would see the line-up @readertalked about in his related thread. 2. When I was last in Bangkok late August, I noticed Banana Room in Silom Soi 4 started some sort of recruitment campaigns to attract more boys to their posse. Their boy number literally more than doubled overnight, and I could pick out familiar faces from Hotmale, Dream Boy and, in particular, Fresh Boys. However, larger quantity doesn't necessarily mean better quality. None of their boys (old or new) stood out to me, a customer who's deeply entrenched in the twink tribe. Nearly two months later, Banana Room still manages to keep a cast of quite decent size, enough to fill their small stage in three rows. After making my ususal rounds of bar hopping, I see that some new recruits already returned to their old bar of Dream Boy, which still boasts the most impressive collection in the soi in terms of boy number, variety and well, cock size. Fresh Boy, on the other hand, never quite recovered. They appear not to be able to stop the talent bleeding, and now have barely a dozen boy each night (versa around 25 to 30 in early August). Since they lost quite a few big-cock stars to both Banana Room and Dream Boy, their Big Cock show should be renamed to "I wish I were Bigger". This should be a sign of alarm as we all know the vicious cycle: as boys flock to the bar with more business and customers flock to the bar with more boys, fewer boys means less business, which means even fewer boys. Fresh Boy's problems may also mean Screw Boy would not re-open any time soon. 4. Speaking of which, New Twilight is in serious troubles. When I checked in around 11.30 pm one night, I saw no customers and also no boys sitting around. Their big pageant-style stage looks so hollow and empty, it's just sad. Mamasan told me their show already finished (but I doubt if there were any shows that night or even any customers for that matter) and if I'm interested, take a seat, he'll "whipped up" some boys for me to look at. I shook my head and walked back to the above-mentioned Super A, which fared a little better with one boy sound asleep on the couch. 5. While the twink quantity and quality has declined in all the Bangkok go-go bars I visited this week, the good news is a reverse trend can be seen in near-by massage parlors. I saw more than ever younger and twinkier masseurs in all the shops in that massage cluster at the entrance of Silom Soi 6. Best Massage in Silom Plaza (the one downstairs from Arena) has an all-male, mostly twinky staff in their late teens or early 20s, from which I could pick at least three to my taste. That's a new record for me, considering they currently only have about 7 to 8 masseurs. 6. My last night in Bangkok, I asked Boy 26 (reported in parts 8 and 10, his tag number in Dream Boy was later changed though) to join me for my last round through Silom Soi 4 - Patpong 2 - Moonlight - Hotel bedroom. In Moonlight, I spotted a former porn star standing on stage when I walked in. For a minute contemplated hiring him to re-create my favorite scene from Doctor Twink but decided against it. I'm no pornstar-cum-doctor material. By the way, the boy now looked more haggard and weather-beaten despite heavy make-up, his silky smooth complexion gone, and he also got a new nose. The only thing remaining more or less the same is his soulful eyes, which I love. To me, his original straight-bridge nose was really cute and suited his twinky look perfectly. Why he needed something with an even taller bridge and too "bulky" for his face? Speaking of which, Boy No 26's boyfriend also got a new nose last month, which cost him 8000B but IMHO doesn't do him any favors either. I asked Boy No 26 if he's going to get a new nose too and he said he considered it but too scared of getting hurt. Boy No 26 then gave me his own advice: your nose already looks nice, don't waste money on changing it. I think I'm gonna up his tip this time 😇. There were 6 models that night in Moonlight (Babe and Nicky were nowhere to be seen). At the end of their lining up on stage, something unusual happened. There was a big spender in the house, who presented EACH model a shot of whisky and a 1000B garland. It was the only tip of any kind the models received that night (as far as I can see). First Smarch, then Nut, Tum, York, and then Mark (their respective order in line if memory serves) all got it - drinking their shot and flaunting a garland around their neck. Finally, it's Korn's turn an there were no more whisky and garland. It was awkward. I can see Korn turned pale right there under his makeup. Face is a big thing in Thailand, and that looked like real slap in the face. Boy No 26 leaned toward me and whispered "Why the last one don't have?" Well, your guess is as good as Korn's. My theory is that a former customer held a grudge against Korn and did so just to spite him. A costly 5000B slap. Of course, it could simply be that the customer ran out of 1000B notes so the one at the end of the line becomes the unlucky duck. 7. Before I headed out to clubs with Boy No 26 for my last night in town, I opened my for-whoring-activity-only email to book a taxi to Pattaya and saw that I got a message from @vinapu who just touched down in Bangkok two days ago. It was too late, it's my last night and I'm about to meet with my boy du jour. No time planning for a meeting so I set off a bit early, stopping by both Soi 4 and Patpong 2 on a slim chance I might catch a glimpse of my orgy-ology professor and say hi. I also checked with Tiny Lao (reported in part 7), who confirmed in not so many words that Mr. KFC is indeed back and the whole soi is still celebrating, boys rushing to open new bank accounts, it's a total chaos. FYI: Mr. KFC only stopped by Bangkok for one night on his way to Cambodia and he wanted to talk to his student about some whoring experience there (reported in details in parts 3 to 6). 8. Now to Pattaya's news. There is a new boy in Boyz Boyz Boyz, who make waves in Boyztown because he refused to have sex with customers no matter how much money they offered him. The boy is from Chiang Mai and he is really really really good-looking. Yes really. The gay chubby bouncer at the Pikky bar opposite, who shared this piece of intel with me, can't stop gushing about how good looking the boy is. Too bad the boy wasn't working that night so I can't confirm it myself. Rumor has it, customers were turned down left and right. The highest bidder so far went for 15000B, but the answer was still NO. The boy made it clear he was there to earn money only on tips and drinks, not sex (wonder if adding one more 0 would make any differences). I may come back to Boyz Boyz Boyz to check him out and report back if I have a chance. 9. On a sad note, S and his unfriendly boyfriend (reported in details in part 13), who had been together for almost 5 years, broke up just a few weeks after they started working in the same massage shop in Jomtien Complex. S did not respond to my messages, but his boyfriend said they broke up because they couldn't handle being in an exclusive relationship while going with customers at the same time. S is actually the one who has problems. They fought almost every time the boyfriend was back from servicing customers. "I don't want to do this but we really need the money" the boyfriend said. That time, I went to watch a show in M2M bar in the complex. Since there was a Thai boy working in that bar, who was offended by my unwarranted joke (reported in I asked the boyfriend to tag along just to feel safer (S himself had two customers in a row that night and was too tired to go). Somehow, it was interpreted as a date and they had a particularly big fight after that. S even messaged me 2 a.m. in the morning, wanting to talk about it. "You are not the problem. The problem has been there for some time. And there are other things too." Boyfriend told me in case I feel guilty. They finally broke up a few days later. S said he no longer wanted to do massage work and planned to move back home (I don't know if he did). Boyfriend stays to continue working in his massage shop for now. (to be continued)
  7. I'm not sure about the details but there is a big yellow "A" in the sign post and I talked to the same mamasan (or owner?), who been there before Covid.
  8. Here is a picture taken today
  9. It's usually 100B for both Bangkok and Pattaya bars, as I was told by various boys from different bars. I even saw a boy from Luck Boys gave mamasan 100B right before he left the bar with me and of course before he received any money from me. I was also told that some boys tried to one-up others by giving mamasan more (like 200B) so the latter would play favorite and push him harder to potential customers.
  10. "required" is actually the wording used by another boy (again through translation)
  11. It's hard to say as I usually got this through (google) translation and I also never heard of it before Covid. It seems Pikky and Divarium's owners attempt to enforce a minimum tip level (1500) to make sure their boys are not underpaid. In other words, their boys should not go with customers that offer less than 1500B for short time.
  12. @fitboynyc: In Silom area, there is Sam Yan Gym in CP Tower that charges 500B for a daily pass. Cheaper you may try Urban Fit Silom by UHG, 350B per day. It's actually a gym inside the Quarter Silom hotel, to which hotel guests have free access. I did use that gym when I stayed in Quarter. It's a bit small but have enough equipment. There is also Jetts 24 Hour Fitness near Chong Nonsi BTS, which charges the same as Sam Yan (500B/day). If you stay long (more than a week), purchasing a monthly membership should be much cheaper. Since Jetts 24h also have centers around Bangkok and Pattaya, you can have access to all of them with a single membership. I'm not sure if those gyms are qualified as "body-building" gyms though.
  13. You whoring up everything in sight 😗
  14. Well, on this trip, three different boys from Pikky and Divarium, when asked how much they expect for a short time, told me 1500B then explained: the bar requires them to ask for at least 1500.
  15. It's actually 125 times. I keep count.
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