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  1. https://asia.airconvention.com/ Bangkok, 1-3 May
  2. Both 5am offs were kinda experimental and ‘no English language’ From the other hand, I managed to sleep well after guys left, so quite OK, I believe. But yes, so many “short time only” this trip (Pattaya). No good trend
  3. Last trip two Cambodian long time cases happened to be 'until 5 o'clock' ... which left me puzzled, if there is a kind of Cambodian gathering at 5:30am? No such things with Cambo guys in previous trips... Although as Christian said some 'different sleeping habits' - a guy from BBB just couldnt sleep around 1am being at a gogos boy schedule (not THAT guy @vinapu - that guy is Lao By the way I've got his new Line account, but too late to go to BKK this trip) Another funny case with 5 o'clock and kind of long time (I had asked for a long at the first evening) - next day evening, around 9pm I got a message from the guy "i am free today till 5pm". Which with those two 5am cases, me requesting a long time and actual time being 9pm already - I happily took for 5am Not 'till breakfast' of coz, but not a short time either... Good But it happened to be just 23:00 coz it is Thai style '5 in the evening (18+5=23)'. Pity Although photo I took for him with 'Jomtien beach' sign that evening is still at FB page as a cover photo...
  4. Had a chance to hold in my hands popular among boys cheaper phones like Vivo, Oppo - maybe I need such one as my next phone? And I really like Xiaomi production... But what to do with the whole system of apps, contacts, iCloud photos etc?
  5. Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, issued its 2019 Industry Forecast, titled ‘Buckle Up’. The paper, written by Avolon’s Head of Strategy Dick Forsberg, provides a review of 2018 while offering predictions for the industry in 2019. Dick Forsberg, Head of Strategy, Avolon, commented:“... Additionally, numerous airline failures over the last year have indicated that full planes are not always cause for celebration. This leads to the conclusion that, although supply and demand is nominally in balance, there are simply too many cheap seats being sold in the market and too few expensive ones..." I want my cheap seats to SEA https://www.avolon.aero/newsroom-and-thoughts/avolon-publishes-2019-outlook-paper
  6. And looks like Etihad canceled its order for 42 new A350...
  7. Hehe, this trip involved 2 'no drinks at all' offs from Xboys Pattaya and 1 off with my drink and dances with a non-asked boy drink (which was sent back and the token returned to a mamasan; coz non-asked and the first thing was actually my question to the boy about kind of promised long time - no long time; so to show off a bit the boy at once hooked up another farang and got his beer and token back such a sexy guy he is; and I moved to the second option 'plan M', who is not less sexy at all) But as a balancing act there were 2 more visits with my drinks and no offs. At the latest visit the second boy came to me, got 100 baht and no mamasan there were rushed with a drink (oh, those cheap and grim Russians! Not buying drinks for boys! Have I got a reputation there?). Actually, I was sensing that the boy could sit with me for some time, but I just decided to go to the next bar to follow some other forum members Generally, my 'no drinks at all' off are of coz with guys I kinda know or from the outside team of ToyBoys
  8. So, let AirAsia X starts flights to Russia and bring some boys here? (oh no - on the second thought - it will be way too cruel to Thai boys)
  9. Meaning something interesting? Like flying kite, foe example?
  10. My language observation from last trip: As I have not been in Thailand for nearly 2 years, most of the guys I known have disappeared, so I was forced to establish new contacts. Now they just say what they want in Google.translator at their phones and show me the results. And they even don't bother to write it (as me), they just say it. Although G.translator is not good yet with Camnbodian accent in Thai language and does a mess with time indication (Thai time system vs Western), it delivers quite good results. So I am wondering if one needs to invest time and money in learning languages... Perhaps it is becoming a hobby as horse riding, for example, - you can do it, if you want, but no big practical sense... Although it is useful for your body (horse riding) and brains (foreign languages). Personaly I use Thai words I know (~200) as conversation topics to get better contact with a guy: you can always name surrounding colors in Thai, read a simple word etc. And of coz telling something like 'mai ao' is very useful to end those endless attempts to sell you something unuseful at the beach or elsewhere What are your thoughts on this?
  11. Hehe, cool This trip I saw a Russian guy in apps, who I am certain I saw before in Moscow offering service. And I saw such the cases in Thailand before. Most of working guys in Malaysia, as I understand, are foreigners. Singapore is the most profitable, of coz, but if one hasn't convinced S'pore immigration, he always could spent time in Johor aiming to the same S'pore clientele. But it involves higher lodging and living expenses, when in BKK there is a huge supply from local guys, who just do it as a side job, as I understand...
  12. You need a transocean flight. With Airbus neo and Boeing MAX families, perhaps, we will be flying by them from Russia. With loooong line to the only toilet Our S7 already has flights from Novosibirsk to Suvarnabum (before it it was more eastern Irkuts). Should check their prices next time. And maybe a stopover in Novosibirsk? Haven't been there for 15 years... Although a friend of mine moved to Doha working in Qatar Tourism now, perhaps, Qatar Airways will have a chance to see me once more... Funny thing was with our much advertised MC-21 aircraft project - it happened, that for wings they are using Japanese composite materials made by USA license. Thanks to very friendly Putin's foreign policy, the Japan company stopped delivery. And if no composite wings there is no sense in this aircraft, it will have efficiency of late XX century aircrafts...
  13. Thanks for advice Being a Russian I am not comfortable with my clear pic and yet, one guy asked my clear pic, so looks like it is important. And with getting straight to the point - I am starting with "nice sexy pics :)" hoping the boy will know why an older farang complementing his pic...
  14. @z909: what app are you using? And any tips on fast responses? Still getting only a few and sometimes when I am already in BT or JC and talking with someone else
  15. Hehe, nice discussion we are having here, guys, thanx. Actually, based on it I decided not just to pop up yesterday to Xboys for a simple question to #42 'long time / no long time?', but to check in for a bottle of beer too. On drink prices: what is the price for a beer in normal bars? Could locals help me? The last time I checked the prices was 2013 and the price was something like 70 baht per bottle. And those normal bars are alive. So move your business model a bit to volumes, not to a bottle marginality. @Nikom: mamasans could be useful, but their primary concern is not you, but the bar or their own profit. So: ask her top/bottom and gay/straight and short/long time questions. But ask it in open question, not yes/no questions (ex: is he top or bottom or both?) but at the 2nd or 3rd your question mamasan could sense what you want and will try to say it about particular boys (who was not offed recently and needs living or who share his tip with the mamasan etc) so always check it with the boy himself later (if mamasan tells 'the boy doesn't do it' - it could be true, could be a lie too) on normal tips: ask this info here - in the bar the higher end of the range will be announced
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