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  1. Thanks for the tip! Very helpful
  2. A small Buddhist temple in Thailand has been left without any monks after they were all dismissed for failing drug tests, local officials have said. Four monks, including the abbot, tested positive for methamphetamine in the northern province of Phetchabun, an official told news agency AFP. Boonlert Thintapthai said the monks were subsequently sent to a health clinic to undergo drug rehabilitation. The raid comes amid a national campaign to tackle drug trafficking. The monks were reportedly removed from the temple after police administered urine tests on Monday, which saw all four men fail. Officials did not say what had brought the temple to the attention of police. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-63792923
  3. Same here. Like to watch the expressions on the bottom and the top while they're fucking. Don't like many of their POV scenes. Many of the performers offer their hot videos only as PPV. ughh. For some it's a mix of PPV and free. And others offer all their videos on their wall, unless the person they are collaborating with only offers their videos as PPV. It's a mix. If you pay for the particular PPV video, then it's available in perpetuity, even after you end the subscription with that performer. I also agree with you about the other points, it's very difficult to find the performer if you don't have their exact screen name and it's also not easy to look for a particular video in the performers' posts.
  4. If one is seeking relief from hemorrhoids, Preparation H ointment or cream is much better, in my view. Offers you pain relief and reduces itching.
  5. Like many of the folks who have responded to this topic, I am also shy and an introvert. But I do connect with folks I know well and keep in touch and communicate with them often. At a go-go bar, I won't be sitting in a corner, but won't be sitting in a prime location either. I normally don't start up a conversation with strangers. However, one the exceptions is when I'm on a group tour. Since I travel on my own, I try and connect with a couple of people that I think I may have something in common with. We usually hit it off and we then try and look after each other for the rest of the trip. Also keep in touch with them after the trip.
  6. @BiggusDikkus, you would be a great erotic novel writer (if you aren't already)!
  7. I am retired, but prefer to visit Thailand during the "high season". It's because I find the weather to be pleasant from Dec to Feb - not too hot and muggy. Also like getting away from the cooler and wet weather where I live. If booked well in advance, you can get pretty good rates on hotels and flights, which I did, for my next trip in February.
  8. Me too. Great to go there about an hour before sunset and watch the city as the sun goes down.
  9. I agree with you too. I'd be really stressed having to change trains and then look for the walking route from the train/ BTS station. But then, I'm not very adventurous.
  10. From your trip reports over the past few months, seems like you had lots of fun in Thailand (with lots of boys too) and in PV. Indeed, I should be the one using the phrase "some people have all the fun"! 😊
  11. I used to go to PV every couple of years, but haven't been there for past 7-8 yrs. Rather visit other places. When there, went to some of clubs, including Anthropology. There were 3 that had go-go dancers at that time. I actually liked the other 2 more than Anthropology. After reading on this forum about how much folks here like Colombia and Brazil, I am planning to go there in Sept/Oct next year. End of this year/early next year, I'll be travelling to countries in N and E Africa and then head over to BKK for about 12 days in Feb. Looking fwd to both trips!
  12. Such an amazing trip report, @emiel1981. Thanks for sharing details about places you visited and hotels you stayed in, the bars you went to and the boys you had fun with! Really enjoyed it! I just finished reading all the posts in this thread, so a bit late with my comments. But hope not too late. Thanks again for sharing. 🙏
  13. I enjoy my retired life where I am now in Canada. I would now not want to move anywhere else permanently. Great to visit cities in Asia, especially BKK. But no desire to move there. One of the reasons is.... I would not be able to handle the heat for extended periods. But the main reason... my family and friends are within few hundred miles of where I presently live. I would feel lonely and lost in another country that is far away.
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