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  1. Dear xenophobe, stay there in your developed country and just jerk off
  2. Isso mesmo, chega de inflar os preços, e basta o onlyfans pra fazer isso.
  3. I hope so, then everyone will have to go back to the brothels
  4. Yago


    Yes, w3 is better, but better doesn't mean it's good, I live here in Brasília and I guarantee you that the golden times are over, even Goiânia can be better than Brasília.
  5. Onlyfans really killed the business, I hope gays wake up and see that it's not worth paying to see naked men if you can pay to have them in your bed
  6. Fault of onlyfans and the lack of current gays who live on cybersex Here in Brazil, even GP websites have fewer and fewer desirable options.
  7. Take the opportunity to get to know the regional culture of each state and also the local cuisine, which is delicious, especially that of Bahia and Minas Gerais. You can find typical restaurants in all regions, Uber, Ifood are apps that have made your life easier here too.
  8. Avoid showing off your belongings in public, avoid going to communities (favelas) alone, be careful with your belongings in tourist places, in the northeast (Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife) it is hot all year round, so bring light clothing if you are going to the southeast or south of the country (São Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Florianópolis) depending on the time of year it can get quite cold, from the end of May to August the weather gets cold in these regions, so you may need a coat.
  9. However, Brazil is a continental country and changes a lot depending on each region, I recommend starting with São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro as the cultural impact is smaller as they are two large cities that receive thousands of tourists per year.
  10. Yes, especially if you choose big cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador
  11. But I have no doubts about Brazil, the question is about the Dominican Republic and Colombia, do you have any doubts about Brazil?
  12. I see here that these two countries have a lot of gifted people and are relatively cheap, as a Brazilian I know that Brazil offers more facilities for sex with the saunas in big cities like São Paulo, Rio or Salvador, but between these two countries which ones do you have the most? Experienced people prefer and why? Would Argentina be a good destination? Sorry for the English, if you can quote prices for hiring guys, I have a preference for stronger, fitter guys, they don't necessarily have to be exaggerated ones, but defined men. Thank you in advance for any participation and collaboration with the topic.
  13. Hello, are the prices correct? 120 pesos or 120 dollars? Thanks for the report.
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