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    asian latin, black, white.... well just about everything!

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  1. I can state for a fact that USA DHS monitors this website, sawatdee, gaybuttonthai... and many others. anyone on here is a person of interest.
  2. paypal accounts are easy to setup...
  3. If I'm in the mood to bottom.... there are a few. but definitely not the "bar of smiles". a smile wins me over...
  4. Avianca round trip from wash dc is $260.... about what I paid in march of this year (they had a 99 dollar flight no luggage)
  5. If you can speak the same language....
  6. I did an Agoda reservation to holiday in express, then tried to get the points at the front desk, they said no, you must book thru us. I said you the rate at Agoda was 15$ cheaper, they said call the hotel, tell them, they will verify it and match at the hotel. I did that next time it worked. no mention of 54x points.
  7. I just looked at IHG prices for this hotel, 74$ a night seems high for Bogota international hotels seem very high in Colombia in general..
  8. Lots of good advice here, I was not careful in Medellin or Bogota in regards to Grindr men. No hotel or AirBnB registered guests. several guys I had were venezualians refugees with ID problems.... I hope Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are not becomming security problem areas...... I want to compete for the international slut awards....
  9. Very lucky man! I would love a find like him....! Off topic, but love to relive/share the memory: In Dubai, I met on Grindr a University student from Seychelles ... a basketball player, 6ft 3in tall lean, ripped, 9 inches of slightly curved cut cock. The bottom vein really bulged when hard, too thick to comfortably throat. I thought I would pay, but he wasn't money boy. Said he liked older men (white) because they could really take a good fuck. He fucked me like no one I ever was with. Mostly face down hammering into me at different angles, fuck for 10-15 minute, 5 minute break then back on top of me again. He did this 3 times, on the third he dumped his load in me, pulling out for the last shot or 2 to prove to me he had bred me then back in. I was a sore but happy bottom on three different days before I headed back to abu Dhabi.... (I was on prep and UAE tests workers coming into the country). I miss him. Never had any really memorable blacks in USA (money boys) they always came quick, got off and asked for their money.... I need to find a good top (or bottom) Need to go back to Colombia (great cocks) or Thailand (best bottoms) so bad!
  10. I never really conosidered it either because not many men show up on Grindr or Hornet when I looked. Same for Hua Hin, Kho Samui..... need to look more!
  11. Kept hoping this topic would right itself and return to Pattaya, and boys. or just boy in general (thanks for the taiwan pictures) but alas... Just skimming and ignoring most posts. Including this one.
  12. I live in a university town in central Pennsylvania USA, just turned 65. I have a condo in Ocala Florida. My plan was sell the pa house move to the condo. Then try living 3 months at a time in various countries. But husband says no to florida. My main countries of interest Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines. If I find the right place then leave USA mostly behind. (Husband can stay in condo) I spent 45 days in Thailand, 35 Colombia. The rest are only known to me from the men I slept with. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Thai and Filipinos are friendly and the best bottoms. Latins are passionate with big cocks. Food is best in Vietnam, Thailand. SeAsia is safer I think. Latin closer to home. Medical care probably better in Thailand.... Cost is best in Colombia, Vietnam, Philippines... Weather is best in Medellin. So the current plan is leave husband in pa, start spending time exploring and fucking my way thru those countries. Any advice is welcome!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/jomtienfitnesspattaya this one? I'd like to find a club with a pool (for laps), but I guess that is common enough if I do airbnb condo.....
  14. Where have you found good gym facilities in Pattaya? costs? I liked trinity hotel in Silom because, in part, access to a big (outdoor) pool an gym for exercise.
  15. Yes, at death (USA), the power of attorney is voided (kind of), all your financial accounts are locked. I learned this when my father died. it did not take too long (couple weeks) to get his checking opened for me (executor) to continue paying the estate bills. to avoid this (in USA) for your partner, you must have him listed as co-owner of the account (then the account will not be frozen). Accounts with co-owners are not locked. Many things happen when the accounts are locked that may be undesirable (utility bill goes unpaid....)
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