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  1. Doxy Prep (vs PEP) is also being studied. after prompting my doctor for a prescription (requested 100 mg/day) he researched and prescribed 200 mg/day as PrEP during periods of high activity. (the same dose they give kids for acne and have been doing for years). I used it, and I KNOW I was repeatedly exposed to Gonorrhea without infection. I believe it also helped with travelers Diarrhea. I only use it (doxy and HIV PrEP) when I am sexually active with multiple partners. Long term use effects are well known for Doxy as it has been on the market since 1967. Drug resistance is promoted when the organism survives treatment. If you are taking the antibiotic until the bacteria is killed, drug resistance cannot occur. failing to complete your prescription for treatment of a condition promotes resistance. (as does feeding it to billions of chickens...) HIV PrEP cannot cure HIV (at the dose we are prescribed) but can prevent it from taking hold. THe same concept applies to Doxy PrEP, you get a small exposure, it is rapidly killed before it can gain a hold on your body. THe goal of PEP is to kill it before hte infection is substantial. I use HIV PrEP on demand, I take Doxy PEP after a random encounter. I take PrEP (HIV and Doxy) when I occasionally go out whoring. I am NOT selling Doxy PrEP/PEP, but I do not understand why a person who takes HIV PrEP is afraid of Doxy.
  2. I question the statistics in many countries. Even in USA, many serious crimes (like police homicides) do not get reported correctly. In Bogota, when I was mugged the police were unwilling to file a report and the website the country established to submit reports was a dead link.
  3. I don't know the answer to the testing site question, but I suggest you research Doxy PeP/ PReP and add that to your largely prevents bacterial STIs, leaving only the herpes virus as aN STI to worry about. I took 100mg/day Prescribe 200 mg of doxycycline taken within 72 hours (ideally within 24 hours or as soon as possible) after condomless oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Doxycycline can be taken daily depending on sexual activity, but no more than 200 mg every 24 hours
  4. so, no one can find this page/group and maybe makes some friends that might result in good hookups in santo domingo... Facebook was great to find men in PH and Thailand. For the DR? any suggestion of methods besides Grindr?
  5. I am seriously considering going for a month or more in mid November. flexible on dates. may stay thru new year then head to asia.... or just stay in Colombia. this would be my second trip.
  6. https://co.mileroticos.com/escorts/bogota/bogota/ how was your vacation?. any trip report?
  7. Cant argue with your opinions, listened to the book (download PDF to phone, use App To read aloud while walking). book was light on content too. reads like fanfiction/BL novel, not serious literature.
  8. Red White & Royal Blue on prime video and Gay torrents (with the book). https://www.gay-torrents.net/torrentdetails.php?torrentid=ccd08fd06c9b584ccdba96a60a778f468c8235ef1335b06c https://www.gay-torrents.net/torrentdetails.php?torrentid=447e113a95e0f515cdba96a60a778f46b1247034e673929e
  9. what account replaced twitter blaksuperman2?
  10. I love black men, and huge cock. but i want to see the men, not a mask. I have BF fantasy, making love, not just fucking (at least not always just fucking) Hard Raw cocks, condom is a turn off in porn. kissing, holding, laying on top of me, fucking deep, pull out after the cum starts to flow then back in. more kissing. If you get out of the onlyfans porn business can you discretely offer up contact info to some of your interested men (a manny like service)?. you send them to us for a fee... I would like to take some of those cocks you have shown here, and take their seed. Prep and Doxy Prep.
  11. i could not find this group or people. can you give a link?
  12. When I explore in Grindr, I don't see these men you are finding. I need a detailed "how to". I want to PrEP my ass up and go. I was there in 2002. Too conservative at the time to be the slut I am now.
  13. so much teasing in these threads. I need hard info to ensure my asss is deeply bred if/when I return to DR.
  14. Not just 3rd world... Man Arrested in Killings That Terrorized Manhattan Gay Bars It was the fifth arrest connected to a series of druggings and robberies that killed two men last year. The Q bar in Hell’s Kitchen was one of the bars where victims were targeted in the robberies.Credit...Jeenah Moon for The New York Times By Liam Stack April 18, 2023 A man whom the Police Department described as a leader of a gang that perpetrated a series of robberies and killings at Manhattan gay bars has been arrested, law enforcement officials said on Tuesday. The man, Jayqwan Hamilton, 35, of Brooklyn, was arrested on Monday and charged with murder, grand larceny and other crimes in connection with the killings of Julio Ramirez and John Umberger, two men who were drugged at bars in Manhattan, robbed using facial recognition technology on their phones and later found dead of overdoses. Law enforcement said the motive for the killings was financial, but the murders nevertheless terrorized the city’s L.G.B.T.Q. population, for whom a small number of well-known bars often function as de facto community centers. They also drew attention to the prevalence of deadly and easily obtainable drugs in New York’s nightlife. “The source of this crime was clearly rooted in greed and total disregard for the victims,” said Mayor Eric Adams at a news conference on Tuesday. He added, “We want to send a message to the L.G.B.T. community: We understand the trauma you experienced during this time.” The Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, encouraged people to contact his office if they believed that they had been drugged in a similar fashion while at a bar or club. “Nobody should have to worry about their safety and well-being when enjoying Manhattan’s vibrant nightlife, and this investigation sends a clear message that we have no tolerance for this type of deadly conduct,” Mr. Bragg said.
  15. hEARTSTOPPER SEASON 2 ON NETFLIX AND... https://www.gay-torrents.net/torrentdetails.php?torrentid=069ab396e112d015cdba96a60a778f4675e85bdbfb4e1c95
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