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  1. The Pride party was well attended and a big success. Many partygoers were dancing in the soi when i left around 1230am. The Venue Show Bar also had a full house for their anniversary party.
  2. Even without a fire the DJ Station soi is a disaster waiting to happen. I was leaving DJ Station a few years back and after an alarm bell went of I was nearly crushed in the rush of the packed weekend crowd to escape out on to Silom Road.
  3. I arrived at Nice Boys last night at 9.30pm. There was four guys on stage, only one who would interest me for a closer look. The Mamasan said the other boys had gone to a party. They need more guys on stage to entice me to pay 200 baht for a drink. I know one popular boy who was a regular at Nice Boys but does not bother to go to work because there are not enough customers. Hopefully more tourists and visitors from Bangkok on a non election weekends will improve the situation for the bar boys and the customers looking for some hands on entertainment. I later tried Dream Boys and X Boys bars where there were ten handsome shirtless guys wearing jeans at each bar. My Leo beer was 150 baht at each bar.
  4. Dragon Man Club at North Pattaya has re-opened https://www.facebook.com/Dragonmanclub
  5. I should have said i get them over one at a time, not for a drink, just a quick inspection and feel front and back. They usually do not sit down unless i am interested in offing the guy and then i buy him a drink and get to know them a bit more.
  6. I usually get most of the Nice Boys over for a quick look and feel of their bodies front and back without sucking, and then they all get a tip as there are sometimes not many customers. I noticed the mamasan brings in food and sometimes big bottles of beer for the boys which keeps them in a good mood to perform for the customers. I have not seen any of the boys sucking a farang but anything is possible. There is a pulpit in a raised area where a customer can sit and invite a boy or boys to have drinks and other activities with a bit of privacy.
  7. Jomtien Complex was open last night and Boyztown closed. A Boyztown staff member was at Jomtien Complex and said Boyztown would be open tonight, Christmas eve. The reasons for the closures vary from the new police boss visiting to someone calling and warning the bar owners that the police were on there way so the bars all closed. The Complex restaurants all remained open. The straight bars near the Jomtien Complex have all been open with no recent closures and not much in the way of Covid precautions being observed. It would be good to know the real reason for the closures of the Complex and Boyztown on alternate nights but it usually has something to do with the tea fund needing a top up.
  8. aussie_

    Coffee Shops

    Meeting Place Cafe opposite the French bakery in Jomtien Complex also make very good coffee and tea, and it is an excellent location to view the many massuers sitting outside of their shops along the soi.
  9. Jomtiem Complex bars are open again now. There was a meeting of bar owners today.
  10. At Home Bar is open till 9.00 pm as a cafe and alcohol is not being served. They have very good coffee, sodas and cakes. I saw a bar/restaurant outside of the Complex at Dongtan beach last night thronging with people and dancing in a large group with no distancing. The closure of Jomtien Complex bars/restaurants is very unfair.
  11. When i registered Pfizer was becoming available for foreigners over 60yo or with underlying diseases later this week. The appointments were at night so I opted for a midday AstraZeneca jab as i was traveling from Pattaya. From https://thailandintervac.com/ The new vaccine appointment method will be via booking in advance or “pre-registration” with the following hospitals. As of today, the Pfizer, AstraZenec, and Sinovac vaccines are available. The target groups in the current phase is for: - People 60 years old and above - People living with any of the following underlying diseases: 1. Severe Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRDs) 2. Coronary artery disease (CAD) 3. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) (5th stage) 4. Cerebrovascular disease 5. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy 6. Diabetes 7. Obesity (weight > 100 kg or BMI > 35 kg/m²) - Pregnant women, in which gestational age is 12 weeks or above. The pregnant women must have a medical certificate from the hospital confirming that vaccination is allowed. Hospitals in which Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Sinovac vaccines can be pre-registered include: -MedPark Hospital, Bangkok Click - Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok 🇬🇧English 🇨🇳Chinese 🇯🇵Japanese 📣NEW - Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Bangkok Click 📣NEW - Bangkok Hospital (Headquarters), Bangkok Click 📣NEW
  12. The following is from the email sent by MedPark Hospital to confirm my appointment. We parked in the underground hospital carpark and they sent a golf cart to take us to the vaccination entrance. If you are being dropped off at the front entrance of the hospital by a taxi, the vaccination entrance is on the right hand side of the building at ground level. It is not a large complex of buildings like some hospitals and it is a short walk to the vaccination entrance. For those who are driving to the hospital, MedPark has arranged for free 3-hour parking at the adjacent The PARQ located only 30 meters from the hospital. From The PARQ, please exit from G level by the Starbucks or KFC exit and proceed to the hospital via a short walk. Kindly note, parking at The PARQ will be closed at 20.00 hrs. Therefore, please park at the hospital if your appointment is scheduled from 17.00 hrs onwards. Please enter the Covid-19 Vaccination Entrance, an entrance directly facing The PARQ, you will be asked to present your original copy of current passport, along with your confirmation email at this point. You will be given a queue and a plastic sleeve which will be used twice during the vaccination process to prevent bacteria and cross contamination between patients, while we take your blood pressure before and after the vaccine shot. Proceed to the Registration Desk. Please keep your passport out for this as we take you through pre-vaccination steps, e.g., taking blood pressure, signing Vaccination Consent Form, etc. The vaccine will be given after the preliminary steps have been completed. You will be asked to remain under observation for 30 minutes.
  13. I went to MedPark Hospital Bangkok yesterday for jab 1 of AstraZeneca. We left Pattaya at 9.00am and were back at 3.00pm with a stop each way. The staff at the hospital were excellent and i was only there for one hour including the rest period after the vaccination. I took my older friend to Pattaya Bangkok Hospital last week as they had AZ vaccines for existing and past patients. Similarly the process was flawless. These hospitals are very well organized for the vaccinations and the staff friendly and well trained.
  14. The only good part of being in Thailand in recent months is the warm weather. Because of the previous and even current lack of enforcement of restrictions on travel between provinces the Delta variant is running pretty much out of control. Recent cases include guys who live in the Jomtien complex returning from a visit to Bangkok. I keep hearing more reports every day of Thai bar boys and their friends who are sick with Covid in hospital or isolating at home because there is no room left in the care facilities. The current wave of Covid may last for many months and i am not sure how much entertainment there will be left in Pattaya with some gay bars already giving up and closing. The new Dragon Music bar in the Complex is nearly finished with a full renovation and i hope they get a chance to open later this year but it may not be till 2022. There are mostly the same boys available on the apps for the last 18 months and many of them have recently returned home. With the amount of local infections It is very risky to meet anyone at present. It may be more frustrating being here in Thailand now with the many available Thai guys but not being able to meet anyone with the fear of catching Covid. Even if you are fully vaccinated i would not be rushing back to Thailand anytime soon. My advise is to stay where you are until well after the current wave is over and check if there is better management of the situation here in Thailand. The current wave would not have been so severe if the restrictions were enforced and lockdowns enacted quickly instead of letting people travel all over the country spreading infections. You do not want to return to Thailand after two years away to find that you are stuck in you hotel or condo in a lockdown with a curfew.
  15. Pop Inn on Thappraya Road is 350 or 400 baht/night. I walked past Paramita Hotel at Pratunmak 6 earlier today which is a two minute walk from Thappraya road and they have nice rooms for 2500/month for Thais reduced now from 5000 baht/month. There are plenty of small hotels in Jomtien looking for customers and i am sure that he could find a decent room for 300 to 400 baht per night or even better a discounted monthly rate.
  16. Oscars Bar was forced out by very high rise in rent. Now the bar has been sitting empty for months.
  17. Thank you for your report. I only took one guy from Grindr and a freelancer at Toolbox. Both slim, smooth twinks for $20 and both were bottoms and performed well. I gave the guy from Grindr $5 for taxi as he lived far away or so his distance on Grindr showed. I did not haggle the price so i guess there must others available at $20. For a short trip to PP it is not worth worrying too much if they want more. I spent more buying drinks and enjoying the shows at Toolbox every night lol
  18. Boy drink was 130. I had a big night in Jomtien Complex on Thursday so only had a Coke Zero at 89 baht. Last time i visited Winner bar my beer was 99 baht. Great value and there were more hot guys working last night than on previous visits. They really have prepared well for this time of year.
  19. What is left of Sunee was very busy last night. The beer bars had some large groups of farangs. Winner Bar was packed with customers and about 15 go go staff witb a few stunners if you like twinks. They don't like running the air con much at Winner bar but the guy next to me complained and they cranked it up a bit. I think i will go back to Sunee tonight, If only Jomtiem Complex could have some go go bars.
  20. He is still there and getting plenty of tips.
  21. Yes, i admire him for trying. He still gets plenty of tips even when sent back often.
  22. That guy has become annoying. Most still wait to be called down but he is pushing for tips all the time. If he was hot i wouldn't mind lol
  23. I did not look at the apps much as like Pattaya many of the pics are beauty cammed and i rather see them in person. The guy i did approach on grindr had pics that looked realistic and he convinced me when chatting. The other guy i had a date and fun with was Chinese from Blued and no photo shopping or cost with him, just another tourist looking for fun. I would say most in Phnom Penh were money boys or looking for some benefits. I have a guy in Pattaya who denies being a money boy but needed 3000 baht for his room recently
  24. I was told it is Japanese owned but not confirmed. Like the Chinese many Japanese are investing in Thailand.
  25. I noticed that too. They bring in multiple bowls of food and ocassionally some big bottles of beer for the guys. A happy worker is good for the customers. A couple of the Nice Boys have moved to the Japanese bar near the Venue at Jomtiem Complex. The shirts off tactic by that bars management has attracted more customers when it was near empty most nights beforehand.
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