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  1. Charlie, the owner of Dodo and Sunee Intimate bars is joining the management team of M Bar and told me that he will soon fix the air conditioning. It has been very warm inside the bar which has made me avoid going there. One advantage of M Bar besides the boys is the low volume level of the music compared to being blasted by noise in the main Complex Soi most nights.
  2. The Dodo boys love dancing. The bar has a constant flow of customers and it was diffcult to find a seat last night but much easier to find a boy to have a drink with. 20230830_225322_1.mp4
  3. Now that Dodo Bar has been doing well with mostly twinks and a couple of average build guys, there may be an opportunitty for Dodo bar or another bar in the Jomtien Complex to provide a similar style venue with bigger build and some more muscular men. Others have mentioned that they are not into the twink look at all so there may be enough customers, especially in high season to support this suggestion.
  4. At Dodo Bar the boys will get very close up, most of the the shorts are loose with plenty of exploration going on from my observations recently. I suggested to a bar owner a while back to try a similar concept like Dodo Bar has implemented or at least get all the boys in see through singlets. He said he was worried if the boys were all wearing that attire it would be easy for immigration to pick out the staff who were here illegally when they did a raid. Fair enough, but the lack of innovation in the Jomtien Complex by most of the bars is rather uninspiring . So kudos to Dodo Bar for providing some good entertainment, and we need to support them to keep it going and getting even better.
  5. They keep finding new boys at Dodo Bar and they are getting more playful every day.
  6. The boys keep their pants on. The bar owner knows the limitations of the entertainment allowed in the main soi of the Jomtien Complex.
  7. Dodo Bar _ another video clip 20230814_225255.mp4
  8. I visited Dodo Bar the last two nights since opening. They will have some different boys each night. The bar was packed with customers last night. An excellent addition to the entertainment available in the Jomtien Complex. 20230814_222316.mp4
  9. Madam Karen is still around and visits Jomtien Complex most days when in Pattaya.
  10. Classic, X-boys and Toy Boys are wearing briefs. Dream Boys were wearing jeans on my last visit two weeks ago. Another member may have more info about Boyz Boyz Boyz and Abomb. Winner Boys is still going with around ten boys wearing briefs. Nice Boys on Soi VC may be wearing nothing at various stages but usually wearing briefs.
  11. The staff from JQK moved to other bars in the Jomtien Complex and some to Boyztown. The Cambodian owners of JQK have opened Classic Boy Bar in Boyztown. After a slow start they had sixteen boys there on Saturday night. I remember seeing the management of JQK when it was still open, showing a large group of Cambodian boys around the Complex one afternoon in preperation to setup Classic Boys.
  12. Zoomer was closed today and may stay that way as the owner Charlie has taken over the management of Dodo Bar in Jomtien Complex, as well as already operating the nearby Sunee Bar adjacent to the Venue Show Bar. Charlie is also going to open a go go bar in Sunee Plaza in October across from Winner Bar. Two interesting poles on podiums went up at the front of B.N Bar in the Jomtien Complex over the last few days so I will looking to see if they are being used when i visit there tonight. I have suggested this idea in the past to other bar owners. We cannot have go go bars in the Complex because of the local bylaws but i see no reason why we cannot have boys danciing on a podium to attract customers. Dragon music has been sold with the new Thai owner taking over this week. There are plenty of other bars for sale but that is not unusual in the Complex.
  13. I asked a boy to get tested and he replied that the last test he had was two years ago and the needle hurt so he refused to get tested again. I explained to him the importance of getting regular checks and it is free for him to get tested by Swing although i was willing to pay for him at a clinic. He still refused. Needless to say i am not seeing him anymore but it shows how careless some of the boys are with their own health and also with ours.
  14. The Jomtien Complex has some interesting creatures walking the sois with the old farang referred to as the "Predator" in his never changing outfit and carrying a small plastic bag. He rarely or i have never seen him buy a drink and he lurks in the shadows, leering at the boys and hoping to catch one walking past to get his line account. He is one seriously creepy looking man and has been banned from entering some of the bars. Another is a very large farang who looks like a cross between "Sir Les Patterson" or "Jabba The Hutt" is following the boys into the toilets and was openly sucking a boy's cock in Question Mark Bar last night as i walked past. I guess we all want more fun times in the Complex but i was thinking more of a Cupidol or Toy Boys type go go bar if the local laws ever changed. Maybe a bar similar to Sunee Plaza's Eros Bar is needed if this is what some of the current customers want.
  15. Last night was a perfect example of the downhill spiral of the Jomtien Complex. Question Mark Bar and Sun Bar both had music blaring at maximum volume making it impossible to have a conversation. I retreated to Lucky Bar bar near Dick's Cafe and then to M Bar which is also a go to place for a quiet drink. The loud music is losing customers for the boys in the main soi who will miss out on drinks and offs with customers moving away to a quieter location or just going home. With no Toy Boys (Boyztown), Nice Boys or Winner Bar (Sunee Plaza) type of entertainment allowed in the Complex it is becoming quite boring with so many beer bars and show bars.
  16. I often found Winner Bar to be a bit on the warm side and Nice Boys on the smokey side but i can tolerate that for the entertainment that is being provided. M Bar in Jomtien Complex has very cool air con and has been busy lately on these hot nights.
  17. I like twinks and as in most places there are plenty of bottoms and tops of all sizes if that is what you are looking for. I was age 50yo when i first starting visiting Taiwan for over a dozen stays of one month each time and travelled to all the major cities. I met many guys online through Hornet, Blued and Grindr. I paid only once and never again when i started meeting some of the hottest twinks who never asked for money and would have been insulted if i had offered. Most are university students or have a job and had no interest in being paid for sex. The guys never asked but I was happy to pay for our meals together or go to to see a movie as i know their income is not great. I will visit Taiwan later this year for Gay Pride and catch up with my friends there. Taiwan is worth a visit just for the sightseeing in the cities and countryside.
  18. The police were called to a party at The Point bar in Jomtien Complex earlier this week. A farang complained about the noise and tried to grab the microphone from the singer who continued singing as though nothing had happened. The farang then started pressing buttons on the sound system trying to turn off the music. I am not sure what happened after that as i was just passing by on my way home.
  19. I had a look at Zoomer Bar last night and had a chat with one of the managers. They are advertising for staff, so another handsome waiter or two would be to my liking. I will visit later in the night sometime soon, but i could not see any reason why they opened in that location for privacy reasons as they mentioned to bkkmfj2648. Further investigation is required.
  20. I worry more about the boy's cock being in his girlfriend's pussy just before going to work at Nice Boys 55
  21. Is there a clinic in Pattaya which does the throat and fecal swabs? In Australia both are normal practice at the health care clinics. At Lifecare and other clinics in Pattaya where i have had testing done they only take a blood and urine test.
  22. The Pride party was well attended and a big success. Many partygoers were dancing in the soi when i left around 1230am. The Venue Show Bar also had a full house for their anniversary party.
  23. Even without a fire the DJ Station soi is a disaster waiting to happen. I was leaving DJ Station a few years back and after an alarm bell went of I was nearly crushed in the rush of the packed weekend crowd to escape out on to Silom Road.
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