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  1. Copa has been open since September 2008 according to their page on Facebook.
  2. I can confirm that a gentleman who resides in same condo as myself did arrive today, July 17, and was given 60 days, visa exempt.
  3. I do know an older gent by the name of Bill who frequents the bars in the Complex. About 82 yo, tall and thin and has been living in Thailand for many, many years.
  4. Without trying every bar it would be difficult to answer any of your inquiries. Best to do personal research and find what best suits you. However there is one bar that stands out regarding boys and the way they treat their customers, and that is M Bar.
  5. Soon as you become "friends" with a boy, you will take on his responsibilities such as money and health care and a host of others. I know having had a bf for 24 years plus some other "friends". If you are wealthy then no problems but otherwise big problems. Only way to avoid problems is to not have a boyfriend. Although I know a few farang, with money, why have long term boyfriends and are satisfied.
  6. Not sure about Bangkok, but Pattaya weather has been somewhat cooler past week or so . Rain has been not continuously at all, mostly lasting an hour or so but not enough to deter going out and about.
  7. In Winner Bar last night, about 10 boys on stage but few customers. I think the boys get bored when no customers for them to entice? One boy is very well endowed but forget his number, however he is very nice. His name is something like AhChen but they all seem to have alternate names. The boys do appreciate small tips (40 Baht) unless they sit with you, in which case 100+ is more appropriate.
  8. Here is a short video of Supertown, I mean Jomtien Complex.
  9. Most like Walking Street is Jomtien Complex aka Supertown. A large area with many bars and massages shops but no go-go bars although there are a couple of bars with boys dancing on a stage or between the tables. Boyztown area has 5 go-go bars plus other gay bars. Sunee Plaza is a bit of a ghost town with just two go-go bars and two beer bars. But Winner Bar in Sunee has some nice lads to make it worth the visit. And there is also Nice Boys there.
  10. Motion Wellness is located in the Center Condo Complex.
  11. It was always not that way! Some years ago one or two guys would organize a get together to which any and all were invited and, sometimes drinks were free to one and all. But as time went on this dwindled away with the diminishing gay scene. Even more recently gay bar owners sponsored a party night with free food for anyone and some still do. But, no doubt, it is increasing difficult to break into the social network.
  12. In my experience it is not at all easy to meet gay expats in Pattaya without some sort of connection such as a friend of a friend. Wish I could assist you better. There are often parties being held at the gay bars where many guys go for the food and drink which may give you an opportunity to meet other gays. And you could casually strike up a conversation at a gay bar with someone by introducing yourself and having a chat.
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