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Pattaya Koh Larn island trip report November 2022

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4 hours ago, macaroni21 said:

This is a great, very useful trip report. One small question though: how was the cellphone signal while on the island? Thanks.

Thanks Shameless Mack - I'll cherish this complement coming from you...

In the more populated parts of the island the cellphone signal was good.

In the more remote areas - like Tien Beach (my favorite), the cellphone signal was intermittent.  When you needed to do something on the internet with enough bandwidth you had to wait until you had at least 2 or 3 signal strength bars to do anything serious.cell_signal_strength.jpg.92e38b934fb1745fb64fac7b72cd9bed.jpg

So, sometimes it was Poor or Dead Zone for a while and then suddenly it would jump up to Fair or Good at Tien Beach.

However, in the main port town (NaBaan) which faces Pattaya - the signal strength was always Excellent.  At the other 4 beaches that I visited the signal strength was Good or Fair.

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14 hours ago, 12is12 said:

Bkk, u obviously set a new standard for detailed tempting posts here, certainly for issues other than sex. Kudos!

Why is klom klom "infamous"?

Thanks for the compliment 12is12.  My passion to have new experiences drives me to write these tedious trip reports.  Of course, I also like to have my fair share of sex - and why not while making a traveling adventure  :>))

12is12 - I have to say that I misused the adjective, "infamous" to describe the Klom Klom restaurant in my Koh Larn trip report.

Based on the official explanation for the use of this adjective (see below) I should have instead described it as:  popular, famous, trendy, in-place, etc.

I had an incorrect internal mental definition for this word as being equal to famous where I had thought that by adding in+famous made it more historical in nature.

I stand corrected.



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6 hours ago, bkkmfj2648 said:

However, in the main port town (NaBaan) which faces Pattaya - the signal strength was always Excellent.  At the other 4 beaches that I visited the signal strength was Good or Fair.

Ah, this is important. As idyllic as Tien beach may look, staying overnight without a good signal would almost surely frustrate me. Guess I would have to stay in NaBaan.

Others may have different priorities, of course.

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First time I went to koh larn was 2002 with a pal and two boys. Walked from the pier to Duen Beach (Monkey Beach) . 2 miles maybe. There was nobody and nothing there - took some booze and food from,7-11. Had lots of fun swimming out to the reef. Got taxi back for return to Pats cos I had cut my foot on the coral.

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10 hours ago, Vessey said:

In terms of any night-life, especially our side of the fence, I guess we need to bring our 'entertainment' with us as you did?

I would agree - In my case, I was invited along as the falang to celebrate a Thai birthday of one of my few Thai friends.

However, as I note in this trip report - at the red chairs section of the Tien Beach - there were 2 gay workers - an older Thai gentleman, who was probably the manager of the red chairs establishment, and one of his staff, who was young (perhaps 23 or 25) and very sexy and cute and made it obvious that he was interested.

When we checked Grindr - there were only a few (2 or 3) profiles active - and it was not evident if these "on Koh Larn" active profiles were day trippers or guys who were staying overnight like us.  I guess the only way to find out would have been to check Grindr in the night time hours - which I did not.  Since Pattaya and Jomtien are in close proximity - Grindr displays them as "near" - but they are truly back on the mainland requiring a 20 minute speed boat ride.  I guess you could order-in  :>))

So, bring your entertainment with you.  If you are staying many days - you could order-in new entertainment each day and send the previous day's entertainment back to the mainland.

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Yesterday 03 Feb 2023, I just returned from my second trip to Koh Larn.

I won't repeat any of the above details - as this trip was an 80% repeat of the November 2022 trip.

However, I will document below, additional details (as many of you requested) and an additional beach that we went to visit.

 On the first day, we returned to my still favorite beach, Tien Beach, where I was able to get additional lodging information which I can share with all of you now.

There are 4 places for lodging that exist on Tien Beach - of which 1 is closed and out of business - a 2 floor wooden motel like structure.  The other 3 are open - of which, 2 are owned by the HardTien restaurant, which are the 2 pirate looking ships that are situated on the northern most part of Tien beach, and the 8 rooms, which are above the HardTien restaurant.  And lastly, as reported above at the beginning of this post, there are the 3 lovely bungalows available at:

          https://www.facebook.com/tiennara.kohlarn/      and for booking:  https://reservation.roomscope.com/1694/en

--> Note that these 3 bungalows (listed above) are the MOST expensive - at 4,500 baht per night.

Below is the business card from the owner of the HardTien.  Rooms are 1,800 baht per night - on the steep side - but you are on one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Larn which is in a secluded and remote part of the island - thus making it extra special and subject to premium pricing.

The owner mentioned to us that you can be picked up by one of their private speed boats from the Bali Hai pier in Pattaya and brought directly to Tien Beach (1,800 baht one way).  The price is too much in my opinion.  Better to take the normal ferry for 30 baht (one way) and then the bahtbus for 30 baht (one way) or via any of the Bali Hai pier normal speedboat s for 150 baht (one way), and then take the bahtbus or rent a motor bike to get to Tien beach.


The below HardTien facebook page displays the photos of BOTH the pirate ship rooms (more rugged but more private if you want to have a party and be more intimate) and the rooms that are immediately above the restaurant.  These rooms are more "luxurious" - modern than the pirate ship rooms.


I've decided that in the future I will organize an event here with many Thai friends - as I want to spend 2 nights on this fantastic remote beach - to see it in all of its natural glory after the last tourist boats and ferries have all returned back to Pattaya.

This Youtuber posted the below video about this place which truly helps to appreciate why I like it so much.

Another new discovery that we made at the Tien beach was back in the forest that is behind the beach is a place called, "Goose Beach" and in this large area are the wonderful geese that are let loose onto the main beach once the day trippers have started to return to Pattaya.  As we could stay late on the beach, we had the privilege of seeing these geese run around the beach.


Our lodging for the 2 nights was in the southern part of Na Baan - the main port village of Koh Larn - at the same place we stayed back in November 2022.

Ban Lung Khao - Green Bungalow on the sea rental contact details:



We spent 2 lovely nights here.  Bungalow is on concrete stilts above the rocky coast with a direct view onto the Pattaya / Jomtien skyline across the sea.

The additional beach that we visited this trip, was the Ta-Yai beach, which is at the extreme northern part of Koh Larn, with a direct view onto Ko Sak island.



This beach was very nice but very small and very crowded.  In fact, ALL of the beach chairs were already occupied as we arrived around 12 noon.  So, I guess you need to arrive early to get good seating.  This is mainly a falang beach - as it is serviced by the Ta-Yai Beach club with typical falang/western beach service.

Consequently, we did not stay long.  We walked to the farthest northern point - beyond the beach chairs - which was very picturesque, where many people were making instagram photos.  Unfortunately, one of my 2 Thai friends slipped on the rocks and cut open his foot so we had to wrap it up as best as we could and then head back into the main Na Baan town to go to the main hospital where they treated it - which put a damper onto our 2nd day activities.  After the hospital visit, we drove over to the Samae beach and hung out at that beach for the remainder of the afternoon.

Ok, this concludes this trip report.  Hopefully, it includes the additional information that was asked by many of you that I could only obtain by visiting this wonderful place again.


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oops, I forgot to add a NEW restaurant that we tried on our first night - which was Racha Buffet, which is next to the One More club on the main road heading south out of the Na Baan port village.


This was a NEW concept for me.  It is like the MK restaurants Hotpot concept but instead is a BBQ buffet type of restaurant.  The front of the place is a HUGE selection of fresh caught seafood and vegetables and eggs, which you select for yourself and place in plastic containers and bring back to your table and you cook them on these very hot BBQ coal fired clay type of ovens.  Koh Larn was full of these types of restaurants where the prices were from 280 baht to 299 baht for All-You-Can-Eat!!!  Truly a bargain and a fun experience.


For our second night restaurant, we returned to the Klom Klom restaurant mentioned at the beginning of this trip report thread.  Again, there was a live concert, great food and fancy mixed cocktails.  Fun was definitely had by us.




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