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Tawan is The One

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Woah! They really did go with "The One" like one of the guys told me last time. Looking forward for my next visit in BKK.

Darn, my visit this year was a bit lackluster without seeing the Tawan nightly shows with big beefy guys grinding on the stage💪🏻💪🏻🤤🤤

Hope everything goes smoothly with their much awaited opening.

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8 hours ago, reader said:

Talked with manager who was standing across from bar. Says he hopes to get OK to open soon. Also talked with few guys outside 7-Eleven who said maybe few days. 

Hooray! Reopening just when I am travelling to BKK next week! Let's go together!

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Waaaah! The opening that's long overdue, please guys visit and support. Hope I can return sooner then I'll definitely be there almost every night 🤤

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 A friend and I accompanied Jason1975 to The One Club last night, arriving at 10pm. The only thing I’d add to his review is that they need to develop some new stage activities before show begins. At the moment, they just have a few guys standing on stage at a time but not doing anything in particular to hold your attention.

Management had done a good job of refurbishing interior.

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On 6/4/2024 at 12:01 PM, reader said:

 The only thing I’d add to his review is that they need to develop some new stage activities before show begins.

Too many bars in Thailand rely on an old (gatoey-heavy) formula for entertainment. They also need to rethink the "showtime" model, trying to pull the crowd in at a specific time to watch a tired third-rate "show". Especially for a small bar like The One (Tawan) with a stage no bigger than a single-bed, trying to do a "show" is a challenge. Nor is there any point trying to pull in a "crowd" when there aren't enough seats for a crowd. A rapid turnover of customers/seats all through the evening is better revenue than a crowd at a single time.

It is possible to entertain customers with fairly frequent acts throughout the entire evening, but management needs to come up with fresh ideas that do not need much space. Some suggestions I have would be:

1.  Every drinks order also gets a lucky draw ticket. When ten or twelve tickets have been issued, a gogo boy comes onto stage dressed in two shirts (one an undershirt), jeans/trousers, two underpants and a condom.  Six lucky draw numbers are called in succession. Each lucky customer goes on stage, gets a kiss and a hug from the gogoboy and gets to remove one item of clothing. The sixth lucky guy gets to remove the condom!  Then wait for ten or twelve other customers to come in buy a drink and a new round follows.

2.  Chair dance. Gogoboy gets onto stage, invites 2 or 3 customers in sequence onto a chair gives each a one-minute personal dance.

3.  Juggling act. Maybe in the nude? Customers watch the balls 🤪

4.  Bronco ride. Customer invited to ride pillion with a gogoboy on a bronco horse. Customers clutches gogo boy tightly for dear life for 60 seconds.

5.  There are some plastic balls that stick when thrown at object.  For 100 baht, customers get balls. Throw at underwear'ed gogo boy on stage. Three hits on his underwear from, say, 2 metres away (Strike!) and the underwear is lost. Gogoboy then gives a personal dance to the winning thrower, jiggling his assets in the latter's face. 

6. As in midpoint of this video, gogoboy gets hot and sweaty doing a dance in front of a customer in the sitting area (not on stage). Customer gets a cloth to wipe off sweat.

Plus many more ideas I am sure members of this board can come up with. All that's needed is for management to be open to new ideas.


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In the old tawan location, there’s a local gay customer who contracted 2 of the guys to be naked on stage on their regular rotation for B100 per rotation. I added to the tip.

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3 hours ago, macaroni21 said:

Plus many more ideas I am sure members of this board can come up with. All that's needed is for management to be open to new ideas.

macaroni21, these are excellent ideas.

We need this SO badly also here in Pattaya as soo many of the places are stale and boring - as if to watch the paint dry.

There is little imagination for good entertainment and/or experimentation.

They just rely on the standard mantra of "falang sit - falang drink"

Your list of above ideas creates customer participation in the bar and can allow for you to get up close and personal with the bar staff - a GREAT way to break the ice instead of the standard - what would you like to drink mister with the drink menu shoved into your face

For example, at the X-Boys Pattaya go-go bar - during one of the shows where they actually have 1 act where they get a customer to come up onto the page to be sensually / sexually intrigued - the customer was SO good that I stood up during the show and I put 100 baht - using the Vinapu Tuck - into the customers belt.  The customer who was up on the stage was very surprised by my gesture, the seated customers in the audience, and also the guys up on the stage - all loved it. 

Why not - let us also participate in the fun and excitement of the evening.

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