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  1. For what reason @reader? At my initiative, for which you'll recall you thanked me, we did so before. We came to an agreement. I would not criticise any of the multitude of posts you made by copying and pasting media reports. In return you would not comment on my choice for living in Bangkok when, unlike you and many others, I deliberately choose not to visit gay venues here. I have complied 100% with that agreement. Unilaterally you have totally broken it. You have shown you have zero integrity when it comes to agreements. So no more! I'm delighted that some of the younger generations are now making posting excellent posts. I wish them, the Moderator and other posters all good wishes. Goodbye!
  2. Yet another piece of trite nonsense. Grow up @reader! Not everyone is like your good self. And that is precisely what you wrote when you were attacking my posts a couple of years or so ago by suggesting nobody lived in Bangkok and did not go to gay bars etc. You have obviously forgotten that I sent you a PM and suggested we bury the hatchet - as it were. You agreed and thanked me for suggesting it. But guess what? Now it all comes spilling out again. I am not like you, thankfully, and I do not try to live the sort of life you live! Similarly, although you may not like to admit it, you are not like me. Everyone on this Board is different and we should be relishing our diversity. But you just will not accept it and your method is to attack! So quit the name calling and the incorrect assumptions just because they do not fit your idea of what an older expat in Bangkok should be doing!
  3. Happy to confirm that I did indeed delete the post just after posting as I thought it inappropriate
  4. Another instance involving one of the 10 million illegal guns in private hands in Thailand - I assume!
  5. Perhaps. But more likely a slip of the finger. Or the fact that having at the end of last year purchased a new mac desktop on which I write most of my posts, I find the keyboard dreadful and will soon purchase a different one. The computer and new operating Sonoma system is great but I see on the internet that this particular keyboard gets a lot of mediocre and even downright bad reviews.
  6. That has absolutely nothing to do with issue, the more so when in this forum there has also recently been a discussion about older men walking around with guys very much younger. You can take it that the two are in their mid-20s and are exactly the same age to within about 4 months. 60 years before that I was at junior school! So your question is immaterial! As for my time from university onwards, I have never written anything other than I have enjoyed the life of a gay man to the full. I was never an angel! And having discovered Bangkok and much of the rest of Asia from 1979, I have written qute a few times that I was always a regular in go-go bars, saunas and latterly at host bars in quite a number of Asia's cities. I have never once tried to disguise that. Indeed this forum has many posts I have made not only giving guides about gay venues annd events (my several reports with extensive photographs about the annual Taipei Gay Pride Parades, for example) but also extolling the virtues of certain gay establishments, posts that others have found useful! So, again I ask, what is the point of that question? But when @reader writes - - he is not only making more than one incorrect and demeaning assumption, he knows perfectly well from my previous posts - and he has previously questioned with incorrect asumptions on my decision not to visit gay establishments here - that since I settled down in Thailand with my present partner I have never stepped into a gay establishment in Thailand other than once when with a dear friend from the UK who, following an excellent dinner, wished to see Telephone bar. That is just over 5 years. Given that virtually everyone anywhere close to my age on this forum who visits Thailand heads for the gay venues almost as soon as the plane lands, I suppose those elderly farang find it strange that someone who has lived here for so many years can elect not to do likewise for quite a few years. That I don't fit the presumed sex-starved stereotype here, then I am certainly not going to apologise for it. Insult me if you wish and if you are wrong, I will give as good as I get. But as no one here knows a thing about him other than what I have written, my partner is totally off limits, the more so when others start to assume he will act as they would react in a situation like that which occurred in Balcony. What a totally idiotic statement! You're like @reader in writing words I never stated! When did I ever write that my partner and his close friend were "drunk" or even "exaggerated" what they told me? I didn't! They weren't! And they didn't! They were having their first drink. End of that piece of rubbish. Don't assume @floridarob! And why would you even consider that two young Thai men who are inteligent university graduates making their first ever visit to any bar in any gay street would exaggerate something as disgusting as an elderly farang propositioning them? As I wrote very recently in the thread "Offing a guy from a bar (but not for sex)", many Thais have a natural in-bred modesty. What right does any bar patron have to assume anything about another bar patron - unless it is a specified host bar or go-go bar? No right whatsoever! When they returned to my apartment soon after, they said they felt like pieces of meat! And before you make any other wrong assumptions, my partner's friend sleeps on the sofa bed in the living room when he is here! Lastly I apologise to @revengeboo that the assumptions and comments from @reader and @floridarob have meant I have had to disrupt his thread of truly excellent posts.
  7. Winton Road is an aware-winning winery. But Shiraz will not be sweet. It has a more earthy, spicey flavour.
  8. Would these be some of the many apartment blocks built by local developers pre-covid particularly to attract Chinese buyers - and some from Hong Kong and Singapore as well? Very small by farang standards - probably around 30 sq. meters or thereabouts? (There is a thread about this somewhere!)
  9. So your reasoning got it all wrong again! Why should anyone be surprised? Who is the clown here, I wonder?
  10. I have written about this before but I have such happy memories of the ten visits (2 a year) made to Bali in the early 1980s. I remember being surprised - and not a little delighted - at seeing young men strip off around 5:00 pm and wash themselves while completely naked in the water spigot in the garden of my simple hotel. Once I was on a Garuda DC10 flying from Denpasar to Hong Kong. As the aircraft was pushed back and waiting to taxi on the the runway, a young man again stripped off and washed naked in the stream parallel to the taxiway!
  11. I will PM you as I do not think it is correct to name names and such specific events in this forum. But as the case you refer to (which I am sure is the same) has been written about in more than one book, there may be some way to write about it here.
  12. Now you just add insult to injury. I AM NOT "on the prowl for young men" whereever I travel. NEVER! For years I have rarely visited a gay bar anywhere outside Thailand. on my own. I visit when friends take me. Yes, I have been to saunas occasionally. For your information gay saunas are where virtually all customers go to find other guys. For your further information, men and guys in Taiwan would never even dream of going up to others in the Red House bars and cafes (the gay equivalent of Soi 4) with any similar proposition. NEVER! When I meet guys on the apps overseas, they initiate the conversations. I can think of perhaps three occasions at most in the last five years when I have been the one to start it up. So never assume that other posters do overseas what you and others might do here in Bangkok. I would certainly never ASSUME that anyone is in a gay bar like Balcony simply for the purpose of solicitating others into paid sex. In any case, as you know perfectly well, paid sex has not been my thing for many years. I certainy would never dream of approaching any guy in a bar like Balcony. In case you are not aware, it is not a host club! It is a public bar in a public street both of which happen to cater primarily to customers who are gay. That one farang customer should have the gall to ruin the evening of two bright, intelligent young Thai guys is shocking! As @khaolakguy so rightly points out, this is no doubt one of the reasons many Thais no longer visit farang gay places like Soi 4. That is absolutely nothing like what happened to my partner and his friend. You simply have used an example of what actually happened to your twisted narrative. Is it not true that that guy basically took the initiative and proposed to you and you took him up and back to your hotel? Did my partner and his friend do something similar? Nothing like it! They were doing nothing but having a drink. They did not approach anyone. If you are going to quote comparisons, quote like with like - not like with unlike!
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