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  1. Woody saw this thread and send me text for to add: Tourist attraction in Chiang Rai: White temple Blue temple The black house Museum Golden Triangle Tea plantation Chinese temple Mountain King's gardens, Tourist attractions in Pai Beautiful Village of Pai A lot Caves , Tourist attractions in Maehongson Beautiful Village of Maehongson, Shan people Shan temples, Tourist attractions in Payao Payao town Very beautiful big Lakes, Tourist attraction in Sukhothai Old city Old Pagodas
  2. It is time to refresh information about tours in Hanoi, Halong Bay and whole North Vietnam. Blake left us for to study in London. Our leading guide in Hanoi in this season will be David https://siamroads.com/david-tour-guide-hanoi/ David is professional tour guide with license, he has 5+ years of experience in guiding tours. New fresh pics of him:
  3. Just a reminder: in "post-COVID era" Siamroads still has Kanel in Phnom Penh and Sareth in Siem Reap. Kanel https://siamroads.com/phnom-penh-guide-companion-kanel/ Sareth https://siamroads.com/cambodia-siem-reap-sareth/
  4. Chiang Mai is opened for tourists already after COVID. Siamroads has your personal guide in city - Woody. Profile and booking: https://siamroads.com/woody-chiang-mai/ Woody is working with us more than 5 years already. Languages: English, Thai. City tours and nightlife, tours to Doi Inthanon, waterfalls, national parks around Chiang Mai are available. Also: Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle on the border of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Woody has comfortable car (extra payment $75 + fuel, 8 hours / $100 + fuel, 14 hours). Also Woody is owner of male massage parlor (we aren't affiliated with his business).
  5. Yeah, now it is like huge inflow of tourists in Thailand, we are about 96% booked in June there, Mac has 16 days in row non-stop, Andy is busy by weekdays in UNI. I suggest to book tours in Bangkok at least 3 weeks in advance. We already have placed ads about hiring of new guides in Bangkok and on Phuket.
  6. Hello guys. Siamroads restores operations on Bali. Currently we have 2 guides there. Dani, freelancer guide, yoga adviser. Works with Siamroads over 5 years already. Languages: English, Indonesian. Profile for bio, photos and booking http://siamroads.com/dani-bali/ All photos below are actual. Kadek, professional tour guide and driver. Languages: English, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian. Profile for bio, photos and booking https://siamroads.com/kadek-guide-on-bali-indonesia/ Photos below are actual:
  7. Again about Andy https://siamroads.com/andy-bangkok-private-guide/
  8. One more testimonials. Andy. Andy's profile is here https://siamroads.com/andy-bangkok-private-guide/
  9. It is quite typical reaction on covered by hairs hands in Asia. I got the same many times in VN, KH, TH and so on...
  10. everything is working now, sorry for troubles
  11. SGT and GB are on different servers, when you got troubles in 2018 (or 2017?) with your board I bought server for it at the same hosting where SGT is located. Both are located in Canada. They have shared billing, that why they got down both.
  12. Everything will be ok in a few hours. I'm on travel and missed invoice to pay.
  13. History has no subjunctive mood. The US is the only country in the world in human history to have dropped nuclear bombs on innocent civilians.
  14. Can't agree about hotels in VN. In VN you can easy find 4**** hotel in front of the beach with rooftop pool and bar for $50-60 including breakfasts for 2 persons, sea view room with balcony. This goal is unreachable in TH.
  15. UnionPay has about 16% of Russian card market, almost every ATM serves it. MIR cards have about 75% of adult Russians - it is default "salary card" here (free, minimum of commissions, 2-3 times higher cashback in comparation with VISA or MC), 62% of b2c and c2c economies are cashless because of it. Besides Russian banks, about 20 Chinese banks are working here.
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