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  1. First review on David's service. David's profile is here: https://siamroads.com/david-tour-guide-hanoi/
  2. We got 2 reviews of service. First: Mac's profile: https://siamroads.com/mac/ and second: Woody's profile: https://siamroads.com/woody-chiang-mai/
  3. You are very brave - to make such big turn is hard job. Wish you good luck and let me know if you will need any help. PS pity what signatures weren't exported
  4. Merry Christmas to all! (video from Siamroads.com) https://youtu.be/-SU-c3dFVYQ
  5. One more review on Siamroads job. Mac (Bangkok) Mac's profile, photos and booking are here: https://siamroads.com/mac/
  6. Just one more eye-candy pic of Will from Siamroads, he works in Ho Chi Minch (Saigon) Profile: https://siamroads.com/will-tour-guide-and-companion-ho-chi-minh-vietnam/ Picture:
  7. In person. Eyes to eyes. But not every case been done by me - guides traveling a lot with clients. So most interviews occurred when one of our experienced guides was in home city of new guide.
  8. Please welcome new guide in Hanoi - David. David is 26 yo professional licensed tour guide with 5+ years of experience. Davis spend about 3 years in guiding in Halong Bay, so he knows everything about that place. Profile and more photos are here: https://siamroads.com/david-tour-guide-hanoi/ https://siamroads.com/david-tour-guide-hanoi/
  9. yeah, there are some tuning works going on the server, SGT will be online soon
  10. Good try. But I will not buy it dear. SGT lost data only of last 10-12 hours before failure: we do daily backup on another server in another location. Technicians still tune new server, but sites are working normally already. In case somebody has troubles to log-in, please clear cache in browser.
  11. SGT is online. Siamroads will be online soon. Sorry for accident.
  12. To whom it may concern. SGT and Siamroads are down - server's failure at Sunday (weekend). Technicians are working for to restore. It may take up to 24 hours because of weekend.
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