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  1. Polish farmers are blocking border crossings on the border between Poland and Ukraine. The inscription on the poster: “Putin, restore order in Ukraine and in Brussels, and in our government.”
  2. Just open WIKI... P.S. correction: 2019. released in 2020 https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/chelsea-manning-ordered-released-from-jail/2020/03/12/0ee56efc-6478-11ea-845d-e35b0234b136_story.html
  3. And arrested in 2018 again...
  4. Quote from Solzhenitsyn interview to Tretiakov, 2006
  5. Biden... Trump... Trump... Biden... Country of gerontocracy and Congress dynasties. The country is more polarized than ever. Why not unite it under the slogan "Make America Young Again"?
  6. Crying so much about Navalny. Aren't you tired of fake crying and pretending? Known facts about Navalny: - participant in the right-wing "Russian Marches" - supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia (“Crimea is not a sandwich, so you can take it and then give it back”) Assange has been in a British prison for 5 years. Has anyone here come to his defense? Snowden has been hiding in Russia for over 11 years, has anyone come to his defense? Manning received 35 years in prison. Has anyone come to her defense? No?
  7. Why so many hysterics from country of Congress of dynasties?
  8. Dreams, dreams... EU already makes plan what to do when (pay attention: now "if", but "when") Trump will get power again, it is mostly about NATO. Biden is clearly looser in this game, despite Putin just told, that Russia prefers Biden to Trump.
  9. I don't care. Above is my point of view: Biden and Trump - both are disaster for US. One is neo-nazi clown, second one is brainless dementia's victim.
  10. Are you idiot? Let me repeat: First strike in this conflict was on June 2 2014 when Nazi regime from Kiev made strike by Lugansk, Ukrainian city on the East of Ukraine. Look at 1:35 After that strike by Donbas and before 2022 16000 Russians were killed in Eastern Ukraine by Ukrainian Nazi. So you are "fighting" on Nazi side now. For their "freedom" to kill Russians on Ukrainian territory. Shame on you.
  11. Between 2014 and 2022, Ukrainian Nazis killed two of my relatives in the predominantly Russian territory of Eastern Ukraine. What can a little man, sitting across the ocean in the middle of the United States, with only cliches in his head carefully placed there by the filtered Western news media, prove to me? The difference between us: I know, but the little man believes.
  12. Are you sure? Ok. You supporting THEM:
  13. Why you call 24 marginal countries "World"? Correct name: USA and satellites, half of which contain American military bases. To correctly place the emphasis of the policies of these countries.
  14. Again cliché. No one court besides nazi Ukrainian court, recognized it as genocide. Voting in UN failed also. So it is just propaganda.
  15. Why you call that "democracy"? You even aren't allowed to vote directly for your president... circus... correct name is gerontocracy. Like in late times of USSR. As result you will vote for one of two most disrespected and hated person in US.
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