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  1. Staying in an Airbnb, can we assume the landlord will do the necessary reporting to the immigration police? And can it lead to any problems if he does not?
  2. Thank you for the great report! When I read your last day, for a moment it felt like I was there myself ... on the last day I always have that strange happy-sad feeling of "I am happy to return home" and at the same time "I am in love with Thailand and don't want to go home".
  3. You could use google voice to text but I guess voice wasn't available either because you were moaning with pleasure
  4. What I don't understand: Why are the owners such desinterested in how mamasans manage their bars? If a mamasan is cheating customers and boys, it is very likely she will cheat the owner too.
  5. Was legalizing cannabis the first step to make Thailand a more family friendly destination? What's coming next?
  6. In my language there is saying something like "If KFC does not come Tawan anymore, Tawan must go to KFC".
  7. My Dr. says it's not healthy to drink mix of 2 types of alcohol.
  8. "At Ibis Styles, you can have an epic stay in Bangkok without ever leaving the hotel." They must have cute guys at the reception then! Quickly compared prices on booking between this one and The Quarter Silom on Saturday 30 July, without breakfast and silimar cancellation terms: Ibis Styles Silom 18m2: 2101 Baht The Quarter Silom: 23m2: 1473 Baht Between these 2 options, I would stick with The Quarter.
  9. Did you notice any changes on the Mahanakhon platform related to the new hotel?
  10. Since you are not free of sins, you are supposed to go through purgatory before arrving in heaven!
  11. According to Twitter Adams Apple will reopen on June 1st 9pm.
  12. I bet you offed the twink!
  13. I enjoyed the food in Baan Suriyasai in Surawong Road, in the price range of Mango Tree (or maybe slightly more expensive).
  14. 10tazione

    Thai Pass

    You forgot one important advantage of bars over apps: 4 You get the boy immediately (ok maybe you have to go back to the hotel). With apps you don't know, a whether you will get an answer at all b how much time it takes to get an answer, which can be from immediately to several weeks c when the boy has time to come to your hotel if at all d if he will find your hotel and how many hours he will be late
  15. Thats true! After 4 episodes I consider this series one of the best Thai BL in 2022! From E4:
  16. 2021 they had a committee on how to form a committee to work on this
  17. 5 weeks of holiday is not enough!
  18. It seems to be the golden rule that the big drama always happens in the penultimate episode! After long interruption (too many Thailand holidays) I finally finished "I promised you the moon". Like the first part I found it was well made and well played. But also a very said story which made it a bit hard to watch. Currently watching: "Dear Doctor I am coming for soul": Other than that it is pretty weird I don't have an opinion yet. "Kinn Porsche": Another mafia story. Mafia son + bodyguard theme. I saw the first 3 episodes, it has a lot of action, it's funny and Porsche is pretty hot! And since it is 18+ there is some hope we will see a kiss between the main actors (actually it already happened in E3). "Cupids last wish": With Earth + Mix, so hopes are pretty high. Only saw the first to episodes and so far is is just soso.
  19. 10tazione

    Thai Pass

    There must be some exceptions. When I applied for the turist visa about 2 years ago, I asked if I must have a return flight within 2 months or within 3 months if I plan to extend the visa from 2 to 3 months anyway. And the answer was that I don't need a return flight at all and that I can buy it in Thailand.
  20. Some interesting facts about Thai names
  21. Since I saw them drinking "pink milk" in Sotus, I had trying it on mytodo list, but when I went to Thailand I had completely forgotten about it.
  22. VCK is posting on twitter daily
  23. ... and if you count boys instead of hotels, number must have been a lot higher lol
  24. 10tazione

    Thai Pass

    They screen the temperature when you enter the aiport.
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