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  1. Does anyone have experience with any of the Manila Spas/Massage advertising on X? @massage_alpha @oncallmalespa @DreamboyzSpa08 @Horizons_Spa @HorizonsPasig @citylifestyle88 @heartthrob2021
  2. Sounds more like professional porn 😁
  3. On an overnight flight, where do you put your cash, credit cards and passport while trying to sleep? In the overhead compartment or in your pocket?
  4. I have another question: What is the legal status of Siamroads? Can't find any information on the website ... is it a company? Residing in which country? Who is the CEO of the company? Where am I sending money to if I book a guide?
  5. Bamboo Airways in trouble ... Bamboo Airways suspends domestic routes to popular tourist hubs (theinvestor.vn)
  6. I think the massage wing was "VClub7", the Sauna was "Chakran" and now all together is called "VCK Cool Space". https://vckcoolspace.com Had a massage pre Covid and no complaints!
  7. Really? I thought rather "unnecessary"?
  8. It happened last holiday. If my memory serves me right, I was sitting at HM Beer Bar. A guy greeted me in the typical Thai manner. And then it happened: I greeted back with a Wai. Completely unintentional and I only become aware after I have done it, and I was a bit confused ... am I spending too much time in Thailand? Of course I watched one or the other video about how to wai correctly, but then I had decided I am a farang and it is better to greet as I am used to in the Western world. So now my question to you is: when was your first Wai? Intentional or Unintentional?
  9. Yes, 500 off fee, 400 boy drink, if my memory serves me right ...
  10. I think you can still improve your ratio offs/bar visits lol, leading members here have a ratio near 2
  11. Is that common? Never had that!
  12. You off guys already on the flight to Thailand?
  13. Next door boys between 20 and 30, from every type a little bit, including one Schwarzenegger waiting for you! Off fee I dont know, but I am sure some venerable board members can answer this! Patpong night market is like before Covid, I think this will be a good season for the bars too!
  14. 10tazione

    Sol Bar

    My spy (who is probably also ne of Vinapus spies) is reporting: Customer drink 400 Baht Boy drink 400 Baht There were about 15 boys, probably many Vietnamese, most of them shirtless During the show about 25 customers, mostly Thai/Asian, 4 women, on a Monday night No smoking visible Music volume ok (compared to Dreamboys) Show announced for 22:20, started 22:20 (or 22:15, if you count the line-up as part of the show), all acts about 5 minutes long 0. 8 guys line-up on stage, but also come down to the audience, shirtless 1. 2 fck the chair simulation 2. 2 cuties dance around a pole 3. "sex bomb" 4. 3 guys dancing wrapped in a curtain to oriental music 5. 4 guys dancing with candles in their hands 6. 7 guys big cck show, also came to the audience 7. SM show simulation, also came to the audience 8. 1 muscle guy dancing/showing his body 9. 8 guys line-up on stage, but also come down to the audience, shirtless What I think: 25 customers is not bad, they will survive Guys line-up coming to the audience sounds good to me, to have a better look (Screwboys does it too) Show ok, nothing to special, no ladyboy acts
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