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  1. There are a few must-sees for me: Only Friends: cant wait to see Trai Nimtawat aka Neo in a more steamy role! Tay + New Off + Gun Our Sky
  2. For paradise I can even wait 2 hours!
  3. Both days a little bit after 12pm. The second time the whole ramp that is leading up to the immigration area was part of the queue. Only one of the two (?) immigration areas was open.
  4. Suvarnabhumi immigration queue: saturday noon: 50 mins thursday noon: 55 mins
  5. Interesting, I showered in Hatha Khmer Msg as well as in Heco, before and after. Not much selection in Heco, only 1 boy available, though msg itself was good. Hatha Khmer Msg similar to Arena in Bkk, can we say that? Might try A&P next, what is the best time to go there?
  6. Thanks for the rec, I like it too! Maybe we should add that the hotel has no elevator for those who have difficulty climbing stairs, and there are a lot of stairs!
  7. Does anyone know what the law is? I thought it is only illegal to sell body but buying is ok?
  8. Did you watch "Not me" with Off/Gun? That would be my highedt recommendation. I recently watched the first 2 episodes of "Till the world ends" and decided I will continue to watch it. Very unusual scenario - it has been announced that the world will collapse in 13 days because the moon crashes into the earth Still going on so you cant binge watch it. Also started watching "Between us", classical university BL with some characters from"Until we meet again".
  9. 10tazione


    Is it better to change EUR to USD in Cambodia or do double exchange EuR-THB-USD in Bangkok? Or can we just pay in THB? Or even in EUR since it is now 1:1? Anyone hay some info?
  10. Watch Thai BL series and you will learn the full range of pronouns ueed!
  11. "Why did it hold a whole region in the cup of its hand? 2Gether and the other BL series after that showed what many gay men did not have when they were growing up at the university' This can be a reaon for us gays, but not for the majority of viewers who are girls. Still a mystery to me why so many girls watch it? Does it have to do with the romantic aspect and the good looks of the boys and the girls wish their bfs to be like that? At the end of the article the author mentioned a series named "Deep blue kiss" I guess thats " Dark blue kiss". This forum has better experts on this topic! Learned a new word, "sonenai". I guess Thai BL must be sonenai then not yaoi.
  12. The best way to overcome an addiction is to replace it with a different one!
  13. The name "Britaly" already appeared in the media.
  14. Before the pandemics there was a sunday morning market every second sunday directly in Silom road with food and art. Does anybody know it is back?
  15. But Foam makes you moan. Or Yod the sex god?
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